The 10 Best Haiti TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Haiti TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Ethiopia TV series. These Ethiopia TV series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Haiti TV Series

1. Toussaint Louverture (TV Series 2012)

Haiti TV Series

Director: Philippe Niang

Toussaint’s father, deemed unproductive and too old by his owner, was tragically thrown into the waters of Cap-Français in the presence of his young son, Toussaint, who was only eight years old at the time.

As an adult, Toussaint, portrayed by Jimmy Jean-Louis, was employed on the Bréda estate by Bayon de Libertat, played by Philippe Caroit, who taught him to read and write.

Toussaint’s exposure to the texts of Abbé Raynal, an Enlightenment philosopher advocating for the abolition of slavery, led him to abandon his wife Suzanne, portrayed by Aïssa Maïga, and their two children to become the leader of a group of rebellious slaves.

His military talents were recognized by the Spanish troops, who enlisted him in their army to fight against France. He allied himself with France after fighting alongside the Spaniards and the English and rejecting an alliance with the United States.

Despite the betrayal of Consul Bonaparte, portrayed by Thomas Langmann, who was crowned emperor in December 1804, Toussaint remained steadfast in his convictions and ultimately made his country the first independent Negro state, Haiti, where slavery was finally abolished. Even from his prison at Fort de Joux, Toussaint analyzed his behavior with wisdom and hindsight. – Haiti TV Series

2. Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti (TV Series 2020)

Haiti TV Series

Director: Joanna Lumley

The actress travels to two of the Caribbean’s most enigmatic countries, Cuba and Haiti, to explore and discover the hidden pearls that these countries have to offer.

Joanna Lumley’s trip to the Caribbean is as delightful and entertaining as any of her travel documentaries. It’s remarkable to observe how people react to her when she ventures off the main route and connects with locals in such a kind manner. It’s simply lovely. – Haiti TV Series

3. The Empire Files (TV Series 2015)

Haiti TV Series

Director: Abby Martin

Abby Martin hosts an autonomous documentary and interview series that delves into the topics of war and inequality, from the epicenter of the Empire. – Haiti TV Series

4. ReligionForBreakfast (TV Series 2014)

Haiti TV Series

Director: Kyrah Malika Daniels

Religion For Breakfast chronicles the progression and evolution of religions and their associated concepts from their inception, spanning various eras, up to the present day. The content is primarily historical and archaeological in nature and does not advocate or dispute any religious doctrine. However, it does extensively explore the significance of religious doctrine and its transformational interpretation throughout the ages. – Haiti TV Series

Haiti Movies

5. We Love You Anne (2013)

Director: Richard Sénécal

The Story follows Anne, who is now an adult. She is now permitted to see Kato, her ex-boyfriend who rose to fame as a singer and musician. Despite being released from prison, Jude has not forgotten his true love. Despite the fact that Deme’s daughter Sofia wants to participate in the new dating game, Deme is still Anne’s father’s devoted buddy. Soon, Bicha is unable to maintain control. – Haiti Movies


6. Strange Things (2010)

Director: Alex Hammond

When Heartbroken Oona offers a mystery homeless guy an area to reside in her garden shed, a strange and heartwarming connection is created. – Haiti Movies

7. Baseball in the Time of Cholera (2012)


Bryn MooserDespite obvious evidence that suggests Nepalese peacekeepers are to blame, the United Nations continues to deny that it introduced the disease into Haiti, where a cholera epidemic is raging.

This narrative chronicles the experiences of Joseph, a budding baseball athlete, and a Haitian legal practitioner who is advocating for reparations on behalf of the afflicted. As the contagion proliferates, the two accounts converge in a shared pursuit of survival and equity.

A little Haitian child who plays for the country’s first little league baseball team and the Haitian lawyer who is suing the UN are the subjects of the book Baseball in the Time of Cholera. In the fight for survival and justice, as the pandemic spreads, the two stories collide. – Haiti Movies

8. Cristo Rey (2013)

Director: Leticia Tonos

Living together in the Santo Domingo slums, Haitians and Dominicans are violently at odds with one another in a chaotic political and social environment. Half-brothers Janvier and Rudy are competing for the affection of the same woman.

Janvier gets enlisted by the drug trafficking group that controls the Cristo Rey neighborhood because of his Haitian heritage. He is tasked with taking care of Jocelyn, the sister of the gang leader.

Rudy, a Dominican who had dated Jocelyn, finds it intolerable that Janvier would be spending time with her. He vows to pay whatever it takes to win her back. In the end, Janvier and Jocelyn fall in love. – Haiti Movies

9. I Love You Anne (2003)

Director: Richard Sénécal

Don Kato, a dreadlocked reggae artist, captures Anne’s heart. Her eccentric father, Tonton Bicha, is opposed. While he favors Jude, the attractive but unknown entrepreneur, he will do anything to end the connection. – Haiti Movies

10. Kafou (2017)

Director: Bruno Mourral

Port-au-Prince after dark. To deliver an undisclosed package, Doc and Zoe have recently been hired. Never stopping the car, never rolling down the windows, and never opening the trunk are the three cardinal laws of their employment. At a fork in the road, they come across a dog. Every fork in the path demands a price. Their choice will permanently alter their course. – Haiti Movies