The 10 Best Maldives Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Maldives Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Maldives Movies. These Maldives Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Maldives Movies

1. 4426 (2016)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ahmed Shinan

Mifu and Ruby are a contentedly married couple with a beloved 7-year-old child. Upon the return of Mifu’s sister, Elysha, from her studies abroad, Mifu resolves to seek out improved accommodations for their family.

He learns of a four-story building available for lease at a remarkably low rate. Despite the building’s prolonged vacancy and concerns regarding its habitability, Mifu and his companions venture to the site for inspection.

However, they soon encounter inexplicable phenomena and find themselves unable to exit the premises. As their numbers dwindle and they bear witness to increasingly alarming events, they ultimately uncover the house’s sinister secret. The film concludes with this revelation. – Maldives Movies

2. Bavathi (2019)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ilyas Waheed

Ibu, a physical education instructor hailing from Male’, embarked on a three-month-long program to provide physical education and exercise to the inhabitants of a rural island.

During his stay, he encountered Shehenaz, a young and beautiful woman who surprisingly resided in the same abode as him. However, he was taken aback by the islanders’ perception of her, deeming her as arrogant and mentally unstable.

Despite this, Ibu found solace in her company, and their relationship blossomed into an unconventional one. After much persuasion, Ibu and Shehenaz tied the knot and relocated to Male’, seeking a fresh start and a life filled with optimism in the capital city.

However, their new beginning was disrupted by a series of inexplicable events that began to unfold almost immediately after their move. These mysterious occurrences cast doubt on everything, and Ibu was compelled to investigate the root cause of these happenings. The success of their marriage, and possibly even their lives, depended on his ability to uncover the truth. – Maldives Movies

3. Hahdhu (2017)

Maldives Movies

Director: Abdul Faththaah

This narrative delves into the boundaries that govern our existence and the consequential effects of surpassing or neglecting them. – Maldives Movies

4. Leena (2019)

Maldives Movies

Director: Abdulla Muaz

This is the tale of a young, aspiring woman with a pure heart and lofty ambitions, who found herself ensnared in the ruthless world of crime and avarice. Leena, a diligent employee at her island’s council office, hailing from a modest background, harbored a fervent desire to become a doctor.

While awaiting confirmation of a medical scholarship from the government, the council undertook the task of disbursing payments to local parties for the construction of a new mosque on the island. Unbeknownst to Leena, a group of individuals were plotting the perfect heist and enlisted the services of a man with a dubious past. – Maldives Movies

5. Mikoe Bappa Baey Baey (2015)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ravee Farooq

Fazeel, portrayed by Manik, awakens in an unfamiliar room and begins to search for clues to his whereabouts. He discovers a baby monitor and hears the cries of an infant, followed by the soothing voice of a woman singing a lullaby.

His confusion deepens when he notices a wedding band on his finger. His state of bewilderment intensifies when a woman named Shifa, played by Rishmy, enters the room and claims to be his wife. Despite her attempts to convince him of his identity, Fazeel vehemently protests.

Gradually, he learns that his true name is Saleem and that he suffers from short-term memory loss as a result of a recent life-threatening accident. To prevent him from becoming violent during episodes of memory loss, he is administered medication. – Maldives Movies


6. Ahsham (2015)

Maldives Movies

Director: Seezan Ali

Following the tragic loss of his pregnant wife, a police officer sought a new beginning and was subsequently appointed as the police in charge of a secluded island. However, he soon found himself embroiled in a political dispute between two influential members of the community. – Maldives Movies

7. Hulhudhaan (2014)

Maldives Movies

Director: Aishath Fuwad Thowfeek

The narrative centers around the journey of a mature gentleman, Manik, who is confronted with the harsh realities of an ever-evolving world. Hailing from a middle-class background, his existence has always been centered around his profession, and he takes great pride in his self-sufficiency.

His sense of self has always been defined by his occupation. However, when Manik is unexpectedly compelled to retire, he finds himself at a loss. Rather than succumbing to despair, he resolves to rediscover himself by rekindling his relationship with his estranged daughter, who has struggled with addiction for many years. – Maldives Movies

8. Vaaloabi Engeynama (2006)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ahmed Nimal

Ali Shiham was only seven years old when his father passed away, and his mother subsequently married Abdul Rasheed, a heart patient who provided for them with good health and prosperity. Over time, Shiham and Rasheed’s daughter, Aminath Niha, became close friends.

On Rasheed’s deathbed, he expressed his wish for Shiham and Niha to marry, causing a rift between them. Despite being in a relationship with Azu, Shiham agreed to marry Niha on the understanding that it was solely to please her father and that they would separate after his passing.

However, as time passed, Niha found herself developing feelings for Shiham, who remained in love with Azu. Following Rasheed’s funeral, Shiham decided to marry Azu without divorcing Niha, who was struggling with depression after her father’s death. – Maldives Movies

9. Emme Fahu Vindhaa Jehendhen (2015)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ali Shifau

Ryan, a young man of considerable means, and Meera, an unassuming woman, cross paths while vacationing on an island and quickly develop a deep affection for one another. However, their union is met with misfortune when they decide to wed. Despite his father’s disapproval, Ryan chooses to marry Meera, resulting in his disinheritance from his father’s fortune. Their idyllic existence is disrupted when Ryan discovers that Meera may not be as unremarkable as she initially appeared. – Maldives Movies

10. Zaharu (2011)

Maldives Movies

Director: Ali Shifau

Hussain is a professional interior designer residing in Male’ with his wife, Ainthu, and daughter, Sumakko. His life was content and harmonious until he reconnected with a long-lost friend, Shaheen. During his family’s brief holiday away from Male’, Hussain engaged in a brief affair with Shaheen. Despite his desire to end the relationship, Shaheen became increasingly attached to him, ultimately leading to her obsession with him. – Maldives Movies