The 10 Best Maldives TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Maldives TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Maldives TV Series. These Maldives TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Maldives Tv Series

1. Gamini (TV Series 2020)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: Moomin Fuad

This is a poignant narrative that delves into the personal journeys of two women who identify as queer, as they navigate the complexities of their twenties.

The series features Mohamed Siraj as the lead character, a wealthy individual who relocates to an island to establish an agriculture business.

During his visit, he is introduced to the esteemed parliamentary member, MP Ali Thoha, who is highly regarded by his constituents. Lubna Thoha, the daughter of MP Ali Thoha, visits the island accompanied by three friends. – Maldives TV Series

2. NOVA (1974 TV Series)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: Sarah Holt

Presenting a weekly documentary series, each episode delving into a distinct area of scientific research. This program offers a comprehensive exploration of various subjects, ranging from the forefront of theoretical physics to revisiting the Chornobyl nuclear reactor, examining the enduring impacts of Amazon deforestation, and highlighting the advancements in life-saving medical techniques. – Maldives TV Series

3. Supernova (TV Movie 2005)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: John Harrison

A scientific possibility has transformed into a daunting reality as the most potent force in the universe looms over the safety of our planet. Astrophysicist Christopher Richardson has made a startling discovery that the sun is on the brink of exploding, which could lead to the destruction of Earth unless he can devise a solution to prevent it.

The film features a talented cast including Tia Carrere, Peter Fonda, Emma Samms, and Lance Henriksen. During an international science conference held in Australia, Dr. Austin Shepard vanishes under mysterious circumstances.

Dr. Shepard’s colleague, Christopher Richardson, and other individuals are soon confronted with the harsh reality of an impending crisis and an attempt to conceal the information from the public. Although a complete supernova does not occur, the sun’s explosions cause extensive damage in Australia, which is depicted frequently in Sydney and other cities and countries worldwide. – Maldives TV Series

4. Maldivas (TV Series 2022)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: José Alvarenga Jr.

The narrative commences with Liz relocating from Goiânia to Rio de Janeiro with the intention of reconnecting with her mother, who perishes in a mysterious fire.

In her quest to unravel the circumstances surrounding her mother’s untimely demise, Liz must evade the scrutiny of investigator Denilson and immerse herself in a world inhabited by a diverse cast of characters residing in the opulent Maldivas condominium.

Among them is Milene, the reigning queen of Maldives, who appears to lead a flawless life with her spouse, the esteemed plastic surgeon Victor Hugo.

Rayssa is a former axé singer who has transitioned into a thriving entrepreneur and is married to her former bandmate Cauã. Kat is a mother whose husband Gustavo is under house arrest. – Maldives TV Series

5. Maldivian Idol (TV Series 2016)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: Aishath Azma Mujthaba

The victor of the competition was revealed to be Laisha Junaid, an 18-year-old resident of Male’. Shalabee Ibrahim and Mohamed Ishan were both strong contenders, finishing in second and third place, respectively. – Maldives TV Series


6. The Reluctant Traveler (TV Series 2023)

Maldives Tv Series


This series chronicles the travels of Levy as he embarks on a journey to visit some of the world’s most extraordinary hotels, while also delving into the diverse array of individuals, locales, and customs that he encounters along the way.

The eight-part series chronicles Eugene Levy’s travels to some of the world’s most captivating destinations, including Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Japan, Maldives, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States. Throughout his journey, he delves into the unique cultures and locales surrounding each remarkable hotel he visits. – Maldives TV Series

7. Kahthiri (TV Series 1997)

Maldives Tv Series

Director: Mariyam Shaugee

The series sheds light on various social issues, such as inadequate housing, absence of birth control measures, improper medical treatments, and lack of family planning, within a large family residing in a congested housing complex. The family is headed by Adam Manik and Hawwa Manike, who have seven children with diverse professions and personalities. – Maldives TV Series

Maldives Movies

8. Bavathi (2019)

Director: Ilyas Waheed

Ibu, a physical education instructor hailing from Male’, embarked on a three-month-long program to provide physical education and exercise to the inhabitants of a rural island.

During his stay, he encountered Shehenaz, a young and beautiful woman who surprisingly resided in the same abode as him. However, he was taken aback by the islanders’ perception of her, deeming her as arrogant and mentally unstable.

Despite this, Ibu found solace in her company, and their relationship blossomed into an unconventional one. After much persuasion, Ibu and Shehenaz tied the knot and relocated to Male’, seeking a fresh start and a life filled with optimism in the capital city.

However, their new beginning was disrupted by a series of inexplicable events that began to unfold almost immediately after their move. These mysterious occurrences cast doubt on everything, and Ibu was compelled to investigate the root cause of these happenings. The success of their marriage, and possibly even their lives, depended on his ability to uncover the truth. – Maldives Movies

9. Mikoe Bappa Baey Baey (2015)

Director: Ravee Farooq

Fazeel, portrayed by Manik, awakens in an unfamiliar room and begins to search for clues to his whereabouts. He discovers a baby monitor and hears the cries of an infant, followed by the soothing voice of a woman singing a lullaby.

His confusion deepens when he notices a wedding band on his finger. His state of bewilderment intensifies when a woman named Shifa, played by Rishmy, enters the room and claims to be his wife. Despite her attempts to convince him of his identity, Fazeel vehemently protests.

Gradually, he learns that his true name is Saleem and that he suffers from short-term memory loss as a result of a recent life-threatening accident. To prevent him from becoming violent during episodes of memory loss, he is administered medication. – Maldives Movies

10. Ahsham (2015)

Director: Seezan Ali

Following the tragic loss of his pregnant wife, a police officer sought a new beginning and was subsequently appointed as the police in charge of a secluded island. However, he soon found himself embroiled in a political dispute between two influential members of the community. – Maldives Movies