The 10 Best Saint Lucia TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Saint Lucia TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Saint Lucia TV Series. These Saint Lucia TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Saint Lucia TV Series

1. Island Secrets: Caribbean (TV Series 2010)

Saint Lucia TV Series

Stars: Bashana Dayes, Alan Gomez

Island Secrets is a soap opera series helmed by acclaimed filmmaker, José St. Clair. The show revolves around the lives of four contemporary characters, their families, and friends.

The mini-series delves into themes such as money, relationships, drugs, infidelity, deception, and betrayal. While the characters and their stories are fictional, the producers aim to highlight the real-life struggles faced by Caribbean people, despite the idyllic surroundings. The show also boasts fresh and captivating music and beats from our in-house studio producers.

With a total of 28 episodes, each spanning 30-45 minutes, and an array of bonus clips, Island Secrets is broadcast in over 22 territories and is widely regarded as one of the most professionally scripted Caribbean TV programs. The show seamlessly blends stunning scenic locations with a gripping storyline and an exceptional cast. – Saint Lucia TV Series

2. The Bachelor (TV Episode 2010)

Saint Lucia TV Series

Stars: Jake Pavelka, Corrie Adamson

Jake Pavelka, a dashing commercial pilot hailing from Dallas, is determined to dispel the notion that kind-hearted individuals are doomed to fail in the realm of love.

As America’s most optimistic romantic, he will be the focal point of his quest for true love, selecting from a pool of 25 eligible bachelorettes. To discover his ideal life partner, an eligible bachelor engages in a process of courting a cohort of women over several weeks.

These women participate in a series of challenges designed to demonstrate their compatibility with the bachelor, ultimately leading to the selection of his true love. – Saint Lucia TV Series

3. Below Deck (TV Series 2013)

Saint Lucia TV Series

Stars: Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas

This reality series showcases a team of young professionals who work on yachts exceeding 100 feet in length. These individuals, referred to as yachties, reside on opulent, privately owned vessels while ensuring that their high-maintenance clients’ ever-evolving needs are met.

The yachties share a fervor for a career that enables them to explore some of the world’s most stunning destinations.

Each episode highlights a distinct group of passengers, ranging from affluent individuals to lively friends, as they embark on a nautical adventure. The crew abides by the “work hard, play harder” ethos, which grants them access to exclusive luxuries that few individuals have the opportunity to encounter. – Saint Lucia TV Series

Saint Lucia Movies

4. Shantaye’s World (2022)

Director: Guillaume Rico

Shantaye Anderson is a poised, striking, and intelligent individual with a profound passion for love. She was born in rural St. Lucia during the post-colonial era and has faced significant challenges, including the untimely loss of her mother shortly after her birth.

Despite these obstacles, Shantaye has found comfort in the nurturing care of her paternal grandmother, Mam Lucess, who has diligently prepared her for the world. Shantaye’s father, Edson Anderson, has also made every effort to provide for her after his wife’s passing.

However, Shantaye’s life takes a dramatic turn when her father remarries, and she becomes the target of her stepmother’s unreasonable jealousy. This situation significantly alters her life, but Shantaye finds solace in her love for Jean Claude Le Marche, the handsome son of the community’s white doctor. Jean Claude is a charismatic young man who pledges to love her until death.

However, their relationship is met with disapproval from Shantaye’s family and the community at large. To prevent what he perceives to be a grave mistake, Edson sends Shantaye to England, which is still recovering from the aftermath of World War II. – Saint Lucia Movies

5. Security (2017)

Director: Imran St.Brice

Secure is a captivating narrative of revenge, centered on the character of Jason, a troubled young man portrayed by Anarcisse Alexander. In his pursuit of justice against his former employer, Jason enlists the help of a questionable ally, Imran St. Brice.

The target of his animosity is Kyvon Edwin, a ruthless and unethical individual who has caused considerable turmoil in Jason’s life in recent times. This high-octane thriller is filled with unforeseen plot twists and surprises at every turn, guaranteeing that the audience remains engrossed until the very conclusion. – Saint Lucia Movies


6. 21 Days (2014)

Director: Guillaume Rico

The plot of 21 Days revolves around six young fishermen who embarked on a routine fishing trip from the Gros-Islet fishing village but subsequently vanished without any discernible trace. These individuals were reported missing on February 15, 1985, following the commencement of their fishing expedition. – Saint Lucia Movies

7. Soucouyant (2015)

Director: Sean Field

This elusive being is impervious to confinement, capture, or demise. The residents of Gros Islet have been faced with this harsh reality, as Soucouyant has already taken the lives of eight individuals and is presently in search of her next prey. As she navigates through the town, her spirit initiates the challenging task of identifying a substitute for her tormented skin. – Saint Lucia Movies

8. Harvest (2008)

Director: Nicolas Jolliet

Harvest is a musical documentary drama that chronicles the journey of a Rastafarian man who harbors aspirations of pursuing a music career beyond his island.

However, for island residents, obtaining a visa and securing funding for travel expenses can be a daunting task. In an effort to realize his dreams, Jahweve embarks on a mission to cultivate marijuana in the mountains.

Regrettably, his mission is fraught with challenges, as the army frequently arrests farmers and destroys their crops. The film was predominantly filmed in St. Lucia, featuring local actors, with additional footage captured in India and Europe.

The majority of the dialogue was improvised in Patois. The film also showcases the band performing on stage, interwoven with scenes from the movie, as they narrate the story through their music. – Saint Lucia Movies

9. From Paradise with Love (2023)

Director: Ryan Dewar

Two professionals, an ornithologist, and a journalist, have collaborated to safeguard a threatened avian species in the Santa Lucia rainforest. Through their joint efforts, they have cultivated a profound admiration for the environment and for one another, culminating in a romantic relationship. – Saint Lucia Movies

10. Water (2005)

Director: Deepa Mehta

This thesis picture is set in colonial India during the rise of Gandhi to power. The narrative centers around the journey of Chuyia, an eight-year-old girl who becomes widowed and is sent to a home to live in penitence.

Chuyia’s presence in the home has a profound impact on the other residents, shedding light on the challenges faced by widows in traditional Indian society during a time when Gandhi’s party was making strides in women’s rights in 1938.

Despite being married at a young age, Chuyia is left at a bare and impoverished widows’ ashram by tradition. The ashram’s leader, in order to secure household funds, exploits Kalyani, a young and beautiful widow.

Narayan, a follower of Gandhi, falls in love with Kalyani and seeks to break with tradition and religious teachings to marry her. The ashram’s moral center is Shakuntala, who is deeply religious but conflicted about her fate. – Saint Lucia Movies