The 10 Best Suriname Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Suriname Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Suriname Movies. These Suriname Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Suriname Movies

1. Wan Pipel (1976)

Director: Pim de la Parra

Roy, an Afro-Surinamese student residing in the Netherlands, receives a telegram summoning him back to Suriname due to his mother’s critical condition. His Dutch girlfriend, Karina, generously provides him with the necessary funds for a plane ticket.

Upon his return to his homeland, Roy becomes deeply engrossed in his country’s culture and traditions. His infatuation with an Indo-Surinamese Hindu nurse, Rubia, causes a stir among the conservative Hindu and Black communities.

Despite Karina’s offer to retrieve him and complete his studies in the Netherlands, Roy remains steadfast in his decision to remain in Suriname, citing his obligation to his country. – Suriname Movies

2. Suriname (2020)

Director: Danny Leysner

Upon Winston Righter’s decision to run for the presidency in Suriname, he is faced with the revelation of his criminal history. A tumultuous battle ensues as he navigates the competing forces of justice and the criminal underworld. – Suriname Movies

3. The Price of Sugar (2013)

Director: Jean van de Velde

“The Price Of Sugar” narrates the compelling and poignant tale of Sarith and Mini-Mini, who spent their formative years on the sugar plantations of Suriname during the latter part of the 18th century. While Sarith was regarded as the most stunning woman in the colony, Mini-Mini, a mulatto, remained subservient to her half-sister, living in her shadow as a slave. – Suriname Movies

4. Bolletjes blues! (2006)

Director: Karin Junger

Spike, a young man of African descent hailing from Suriname, resides in the Bijlmermeer and is primarily a student. However, he eventually drops out of school and joins a gang led by Delano, also known as SugaCane, to acquire the funds necessary to impress his white girlfriend, Rosalie, portrayed by Sophie van Oers. Together with the gang, Spike engages in a series of robberies.

Another gang operates a cocaine smuggling operation from Suriname to the Netherlands, utilizing individuals who swallow cocaine pellets as mules.

Spike becomes a mule and is apprehended at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, located near Paramaribo, and subsequently incarcerated at Santo Boma prison.

To visit Spike, Rosalie volunteers to become a mule as well. The film concludes with her visit to Santo Boma prison, leaving the audience uncertain as to whether or not she ultimately swallows and smuggles cocaine pellets. – Suriname Movies

5. My Granpa, the Bankrobber (2011)

Director: Ineke Houtman

To locate her father in Suriname, Grace is compelled to resort to drastic measures. As the sole Black offspring of an entirely white family, Grace is determined to uncover every detail about her Surinamese father.

Although her grandfather possesses valuable information, his recollection has been deteriorating since the passing of his spouse.

When the family decides to relocate him to a retirement facility, he and Grace opt to utilize his savings to journey to Suriname. However, the family has impeded access to his bank account. – Suriname Movies


6. The Spiral Road (1962)

Director: Robert Mulligan

Dr. Anton Drager embarked on a research trip to Java to investigate the effects of leprosy under the guidance of Dr. Brits Jansen, a renowned expert in the field.

Despite sharing similar scientific views, the two physicians were at odds philosophically due to Drager’s atheism and Jansen’s Christianity. Following his marriage to his beloved Els, Drager ventured into the jungle to locate Frolick, a river master who had gone missing while inebriated.

Frolick had been driven to madness by a shaman named Burubi. While searching for Frolick, Drager was forced to defend himself and ultimately ended up taking Frolick’s life.

During a subsequent rescue mission for another doctor in the same area, Drager became lost in the wilderness and nearly perished. He was eventually found comatose and on the brink of death. This harrowing experience proved to be a turning point for Drager, leading him to embrace Christianity and alter his worldview. – Suriname Movies

7. Tuintje in mijn hart (2017)

Director: Marc Waltman

When a mother reunites her family in Suriname for Christmas, two brothers, one residing in Holland and the other still in Suriname, encounter difficulties in their relationship due to a rumor circulating that gold has been discovered on their father’s property. – Suriname Movies

8. Sing Song (2017)

Director: Mischa Kamp

Jasmine, a 16-year-old, embarks on a musical journey to Suriname to participate in a song contest. However, unbeknownst to others, she is also on a personal quest to locate her mother. – Suriname Movies

9. Good Luck (2017)

Director: Siddharth Sen

The tale of a guileless young woman who becomes embroiled in the nefarious realm of cocaine trafficking. This non-fictional portrayal captures the essence of hope and sacrifice amidst the global economic turmoil. The film was shot in two distinct locations, namely a large-scale underground mine in post-war Serbia and an illegal mining collective in the tropical heat of Suriname. – Suriname Movies

10. The Evil That Men Do (1984)

Director: J. Lee Thompson

A seasoned assassin emerges from retirement to investigate and seek retribution for the savage murder of a dear acquaintance. Clement Moloch, portrayed by the late Joseph Maher, is a physician known as “the doctor,” who employs his medical expertise to inflict torment rather than to heal.

He is employed by various governments, including the United States, to eliminate insurgents. However, several of his victims seek revenge, and despite numerous failed attempts, Moloch remains a target. Holland, played by the late Charles Bronson, is a retired hitman informed of the death of his friend, who was attempting to assassinate Moloch.

Initially declining the job, Holland ultimately changes his mind and requests the company of a woman and child to pose as a family man. Theresa Saldana portrays the wife of Holland’s deceased friend, who brings her daughter along. – Suriname Movies