The 10 Best Turkmenistan Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Turkmenistan Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Turkmenistan Movies. These Turkmenistan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Turkmenistan Movies

1. Daughter-in-Law (1972)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Khodzhakuli Narliev

Nevestka has been recognized as the film that brought Turkmen film to the forefront. According to Mira Liehm and Antonín J. Liehm, the film exhibits a strong cinematic sense of local settings.

Michael Rowland describes it as a portrayal of Turkmen life on the fringes of the desert during World War Two, and notes that it delves into a prevalent genre in Soviet film – the tragedy of individuals left behind on the home front while their loved ones sacrifice their lives on the battlefront.

The theme of war and its associated suffering was a common motif in Soviet film, bridging the vast territorial and cultural spaces of the Soviet Union. – Turkmenistan Movies

2. West of Zanzibar (1928)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Tod Browning

The protagonist of this story is a magician named Phroso, who seeks retribution against the man who left him paralyzed and fathered an illegitimate daughter with his wife. Phroso’s spouse, Anna, abandoned him for a man named Crane, who engaged in a physical altercation with Phroso, resulting in his paralysis.

After Anna’s untimely death, Phroso discovered that she had left behind a daughter. For the next 18 years, Phroso, known as “Dead Legs” among his associates, meticulously planned his revenge, establishing himself as a quasi-ruler in East Africa, near Crane’s ivory enterprise.

With the daughter now grown and having spent her formative years in a Zanzibar brothel, courtesy of “Dead Legs,” Phroso executed his plan, resulting in a cascade of revenge and retribution. – Turkmenistan Movies

3. Çapar (2022)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Wepa Isangulyyew

A youthful individual, commissioned by the Turkmen leader, embarks on an extensive expedition. Along the way, he will encounter numerous thrilling escapades, challenges, and interactions. – Turkmenistan Movies

4. Yandym (1995)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Lora Stepanskaya

Following many years of imprisonment in a Soviet punishment camp, Sadik returns to his village. Upon his arrival, he is confronted with the realization that his brother, who had previously adhered to the Soviet system, continues to exhibit a similar level of conformity in post-communist Turkmenistan. – Turkmenistan Movies

5. White Sun of the Desert (1970)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Vladimir Motyl

This film presents a unique Russian interpretation of the classic American Western genre, aptly titled “Eastern”. The opening scene features a strikingly beautiful woman, adorned in red, gracefully traversing an expansive green field while carrying two pails of water on her shoulders.

Although she plays no significant role in the plot, she remains a central figure throughout the film. The story then shifts to the harsh desert landscape near the Caspian Sea, where the protagonist, Fyodor Sukhov, a Red Army soldier, is on his way back home to his beloved wife, the aforementioned lady in red, after serving in the war.

However, he becomes embroiled in a conflict and is tasked with protecting the nine wives of Abdullah. Despite their mistaken belief that they belong to him, Fyodor remains steadfast in his devotion to his wife, whom he writes to every day.

The remainder of the film follows Fyodor’s efforts to safeguard the wives and himself, all while yearning to return to his true love and escape the unforgiving desert. – Turkmenistan Movies


6. Days of Eclipse (1988)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Alexander Sokurov

Dmitri Malyanov, a newly qualified medical doctor, has accepted a position in a remote and impoverished region of Soviet Turkmenistan. In addition to his duties as a pediatrician, Malyanov is conducting research on the impact of religious practices on human health.

His findings have led him to the politically sensitive conclusion that religious faith can enhance one’s well-being. However, as he endeavors to finalize his thesis, a series of inexplicable and peculiar occurrences unfold, leading Malyanov to suspect that an external force is impeding his progress. – Turkmenistan Movies

7. The Mongols (1973)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Parviz Kimiavi

The director of a television series on the history of cinema is currently grappling with the screenplay of his first feature film. However, he has received an assignment to oversee the installation of a television relay station in a remote region of Zahedan province, near the Afghanistan border.

The director has already hired Turkoman tribespeople for his film and selected his filming location. Despite this, his wife, who is working on her Ph.D. dissertation about the Mongol invasion of Iran, has attempted to dissuade him from accepting the assignment.

One night, while working on his history of cinema series, the director indulges in a fantasy that cleverly juxtaposes his different worlds: the history of cinema, the history of the Mongol invasion, his film idea, and his imminent assignment to the desert. – Turkmenistan Movies

8. Karakum (1994)

Turkmenistan Movies


Robert, a 13-year-old German boy, is en route to visit his father, who is employed as an engineer in the Karakum desert. Upon arrival at the airport, he is transported by Pjotr, a truck driver, to his destination. Accompanying them is Pjotr’s nephew, Murad, who is en route to a remote oasis.

However, during their journey through the desert, unforeseen circumstances arise, and the truck becomes stuck. While Pjotr ventures out to locate water, the two boys remain in the sweltering heat.

When Pjotr fails to return, Robert, an avid sailor, devises a plan to construct a sand sailing rig using materials found on the truck. Subsequently, they embark on a thrilling sailing expedition through the desert, united by their innovative spirit and youthful thirst for adventure, despite cultural disparities. – Turkmenistan Movies

9. Turksib (1929)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Viktor Turin

Victor Turin deviated from the conventional character-driven narrative that is commonly adopted by filmmakers worldwide. Instead, he crafted a grand and elemental drama that revolves around the arduous struggle for survival in Asia, spanning from the parched plains of Turkestan to the frigid Siberian mountains. This exceptional film chronicles the inception of a monumental Soviet construction endeavor – a railway that linked Central Asia and Siberia. – Turkmenistan Movies

10. Road to Zanzibar (1941)

Turkmenistan Movies

Director: Victor Schertzinger

The film commences with Chuck Reardon, a con artist, performing as a side-show caller at a circus, singing “You Lucky People, You” to promote his friend Hubert “Fearless” Frazier’s act.

Fearless pretends to be a human cannonball, but at the last moment, he replaces himself with a dummy and hides in a secret compartment. Unfortunately, the flaming dummy sets the big tent on fire, and the two of them flee to Africa.

At a posh restaurant, they receive champagne from Charles Kimble, a diamond baron, who persuades Chuck to invest all their money in the deed to one of Kimble’s diamond mines.

However, when they discover that Kimble is an eccentric and the deed is worthless, Fearless terminates their partnership.

Later that evening, Fearless returns with a fistful of money, claiming to have sold the diamond mine to Monsieur LeBec for a profit. Lebec invites Chuck and Fearless to accompany him to see the mine. Chuck and Fearless manage to escape and board a boat heading for the interior. – Turkmenistan Movies