The 10 Greatest Malta TV Series of All Time

The 10 Greatest Malta TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Malta TV Series. These Malta TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Malta TV Series

1. Queen of the South (TV Series 2016)

Malta TV Series

Director: Eduardo Sánchez

The closing of an old sugar mill in Mauritius has generated concerns about Marco’s and his colleagues’ lives, a group of former coworkers in their mid-fifties.

In a place where sugar cane has historically been the lifeblood of the land, these people find themselves caught between the inevitability of modernization and increasingly harsh living conditions.

As the last sugar canes are harvested, new and transient horizons appear, exposing the deep links that bind them all together.

Marco, Bisson, and their colleagues, who were all previously employed at the sugar mill until its recent closure, are seeing the transformation of their environment with hopelessness. – Malta TV Series

2. The Madame Blanc Mysteries (TV Series 2021)

Malta TV Series

Director: Dermot Boyd

Jean White owns a prosperous antiques business with her husband, Rory. But when their husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her practically bankrupt, Jean moves to their only remaining possession, a cottage in the French antique mecca of Saint Victoire, and begins investigating Rory’s unexplained death. – Malta TV Series

3. Strada Stretta (TV Series 2015)

Malta TV Series

Director: Vanessa Vella

Sylvana, a young businesswoman in 2015, is renovating a historic pub on Strada Stretta, a street in Valletta that was once known as the city’s red light district.

During the repairs, a personal journal belonging to a woman (Lydia) from 1957 is discovered. Lydia’s diary transports viewers back to 1957, when she decides to escape her golden cage and domineering mother in quest of a better life with her lover, abandoning a life of luxury for the freedom she craves.

When she is left and abandoned in Valletta, she encounters Lilly, a vivacious young barmaid who works and lives on the street and accommodates her in exchange for reading and writing lessons.

Strait Street is depicted in its former grandeur, when prostitution and murder were commonplace, making it notorious among conservatives at the time.

We encounter many other actual or mythical characters that transport us back to this cultural and artistic paradise. The series is mostly set in Valletta’s Strada Stretta and Casa Rocca Piccola, as well as other sites in Malta, including Villa Blye in Paola. – Malta TV Series

4. Deceduti (TV Series 2010)

Malta TV Series

Director: Abigail Mallia

Benjamin Sultana is killed in a fire while attempting to save a woman he glimpsed through a window. When he awakens, he discovers that he has become a ghost.

He then encounters Donna Amelia (the woman he saw in the window). Emmanuel, a man who died during WWII, Ciccio, the man who crashed into and accidentally killed Emmanuel, Gabel, a man who died while hiding in a cabinet, Ludovigo, the former owner of the building, and his wife Antoinette.

Benjamin subsequently discovers that Percival, the son of Ludovico and Antoinette, set fire to the ancient palace to obtain insurance money because he was bankrupt. The trio eventually meets some more spirits, and the adventure continues. – Malta TV Series

5. Division 7 (TV Series 2016)

Malta TV Series

Director: Jason Zerafa

Two Arab brothers are transporting cannabis in the form of soap throughout Malta, while simultaneously witnessing the lives and happenings of the women in prison, the majority of whom are imprisoned unjustly. – Malta TV Series


6. Merjen (TV Series 2020)

Malta TV Series

Director: Abigail Mallia

Merjen is a story about two childhood friends who fall in love and become lovers. It’s a twisted love story that begins with a visceral sexual attraction and ends with domestic abuse and two brutal murders. Motherhood is the central theme of the story, and it takes place in the filthy back streets and slums of Merjen’s world, where this broken but passionate woman, Chris’s absent mother, is driven to the brink of tragedy. – Malta TV Series

7. L-Gharusa (TV Series 2018)

Malta TV Series

Director: Julian Calleja

Alan and his father, museum owners, acquire a well-preserved 1930s bridal gown to add to their collection. Bettina, the dress’s owner, was discovered dead in her shift on the morning of her wedding. – Malta TV Series

8. The Women of George Cross Island (TV Series 2022)

Malta TV Series

Director: Justin Farrugia

The series explores the lives of remarkable women who played a vital role in bringing one of mankind’s greatest fears to an end—World War II. The series seeks to honor the strength, endurance, and intelligence of the key women who played a critical role in shaping the course of the war through an eight-part documentary series.

Dramatic reenactment, intimate interviews, in-depth research, and the exploitation of limited (and often unseen) historical footage, photographs, and archival material will reveal untold stories of women who have been forgotten as time passes.

The innovative documentary will tell the stories of the last remaining survivors of World War II, with the help of historians and researchers to amplify historical footage and the political events of that time. – Malta TV Series

9. Lilliput (TV Series 2005)

Malta TV Series

Director: Mary Ann Zammit

The Lilliput series is a unique and educational program for children, but it is also suitable for grown-ups. In each series, we look at a country from a child’s perspective. This means that each series contains legends and stories about the country we are discussing. There are also exclusive features, interviews, and many surprises. – Malta TV Series

10. The Pact (TV Series 2016)

Malta TV Series

Director: Nonie D. Clark

Inspired by actual events, The Pact follows a man on a journey of self-discovery. It tells the story of an elderly couple on the verge of homelessness who have lost everything they love. It also describes how one man, with a simple gift of kindness, can drastically improve the life of a destitute family. – Malta TV Series