The 10 Greatest Mauritius TV Series of All Time

The 10 Greatest Mauritius TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Mauritius TV Series. These Mauritius TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Mauritius TV Series

1. Crazy TV (TV Series 2012)

Mauritius TV Series

Director: Nadeem Varsally

Crazy TV encompasses a diverse range of genres, including sketches, parodies, and gags, while also providing a platform for promoting artists. Additionally, it offers an interactive experience for its audience. – Mauritius TV Series

2. Brent Owens Unwraps Mauritius (TV Series 2018)

Mauritius TV Series

Director: Brent Owens

Brent Owens embarks on a journey to explore the island’s adventurous activities and culinary delights. While Mauritius is often associated with pristine beaches and refreshing coconut beverages, there is much more to discover beyond the palm trees and sunscreen.

Brent will delve into the island’s rich history and engage with its inhabitants to gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful destination. From the ocean to the mountains, from the city to the beach, he will uncover the diverse range of experiences that Mauritius has to offer.

Along the way, Brent will also showcase the island’s unique food culture and participate in extreme adventures. This series promises to be as diverse and rich as the flavors of Mauritius, with Brent cooking up a storm while exploring this little piece of paradise. – Mauritius TV Series

3. Fami Pa Kontan (TV Series 2012)

Mauritius TV Series

Director: Miselaine Duval

Marie-Clarence, a French woman, and François, a Mauritian man. Despite their union, Marie-Clarence’s mother, Mrs. Marie-Jeanne Bavière, harbored doubts about the marriage. Following the ceremony, Marie-Jeanne Bavière arrived in Mauritius with the intention of severing the relationship.

Despite her numerous attempts to do so, she was unsuccessful. François’ father and uncle, Arnaud and Vivian, respectively, became embroiled in a conflict with Marie-Jeanne. In an effort to separate Marie-Clarence from François, Marie-Jeanne Bavière feigned illness, but ultimately failed.

She then enlisted the help of Marie-Clarence’s childhood friend, Dimitris, an Italian, hoping he would seduce her. However, this too proved unsuccessful. Before departing the country, Dimitrio visited François’ home to speak with Marie-Clarence.

He showed her pictures of François with another woman, leading her to believe he was having an affair. Marie-Clarence then informed Dimitrio that she did not wish to remain in François’ home.

Subsequently, Dimitrio and Marie-Jeanne relocated to a hotel. During this time, Arnaud and Marie-Jeanne fell in love. Meanwhile, robbers broke into Akim’s home, and Arnaud apprehended them, leading to their arrest by the police. – Mauritius TV Series

4. Die Inselärztin (TV Series 2018)

Mauritius TV Series

Director: Peter Stauch

The lead character of the series, Dr. Filipa Wagner, seeks to embark on a fresh start in Mauritius and leave her past behind. However, even in the Indian Ocean, she is confronted with a series of new challenges that require her to demonstrate her medical expertise under trying circumstances. Furthermore, she embarks on a new and complex relationship with a colleague, which further complicates her personal life and prevents her from finding solace. – Mauritius TV Series

Mauritius Movies

5. Inspector Sunshine (2019)

Mauritius Movies

Director: Daniel Buckland

Whilst on vacation, a 15-year-old adolescent exhibits excessive concern and anxiety, thereby refraining from participating in family activities. However, when the hotel is subjected to a robbery, he must summon the courage to conquer his apprehensions and solve the case.

This is a unique and luxurious family vacation experience, however, Steven’s apprehensive nature prevents him from participating in activities such as surfing or water skiing.

Instead, he seeks a serene location to monitor the possibility of tsunamis. Nevertheless, when a theft occurs at the hotel, Steven must confront his anxieties and take charge of the investigation. – Mauritius Movies


6. The House on Seahorse Bay (2019)

Mauritius Movies

Director: Daniel Buckland

Upon inheriting a dilapidated Beach House on a tropical island, Lucy, a sixteen-year-old, persuades her father, Charlie, to renovate the property, leading them to uncover a previously unknown aspect of their deceased mother’s life. Regrettably, their efforts are soon impeded by the arrival of a dubious lawyer on the island, who attempts to persuade Charlie to sell the Beach House. – Mauritius Movies

7. Three Wise Men: Parallel Lives (2020)

Mauritius Movies

Director: Desire Prevost

The Parallel Lines delves into the journeys of three men, hailing from different countries and generations, and explores the almost mythical connection they share in shaping Earth’s technological standing and sustainability, both in the past, present, and future.

Despite their disparate backgrounds, these men share a common trait – a drive to envision a better world from a young age. After years of traversing the globe, Deane Thomas arrives in Mauritius, a small island country in the Indian Ocean, to establish a groundbreaking project.

The island is already steeped in a history of genius, one that could hold the key to a sustainable future, thanks to the exploits of the two other men whose lives parallel his own. Nikola Tesla, whose inventions transformed the lives of billions of people, brought electricity to the USA for the first time with his Niagara Falls hydro-power station in 1896.

Now, his descendant, Tomislav Tesla, seeks Deane’s assistance with his new hydro-powered technology that operates in harmony with the natural environment, a valuable contribution to the fight for sustainable energy. – Mauritius Movies

8. Lonbraz Kann (2014)

Mauritius Movies

Director: David Constantin

The closure of an aged sugar mill in Mauritius has raised concerns about the livelihoods of Marco and his colleagues, a group of former co-workers in their mid-fifties.

In a country where sugar cane has always been the lifeblood of the land, these individuals find themselves suddenly caught between the inevitability of modernity and living conditions that are increasingly difficult to accept. As the last of the sugar canes are harvested, new and fleeting horizons emerge, revealing the deep bonds that unite them all.

Marco, Bisson, and their associates, all of whom were previously employed at the sugar mill until its recent closure, are witnessing the transformation of their world with a sense of helplessness. Amidst the cane fields, opulent villa complexes are being erected, and a golf course is set to replace their village shortly. – Mauritius Movies

9. Benares (2005)

Mauritius Movies

Director: Barlen Pyamootoo

Two young men embarked on a journey with their long-time acquaintance in his vehicle, traversing the entirety of Mauritius with the singular objective of procuring the company of two young women to provide them with entertainment upon their return home that very evening. – Mauritius Movies

10. The Children of Troumaron (2012)

Mauritius Movies

Director: Harrikrisna Anenden

In Troumaron, a destitute region located in the capital city of Mauritius island, Port-Louis, four young individuals share their stories of resilience and perseverance amidst adversity.

Sadiq, an aspiring poet, Eve, who resorted to prostitution as a child to acquire school supplies, Clelio, harboring deep-seated resentment towards society, and Savita, the virtuous young woman seeking an escape from her circumstances, yet finding all avenues blocked.

Eve devises a plan for her and Savita to flee their predicament, but it tragically backfires, leading them down a path of violence and despair. – Mauritius Movies