The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Top 20 Greatest Ghana Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Ghana Movies. These Ghana Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Ghana Movies

1. Freetown (2015)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Garrett Batty

Six Liberian missionaries are forced to depart their home country due to the extensive violence after being caught in the thick of a deadly civil conflict in Monrovia. Sierra Leone’s Freetown was their final stop. The missionaries undertake the challenging journey with the assistance of the local church leader Phillip Abubakar, only to have their difficulties exacerbated by a rebel fighter determined to kill one of their own. – Ghana Movies

2. Sankofa (1993)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Haile Gerima

During a photo shoot in Africa, a self-absorbed Black American design model is spiritually transported to a plantation in the West Indies, where she first encounters the psychological and physical horrors of chattel slavery. Later, as a member of a Maroon colony fighting for freedom, she learns the rehabilitative power of society and rebellion. – Ghana Movies

3. Cobra Verde (1987)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Werner Herzog

A plantation owner hires the notorious outlaw Cobra Verde to look after his slaves. The owner wants Cobra Verde gone after learning that he may have been having relations with his young daughters.

The owner decides to transfer Snake Verde to Africa rather than execute him. Cobra Verde suffers suffering and humiliation because he is the only white male in the neighborhood.

Later, he instructs troops for a rebel army. Cobra Verde is on the verge of insanity and is far from home.

Locals in Bahia in the nineteenth century dreaded and revered the bandit Francisco Manoel da Silva, also known as Cobra Verde. He is employed by Lord Octavio Coutinho to work as a henchman on one of his sugar cane plantations, managing the slaves and the harvest. – Ghana Movies

4. Single Not Searching (2022)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Michael Akwesi Djaba

The story of four friends travels from Atlanta to Ghana in a romantic drama that takes place across two continents. Along the route, they experience laughter, tears, joy, grief, jealousy, and a lot of drama. They learn things about themselves and face deeply ingrained emotions and events that have shaped them into the women they are now. Most importantly, they learn the value of love and friendship. – Ghana Movies

5. African Kung-Fu Nazis (2019)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Samuel K. Nkansah

Contrary to what we are taught in history books, Adolf Hitler did not end his life in his bunker; instead, he escaped on his submarine to West Africa.

He intends to retake the world, starting in Ghana, with the help of his new right-hand men, the vicious Horse-Man Göring and the notorious Japanese military leader Hideki Tôjo.

Hitler decimates the African Kung-Fu school of the shadow snake and kills its head with the help of his brainwashed yet obedient Ghan-Aryans and superhuman karate abilities. Kung-Fu student Addae, who is mourning the death of his master, enters Hitler’s martial arts competition in an effort to get revenge. – Ghana Movies

6. The Burial of Kojo (2018)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Blitz Bazawule

Esi recalls her upbringing in rural Ghana, where she lives with her father Kojo and mother Ama, who provides the majority of the family’s meager income through sewing, in a village on stilts in a lake that is comparable to the real-life community of Nzulezo.

Kojo was born and raised in a big metropolis, but after a tragic incident he left for the village because he believed that “only water could cleanse the past.” Esi has a tight relationship with her father, who takes her out on the lake in his boat and tells her tales, the beginnings of which can only be understood if you are aware of the conclusions.

Esi is given custody of a sacred white bird that belongs to a blind old man from “the realm in-between,” where “everything is upside down,” when he unexpectedly enters the hamlet. A bird that he claims is being pursued by the crow, who is in charge of the space in between.

Esi’s uncle Kwabena, who Kojo has been estranged from, pays the family another unexpected visit. Kojo is convinced by Kwabena to bring his family back to the city he escaped seven years earlier. – Ghana Movies

7. Public Toilet Africa (2021)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah

The attempt to recapture her stolen childhood swiftly goes off course when reclusive Ama comes to the city where she was given as a young kid to a white art collector. She enlists an ex-lover in her quest.

The attempt to recapture her stolen childhood swiftly goes off course when reclusive Ama comes to the city where she was given as a young kid to a white art collector.

She enlists an ex-lover in her quest. They leave the city on a lonely rural road, but as they go, strange things keep happening to them, and their fate is linked to that of two other passengers they picked up. – Ghana Movies

8. Happy Death Day (2014)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Kobi Rana

The surprise party was organized on the day of Umar’s birthday, which was celebrated the previous evening by Alexx Ekubo. His girlfriend and several of his pals showed up at his house for the celebration on his special day.

He was joyfully thrown into the water after they cheerfully wished him a good birthday. Umar’s pals became alarmed when he stayed still in the water for an extended period of time. He was unconscious when Dela dove in and pulled him out.

Despite their panic, they managed to get him to a hospital. It didn’t seem promising. The friends of Umar feared being arrested and thought he was dead. Without getting permission, they took him out of the hospital with the intention of throwing his body into the water. Unaware that Umar was only unconscious, they launched their desperate plan in the hopes that no one at the hospital would recognize them. Discuss this.

Although this drama has an uncommon plot, that doesn’t necessarily make it good. There were a lot of spectacular moments to start. A busload of guests arrived at the house prepared to party when Umar’s friends yanked him out of the pool.

His buddies wasted energy seeking to get rid of the visitors rather than hurrying Umar to the hospital. It’s unbelievable that his date held him in her arms in a different scene where they were moving Umar’s body and couldn’t detect that he was still alive. – Ghana Movies

9. Azali (2018)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Kwabena Gyansah

A young girl named Amina lives in a small town in Gana with her grandmother, mother, Rukaya, and mother’s indolent brother Akatok. Her mother became pregnant after her father vanished before she was born.

Her mother takes her to the metropolis of Accra in the hopes of finding a better life, despite her grandmother’s wishes for her to marry an old man and become his fourth bride from their town. She meets Seidu, a young man while traveling.

They remain close and work to support one another. After a few unsuccessful jobs, she decides to become a prostitute. When she finally tries to get back together with Seidu, he rejects her. Her uncle has been looking for her for a while now but in vain. – Ghana Movies

10. Aloevera (2020)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Peter Sedufia

A man and lady from opposing sides fall in love in a place where the inhabitants have split apart due to a long-ago conflict. Despite the efforts of their families to keep them apart, they ultimately contribute to the neighborhood’s reunification. – Ghana Movies


11. Gold Coast (2015)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Daniel Dencik

The Gold Coast, a rich and gut-wrenching investigation of a turbulent period in European history involving Danish participation in the slave trade on the African coast in the 1830s, is available online. This movie is undoubtedly political, but it’s also a compelling study of obsession and morality on a personal level.

In the Danish romantic novel Wulff, a visionary who plans to establish plantations on the Gold Coast travels to Africa, but despite his best efforts and convictions, he quickly encounters a cruel reality characterized by the slave trade and unimaginable brutality. – Ghana Movies

12. Only Love Defies (1973)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Giorgio Bontempi

An inter-racial relationship takes place against a backdrop of dishonest businesspeople aiming to control the national riches of a developing country that is very similar to Ghana.

This obscure Italian movie, which was filmed in Ghana, makes excellent use of the natural landscape as the setting for its story of Third World exploitation and dubious business dealings.

The interracial sex scenes starring Calvin Lockhart and Al Bradley regular Yanti Somer, however, are the major draw of this film. The remaining scenes are a very typical drama with only mediocre interest. – Ghana Movies

13. Sugar (2019)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Rex

The entire duration of this film is dedicated to slapstick humor. Even for a comedy, most of the dialogue was ludicrous and implausible, despite how entertaining it was.

In the opening scene of Sugar Rush, three women are being tortured by the thugs of a woman named Gina, and throughout the interrogation, we find that a million dollars is gone. The women being interrogated assert that they only saw eight million dollars.

The previous several days are then flashed back to us as we learn what transpired. Let me just say that there were a lot of loose ends in the movie.

There were several improperly timed punchlines, tongue-in-cheek humor, and disconnected storylines and acts. Susie was completely focused on finding money to pay for their mother’s cancer treatment, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to succeed.

We witnessed Sola pull off a humorous trick, inserting herself in the presence of a wealthy man after being alerted by a hotel maid, and fabricating lies about a recent break-up in order to live lavishly on money she had not earned.

The cleaner was reportedly on her payroll, what little there was, and it was a humorous situation. Bola, the youngest sister, only wanted to portray a false existence on Instagram, pretending to have things that her family did not have in order to gain influence. – Ghana Movies

14. Sin City (2019)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Pascal Amanfo

In Sin City, Philip, and Julia, a couple at the top of the corporate ladder and living their dream, share their story. Their marriage appears to be going well, but Philips’ frequent excursions prevent them from spending much time together. Finally, when they choose to spend time together and take a short trip, their relationship is put to the test in unexpected ways. – Ghana Movies

15. Adams Apples (2011)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Baaba struggles to forgive her estranged husband for his indiscretions, which tear her apart. Kukua is faced with a ghost from her past that threatens to destroy her career and expose a secret she has worked hard to keep buried.

Meanwhile, the fiercely independent and strong-willed Jennifer drives her assistant to a diabolical plan that could spell her demise.

Mrs. Adams, on the other hand, receives an education on the rules of dating in modern Ghana, while the mystery of a land court case and an unlikely stalker drive a young teacher to seek legal action. Join us as we turn the pages of this compelling narrative and discover the trials and triumphs of the Adams women. – Ghana Movies

16. Sidechic Gang (2018)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Peter Sedufia

After unexpectedly earning large sums of money by exposing a husband who cheats on the wife, three female pals realize they can make millions by outing unfaithful husbands and lovers.

They left their ushering position to form “Sidechic Gang,” an organization completely focused on eradicating the side chick threat. Only women are eligible for their services. After a few exposures, their Sidechic Gang gains notoriety and starts drawing in side chick victims. For them, this converts into more money. The growing fame of the gang has angered the local guys. The Sidechic Gang has yet to experience its largest deal.

It originates from a haughty rich man who believes his fiancee is unfaithful to him. The group undertakes the project. They are aware of the implications for their bank account. However, the numerous resentful males who profit from the services of side chicks and would stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding are their greatest adversaries. – Ghana Movies

17. Children of the Mountain (2016)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Priscilla Anany

When Essuman, a yam seller and single mother, has a child with a cleft palate, her initial reaction is to flee because she is blamed for her child’s “imperfection.” She tries, but her conscience pulls her back, and she concedes defeat.

Three years later, because he is unable to talk, sit, or walk like his friends, her kid is identified as having cerebral palsy. Essuman bounces from hospital to hospital in her quest to find a cure for her son before she concedes that the ailment is incurable.

She stops going to the hospitals and turns to a herbalist, a protestant preacher, and finally a spiritualist for guidance. They all either trick her, use her, or deceive her. Essuman is forced to make some difficult decisions due to the pressure of caring for a disabled child and the negative comments. A son is born to a lady who also suffers from severe health issues and has a cleft lip.

She is charged with impeding the child because she carried and delivered it, turning her life into a nightmare. She fights tirelessly to find a cure for the child despite the abuse she receives from her community. When all else fails, she makes the decision to abort the child in order to start again with a new love interest. – Ghana Movies

18. Away Bus (2019)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Directors: Kofi Asamoah

Within 12 hours, two sisters, BIBI and KIKI, must gather twenty thousand cedis of Ghana for an urgent operation to rescue their dying mother.

When all other attempts to enlist the aid of relatives and friends have failed and time is running out, they decide to try robbing a highway bus to raise the money. They’ve amassed enough money to save their mother, therefore it’s a successful robbery.

A separate group of armed robbers arrives on the scene just as the others are about to celebrate their victory and take what they had taken.

They have to choose a choice that will safeguard them and their mother since time is running out, their mother’s life is in their hands, and armed thieves are in command of their money. – Ghana Movies

19. Ties That Bind (2011)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Leila Djansi

Three women from diverse walks of life—Adobea, Buki, and Theresa—are connected by a common sorrow—the death of a child. The women meet by chance in a little village in Kroboland, where they go on a shared journey of forgiveness, love, life, and redemption while restoring a run-down clinic for the locals. – Ghana Movies

20. Fix Us (2019)

The 20 Best Ghana Movies You Should Watch

Director: Pascal Amanfo

Three young women who aspired to be celebrities met at an audition venue where they had similar goals. All made friends and later in life saw their dreams come true, yet they felt empty after acquiring fame and fortune. – Ghana Movies