The 20 Best Jamaican Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Jamaican Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Jamaican Movies. These Jamaican Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Jamaican Movies

1. One Love (2003)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Rick Elgood,

When they both run into each other while competing in a music competition, Kassa, a free-spirited rasta man, falls in love with Serena, a proper gospel singer.

The pastor who is Serena’s father prohibits her from seeing him and wants her to wed one of his churchgoers. The record executive who is running the competition is also attempting to sign Kassa’s band to his label on his terms and not theirs.

He encourages the band to respond by employing forceful techniques. When they both sign up for a music competition where the winner will receive $20,000 and a record deal, an upcoming Rasta musician falls in a relationship with the gospel-singing son of a Pentecostal pastor.

As he wishes her to wed a church member, her father prevents her from meeting him when they begin to fall in love. They must overcome the preacher’s opposition in addition to fighting a dishonest record producer. – Jamaican Movies

2. Dancehall Queen (1997)

Jamaican Movies

Directors: Rick Elgood,

Marcia, a street vendor, struggles to make ends meet in Kingston, Jamaica’s ghetto. Her little daughter is being pursued by a wealthy sugar daddy who has been providing for the family, and a local gangster is putting his life in danger.

Since her brother crumbles under pressure and the licentious customer threatens to leave the family, Marcia turns to the music of the dance club she usually works outside of.

Debra Green Audrey Reid is a single mother and street vendor who struggles to make ends meet despite receiving financial assistance from the gun-toting strongman who appears affable and who later decides to pursue Tanya, Marcia’s teenage daughter.

Priest a vicious thug who killed Marcia’s buddy and is now terrorizing the helpless woman, complicates matters. With Larry, Priest, and not having any money as her three main issues, Marcia finds an inventive solution: create the Mystery Lady, a dance celebrity who can compete in a contest for cash and pit the two men against one another. – Jamaican Movies

3. Sprinter (2018)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Storm Saulter

Akeem Sharp, who is tipped to become Jamaica’s next big track-and-field phenomenon, is the subject of the book SPRINTER. To be reunited with his mother, which has supported her family while residing illegally for more than ten years, Akeem believes that his success in the sports world would bring him to the United States.

A violent father and an unruly elder brother who suggests himself into Akeem’s work as a way of escaping or possibly boosting his scam artist enterprise weigh down the burgeoning popularity of Akeem.

Akeem must not only show the world and himself that he is capable of succeeding, but also get over the obstacles that could ultimately derail him.

A Jamaican boy who has to deal with an erratic father and an unruly elder brother dreams of reuniting with his mother, who has been living illegally in the United States for more than ten years, through a spectacular ascent in track and field. – Jamaican Movies

4. Yardie (2018)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Idris Elba

The plot of Yardie, which is set in the early 1980s Hackney and the 1970s Kingston, centers on the lives of a young Jamaican guy named D Aml Ameen, who has never entirely overcome the murder of his sibling Jerry Dread Everaldo Creary during his infancy.

D develops under the tutelage of King Fox Sheldon Shepherd, a Kingston Major and music producer. Fox sends him out to London, where he meets up with his daughter, who hasn’t seen him since she was a baby, and Yvonne Shantol Jackson, his childhood sweetheart. Additionally, he links up with the High Noon Soundclash group.

A gang of young people breaks into Yvonne’s apartment one day while D is inside to take the cocaine he had taken. The kids warn them off before leading D to a Turkish crime lord who may be interested in purchasing the cocaine. – Jamaican Movies

5. Shottas (2002)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Cess Silvera

On Kingston, Jamaica’s rough and hazardous streets, Wayne and Biggs grow up side by side. They eventually relocated to Miami, where they forcefully seize control of the Jamaican mafia and start a brutal climb to the top of a criminal empire.

The proceeds from the crime are used to pay for visas to enter the US, where they hustle on Miami’s streets and carry out their criminal enterprises.

Twenty years later, Jason is deported to Jamaica, where Batman and Mad Max Paul Campbell—both of whom were also deported—have continued their escalation in crime by extorting cash from businessmen.

They encounter issues with the police and politicians before returning to Miami with Mad Max. Upon their return, they learn that Teddy Bruck Shut is Miami’s new drug lord.

They have risen to the pinnacle of Miami’s underworld through extortion, violence, and murder. Their nightmare comes to a violent conclusion with Teddy’s thugs killing Wayne and shooting Max. – Jamaican Movies

6. Better Must Come (2011)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Storm Saulter

The movie follows competing political groups in 1970s Jamaica that enlist gangs’ assistance to carry out their political goals and enforce their laws. It is a dramatized portrayal of actual historical occurrences, particularly the Green Bay Massacre when the authorities eventually located and decimated these gangs. Jamaica is entangled in the Cold War.

334Improved Music by Delroy WilsonDelroy Wilson’s most well-known song, a reggae classic penned by Everald Metcalf, captured the emotions of many Jamaicans 10 years after the country’s independence.

In 1968, a new consciousness that evolved in reggae music was represented in the singer’s appeal for progress against an oppressive society. In the following ten years, this new militancy evolved into its most identifiable trait. – Jamaican Movies

7. Knight and Day (2010)

Jamaican Movies

Director: James Mangold

June Havens Cameron Diaz, who is traveling back to Boston after purchasing auto parts in Wichita, collides twice with Roy Miller at the airport and is put on a later flight. She is re-boarded the aircraft by CIA officer John Fitzgerald Peter Sarsgaard, who thinks she is Roy’s employee.

Roy, an operative sent by Fitzgerald, subdues the passengers and flight crew while she is in the bathroom and crashes the jet into a cornfield. He drugs the astonished June and threatens to have agents come after her.

As June gets ready for her sister April’s Maggie Grace wedding, she discovers that their father’s 1966 Pontiac GTO tri-power, which June had intended to refurbish as a wedding gift, will no longer be used by their sister.

Fitzgerald and his representatives pick her up. In a highway chase, Roy shows up, kills many agents, and then saves her. Before Roy shows up there and pretends to hold June hostage, she runs to her ex-boyfriend Rodney, a firefighter Marc Blucas, who is also present when Rodney is shot.

Roy persuades June that she is safer with him and explains that he has the Zephyr, a perpetual energy battery. Roy had been assigned to watch Simon Feck Paul Dano, the battery’s designer until Fitzgerald attempted to steal it and falsely accused Roy.

June and Roy find out in Brooklyn that Feck has disappeared but left Roy a hint that he is in the Alps. Henchmen sent by Spanish armaments dealer Antonio Quintana Jordi attack them. – Jamaican Movies

8. Dr. No (1962)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Terence Young

A trio of assassins kills John Strangways, the MI6 Station Chief in Jamaica, as well as his secretary before ransacking his house.

When MI6 chief M learns of Strangways’ passing, he appoints intelligence agent James Bond to look into the situation and establish whether Strangways’ collaboration with the CIA on a probe involving the radio jamming of rocket explosions from Cape Canaveral was a factor.

When Bond arrives in Jamaica, a man who seems to be his chauffeur but is an enemy agent out to murder him approaches him. The agent is turned around by Bond, but before he can question him, he commits suicide by eating a cyanide-laced cigarette.

Bond approaches a boatman whom Strangways knew after going to Strangways’ home. Quarrel, the boatman, discloses to Bond that he is working with the CIA and brings him to Felix Leiter, a CIA agent who is also looking into Strangways’ death. – Jamaican Movies

9. Cool Runnings (1993)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Jamaican sprinter Derice Bannock begins training in November 1987 to compete in the 100-meter event at the 1988 Winter Olympics. When fellow contestant Junior Bevil unintentionally trips and falls, taking down Derice and another opponent called Yul Brenner, he loses his chance to move on in the trials.

Derice requests a replay of the race, but committee chairman Barrington Coolidge rejects the request while feeling sorry for Derice. He offers Derice the chance to reapply in four years or to try out for boxing or cycling, the only other two sports in which Jamaica participates. Darice notices a picture of the late father Ben lying next to another Olympic gold medallist in Coolidge’s office.

In preparation for the approaching 1988 Winter Olympics, four Jamaicans create their nation’s first-ever bobsled team. They grudgingly choose a disgraced former Olympic gold medalist as their coach. The other teams, however, treat them as outsiders when they arrive in Calgary because they believe they will only succeed in defaming the sport. – Jamaican Movies

10. No Time to Die (2021)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Bond has retired from the military and is currently living comfortably in Jamaica. His tranquility is short-lived as his old CIA pal Felix Leiter shows up and requests assistance.

The mission to save a scientist who has been abducted proves to be considerably more perilous than anticipated, sending Bond on the hunt for a shadowy adversary with lethal new weapons.

James Bond was living happily with Madeleine when SPECTRE attempted his life, sending him into exile. Felix Leiter approaches Bond five years later and requests assistance in locating a disloyal scientist.

Bond plunges back into the life he left behind and, after discovering secrets from his background, is forced to work with MI6 to find a zealot who intends to use a biological weapon that is incurable. – Jamaican Movies


11. Babylon (1980)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Franco Rosso

The plot of Babylon centers on David, a black working-class musician from South West London. David is a mic controller at a nearby dance hall at night while working as a mechanic during the day.

The main themes of the movie include poverty, the lack of chances for black people, and the racial gap in 1980s London.

David is forced to flee after losing his job, being assaulted, and being charged by the police. All of his tensions culminate in the stabbing of a racist neighbor after he breaks up with his girlfriend. – Jamaican Movies

12. I Am Bolt (2016)

Jamaican Movies

Directors: Ben Turner

The movie is based on the life of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who holds the records for the hundred-meter, two-hundred-meter, and four-by-hundred-meter relays and has won three Olympic gold medals. Bolt is also the fastest man to have ever lived.

The movie details Bolt’s path to nine gold medals and the events leading up to the Olympic victories. On the last day of November 2016 when the movie was released first in the UK and then all around the world. Critics gave the movie mainly favorable reviews. – Jamaican Movies

13. Black Mother (2018)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Khalik Allah

Producer Khalik Allah brings his audience on a religious, visual, and physical trip around Jamaica as he revisits the place of his ancestors, revealing fresh facets of the island’s beauty and the people who still call it home. – Jamaican Movies

14. Ghett’a Life (2011)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Chris Browne

Derrick, a boy from a ghetto, longs to be a professional boxer and to represent Jamaica at the Olympics, but the gym that can help him become a contender is in the rival ‘garrison’ neighborhood, so he must take a risk to pursue his ambition. In Ghett’a Life, power-crazed ‘dons’ influence MPs and murder anyone who defies them in order to further their own hypocritical agenda. – Jamaican Movies

15. Legends of the Fall (1994)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Edward Zwick

When Samuel is killed in World War I, the unusual but close-knit family eventually experiences tragedy. Tristan and Alfred make it through their tours of duty, but soon after they get back home, they both fall in love with Samuel’s stunning fiancée, Susannah Julia Ormond, sparking a bitter rivalry that threatens to split the family apart.

In the early twenty century, Colonel William Ludlow and his three sons, Samuel, Tristan, and Alfred, reside in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

The bond between the three brothers is about to be shattered when Samuel drags Susannah along with him. Susannah and Tristan fall in love; Susannah with Alfred, the oldest son.

Things worsen when, in 1914, against their father’s wishes, the three brothers choose to enlist in the European theater of the First World War. Both the brothers’ relationship and Colonel William’s heart are about to be permanently severed. – Jamaican Movies

16. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Richard Fleischer

Rumors about sea monsters destroying boats in the South Pacific Ocean in 1868 became widespread. To conduct their investigation, Professor Aronnax and Conseil will shortly embark on a U.S. Navy frigate. Ned Land, a haughty master harpooner, joins them.

The creature is discovered after months of patrols. The gun crew of the frigate fires, but the monster swings around and rams the vessel. Ned, Conseil, and Aronnax are abandoned at sea as the broken-down frigate floats away oblivious to their screams for assistance.

Aronnax and Conseil discover a metal vessel while clinging to debris and determine the monster is a man-made “submerging boat” that appears to be deserted.

While Ned Land comes in an overturned longboat, Aronnax discovers a wide viewport below decks and observes an underwater funeral. When the divers spot Ned, Aronnax, and Conseil, they try to escape in the righted longboat but are apprehended. Captain Nemo, master of the Nautilus, announces himself as the skipper of the ship.

He gives Aronnax, whose name he recognizes, the option to stay while returning Ned and Conseil to the deck. Nemo permits Ned and Conseil to stay on board after Aronnax demonstrates his willingness to die alongside his colleagues as the ship sinks. – Jamaican Movies

17. Wide Sargasso Sea (1993)

Jamaican Movies

Director: John Duigan

The book and movie explore Jean Rhys’ narrative of the West Indian Creole heiress named Antoinette Cosway who marries the Englishman Mr. Rochester and turns into the character known as the “madwoman in the attic” in Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre.

The Wide Sargasso Sea plot summary is available in full here. To keep her land, a young female landowner in Jamaica in the 1840s marries a recently arrived Englishman.

Everything appears to be going well, love blossoms and happiness is on the horizon, but she is keeping a long-buried secret about her mother and her upbringing. – Jamaican Movies

18. The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee “Scratch” Perry (2008)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Ethan Higbee,

The film commences in rural Jamaica, delving into Perry’s enigmatic upbringing and the infamous occurrences during his prime production years in Kingston.

Scratch mentored a young Bob Marley, established the sound of Reggae as it is recognized today, introduced a new music genre called Dub, pioneered the remix, and produced chart-topping hits for a range of artists, including Junior Murvin, The Congos, Paul McCartney, and The Clash.

All of this was accomplished while operating out of the notorious Black Ark Studio, a structure that Perry constructed with his own hands and later destroyed in a drug-induced frenzy. – Jamaican Movies

19. Reincarnated (2012)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Andy Capper

The legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg traveled to Jamaica with VICE on an emotional trip to consider his prior career, including his successes, loves, regrets, and losses.

Snoop hopes to reinvent herself as a Pop Reggae musician during this tour by becoming fully immersed in Rastafari and learning about the rich musical and religious traditions of Jamaica.

His journey begins with a detour to a Rastafarian-run ganja farm in the mountains, shedding light on the dark side of the Jamaican heroin trade.

After the banishment of drug boss Chris “Coke” Dudus, Snoop travels to the problematic neighborhoods of Trenchtown and Jubilee Gardens, where he sees a neglected ghetto populace and widespread police abuse. – Jamaican Movies

20. The Blue Lagoon (1980)

Jamaican Movies

Director: Randal Kleiser

While sailing was the only mode of transportation, two small children were the only survivors of a shipwreck. They are marooned on a paradise-like tropical island.

Collectively, Richard and Emmeline must survive, which is simple because the island is devoid of deadly animals. Strange emotions begin to affect the two youngsters’ relationship years later, while they live in a self-built hut.

The two always behaved in a very polite manner, even though they had no adults to educate them during that entire period.

Emmeline becomes pregnant as a result of nature taking its course, completely ignorant that a kid is developing inside of her. Richard, his father, and Emmeline’s cousin are on a ship headed for San Francisco when it explodes. – Jamaican Movies