The 20 Best Kosovo Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Kosovo Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Kosovo Movies. These Kosovo Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kosovo Movies

1. Hive (2021)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Blerta Basholli

Fahrije Hoti’s husband has been missing since the war in Kosovo, leaving her with the responsibility of providing for her family. Despite societal expectations that widows should not work, Fahrije takes the initiative to establish her own small business, producing ajvar, with the support of other widows.

However, she faces significant challenges in a patriarchal society that does not endorse her actions, including condemnation for driving. This inspiring story, based on true events, sheds light on the struggles of women in Kosovo and their determination to overcome adversity. – Kosovo Movies

2. Zana (2019)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Antoneta Kastrati

Zana, a mystical creature that bathes in freshwater streams and possesses the ability to heal, bestow gifts, and act as a guardian to children who venture into the woods. In a Kosovar village, Lume, an Albanian woman, resides with her husband Ilir and mother-in-law Remzije amidst this enigmatic realm.

Lume, who lost her only child during the war a decade ago, is plagued by night terrors and unable to conceive. Her family urges her to seek out magical healers to treat her infertility, but Lume is hesitant.

Remzije, fearing that Lume will be replaced, introduces a younger prospective wife to the household. To avoid being replaced, Lume abandons modern medicine and agrees to explore traditional practices. However, her past traumas begin to resurface and torment her.

When Remzije discovers Lume sleepwalking to a feared witch doctor, drastic measures are taken to safeguard the unborn child from malevolent forces. – Kosovo Movies

3. I Love You More (2023)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Erblin Nushi

Ben’s deep-seated longing for affection compels him to jeopardize his familial and personal aspirations for the sake of a stranger. Following a year of intimate online correspondence, the reserved Kosovar adolescent, Ben, eagerly anticipates his inaugural encounter with his clandestine paramour, Leo, who is set to arrive from Germany in a mere month.

Driven by an all-consuming ardor, Ben meticulously orchestrates the logistics and alibis for his romantic rendezvous with Leo, striving for perfection. However, despite his mother’s unexpected and life-altering proposition, Ben remains steadfast in his refusal to accept until he has met Leo. – Kosovo Movies

4. Adnan Kafazi (2023)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Genc Berisha

In light of the occupation of their city by a new organized crime leader, three local gangsters have decided to return from Mexico and engage in a strategic game of cat and mouse with the aforementioned individual. – Kosovo Movies

5. Albanian Gangster (2018)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Matthew A. Brown

The criminal subculture prevalent within the Albanian community in the Bronx is portrayed through the lens of a former convict in real life. – Kosovo Movies

6. The Land Within (2022)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Fisnik Maxville

Remo, an adopted individual, receives a summons from his cousin Una to return to his native Kosovo. Una requires his assistance in identifying the exhumed remains from a mass grave in their childhood village.

As they undertake the arduous task of identification, Remo is transported back to the idyllic paradise of his youth, now a ghost town ravaged by war. Despite their efforts to reconnect, the scars of the conflict create a barrier between the cousins.

Una harbors resentment towards Remo for his departure, while Remo blames Una’s father for his forced exile. As the remains of their loved ones are unearthed one by one, a missing body raises suspicion and leads to the discovery of a horrific secret at the heart of Remo’s adoption into the family. – Kosovo Movies

7. The Marriage (2017)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Blerta Zeqiri

Anita and Bekim are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming wedding, which is set to take place in just two weeks. Despite the added stress of awaiting news regarding Anita’s parents, who have been missing since the Kosovar War in 1999, and navigating Bekim’s overbearing family, the couple has successfully managed to handle all of the necessary preparations.

However, their plans are unexpectedly complicated when Bekim’s former lover, Nol, who is also gay, unexpectedly returns from overseas. Bekim soon realizes that Nol still harbors feelings for him, leading to an unconventional love triangle that ultimately unfolds during the wedding reception. – Kosovo Movies

8. Looking for Venera (2021)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Norika Sefa

Venera, a reserved and introverted adolescent, resides in a modest town in Kosovo. Within her abode, three generations coexist in a confined dwelling, leaving her with minimal personal space. – Kosovo Movies

9. Cold November (2018)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Ismet Sijarina

Fadili, the archivist, is currently in a difficult situation in which he is confronted with two bad possibilities. He is well aware that whichever course he takes will have terrible effects. Unfortunately, Fadili must carry the burden of humiliation as a result of his decision, which he made involuntarily and reluctantly. – Kosovo Movies

10. Aga’s House (2019)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Lendita Zeqiraj

This poignant narrative offers a glimpse into the lives of five women, as seen through the eyes of a nine-year-old boy who is on a quest to find his missing father. Aga resides with his mother and four other women in a remote mountainous region of Kosovo.

While he attempts to earn some money by selling cigarettes, his primary objective is to continue his search for his absent father.

The sole male presence in his life is Cera, who, despite his harsh and brutal demeanor, keeps a watchful eye on Aga. However, Aga is too young to comprehend why he is living in his current location with only women. – Kosovo Movies


11. Vera Dreams of the Sea (2021)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Kaltrina Krasniqi

Vera, a sign language interpreter in her middle age, experiences a significant upheaval in her life following her husband’s suicide. She is confronted with the stark reality of challenging the entrenched gender biases prevalent in contemporary society. – Kosovo Movies

12. Displaced (2021)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Sharon Ryba-Kahn

The protagonist receives an unexpected call from her father after a hiatus of seven years. She embarks on a journey to Israel, Poland, and Germany to retrace the footsteps of her grandfather, who survived the Holocaust. The protagonist encounters challenging conversations and strained relationships, which occasionally culminate in silence. – Kosovo Movies

13. Agnus Dei (2012)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Agim Sopi

Agnus Dei is a Shakespearean tragedy that is both compelling and devastating in its conclusion. The themes of forbidden love, life, and dreams are explored poignantly. The film’s impact is heightened by the fact that it is set in a war zone where loving the wrong person could result in death. The film effectively highlights the destructive nature of hate, a lesson that the Serbs and Albanians learned all too well. – Kosovo Movies

14. Cirku Fluturues (2019)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Fatos Berisha

The Flying Circus is a surrealistic black comedy that draws inspiration from true events. Against the backdrop of Kosovo on the brink of war, the closure of Dodona, a small theatre in Prishtina, marks the end of the last remaining public institution.

The play’s four protagonists, young actors are inspired by the legendary British TV series ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ and are invited to perform at a theatre festival in Albania. However, the journey is fraught with danger, as they lack the necessary travel documents to cross the border.

Despite initial reservations, the group is swayed by the prospect of meeting their idol, Michael Palin of the Monty Python crew, who will be filming in Albania during the festival. The only option available to them is to illegally cross the border of Montenegro and Albania, a decision that carries significant risk. – Kosovo Movies

15. Diamanti (2018)

Director: Genc Berisha

Three individuals involved in organized crime have been compelled to carry out a theft of a valuable diamond as a means of securing their survival. – Kosovo Movies

16. Fields of War (2017)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Alan M. Trow

The story takes place in a small village located in Kosovo during the peak of the 1998-99 conflict with Serbia. The resident physician is facing allegations of treachery due to his ongoing efforts to establish a friendly relationship with and provide medical care to the sole Serbian family residing in the village. – Kosovo Movies

17. Virus: Extreme Contamination (2016)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Domiziano Cristopharo

Several years following the impact of a meteorite on a farm in Kosovo, an Italian scientist embarks on a quest to investigate the peculiar occurrences and anomalous behavior that appear to be associated with this event.

His expedition leads him to a recently deserted military installation, where the remaining inhabitants have undergone a transformation into extraterrestrial beings with a predilection for consuming human flesh. The scientist will soon uncover that the meteorite is enshrouded in an enigma that extends throughout the history of humanity. – Kosovo Movies

18. Prishtinë, 2002 (2022)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Trendelina Halili

Leti, an adolescent, endeavors to transform herself into a novel persona to captivate her friend Dona, who exerts a strong influence on her. However, Leti’s inclination to immerse herself in this fresh identity results in an unforeseen encounter. – Kosovo Movies

19. Zonjusha (2016)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Genc Berisha

Three individuals affiliated with a local gang are presented with a job opportunity that lacks clear details. Despite their limited knowledge of the job, they are enticed by the prospect of lucrative compensation and their sense of self-importance, leading them to accept the offer. Along their journey, they encounter numerous obstacles and gradually realize that they have fallen into a trap. – Kosovo Movies

20. Egjeli (2017)

Kosovo Movies

Director: Valter Lucaj

Liki is a young man hailing from Prishtina, who has recently returned to his ancestral village to reside with his uncle, Sheqa. As he acquaints himself with the nuances of rural life and adjusts to living with his aunt, Gjyli, a series of humorous situations arise that highlight both the disparities and commonalities between their respective lifestyles. – Kosovo Movies