The 20 Best Kyrgyzstan Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Kyrgyzstan Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Kyrgyzstan Movies. These Kyrgyzstan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kyrgyzstan Movies

1. Salvador Dali (2021)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Eldiar Madakim

Orozbek, a little child, lives in an obscure mountainous area of Kyrgyzstan with his grandma. He needs to travel far each day to get to his school, which is in a different village.

And occasionally the sole homemade bridge sinks beneath the water, rendering it impassable. Orozbek only finds delight in painting classes at school, which he never misses.

Orozbek, a happy youngster who enjoys drawing, resides with his elderly mother in a small village tucked away in the heart of the snowy mountains. He must travel a considerable distance to get to class and one time the stream’s banks wash away, obstructing his path. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

2. The Adopted Son (1998)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Aktan Arym Kubat

A baby foundling is adopted by five elder ladies in a Kyrgyz community. Jump ahead roughly 12 years, and the youngster, Beshkempir, is approaching puberty—the time, according to his grandmother, when everything goes crazy.

He enjoys playing with his friends, horseplaying, making sexual jokes, and watching outdoor movies. He works by fishing and molding dirt into bricks. He’s also becoming more aware of women. He fights with his best buddy and discovers, to his dismay, that he is a foundling.

Beshkempir is pushed even more quickly toward adult tasks by a loss in the family; he has to wipe tears from his eyes, preside over burial, and make amends with his companion. Then he phones Aynura and borrows a bicycle, and the courting starts. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

3. Queen of the Mountains (2014)

Director: Sadyk Sher-Niyaz

The epic historical drama, which is set in 19th-century Central Asia, depicts the real-life events of Kurmanjan Datka, a strong-willed woman who rises to power and prevents her country from being completely destroyed.

She is coerced into getting married when she is a young woman, but she manages to run away, hide in the mountains, and fall in amour with the local leader Alymbek, whom she eventually marries.

She became the “queen of the mountains” as a pivotal character and mediator in the national battle when the Russians invade after his death at the hands of political enemies. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

4. Centaur (2017)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Aktan Arym Kubat

Centaur is a calm, diminutive, and modest man who is the devoted spouse to young, deaf-mute Maripa and the father of a young boy who does not speak a word.

Together, they lived a straightforward existence in a rural community in Kyrgyzstan. Above all, Centaur is a well-liked and unquestionably trustworthy member of his community, but he also has a passionately held conviction.

He continues to think that the Kyrgyz people, who were once united and unstoppable because of their animals, have been criticized by Heavens for abusing that power to further their mercenary objectives.

Without raising any suspicion, Centaur turns into a horse thief because he believes that only a true racer who rides at night and begs for forgiveness can lift the curse. But he can’t keep his carefully guarded secret for very long. He will have to choose the fate of his family, his fellow villagers, and himself when the truth comes to light. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

5. Finding Mother (2017)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ruslan Akun

A bright kid from Central Asia travels to the United States in search of his long-lost mother. Along the way, he makes friends with a small-time hustler who is struggling, and the two of them hatch a risky plan to fix everything. However, things don’t turn out as expected. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

6. Pure Coolness (2007)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ernest Abdyjaparov

The film delves into the traditional practice of Ala kachuu, commonly known as “bride stealing”. It raises the question of whether this custom can be justified in modern times, even if the couple involved end up living happily ever after.

The narrative explores a range of themes, including family loyalty, deception, betrayal, and love. The protagonist, Asema, is a city dweller who is in a relationship with Murat, a young man from a rural village.

When she informs her parents of her plans to visit Murat’s family, her mother warns her about the prevalence of bride kidnapping in the countryside. Despite this, Asema proceeds with her trip.

However, after discovering Murat’s infidelity and attempting to return home, she is mistakenly abducted by Sagyn, a village shepherd, who believes her to be the intended bride chosen by his relatives, rather than a local orphan. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

7. Shambala (2020)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Artykpai Suyundukov

Shambala, which is based on the Kyrgyz author Chingiz Aitmatov’s novella The White Ship, depicts the tale of a lonely, impressionable seven-year-old kid who lives with his grandfather, step-grandmother, aunt, and uncle in a protected forest high in the mountains.

He spends his time investigating and learning family legends, particularly those about the revered Mother Deer, from his grandfather. The world of myths and folklore finally clashes with the harsh reality of adulthood, where people must deal with their own difficulties and conundrums. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

8. Kök Börü: Game of the Tough (2018)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ruslan Akun

Malsat, a well-known professional Kök Börü player, was kicked off a winning team after refusing to ride a horse that was hurt. When he gets back to his hometown, he learns that the land of his neighbors is in jeopardy.

He makes the decision to put together a group of amateur athletes and compete in the Kök Börü Championship Cup, which is the most prestigious competition in the nation. When he gets back to his hometown, he learns that the land of his neighbors is in jeopardy.

He makes the decision to put together a group of amateur athletes and compete in the Kök Börü Championship Cup, which is the most prestigious competition in the nation. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

9. Salam, New York! (2013)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ruslan Akun

A young Kyrgyz man who went on to conquer New York is the subject of this success tale. He has to face unforeseen problems and adventures, which he eventually learns to overcome. A young Kyrgyz man who went on to conquer New York is the subject of this success tale. He has to face unforeseen problems and adventures, which he eventually learns to overcome. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

10. The Light Thief (2010)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Aktan Arym Kubat

The movie’s main character is an electrician who has a much bigger impact on those around him than what his profession entails. He serves as the connecting connection between the post-soviet space’s geopolitical issues and the general populace because he is the final component of a vast energy system.

The industrial workers were severely impacted by the nation’s economic collapse, yet despite the turmoil, they continued to love, suffer, make and keep friends, and live their lives to the fullest. especially our tenacious electrician with a kind and generous heart. He not only provides the residents of this small city with electric light, which is sometimes out. – Kyrgyzstan Movies


11. This Is What I Remember (2022)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Aktan Arym Kubat

Pil-ju, an elderly former soldier with dementia, looks for the persons he thinks were behind the passing of his family in the past. Pil-ju locates his target and kills them one by one using the five names tattooed on his fingers and fragments of his disintegrating memories.

In-gyu, a young innocent man, unwittingly gets caught up in Pil-ju’s plan for retaliation and ends up being the main suspect in the killing. In-gyu can’t help but travel with Pil-ju on his vengeance mission in order to demonstrate his innocence and halt this old man’s haste. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

12. Heavenly Nomadic (2015)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Mirlan Abdykalykov

A family of nomads, including aging herdsman Tabyldy, his partner Karachach, their daughter-in-law Shaiyr, and their 7-year-old granddaughter Umsunai, live in the high, isolated highlands of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

The son of Shaiyr only comes to visit during the summer breaks because he attends school in the city. Years ago, while attempting to save a foal, her husband drowned in a river in a mountain range. Due to her deep attachment to the lovely region and its inhabitants, Shaiyr made the decision to remain with the family.

The family raises horses, and life carries on as usual in this picturesque mountain ravine. But meteorologist Ermek, a local who lives close to the family’s house and works at a weather station nearby, enters Shaiyr’s life. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

13. Saratan (2005)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ernest Abdyjaparov

In a Kyrgyz community, dissatisfaction is rampant since money isn’t flowing as planned and everyone is scrambling to set up their own businesses, if necessary in secret. This relates to the various experiences of the residents of a small Kirghiz village over the ten years that followed the fall of the Soviet Union. When the local livestock rustler is finally apprehended by the lone police officer, the peasants’ lives will be somewhat more secure than they were under communism. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

14. Aurora (2018)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Bekzat Pirmatov

The action of movie is set in a sanatorium called Aurora, which is situated on the beaches of the high highland lake Issyk-Kul. Everything happens in a single day.

With its stunning natural surroundings, the sanatorium acts as an image of the entire nation and is a type of health retreat for its populace. The workings of fatal processes begin when there is a sudden disruption of the equilibrium between time and space. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

15. The Scent of the Wormwood (2022)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Aibek Daiyrbekov

Ten-year-old Maksat moves to his parent’s hometown village along with his mother and sister, where he meets and befriends two local boys. It comes out that Mom and her father are at odds. Soon, Maksat’s father joins the family and stays to live with them. His father offers Maksat a young horse, much like the other lads in the neighborhood, in an effort to win his son back. Father, a former alcoholic who teaches computer science, is attempting to start over. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

16. Seide (2015)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Elnura Osmonalieva

A remote mountain community in the center of Kyrgyzstan is home to young Seide. She likes to play with village boys and has the liberty to ride a horse which is the nearest soul she has. Her family decides to uphold tradition and slaughter Seide’s horse for the big day when she faces the possibility of being forced into an arranged marriage. Seide, who is angry and feels powerless, attempts to comprehend her family’s choice but is unable to allow her horse to perish. The horse, like herself, regrettably has nowhere to go. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

17. Finding Mother 2 (2019)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Ruslan Akun

When FBI agents are questioning a woman, she continues telling them their safe home isn’t secure. Sure enough, bullets are fired shortly afterward, when seven agents are murdered.

The Mother manages to escape after saving one of her employees, Cruise, but not before suffering a wound to her developing tummy. In order to ensure the baby’s safety, the mother gives the newborn up for adoption.

She demands that Cruise put the girl, named Zoe, under his supervision and pledge to give her yearly updates. A military-trained assassin named The Mother bides her time while maintaining her physical fitness so that she can rescue the girl at any time. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

18. The Lake (2020)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Emil Atageldijev

They encounter the ominous spirits below the surface when a young man asks his girlfriend to marry him when they are out on the lake. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

19. The Road to Eden (2020)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Bakyt Mukul

Kubat Aliev, a retired author, is spending his final years as a well-known and struggling author in a culture that is ever more focused on wealth. He is a widower without children, and all he wants is for literature to keep enlightening his small, despondent country.

In a culture that is becoming more and more concerned with riches, retired writer Kubat Aliev is spending his final years as a well-known and destitute author. He is a widower without children, and all he wants is for literature to keep enlightening his small, despondent country.

He sees Sapar, a younger and equally skilled writer who is his friend, as a potential continuation. Sapar, meanwhile, is seriously unwell and requires a costly course of therapy.

Kubat hears that his own young businessman brother is being physically assaulted by debt collectors on the day he decides to sell his flat in order to preserve the life of the bedridden writer. Kubat is divided between the need to support his family and his strong desire for the ailing writer’s life. – Kyrgyzstan Movies

20. Traditsiya (2019)

Kyrgyzstan Movies

Director: Zhanuzak Mamytov

In Kyrgyz society, circumcision is not only a custom but also an integral component of a man’s way of life. Due to his lack of circumcision, a boy is making fun of him among his peers. – Kyrgyzstan Movies