The 20 Best Lebanon Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Lebanon Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Lebanon Movies. These Lebanon Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Lebanon Movies

1. The Attack (2012)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Ziad Doueiri

Assimilated Arab physician Dr. Amin Jaafari appears to have it all with a thriving career and distinction among Israelis in Tel Aviv.

That all changes following a horrific terrorist suicide attack, in which his beloved wife Siham is identified as the prime suspect among the dead. As Shin Bet questions him, Amin eventually realizes that the accusations are accurate, while initially refusing to accept it.

The shunned Amin is now determined to learn for himself why Siham had such a strong feeling that she kept a secret from him. The solutions, however, are elusive, and the underlying realities themselves are excruciatingly painful. – Lebanon Movies

2. The Message (1976)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Moustapha Akkad

Mohammed, Love Be Upon Him, has a visit from the angel Gabriel in the seventh century, who implores him to guide the people of Arabia in prayer.

However, they are banished to Medina before being allowed to return to Mecca to fight for their freedom and free the town in the honor of God (Allah). The fundamental idea of the film is how to change a primitive Arab community into a civilized one.

The basic theme of the movie is the struggles that Mohammed, Love Be Upon He, like his previous Prophets, had with his adherents, followed by an exile and the establishment of a state based on ideals. This is a superb and accurate portrayal of the Islamic period in the sixth century AD. – Lebanon Movies

3. Perfect Strangers (2022)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Wissam Smayra

When seven close friends gather together for dinner, they decide to take on a game in which they agree to share each telephone call, word, and voicemail that comes in on the table while their phones are out in the open.

What initially seems like fun quickly turns into an untrodden trail of unspoken secrets that disclose more than they had intended.

The plot centers on seven friends who decide to play a game while eating together in which they must place their smartphones on the table and consent to sharing each call, word, and conversation that comes in. – Lebanon Movies

4. Costa Brava, Lebanon (2021)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Mounia Akl

In the not-too-distant future, Soraya, and Walid establish a tranquil existence among the hills, far from the chaos and smog of Beirut, the country of Lebanon’s capital. They reside there with both of their relatives and their two kids up until the construction of a landfill that is intended to be environmentally friendly disturbs their peace of mind. – Lebanon Movies

5. Hardabasht (2023)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Mohammad Dayekh

Three boys and their mum, The young boy is a devout member of his religion, in contrast to his two elder brothers who are criminals. Since their younger brother has a good reputation, they compel him to work for them.

A string of incidents causes turmoil mother and her three children live in the underprivileged outskirts of Beirut; the youngest is a devoted Christian while the elder two are involved in the drug trade. Chaos overtakes the family’s lives as they force their sibling to cooperate with them. – Lebanon Movies

6. Al Hayba the Harvest (2019)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Samer Al Barkawi

Following the smuggler Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal’s forced relocation to Beirut, a well-known presenter enters his life, sparking disputes between Jabal and her corrupt political fiancé. The narrative centers on the members of Sheikh Al Jabal, a fictitious Arab family that runs all of the trafficking routes between Syria and Lebanon.

The Saeed clan of the village in Hayba and the family have a long-standing historical enmity. Along with internal conflict, the two families are continuously at odds with one another.

However, how will this family endure in this dangerous village with tales that never stop and hurts that never mend? Throughout the five seasons, the plot thickens with the introduction of new characters and foes. – Lebanon Movies

7. Ala Al Hilwa Wa Al Morra (2021)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Nicolas Mouawad

When Farah is assigned to help with her ex’s wedding—the man who five decades ago had the feet cold and didn’t show up to their own—her world is turned upside down.

Farah Dana Mardini, who was getting ready to wed Rayan, was distraught after the ceremony because Rayan abruptly left because of a disagreement with her father.

After five years, he came back and wed another woman named Lina Pamela El Kik. However, this makes it harder to win Farah back when she starts interacting with Wissem Joe Trad.

Rayan was unaware that Lana was having an affair with another man. When Lana and Rayan finally agreed to get married, the ceremony was abrupted by a fight between Lana’s real father and her mother’s newly engaged fiancé. – Lebanon Movies

8. Martyr (2017)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Mazen Khaled

A young man’s terrible death by the sea in Beirut prompts his friends to mourn his passing and participate in his community’s rituals and celebrations, revealing the divisions within the city and the social fault lines within its culture.

The plot revolves around the emotions of Hassane, an 18-year-old with financial difficulties who frequently loses his job and is unable to live on his own.

The movie depicts the challenging circumstances of the youngster, who feels imprisoned between his rigid and unhappy family and the desolate city of Beirut.

There is a significant homoerotic element at the moment where Hassane and his close companion Mahmad dance on a set, which appears to be from a spiritual standpoint. – Lebanon Movies

9. Memory Box (2021)

Lebanon Movies

Alex is a teenage daughter of single mother Maia, and she resides in Montreal. They get a surprise delivery of notebooks, recordings, and photos that Maia mailed to her closest friend from Beirut in the 1980s on Christmas Eve.

Alex quietly starts opening the box but Maia refuses to do so or confront its memories. Alex experiences the turbulent, passionate youth of her mother amid the Lebanese civil war, blurring the lines between fiction and reality and revealing secrets from a buried past. – Lebanon Movies

10. Carlos Ghosn: The Last Flight (2021)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Nick Green

Carlos Ghosn, who is the former Chairman of the Renault-Nissan Group accused of financial wrongdoing, shocked the world in December by making a Hollywood-caliber escape from Japan.

Ghosn alleges that he was the victim of a plot hatched by officials from the Japanese government and Nissan. But it’s difficult to dismiss the allegations against him.

Through interviews, archive material, and special access to Ghosn himself and his wife Carole, this documentary clarifies this convoluted and intricate tale and reveals fresh information about his daring escape. – Lebanon Movies


11. Cello (TV Series 2015)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Anna M. Bofarull

Millionaire Taimour Tageldeen offers pianist Adam $1 million in exchange for an evening with his cellist wife Yasmine. The project that Adam, a pianist, and Yassmine, a cellist, intend to start falls unexpectedly, and Taimour offers to save it. – Lebanon Movies

12. Wa Akheeran (TV Series 2023)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Usama Obeid Alnasser

Following the engagement celebration of Yaqout, a former convict, a group of criminals abducts his betrothed, Khayal, along with several other women, prompting him to embark on a treacherous quest to rescue his beloved. Despite the fortuitous union between Khayal and Yaqout, her life is irrevocably altered by the traumatic event of her abduction. – Lebanon Movies

13. The Writer (TV Series 2019)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Rami Hanna

Younis Jubran, an unwavering wordsmith, encounters a series of exhilarating and amorous escapades that challenge his aptitude while navigating a formidable and alluring legal practitioner. – Lebanon Movies

14. Al Hayba Jabal (TV Series 2021)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Samer Al Barkawi

Jabal exacts retribution for his sibling’s demise, eludes incarceration, and journeys back to Al Hayba to disclose a terrorist scheme to convert the Al Hayba water dam into an unlawful border crossing. This revelation exposes Al Hayba to an existential peril, placing it in a precarious life-or-death predicament. – Lebanon Movies

15. Dentelle (2020)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Muthanna Sobh

As the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Dentelle’s atelier approaches, a group of individuals uncovers transformative revelations concealed within its confines. – Lebanon Movies

16. Farah (2022)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Kenton Oxley

Lina Nasser, a pre-med student based in California, has been grappling with a deteriorating mental health condition characterized by depression, anxiety, and recurring nightmares.

As her symptoms worsen and her academic performance takes a hit, she decides to return to Beirut for further assistance. Under the care of her father Nabil, who is employed by a prominent pharmaceutical company, Lina is prescribed a new-generation antidepressant known as Xapa.

However, her condition takes a turn for the worse, with the emergence of severe symptoms such as psychosis, paranoid delusions, and confabulation. In a bid to anchor herself in reality, Lina revisits her memories of her late mother Farah, which suggest that her mental health struggles may be linked to past trauma. – Lebanon Movies

17. 1982 (2019)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Oualid Mouaness

This is a life-affirming coming-of-age tale that takes place at an idyllic school nestled in Lebanon’s mountains. The story follows an 11-year-old boy’s quest to profess his love to a girl in his class, against the backdrop of a looming invasion.

As the invasion encroaches on Beirut, it disrupts daily life and threatens the entire country’s cohesion. The film offers a harrowing portrait of a society grappling with ideological schisms and torn between its desire for love and peace.

Set within the microcosm of the school, it explores the complexities of love and war and the resilience of the human spirit.

In his debut feature, director Oualid Mouaness delivers an ode to innocence, revisiting one of the most cataclysmic moments in Lebanon’s history through the lens of a child’s vibrant imagination. This poignant and thought-provoking film offers a powerful commentary on the human experience and the enduring power of hope. – Lebanon Movies

18. Al Hayba the Comeback (TV Series 2018)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Samer Al Barkawi

The flashback narrative commences with an act of retribution carried out by one smuggling family against another, in response to the killing of a father within their ranks. This event subsequently sparked a series of protracted tribal conflicts between the two families, which persisted without resolution. – Lebanon Movies

19. Death of a Virgin and the Sin of Not Living (2021)

Lebanon Movies

Director: George Peter Barbari

A cohort of acquaintances collectively contribute funds to finance their inaugural sexual encounter. As they embark on their expedition to engage the services of a sex worker, their initial braggadocio-laden dialogues gradually evolve into introspective and vulnerable soliloquies.

Etienne is accompanied by his peers to partake in his inaugural visit to a prostitute, as three adolescents endeavor to establish their masculinity. However, unforeseen circumstances lead Etienne on an unexpected journey of self-discovery. – Lebanon Movies

20. All Roads Lead to Rome (2022)

Lebanon Movies

Director: Lara Saba

Renowned actor Hady has been selected as a finalist for the role of the young pope in a global production. In anticipation of the pivotal casting decision, Hady elects to seclude himself from his frenzied lifestyle and retreats to Qannoubin.

There, under the guidance of four nuns and a young woman, Hady undergoes a profound transformation. However, the question remains whether he will be able to arrive at his highly anticipated appointment. – Lebanon Movies