The 20 Best Libya Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Libya Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Libya Movies. These Libya Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Libya Movies

1. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

Libya Movies

Director: Michael Bay

Libya, this year. Security is being provided by a group of former military contractors at an unauthorized CIA base in Benghazi.

After Gaddafi’s overthrow, there was a power vacuum and the atmosphere was unstable. Military hardware is easily accessible. Chris Stevens, the US diplomat to Libya, travels there and stays in a neighborhood close to the CIA base.

Six CIA contractors were the only personnel willing and capable of defending the Ambassador’s compound from swarms of heavily armed locals on the night of the eleventh of September, 2012. – Libya Movies

2. The English Patient (1996)

Libya Movies

Director: Anthony Minghella

The journey of Lord Laszlo de Almásy Ralph Fiennes, a Hungarian mapmaker hired by the Geographical Society of Britain to map the immense expanses of the Sahara Desert, as well as several other well-known explorers, begins in the 1930s. Almásy enters a world of politics, love, and betrayal as World War II progresses, which is eventually revealed in a sequence of flashbacks when Almásy is dying from horrific burns sustained in an airplane crash. – Libya Movies

3. Spartacus (1960)

Libya Movies

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Kirk Douglas plays the rebellious Thracian Spartacus, who is sold to the Gladiator coach Batiatus (Sir Peter Ustinov) after being born and reared as a slave. Spartacus rebels against his masters and leads his fellow slaves in a revolt after spending weeks learning how to kill for the arena.

The rebels’ numbers increase as they travel from village to town, adding escaped slaves to their ranks. They travel to southern Italy under Spartacus’ direction, then cross the ocean to get back to their homes. Meanwhile, in Rome, a power battle between two Senators was decided by the slave revolt.

The militarist Crassus and the Republican Gracchus, both saw the success of the uprising as the key to their ascension to power or devastating loss. Spartacus and his followers continue to advance toward freedom while the two statesmen make an effort to assist, obstruct, and exploit the rebels for their gain. – Libya Movies

4. AKA (2023)

Libya Movies

Director: Morgan S. Dalibert

The French government employs covert special ops agent Adam Franco who reports to Kruger. a shady intelligence official. After completing a mission in Tunisia, Kruger gives him a new assignment under the supervision of Senator Marconnet played by Michel Résimont: find and kill Sudanese warlord Moktar Al Tayeb played by Kevin Layne, who was the main suspect in a bombing at a Paris hotel. – Libya Movies

5. G.I. Jane (1997)

Libya Movies

Director: Ridley Scott

A determined military budget committee chair offers a female recruit in the US Navy’s competitive SEAL/C.R.T. selection program the option to serve as a test case when he presses the incoming Navy secretary to start the service’s complete gender integration. No one anticipates LT. Jordan O’Neill to succeed in an inhumanely harsh system where men drop out at a rate of 60% on average. O’Neill, however, is adamant about proving everyone incorrect. – Libya Movies

6. A Private War (2018)

Libya Movies

Director: Matthew Heineman

Mary Colvin was one of the most renowned reporters of our time in a society where journalism is being attacked. Colvin is a completely fearless and rebellious personality who is drawn to the front lines of conflicts all around the world to speak for the voiceless while always pushing the boundaries of daring and audacity.

She now sports a distinguishing eye patch after being injured by a mine in Sri Lanka, but she is just as at home sipping drinks with London’s finest as she is taking on autocrats.

Colvin sacrifices her loving relationships, and as the tragedy she has witnessed wears on, her personal life gradually starts to fall apart. Despite this, she and famed war shooter Paul Ryan undertake the most perilous assignment of their careers in the trapped Syrian city of Homs as part of her effort to reveal the true cost of war. – Libya Movies

7. The Fifth Estate (2013)

Libya Movies

Director: Bill Condon

The film begins with Assange employing fellow tech expert Daniel Domscheit-Berg to assist him in maintaining his new website. The website provided completely anonymous platforms for leakers to discuss sensitive information, and soon the two found themselves in charge of knowledge that could bring down a dishonest bank.

As their influence and power increase, they should think about cooperating with reputable media outlets, especially when they receive documents from some of the most powerful nations in the world that might reveal extremely sensitive state secrets. – Libya Movies

8. The Lion of the Desert (1980)

Libya Movies

Director: Moustapha Akkad

Benito Mussolini personally assigned the brutal General Rodolfo Graziani to engage in the war against colonialism in Libya before World War II to subjugate the Libyan people. However, Omar Mukhtar, the head of the country, and his military of Bedouins routinely defeated his forces.

But to subdue Mukhtar, a butcher of Ethiopia and Libya wages a bloody battle with the local population, killing women, children, and elderly people. An Arab Muslim rebel named Omar Mukhtar fought against the Italian occupation of Libya soon before World War II. It reveals the brutal methods the conquering army used to try to control the indigenous. – Libya Movies

9. Sahara (1943)

Libya Movies

Director: Zoltan Korda

To rejoin their command after the surrender of Tobruk, Sergeant Joe Gunn and the tank’s crew picked to rescue five British soldiers, a Frenchman, a Sudanese man, and an Italian prisoner as they crossed the Libyan Desert. They both desperately need water, as do the Germans.

After Tobruk in North Africa fell, Sgt. Joe Gunn is in charge of a tank regiment that has been abandoned. Along the road, they pick up several allies, forming a miniature army of the Allies. The group cooperates to bring down a much larger German army that seeks to take their water well. – Libya Movies

10. Deutschland 86 (2018)

Libya Movies

Director: Anna Winger

The East German leadership, abandoned by Moscow and in need of money, encouraged their undercover agents to try out global capitalism to preserve their communist ship from sinking. Martin Rauch has been sent back into the field after being long-term exiled to Africa due to transgressions in 1983. was created to go along with the series.

It is narrated by Nay and details various business ventures carried out by the East German state to generate hard currency, such as the sale of arms by the East German state to South Africa’s apartheid government, their fictitious enemies; smuggling arms to both sides in the Iran-Iraq war; forced labor in prisons; stealing antiques and the contents of safe deposit boxes from its citizens and selling them abroad; and selling blood abroad without testing it for HIV. – Libya Movies


11. Airwolf (1984)

Libya Movies

Director: Donald P. Bellisario

The high-tech helicopter “Airwolf” was developed by a government organization called “THE FIRM.” Its inventor is a somewhat insane scientist. He takes it to Libya after stealing it.

Michael Colesmith Briggs, codename Archangel, the Airwolf project’s deputy director, has to make an effort to recover it. Archangel enlists Stringfellow Hawke, the only man except the creator who is capable of piloting Airwolf, to travel to Libya to recover it.

However, Hawke is a bit of an introvert and a loner, and as payment for this assignment, The Firm is required to find Hawke’s brother, who is Missing in Action in Vietnam, whether he is dead or alive. – Libya Movies

12. Sole Survivor (1970 TV Movie)

Libya Movies

Director: Paul Stanley

A Colonel and Major go with the lone survivor of the crew, a General, to Libya’s desert to investigate the wreckage of a bomber thought to have crashed in the ocean 17 years prior. The General misrepresents what happened, saying that he and the other crew members leaped over the water while the others were left on their own. And while the Major insists on getting to the bottom of things, the Colonel just wants the whole affair to be over. The crew’s ghosts are also present and watching them. – Libya Movies

13. Black Thunder (1998)

Libya Movies

Director: Rick Jacobson

The Pentagon issues a major alert after the top-secret Nova Stealth fighter prototype is taken; the aircraft shouldn’t end up in enemy hands. The test pilot Vince Conners is the only person who can the ability to recover the aircraft. When they arrive in Libya to pursue the Nova with his sidekick Jannick, their mission is a failure.

Conners is eluding capture while Jannick has been apprehended. They must search for the Nova without the help of any friends or allies to avoid falling into the hands of the military regime and to prevent Libyan terrorists from using the aircraft to bomb the United Nations in Paris with nerve gas. – Libya Movies

14. Till Marriage Do Us Part (1974)

Libya Movies

Director: Luigi Comencini

After being reared by nuns as an orphan, Duchess Eugenia di Maqueda marries Raimondo Corrao, only to learn on their wedding night that he is her brother. The information is included in a letter that their womanizing father, who dwells and hides with them in the French capital, wrote from Paris.

They decide to live together as a brother and sister to dodge the scandal. Later, when he departs for the war in Lybia, she finds comfort and sex in the arms of the family chauffeur. – Libya Movies

15. Hamilton (1998)

Libya Movies

Director: Harald Zwart

The ease with which the intelligence officers of Sweden were able to intervene when Russian agents attempted to smuggle a stolen nuclear missile through the country has been noted. – Libya Movies

16. Raid on Rommel (1971)

Libya Movies

Director: Henry Hathaway

With carefully chosen commandos, Captain Foster intends to invade German-occupied Tobruk, but a mix-up places him in charge of a medical unit that includes a Quaker conscientious objector. They complete their task successfully despite all odds. They pick up and drug an Italian general’s mistress while traveling, blow up the Afrika Korps’ entire fuel supply, and chat with Field Marshal Erwin Rommel about stamp collecting. – Libya Movies

17. Taxi for Tobruk (1961)

Director: Denys de La Patellière

A French commando destroys a German gas storage facility at Tobrouk in October 1942. Four French soldiers manage to escape the operation and live, but they quickly get lost in the desert. They come across five Germans in an armored car after a strenuous day of marching, but only one is spared and taken prisoner. the beginning of an unexpected journey when, in the face of peril, the guys learn what it means to stand together. – Libya Movies

18. Bitter Victory (1957)

Director: Nicholas Ray

Major David Brand is tasked with leading a British commando mission into German-held Benghazi in North Africa during World War II to seize whatever documents they can from the German headquarters. Capt. Jimmy Leith, who is fluent in Arabic and is well-versed in Benghazi, will be his backup.

Additionally, Brand finds that Leith and his lovely wife Jane had an affair before the war, which causes friction between the two.

Because Brand has never been in combat before, he freezes in a crucial situation and loses the trust of his men. The journey back is difficult and taxing on the guys after the raid. Additionally, just one of the two senior officials survives as a result of it. – Libya Movies

19. El Alamein – The Line of Fire (2002)

Director: Enzo Monteleone

Serra, a Palermitan university student who enlists in the military in 1942 for duty in Africa, portrays the war through his eyes. He is tasked with serving in Egypt’s southern line’s Pavia Division.

It’s October, the British are getting ready for an onslaught, and Rommel and the Allies are sluggish. The Italians are initially plagued by monotony, heat, hunger, and thirst. After that, the British attack, and there is no luck or courage in dying.

Finally, there is a retreat while confused. A final stroll home is taken by Serra, his officer Rizzo, plus his lieutenant Fiori. – Libya Movies

20. A Son (2019)

Director: Mehdi Barsaoui

Fares and Meriem’s automobile gets struck by a stray bullet when they are returning from southern Tunisia; as a result, their baby son Aziz’s liver is pierced. The necessity for a transplant at a nearby hospital reveals a secret that, if a donor cannot be found in time, could endanger Aziz’s life.

But this is just the start of the story’s unanticipated turns, which are so masterfully written that they simultaneously provide a penetrating look at the deeply ingrained social and legal realities of Tunisian society and an irresistible need to consider what you would do in a similar circumstance.

The complexities of the couple’s changing emotions are expertly handled as their world falls apart, introducing Mehdi Barsaoui as a daring new talent to watch. – Libya Movies