The 20 Best Papua New Guinea Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Papua New Guinea Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Papua New Guinea Movies. These Papua New Guinea Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Papua New Guinea Movies

1. Sanctum (2011)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Alister Grierson

Josh McGuire, a teenager, cordially receives his friend Carl and his girlfriend Victoria in Papua, New Guinea. They promptly embark on a journey to the Esa-ala Caves, where Josh’s father, Frank McGuire, is leading a cave diving expedition.

Despite being the sponsor of the expedition, Carl’s presence is met with tension due to Josh’s strained relationship with his father. During an exploration of an unknown cave system with restricted access, Frank and diver Judes encounter an accident that results in Judes’ untimely death.

The team prepares to retrieve her body, but a storm ensues, blocking their exit from the cave. With limited supplies, the group is forced to navigate the labyrinthine cave system in search of an escape route to the sea. However, fear and panic threaten to impede their progress. – Papua New Guinea Movies

2. In a Savage Land (1999)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Bill Bennett

Evelyn, an esteemed Australian anthropologist, and her husband, Dr. Phillip Spence, were dispatched to the Trobriand Islands in the Papua Territory to conduct research.

Against the backdrop of the Second World War, this expedition delves into the themes of racism, colonialism, and voyeurism, with Evelyn’s experiences taking center stage. As the war unfolds, the lives of many are thrown into disarray and complexity.

This narrative follows the journey of two married anthropologists as they navigate the challenges of their fieldwork in pre-World War II Papua New Guinea. – Papua New Guinea Movies

3. Amelia (2009)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Mira Nair

This presentation chronicles the final nine years of the life of Amelia Earhart, a renowned aviatrix hailing from Kansas. During this period, Earhart was recruited by publisher George Putnam to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, albeit solely as a passenger.

However, Earhart’s true desire was to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo, even though several others had perished in the attempt before and after Charles A.

Lindbergh’s successful solo flight. Additionally, Earhart made two attempts to circumnavigate the globe, with the final attempt leading to her presumed death as her plane was never found. Throughout her flying career, Earhart’s decisions were often viewed as reckless by those around her.

Interwoven with these flying milestones is Earhart’s need to raise funds to finance her flights, which she accomplished through writing books, endorsements, and public appearances, despite her aversion to such activities. – Papua New Guinea Movies

4. Black Harvest (1992)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Robin Anderson

Joe Leahy is the son of a pioneering explorer who ventured into the interior of Papua New Guinea. As a person of mixed heritage, he has encountered challenges in his interactions with the Ganiga tribe, who work on his coffee plantation situated on their land.

Despite occasional difficulties, he has been able to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with them, resulting in the establishment of a second plantation.

Unfortunately, the global coffee market has experienced a downturn, and this has created tensions between the Ganiga and their traditional adversaries, raising the possibility of conflict. – Papua New Guinea Movies

5. Aliko & Ambai (2017)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Mark Eby

Aliko & Ambai is a feature film that portrays the challenges faced by two young women as they navigate the complexities of growing up in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

These challenges include tribal conflict, poverty, bullying, domestic violence, and forced marriage. Aliko strives to complete her education, while Ambai seeks to escape her abusive home and reunite with her biological father.

Despite the many obstacles they encounter, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of brighter futures, buoyed by the strength of their friendship. Produced by the Centre for Social and Creative Media at the University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea, Aliko & Ambai is a successful example of participatory filmmaking.

The film aims to inspire the current generation of young people to overcome the obstacles in their lives and persevere in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. – Papua New Guinea Movies

6. In Like Flynn (2018)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Russell Mulcahy

The biographical film portrays the early life of Flynn, before his rise to international stardom, as a roustabout in Australia.

During this period, he engaged in various activities such as adventuring, smuggling opium, gambling, street fighting, womanizing, and prospecting for gold.

The screenplay for the film, which is based on Flynn’s autobiography “Beam Ends,” was penned by Large and Luke Flynn.

The latter was inspired to write the script after traveling through Australia, following in the footsteps of his legendary grandfather. The title of the book alludes to the final visible indication before a ship sinks. – Papua New Guinea Movies

7. The Valley (Obscured by Clouds) (1972)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Barbet Schroeder

Viviane, the wife of a French Consul, has embarked on a mission to procure exotic feathers from New Guinea for export to Paris.

During her travels, she encounters a group of four European explorers who are en route to a remote location known as “La Vallée” – a place shrouded in mystery and located high in the Guinean mountains.

Despite the treacherous terrain and unfamiliar surroundings, Viviane joins the group on their quest to locate rare feathers and soon becomes deeply involved in their journey. – Papua New Guinea Movies

8. Power Meri (2018)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Joanna Lester

Power Meri tracks Papua New Guinea’s first-ever national women’s rugby league team PNG Orchids as they make their way to the 2017 Women’s Rugby League World Cup in Australia, where they’ll face not only the biggest competition in the world but intense sexism, financial constraints and national prejudice as they aim to make history. – Papua New Guinea Movies

9. Mr. Pip (2012)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Andrew Adamson

Mr. Watts remains the sole white individual residing on the island. He takes it upon himself to establish a school and acquaints the children with the literary classic, Great Expectations.

Amidst the turmoil that surrounds her, Matilda, the teenage narrator, finds solace in the tale of a Victorian orphan. However, the impending arrival of The Redskins, a military force dispatched to quell the local rebels, poses a grave threat.

In a moment of innocent play, Matilda inscribes ‘Pip’ in the sand, an act that ultimately leads to dire consequences when The Redskins suspect Pip to be a rebel leader and demand his surrender. – Papua New Guinea Movies

10. The Genius and the Boys (2009)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Bosse Lindquist

The documentary delves into the enigmatic discoveries of the late American Nobel laureate, Carleton Gajdusek. Gajdusek’s contributions to science include the discovery of mad cow disease in Papua New Guinea during the 1950s, as well as the identification of twenty previously unknown stone-age peoples and languages.

Throughout the late 1940s and beyond, Gajdusek traveled the world, focusing on the most isolated populations still in existence. He established a commune at the National Institutes of Health in Massachusetts, USA, where he adopted 57 children, the majority of whom were boys.

However, in the late 1990s, Gajdusek was charged with the abuse of a 16-year-old boy from Micronesia who was under his care. The documentary reveals that Gajdusek was, in fact, a self-proclaimed pedophile who admitted to having sexual relations with numerous other children.

The film features an interview with one of Gajdusek’s childhood abuse victims, as well as several renowned scientists who were friends of Gajdusek and downplayed the sexual aspects of his character. – Papua New Guinea Movies


11. Marine Raiders (1944)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Harold Schuster

Major Lockhart, Craig’s commanding officer, expressed his disapproval of Craig’s unacceptable behavior during combat. However, Craig was spared from being relieved of his command due to the successful defense against a Japanese night attack. Following the intense fighting, the units were granted a period of rest and recreation in Australia.

During this time, Craig met Flight Officer Ellen Foster of the Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force, who sympathized with his troubles and shared a common bond of having siblings serving in North Africa.

The two developed a romantic relationship and desired to marry, but Craig was injured in a Japanese air attack. Upon visiting Craig in the hospital, Lockhart was surprised to learn of his intentions to marry Ellen. Believing Craig to be delusional, Lockhart immediately transferred him back to the United States. – Papua New Guinea Movies

12. Kokoda: 39th Battalion (2006)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Alister Grierson

A group of Australian militiamen, commonly referred to as ‘chocos’, from the 39th Battalion are stationed in a New Guinea village following the Japanese invasion. The narrative focuses on an infantry section of the 39th Battalion, led by a seasoned AIF lieutenant who has served in North Africa.

While on a forward patrol, the section is attacked by a Japanese force, resulting in the early death of the lieutenant. The section, now under the leadership of a recently promoted lance-corporal named Max, decides to retreat.

A Bren gunner named Blue offers to stay behind and provide cover, but the remaining men are soon surrounded and cut off in the dense jungle with little hope of escape. The Australians attempt to remain concealed until nightfall when Darko and Jack venture out to locate Blue.

They discover Blue being tortured by Japanese soldiers and are forced to watch as he is brutally killed. The section is ambushed by the Japanese, and they flee deeper into the jungle. Jack, who is suffering from malaria and dysentery, attempts to maintain command of a small group of men as they find themselves stranded behind enemy lines in treacherous terrain. – Papua New Guinea Movies

13. Isolated (2013)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Justin Le Pera

A team of intrepid surfers and explorers set out on a quest to locate one of the few remaining uncharted waves in the remote and journalistically neglected island of New Guinea.

Their journey takes a perilous turn as they encounter actual cannibals, uncover human rights violations, and expose an unscrupulous mining corporation. This visually stunning and distinctive film seeks to draw global attention to one of the world’s most under-documented regions.

Isolated showcases never-before-seen footage of an ancient aboriginal culture, as well as one of the most remarkable wave discoveries of the past two decades. Already being hailed as a cross between Endless Summer and The Cove, this film is certain to generate international controversy and, hopefully, inspire change that will save lives. – Papua New Guinea Movies

14. Robinson Crusoe (1997)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Rod Hardy

Robinson Crusoe departs from Britain on a vessel following a fatal altercation with his friend over Mary’s affections. A violent tempestuous storm causes his ship to wreck, leaving him marooned on an uncharted island without any companionship.

Crusoe is forced to rely on his resourcefulness to survive on the island until he encounters Friday, a tribesman whom he rescues from being sacrificed. Initially, Crusoe is elated to have found a companion, but he must defend himself against the tribe that utilizes the island for sacrificial purposes.

As time passes, their relationship evolves from one of master and slave to one of mutual respect and friendship, despite their cultural and religious differences. – Papua New Guinea Movies

15. Under the Flag of the Rising Sun (1972)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Kinji Fukasaku

Twenty-six years following the execution of her husband, a soldier, during the final days of World War II, the widow continues to seek the truth by engaging in discussions, inquiries, and interviews with her deceased spouse’s comrades, associates, and executioner.

The narratives recounted serve as a testament to the devastating consequences of war, while the condition and well-being of the survivors bear witness to the perils of conflict and those who incite it. – Papua New Guinea Movies

16. I Am a Girl (2013)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Rebecca Barry

The documentary film, I AM A GIRL, introduces us to a group of young women facing extraordinary challenges in their respective cultures. Among them is Kimsey, a 14-year-old from Cambodia who was forced to sell her virginity at the age of 12.

Aziza, from Afghanistan, risks being shot if she attends school. Breani, a teenager living in a New York City ghetto, dreams of stardom. Katie, from Australia, is recovering from a suicide attempt. Habiba, from Cameroon, is betrothed to a man 20 years her senior.

Manu, from Papua New Guinea, is about to become a mother at the age of 14 following her first sexual encounter. As these young women navigate the challenges of coming of age in their respective cultures, their stories reveal remarkable resilience, bravery, and humor. – Papua New Guinea Movies

17. Born Free (1966)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Directors: James Hill

George and Joy Adamson serve as game wardens in the northern region of Kenya. They undertake the responsibility of nurturing and raising three lion cubs who were orphaned. As the lions mature, two of them are relocated to a zoo, while the smallest one, Elsa, holds a special place in Joy’s heart and continues to be under their care. However, this decision will eventually necessitate some difficult choices on their part. – Papua New Guinea Movies

18. Revolution (2012)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Rob Stewart

This is a documentary that delves into the theme of global transformation, urging individuals to take action, stand up for their beliefs, and fight for a cause. The film chronicles the real-life journey of Director Rob Stewart, spanning four years and 15 countries, as he uncovers the alarming reality that extends beyond the endangerment of sharks.

The film highlights the pressing issues of climate change, environmental degradation, species depletion, ocean acidification, pollution, and scarcity of food and water, all contributing to the decline of the planet’s capacity to sustain human life.

The documentary serves as a call to action, emphasizing the need for immediate and concerted efforts to address these challenges. – Papua New Guinea Movies

19. Hell of the Living Dead (1980)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Bruno Mattei

In New Guinea, an experiment conducted by the Hope Center Chemical Factory has gone awry, resulting in the accidental release of chemicals that have transformed scientists and workers into zombies.

In response, the renowned French journalist Lia Rousseau and her cameraman Pierre have been tasked with creating a report to expose the situation to the world.

Simultaneously, a team of four soldiers has been assigned to a covert mission in the same region. When their Jeep encounters the Land Rover carrying Lia and Pierre, they are forced to defend themselves against a zombie attack.

Subsequently, they join forces and discover that the island and its inhabitants have been infected with a chemical that causes most of them to turn into zombies. – Papua New Guinea Movies

20. Die Männer der Emden (2012)

Papua New Guinea Movies

Director: Berengar Pfahl

During the Great War, the renowned German warship SMS Emden was sunk by Australian cruisers in the Indian Ocean, resulting in the loss of numerous crew members who were either killed or captured.

However, approximately 50 individuals managed to escape and pledged to make their way back to Germany, setting sail on an antiquated schooner.

Their journey was fraught with peril as they navigated through hostile Allied territories and braved the treacherous conditions of both the sea and the desert to reach their destination. – Papua New Guinea Movies