The 20 Best Swedish Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Swedish Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Swedish Movies. These Swedish Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Swedish Movies

1. A Man Called Ove (2015)

Swedish Movies

Director: Hannes Holm

After dedicating forty years of his life to the railway industry, Ove Lindahl, a 59-year-old widower known for his cantankerous demeanor and strict adherence to routine, finds himself involuntarily retired. Despite his bleak outlook on life, Ove remains vigilant in monitoring the safety and security of his well-maintained suburban community.

However, an unexpected turn of events occurs when a new neighbor moves in next door, sparking an unlikely friendship that challenges Ove’s cynical perspective and offers him a renewed sense of purpose. The question remains whether this sympathetic yet obstinate individual is capable of embracing change. – Swedish Movies

2. Love Lessons (1995)

Swedish Movies

Director: Bo Widerberg

During the Second World War in Malmö, Sweden, Stig, a 15-year-old student, finds himself on the cusp of adulthood. His teacher, Viola, who is 37 years old, catches his eye with her beauty and maturity. In turn, Viola is drawn to Stig’s youth and innocence.

As Stig develops a friendship with Viola’s husband, Kjell, who teaches him classical music, the affair between Stig and Viola continues. Despite Kjell’s awareness of their relationship, he takes no action to prevent it. However, the consequences of their passionate and forbidden relationship prove to be unexpected. – Swedish Movies

3. The Square (2017)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ruben Östlund

Christian Nielsen is the Chief Curator at X-Royal, a modern and contemporary art museum located in Stockholm’s former royal palace. He is a calculated individual who is in control of everything within his purview.

Despite his outwardly confident demeanor, Christian acknowledges that the museum does not have the financial resources of many private collectors when it comes to bidding on top art pieces. Currently, the museum’s exhibits, such as Oleg Rogozjin’s video series on the relationship between beasts and mankind, and Julian Gijoni’s “Mirrors and Piles of Gravel,” have generated little foot traffic.

As a result, Christian is focusing his efforts on an upcoming exhibit by Lola Arias, titled “The Square,” which symbolizes equality and safety for all who enter. To promote the exhibit, the museum has commissioned a marketing company to develop a strategy.

Christian’s controlled world is at risk of unraveling as he juggles multiple responsibilities, including approving the marketing concept for the exhibit, dealing with the aftermath of a one-night stand with a professional acquaintance, fulfilling his childcare responsibilities to his two daughters, Lise and Lilli, and attempting to recover his stolen wallet, cell phone, and cuff-links with the help of his assistant, Michael. – Swedish Movies

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

Swedish Movies

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Four decades ago, Harriet Vanger vanished from a familial gathering on the island owned and inhabited by the influential Vanger clan. Despite extensive searches, her remains were never discovered.

However, her uncle harbors suspicions of foul play and believes that the perpetrator is a member of his own closely-knit yet dysfunctional family. To investigate, he enlists the services of Mikael Blomkvist, a disgraced financial journalist, and Lisbeth Salander, a tattooed and ruthless computer hacker.

As they delve deeper into the case, they uncover a disturbing family history, linking Harriet’s disappearance to a series of grotesque murders that occurred almost forty years ago.

However, the Rangers are a secretive clan and Blomkvist and Salander soon discover the lengths to which they will go to protect themselves. – Swedish Movies

5. Canceled (2023)

Swedish Movies

Director: Oskar Mellander

Gone Ghosting is a well-known team of ghost hunters who have generated substantial revenue through their live broadcasts and merchandise sales. Lise, Catta, Sandro, and Polly have recently joined the team with the intention of conducting a live-streamed ghost hunt to substantiate the authenticity of their findings. In pursuit of this objective, they have ventured into a location where it is believed that all individuals have perished, and have executed an unprecedented live broadcast. – Swedish Movies

6. Let the Right One In (2008)

Swedish Movies

Director: Tomas Alfredson

In the suburban area of Blackeberg in Stockholm, a twelve-year-old boy named Oskar finds himself isolated and ostracized by his peers, particularly Conny and two other classmates who bully him at school. At home, Oskar harbors a desire for revenge against his tormentors.

It is during this time that he befriends his twelve-year-old neighbor, Eli, who only appears at night in the playground of their building. Unbeknownst to Oskar, Eli’s father is a serial killer who drains the blood of his victims to sustain Eli’s existence without having to kill herself.

Eli encourages Oskar to stand up to Conny and fight back, but as their relationship deepens, Oskar discovers that Eli is, in fact, a vampire, and he is torn between fear and love for the girl. – Swedish Movies

7. The Seventh Seal (1957)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ingmar Bergman

During the medieval era, Antonius Block, a knight, and his squire Jöns returned to their homeland in Sweden after participating in the Crusades. However, upon their arrival, they discovered that the plague was wreaking havoc in their country.

While on their journey home, Antonius encountered Death, the personification of mortality, without Jöns’ knowledge. Antonius had long sensed Death’s presence around him and, feeling that he had more to accomplish in his life, challenged Death to a game of chess.

The outcome of the game would determine not only Antonius’ fate but also that of others around him in relation to Death. Due to the events that had transpired, Antonius had lost his faith in God and was seeking knowledge about the reasons behind such occurrences.

He believed that he had one more significant act to perform before his death. As Antonius and Jöns continued their chess match and journey home, they encountered an acting troupe that was performing a passion play, among other productions. – Swedish Movies

8. The Year I Started Masturbating (2022)

Swedish Movies

Director: Erika Wasserman

Hanna, a driven mid-life professional, had envisioned a perfect life that included one more child. However, her plans were unexpectedly derailed when her child’s father abruptly ended their relationship. This left Hanna without a home, employment, or familial support.

Despite her unwavering determination to succeed, Hanna realized that she needed to prioritize something more significant – self-love and acceptance. In order to regain her footing, Hanna recognized that she must first cultivate a sense of love and desire for herself and her identity. – Swedish Movies

9. Black Crab (2022)

Swedish Movies

Director: Adam Berg

The film commences with a flashback scene featuring Edh and her daughter, Vanja, waiting in a traffic jam when they are attacked by approaching enemies, forcing them out of the car. Several years later, Edh, now a soldier, disembarks from a train and is driven to the base by a lieutenant through a dangerous neighborhood, where she is left stranded and attacked by refugees.

Upon arriving at the base, she is briefed by Colonel Raad and introduced to the other soldiers recruited for the special mission: Karimi, Malik, Granvik (a sniper), and Captain Forsberg. The Colonel explains that the team must cross the ice-covered Stockholm Archipelago on skates and deliver canisters to a research base named Ödö, which he believes could lead to victory in the war.

Edh expresses her concern that this mission appears to be a suicide mission, but she is given a reason to try to make it: the chance to be reunited with Vanja, who has been found in a refugee camp. The team departs as the base is attacked the next day and is joined by the lieutenant who abandoned Edh earlier, Nylund. Unfortunately, Forsberg falls through the thin ice and drowns.

Edh jumps in after her, saving the two packages from Forsberg’s backpack but leaving her body behind. The group takes Edh to a house on the land, where they warm her and themselves by a fire. Nylund is selected to be their new commander, according to the chain of command, although Edh disagrees.

The following morning, Edh hears the sound of rotors and catches Karimi using the radio. The helicopter fires a missile into the house as the team escapes, leading to the suspicion that Karimi is a traitor. – Swedish Movies

10. Persona (1966)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ingmar Bergman

During a performance of Elektra, Swedish actress Elisabet Vogler suddenly becomes mute, and the following day, she falls into a near-catatonic state. Despite thorough medical examinations, the attending physicians are unable to identify any underlying medical conditions that could account for her sudden disabilities.

In an effort to provide her with the necessary care, a nurse named Alma is appointed as Elisabet’s caretaker. Alma believes that Elisabet’s muteness is a conscious choice, stemming from an inner strength that she possesses.

Due to restrictions on visitation by Elisabet’s husband and son, the doctor arranges for her to stay at a secluded beachside summer house, accompanied by Alma. In an attempt to break the silence, Alma engages in continuous conversation with Elisabet, eventually divulging personal details about her own life.

Surprisingly, Elisabet responds to Alma’s talking, and Alma begins to use these interactions as a form of therapy for herself. She admires Elisabet and aspires to be like her. As the two women spend more time together, Alma gains a deeper understanding of Elisabet’s character. However, she also undergoes a transformation of her own, which she ultimately attempts to halt, having learned certain things about Elisabet that give her pause. – Swedish Movies


11. Feed (2022)

Swedish Movies

Director: Johannes Persson

A team of social media professionals has been engaged to assist a longstanding family enterprise in prospering by crafting captivating narratives surrounding an age-old witch legend. However, they quickly discover themselves marooned on a minuscule island situated in a lake where the fabled Swedish sorceress is believed to reside. – Swedish Movies

12. Force Majeure (2014)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ruben Östlund

During the second day of their leisurely vacation at a luxurious ski resort nestled in the snow-capped French Alps, the Swedish family of the industrious father, Tomas, his devoted wife, Ebba, and their two children, Vera and Harry, are confronted with a skier’s worst nightmare: a sudden and powerful avalanche.

As the towering wave of white terror rapidly approaches an outdoor restaurant and its contented patrons, an instinctual yet regrettable act of self-preservation sets the stage for a swift and irreparable disillusionment. – Swedish Movies

13. Fanny and Alexander (1982)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ingmar Bergman

The production of this film would have been unlikely in the United States due to its philosophical nature. Despite Bergman’s established reputation, the film’s content would not have been well-received by mainstream audiences. Nevertheless, the film is a remarkable piece of work.

Although the first hour may seem slow, it effectively sets the stage for the rest of the movie, which then picks up pace. The cinematography is stunning, and while the story provokes thought, the audience does not feel indifferent towards the characters.

The gradual introduction of the characters creates an emotional connection that blends seamlessly with the other elements of the film. Undoubtedly, this film is one of Bergman’s finest works and deserves recognition as such. – Swedish Movies

14. Border (2018)

Swedish Movies

Director: Ali Abbasi

Tina, who possesses unique physical features that are often described as grotesque and animal-like, has long struggled with self-consciousness about her appearance. Despite this, she enjoys the companionship of her live-in boyfriend, Roland, a skilled dog trainer who shares her isolated home in the woods. Although they have never engaged in sexual activity, Tina’s father, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, believes that Roland is taking advantage of her.

Nevertheless, Tina is grateful for her father’s unwavering love and support, as well as the small group of friends who accept her for who she is. In her professional life, Tina works as a customs agent at the Ferry terminal, where she has gained a reputation for her ability to detect human emotions, particularly guilt and fear, through her sense of smell.

This unique talent enables her to identify a traveler attempting to enter the country with child pornography on a memory card, leading to her assignment to a special investigative unit tasked with uncovering the source of the illicit material. – Swedish Movies

15. The Sacrifice (1986)

Swedish Movies

Director: Andrei Tarkovsky

Alexander’s family has convened at his secluded cottage to commemorate his birthday. Unfortunately, the festivities are disrupted by typical familial drama, followed by the alarming revelation that the low-altitude jet planes indicate the commencement of a nuclear conflict between the world’s superpowers. As the family endeavors to manage the situation, Alexander is plagued by extraordinary visions.

Additionally, the enigmatic philosopher-postman, Otto, informs him that he possesses the ability to save the world, including his beloved young son, by visiting the reclusive Maria, whom Otto claims is a witch. – Swedish Movies

16. Long Live the Bonus Family (2022)

Swedish Movies

Director: Felix Herngren

The narrative centers around Lisa and Patrik, who have reconciled their marriage following Patrik’s infidelity. However, their situation takes an unexpected turn upon receiving a letter from the district court regarding their divorce papers, which Lisa had inadvertently filed and forgotten about. – Swedish Movies

17. Kiss Me (2011)

Swedish Movies

Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining

Mia made a public announcement of her engagement to her boyfriend Tim during her father’s 60th birthday celebration, where her father Lasse had just proposed to his live-in girlfriend Elizabeth. Upon meeting Elizabeth’s daughter, Frida, who exuded a carefree and fun-loving personality, Mia initially felt apprehensive about being accepted into Elizabeth’s family.

However, she eventually agreed to a weekend getaway on the island of Fyn, Denmark, with Frida and Elizabeth. During their stay, Mia and Frida shared a bedroom, and Mia found herself captivated by Frida’s uninhibited approach to life. One night, while on a walk in the woods, Mia boldly kissed Frida, leading to a passionate embrace and their first sexual encounter.

Despite their respective partners, Mia and Frida struggled to move past their intimate experiences. A chance encounter led to the two women escaping to the Swedish countryside, where they gave in to their desires and fell deeply in love. The question remains whether their newfound love will survive the challenges of their perfect lives or bring everything to a halt. – Swedish Movies

18. Aniara (2018)

Swedish Movies

Director: Pella Kågerman

During the initial week of the Aniara’s voyage, the vessel encountered a sudden deviation from its course to avoid a collision with space debris. Unfortunately, some of the debris penetrated the hull and struck the ship’s nuclear reactor, triggering an imminent meltdown.

As a result, the crew was compelled to jettison all of the ship’s fuel, rendering the vessel devoid of navigational control and propulsion, and unable to resume its original course.

Captain Chefone assured the passengers and crew that they would be able to continue their journey to Mars once the ship passed a celestial body, which was expected to occur within two years.

However, the ship’s astronomer, who was also the Mimarobe’s roommate, later disclosed that this was a falsehood and that there was no possibility of resuming their course. – Swedish Movies

19. The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009)

Swedish Movies

Director: Daniel Alfredson

Upon returning to Sweden after a year abroad, Lisbeth Salander promptly contacts her court-appointed guardian to remind him of his obligation to provide satisfactory reports on her conduct.

Meanwhile, Mikael Blomkvist remains the editor of Millenium magazine, which is currently pursuing a significant story regarding female victims of prostitution and sex trafficking in Eastern Europe.

Tragically, the investigative journalist assigned to the story is murdered, and the authorities quickly identify Lisbeth as their primary suspect.

Determined to clear her name, Lisbeth and Mikael work independently to uncover the true culprit behind the crime. In the process, they not only succeed in identifying the perpetrators but also uncover some of Lisbeth’s long-held family secrets. – Swedish Movies

20. Show Me Love (1998)

Swedish Movies

Director: Lukas Moodysson

Åmål is a small town that is often overlooked due to its lack of noteworthy events and outdated trends. Elin, a young woman with a reputation for being involved with multiple men, is inexperienced in matters of the heart. Agnes, a fellow student, harbors romantic feelings for Elin but is too timid to act on them. Despite this, Elin finds herself as the sole attendee at Agnes’ birthday celebration for various reasons. – Swedish Movies