The 30 Best Hungary TV Series You Should Watch

The 30 Best Hungary TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Hungary TV Series. These Hungary TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Aranyélet (TV Series 2015)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Zsombor Dyga

A businessman who is tainted with corruption and also a family man endeavors to navigate his way through a mounting array of domestic, legal, and financial predicaments. – Hungary TV Series

2. The Informant (TV series 2022)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Erfan Ehteshami

This film delves into the intricate dynamics that unfold between two sisters in the aftermath of their father’s demise. The movie’s synopsis effectively encapsulates the underlying premise. The long-awaited day finally arrives, as their father, who had been the sole pillar of support in their lives, succumbs to the inevitable passage of time on a cold morning, thereby marking the beginning of a new chapter. – Hungary TV Series

3. Iris (TV series 2009)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Yang Yun-ho

Upon their entry into NSS, the duo discovers that Seung-hee had been operating as their undercover scout agent. Although taken aback and somewhat hurt, Hyun-jun is particularly incensed, feeling that his emotions have been manipulated.

During a celebratory team dinner, Hyun-jun confronts Seung-hee privately, and the two succumb to their mutual passion. Subsequently, they maintain a clandestine romantic relationship.

Hyun-jun is subsequently dispatched on a solo mission to Hungary, where he successfully completes his assignment but sustains injuries while attempting to flee. Shortly thereafter, he learns that he has been betrayed by fellow agent Sa-woo.

Seung-hee endeavors to assist Hyun-jun in his escape, but a car explosion separates them, and each is led to believe that the other has perished. Hyun-jun is ultimately rescued by an unknown individual who reveals the existence of the covert organization “IRIS”. – Hungary TV Series

4. Barátok közt (TV Series 1998)

Hungary TV Series

Director: István Labancz

Their enduring friendship withstood the test of time and gave rise to ambitious aspirations. Over the years, Miklós, András, Nóra, Zsuzsa, László, and Gabi experienced varying degrees of triumph and setback, building careers, starting families, raising children, and enduring divorce. Some even doubted they would ever own a home.

However, the lives of these individuals were irrevocably altered by a shocking and tragic event. Zoltán Berényi, the eldest brother of Miklós and András Kft., and his driver were involved in a fatal car accident under mysterious circumstances.

A stranger pushed their vehicle off the road on a fateful night, leaving only Stephen, the driver, as the sole survivor. Zoltán sustained fatal injuries, while István was left in critical condition and rushed to the hospital. – Hungary TV Series

5. Válótársak (TV Series 2015)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Daniel Richard

Bálint Sáfár, a charismatic businessman, is involved in multiple extramarital affairs. When his wife Zsófi, with whom he shares two children, discovers his infidelity, she decides to end their relationship. In response, Bálint chooses to relocate to one of his properties that is currently on the market.

Coincidentally, on the same day, Joci, Bálint’s subcontractor responsible for renovating his houses, also experiences a breakup with his girlfriend Szonja and opts to stay at the same property.

Joci is facing significant challenges in his personal life, as Szonja has been unable to conceive for several years, and their relationship has become strained following her hormone therapy. Meanwhile, Dávid Jakab, a prosperous businessman, becomes aware that his wife Tamara harbors deep resentment towards him and intends to file for divorce on their 16th wedding anniversary.

Seeking a temporary solution, Dávid approaches Bálint and requests to stay at his property while he endeavors to salvage his marriage. The series chronicles the lives of these recently divorced men as they navigate their respective relationship issues. – Hungary TV Series

6. Ransom (TV Series 2017)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Eleanore Lindo

The television series Ransom draws inspiration from the distinguished career of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert, who, alongside his partner Marwan Mery, is widely regarded as one of the foremost negotiators on the global stage. Their expertise is sought after by multinational corporations and governmental agencies alike, as they traverse the world to provide invaluable assistance with intricate negotiations and conflict resolution. – Hungary TV Series

7. When Shall We Kiss (TV Series 2011)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Emmanuel Mouret

The narrative documents the experiences of young urban individuals residing in Budapest.The diaries of young adults living in Budapest’s cities. – Hungary TV Series

8. Terápia (TV Series 2012)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Ildikó Enyedi

A proficient psychologist grapples with challenges in his personal life. A prosperous psychologist struggles with issues in his private life. – Hungary TV Series

9. Drága örökösök (TV Series 2019–2023)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Hámori Barbara

In his last will and testament, an elderly gentleman bequeaths six hundred million forints to his three children and two grandchildren, with the stipulation that they reside in his hometown for precisely one year. However, as time elapses, a sequence of enigmatic events transpires. – Hungary TV Series

10. Egynyári kaland (TV Series 2015)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Virág Zomborácz

A group of young individuals have chosen to spend their summer vacation at Lake Balaton. While there, they have taken on gainful employment and have experienced a multitude of exciting adventures, including romantic relationships. – Hungary TV Series

11. Doktor Balaton (TV Series 2020)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Nikol Cibulya

A physician who was participating in an aid program became embroiled in a government scheme, resulting in his suspension. In order to await the resolution of the matter, he sought refuge in a small village where he practiced as a general practitioner. However, he soon found himself entangled in a more complex predicament. – Hungary TV Series

12. Linda (TV Series 1984)

Hungary TV Series

Director: György Gát

The television program in Hungary revolves around the captivating exploits of a courageous young girl who valiantly combats criminal activities through the proficient application of martial arts techniques. – Hungary TV Series

13. Csak színház és más semmi (TV Series 2016)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Bence Miklauzic

Against a backdrop, three storylines with a satirical undertone unfold concurrently, occasionally intersecting with one another. The narrative revolves around the personal tribulations encountered by Alinda, the esteemed diva, and her director husband, Barnabás. This captivating journey is skillfully framed within a theatrical production, encompassing the initial reading test all the way to the grand premiere. – Hungary TV Series

14. 200 elsö randi (TV Series 2018)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Péter Fazakas

Luca, who is currently single and not considered conventionally attractive, inadvertently overhears a conversation between her mother and younger sister. Her mother expresses doubt that Luca will have a genuine romantic partner to bring to her sister’s upcoming wedding.

Determined to prove her mother wrong, Luca makes a solemn vow to find her true love within a timeframe of 275 days. She even goes so far as to make a wager with her mother to solidify her commitment to this endeavor. – Hungary TV Series

15. Munkaügyek (TV Series 2012)

Hungary TV Series

Director: István Márton

This is a Hungarian sitcom that aired from 2012 to 2017, under the direction of István Márton. This captivating series delves into the challenges faced by a dysfunctional office, providing a humorous portrayal of the imaginary Capital Labor and Occupational Safety Inspectorate. – Hungary TV Series


16. Kisváros (TV Series 1993)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Zsolt Balogh

The aforementioned program was broadcast on Hungarian Television and centers around the fictitious small border town of Végvár. The plot follows Major Hunyadi as he trains the action squadron of the Border Guard.

The series is a police drama that showcases the collaboration between the Border Guard and law enforcement in investigating border crimes, incorporating both dramatic and comedic elements. Additionally, viewers are given a glimpse into the personal lives of the characters.

Each episode is a self-contained story, with the main protagonists being police major Járai and his subordinate, ensign Máté Balogh. – Hungary TV Series

17. For Better or for Worse (TV Series 2003)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Chris Wilson

The bride and groom have entrusted a select group of friends and relatives with the responsibility of orchestrating their wedding. This group has been provided with a dedicated wedding planner, a generous budget of $5000, and a timeframe of 7 days to curate an impeccable wedding experience for the couple. Notably, the couple has relinquished any involvement in the planning process, allowing the chosen group to exercise their creativity and expertise in crafting the ideal celebration. – Hungary TV Series

18. Cápák között(TV Series 2019)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Szilárd Szabo

“Tween the Sharks” is a Hungarian business show that has been airing since 2019, featuring a panel of esteemed investors, commonly referred to as “sharks,” who actively engage in investing in various businesses and companies. Notably, these sharks willingly put their own capital at stake while making these investments. – Hungary TV Series

19. Oltári csajok (TV Series 2017)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Vozo Zoltán Végh

This is a contemporary telenovela that follows the lives of three ambitious sisters in their twenties as they navigate the complexities of love and success in a bustling metropolis. This captivating series seamlessly blends elements of traditional romance and intrigue with a touch of humor.

The narrative commences with an eventful engagement party that takes an unexpected turn, resulting in a remarkable wedding gift – a magnificent palace – becoming the coveted prize.

Consequently, a spirited competition ensues among the sisters, each vying to secure their own Prince Charming and claim the grand prize.

Throughout the series, the sisters find themselves treading a delicate balance between sisterhood and betrayal, familial bonds and deceit, professional aspirations, and matters of the heart. As the episodes unfold, the characters undergo significant personal growth, ultimately discovering their true purpose in life. – Hungary TV Series

20. Keresztanyu (TV Series 2021)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Barbara Hamori

The Hungarian television comedy series, Keresztanyu, was introduced in 2021. The show was created by Barbara Hámori, renowned for her work on the popular series Dear Heirs. Drawing inspiration from the 2018 concept, Keresztanyu revolves around a comedic narrative. – Hungary TV Series

21. Land of the Brave (TV Series 2020)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Ottó Kinizsi

In the backdrop of 1865, a time when the influence of social status and lineage appeared indomitable, unfolds a tale of love entangled in a triangular affair. This narrative revolves around a baroness, a devoted maid, and two rival suitors vying for the affection of true love.

Undeterred by the seemingly invincible power of rank and heritage, the characters of the Land of the Brave are prepared to go to any lengths to secure their happiness, triumph, and a felicitous denouement, even if it means resorting to deceit, intrigue, and perilous risks. – Hungary TV Series

22. Legyetek szeretettel (TV Series 2023)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Andor Szilágyi

The film is a dramatization of real-life events surrounding the tragic death of János Brenner, a Hungarian Roman Catholic priest, who was brutally murdered by unidentified assailants on the night of the 3rd Sunday of Advent in 1957, at the tender age of 26.

Fast forward 25 years to 2022, when a renowned investigative YouTuber named PJ embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind that fateful night. Unbeknownst to him, the unsuspecting young man is enticed to the outskirts of the village under false pretenses, only to be met by individuals armed with knives and sticks who subject him to a horrifying demise.

The confirmation by Pope Francis that Brenner’s death was a result of his unwavering faith, known as “in odium fidei,” further solidifies the gravity of the tragedy. It is worth noting that on 8th November 2017, the pontiff granted his approval for the beatification of this esteemed priest. – Hungary TV Series

23. A Konyhafőnök (TV Series 2014)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Polish Psalm

This captivating program showcases individuals who possess an exceptional talent for cooking, despite lacking formal culinary qualifications, as they compete and compare their culinary prowess. – Hungary TV Series

24. Jófiúk (TV Series 2019)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Captain Ivan

Following their recent mishap, three detectives have been reassigned to a new precinct, where they will encounter a fresh investigative team and a diverse array of criminals. Adding to the complexity of the situation, the district police captain happens to be the father-in-law of one of the detectives, who harbors a less-than-favorable opinion of his son-in-law.

The already tumultuous atmosphere is further intensified by the arrival of a female colleague, who was previously married to one of the detectives and, as is customary, still harbors hidden affections for her former spouse. – Hungary TV Series

25. Korhatáros szerelem (TV Series 2017)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Gábor Rohonyi

Families encompass a diverse range of structures and compositions. Dávid, a 24-year-old individual leading an ordinary lifestyle, experiences a significant shift in his life when he encounters Eszter, the woman he has always envisioned as his ideal partner, along with her three children. “

Korhatáros szerelem is a heartwarming and uplifting family drama that sheds light on one of the realities of contemporary society – the various forms and sizes that families can take.

Throughout the series, the notion of home is emphasized as the place where love and affection reside, even if it means accommodating a bustling household filled with children, teenagers, former in-laws, and other individuals closely connected to the family. – Hungary TV Series

26. Á La Carte (TV Series 2022)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Dijon Talton

Mahogany Rose, a highly accomplished first-generation college graduate from Howard University, is a driven, intelligent, and captivating African-American woman.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life, Mahogany takes immense pride in her achievements, except when it comes to matters of the heart. Unfortunately, her self-esteem has been consistently undermined by the superficial and morally questionable dating culture prevalent among millennials.

Despite her realistic yet high standards, Mahogany finds herself disheartened by the hyper-sexualized nature of modern dating. This frustration has persisted for months, leaving her feeling defeated. As the story unfolds, Mahogany endures yet another disastrous date, which only exacerbates her feelings of discontent.

By the end of the evening, she contemplates the disheartening notion that individuals who prioritize casual encounters seem to be thriving, leading her to question whether she should adopt a similar approach. Note: It is important to maintain a professional tone and avoid derogatory language or stereotypes when rewriting a text. – Hungary TV Series

27. Mellékhatás (TV Series 2020)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Daniel Richard

A proficient medical practitioner has committed grave malpractice resulting in infertility among some of his patients. Consequently, his professional trajectory and personal well-being are at stake. – Hungary TV Series

28. Privát kopó (TV Series 1993)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Miklós Szurdi

Simon has recently returned from the United States following the unfortunate passing of his father, during which he fortuitously reunites with his long-lost son, whom he has not had the opportunity to see for an extended period.

While Simon had not initially aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps as a private investigator, circumstances have led him and his twelve-year-old son to form a formidable partnership, effectively resolving numerous cases.

It is evident that Simon’s astuteness surpasses that of the local law enforcement, which will inevitably pose a challenge for them in the near future. Furthermore, despite his unassuming appearance, Simon possesses an irresistible charm that captivates the attention of women. – Hungary TV Series

29. Szomszédok (TV Series 1987–1999)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Ádám Horváth

The storyline revolves around the daily lives of three families who relocate to a newly constructed residential area in the Gazdagrét neighborhood of Budapest. The Vágási family comprises a young couple who transition from living in a relative’s apartment to their own.

The Takács family, on the other hand, consists of a retired couple whose detached house had to be demolished due to the construction of the M0 motorway. They now reside with their granddaughter, Alma.

Lastly, the Mágenheims are a middle-aged couple, with the husband working as a doctor and the wife as a cosmetician. They also have a teenage daughter. Additionally, the series showcases the lives of other individuals residing in the apartment complex. – Hungary TV Series

30. Popdaráló(TV Series 2008)

Hungary TV Series

Director: Áron Kovács

In this game, a group of eight players engage in a competition to demonstrate their knowledge of Hungarian hit song lyrics. The ability to sing is not a factor in this game, as the focus is solely on accurately reciting the lyrics. A professional band initiates the tracks, and the player is required to continue from where the singer leaves off. The game features various types of rehearsals, ranging from singing a single line to multiple parts. – Hungary TV Series

Hungary TV Series