The 20 Best Algeria TV Series You Should Watch

The 20 Best Algeria TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Algeria TV Series. These Algeria TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Djemai Family (TV Series 2008)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Djemai Family

The series portrays the daily life of an Algerian family through fresh and uncomplicated narratives, deftly addressing the issues and obstacles faced by modern Algerian society humorously and innovatively- Algeria TV Series

2. Sultan Ashour 10 (TV Series 2015)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Djaffar Gacem

Sultan Boualem made the momentous decision to designate his successor from his two offspring: El Amir Kamel and El Amir Ashour. Ultimately, he opted for Ashour, a choice that incited Kamel’s ire, compelling him to abdicate the throne. Following several years under the reign of Sultan Ashour, the kingdom transformed, adopting the name “Kingdom Ashouriya.” – Algeria TV Series

3. K.C. Undercover (TV Series 2015)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Rosenbaum

Set in Washington, D.C., the series revolves around the life of K.C. Cooper, a highly intelligent high school student with exceptional mathematical abilities. Unbeknownst to her, K.C. stumbles upon the covert identities of her parents, who are secretly employed as undercover agents for an esteemed agency known as The Organization. InToeel included, her brother endeavors to assist them and eventually becomes an integral part of the team.

Consequently, their parents decide to introduce a new robotic child into their family dynamic. Each episode delves into the Cooper family’s daily struggles and challenges, encompassing typical familial issues, all the while undertaking perilous missions to safeguard the nation. A recurring narrative thread involves their relentless pursuit to thwart the nefarious schemes of a criminal syndicate. – Algeria TV Series

4. Switchers (TV Series 2013)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Ahmed Zitouni

Amine, a student lacking ambition, financially challenged, and burdened with insecurities, seeks purpose in his life. One day, while bored in class, he encounters Anissa, the woman for whom he wants to transform his life. How can he win over this young blonde from a privileged background? Through the powers bestowed upon him by a mysterious character who gifts him a unique smartphone! Thus begins Amine’s journey, full of unexpected twists and turns. – Algeria TV Series

5. Call My Agent! (TV Series 2015)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Antoine Garceau

In the bustling city of Paris, France, a collective of movie star agents find themselves grappling with the daunting task of sustaining their agency following the untimely demise of their intrepid leader. This captivating hour-long drama unfolds akin to a sophisticated soap opera, albeit with a heightened sense of authenticity and genuine predicaments.

Eschewing exaggerated theatrics, the agents navigate through genuine challenges and dilemmas, eschewing grandiose maneuvers to fabricate drama or manipulate viewers into suspending disbelief. – Algeria TV Series

6. Candice Renoir (TV Series 2013)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Pascal Lahmani

Commandant Candice Renoir, a French police officer, leads her team in solving various crime cases in a bustling harbor city in southern France. Despite being a recently divorced mother of four, Candice manages to maintain a busy daily routine that involves navigating the complexities of her job, managing her children’s needs, and dealing with her much younger female superior officer.

The series is characterized by its humor, wit, and French charm, and features intelligent story-writing that sets it apart from other crime dramas. Candice herself is a refreshing and unique character, reminiscent of a female Columbo, complete with high heels, a handbag, and a pink scarf, and always ready with her trusty 9mm in her holster. – Algeria TV Series

7. Softly from Paris (TV Series 1986)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Harry Kümel

This anthology comprises a collection of erotic narratives penned by renowned literary figures such as Guy de Maupassant, Nicolas Edme Restif de La Bretonne, Marquis de Sade, Giovanni Boccaccio, Marquis de Foudras, Daniel Defoe, Anton Tchekov, Jin Ping Mei, and Aristophanes. – Algeria TV Series

8. Chuck (TV Series 2007)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Robert Duncan

Due to an inadvertent occurrence, Chuck, a self-professed geek, has inadvertently assumed the role of the mental host for the Intersect, an exceptionally potent computerized intelligence encompassing all classified information held by the United States government. Consequently, he has become an invaluable asset to national security, while simultaneously posing a significant risk.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, both the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency have assigned their top agents to ensure Chuck’s protection, often embarking on covert missions alongside him.

Simultaneously, utmost caution must be exercised to safeguard Chuck’s true identity from his sister, a skilled surgeon, her accomplished partner Devon, also a surgeon, as well as his eccentric colleagues at Buy More, an electronics store in Burbank, where Chuck maintains a façade of employment. – Algeria TV Series

9. Taht El Moura9aba (TV Series 2016)

Algeria TV Series


She observes the daily lives of Algerian workers in the offices of a public company, led by Si Taher who is torn between the responsibility of his work, managing his fantastic employees, and his personal life with his second wife and beloved daughter. Each worker possesses a unique personality, adding a delightful touch of comedic positions to the series. – Algeria TV Series

10. Cheeky Business (TV Series 2020)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Simon Bouisson

In the early 1980s, during a time still influenced by the Giscard years, a new generation emerged in France. Simon, Tony, and Stéphanie represented this generation, eager to embrace the possibilities of the new decade, even though they were uncertain about their future prospects. Hailing from the depths of the suburbs, their revolutionary idea would contribute to the sexual liberation of an entire nation.

The narrative of 3615 MONIQUE revolves around the collaboration of these three students, who, despite their initial animosity, would stop at nothing to bring their audacious project to fruition and share it with the world. Gradually, and unbeknownst to them, this collaboration would evolve into a delicate friendship, characterized by passion, deceit, betrayal, and sexual exploration. – Algeria TV Series


Algeria TV Series

11. Patriot (TV Series 2015)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Steve Conrad

John Tavner finds himself at odds with his idiosyncratic colleagues within the industrial piping corporation where he is employed. Unbeknownst to them, his life has been far from ordinary. To thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he has adopted a fabricated identity as an ordinary businessman.

However, beneath this facade lies a highly skilled intelligence officer who strategically chose the piping job due to its inconspicuous nature, routine business trips to Luxembourg, and the lack of attention it attracts.

Regrettably, his carefully constructed cover is now under threat. A tenacious European law enforcement officer is diligently pursuing the truth behind John’s true identity. Furthermore, his perpetually somber and anxious coworker, Mr. Icabod, has astutely deduced that John is not who he claims to be.

To compound matters, Steven, an overweight colleague who recently suffered a brain injury, is beginning to recollect a distressing incident that may implicate John. – Algeria TV Series

12. Taxi Brooklyn (TV Series 2014)

Algeria TV Series

Director: David Morley

BROOKLYN is an action-comedy police procedural that revolves around the dynamic and closely-knit partnership between a street-smart taxi driver hailing from Marseilles, New York City, and a highly motivated NYPD detective. The immigrant cabbie assumes the roles of chauffeur, street insider, and unofficial partner to the detective. – Algeria TV Series

13. A Very Secret Service (TV Series 2015)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Alexis Charrier

The French intelligence service has enlisted the services of André Merlaux, a 23-year-old individual who possesses not only a striking appearance but also a refined upbringing and intelligence. However, it is important to note that Merlaux’s impressionable nature necessitates a comprehensive learning process inforim to effectively serve and safeguard the interests of France.

To ensure his preparedness in executing intricate and occasionally unconventional missions, three experienced officials have been assigned the responsibility of adequately training him. Through this training, Merlaux will gain a profound understanding of the complexities of government affairs and acquire the skills necessary to navigate diplomatic incidents with finesse. – Algeria TV Series

14. Carlos (TV Series 2010)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Olivier Assayas

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as ‘Carlos,’ is a Venezuelan-born Marxist revolutionary who passionately advocates for the Palestinian cause and gahas gainedotoriety as one of the world’s most infamous terrorists.

He orchestrates audacious attacks on the gathering of OPEC ministers, seizing them as hostages and traversing multiple countries in pursuit of asylum.

This audacious act of terrorism stands as one of the most remarkable in history. Throughout his journey, from his humble beginnings as an apprentice in the revolutionary movement to his eventual downfall, Carlos emerges as a legendary figure. – Algeria TV Series

15. Whiskey Cavalier (TV Series 2019)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Peter Atencio

A seasoned FBI agent and a recently assigned CIA operative join forces to undertake critical missions aimed at safeguarding global security. However, before they can effectively tackle these challenges, they must navigate the complexities of their partnership and learn to work harmoniously together. – Algeria TV Series

16. The Assets (TV Series 2014)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Peter Medak

Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille are two veteran CIA officers who hunted down CIA officer Aldrich Ames, a mole who fed information to the Soviet Union that contributed to the deaths of at least 10 Soviet intelligence officers who had spied for the United States. – Algeria TV Series

17. Kaamelott (TV Series 2004)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Alexandre Astier

In this unconventional narrative depicting King Arthur’s pursuit of the Grail, nearly every expedition, conflict, or undertaking is abruptly halted by the knights of the Round Table’s most earthly characteristics: timidity, avarice, foolishness, or misguided sense of honor.

Consequently, rather than witnessing grandiose escapades, we are presented with the characters’ practical and out-of-place perspectives on every occurrence within the Grail legend, faithfully adhering to the essence of classic sitcoms. – Algeria TV Series

18. Velvet Colección (TV Series 2017)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Jorge Torregrossa

In the year 1967, Anna Ribera, after enjoying five blissful years of marriage with Alberto and raising their young son in New York, returns to Spain wito elevateer project, Velvet, to new heights. Despite being physically separated from their business, Anna and Alberto successfully managed all aspects of Velvet from afar, alongside their closest friends and partners, establishing Velvet as a renowned name in the realms of fashion and innovation.

Now, they have madecidedo transform their esteemed reputation into a franchise, commencing with the opening of a new store in their home country, Spain, followed by expansion into international markets. The initial phase involves the inauguration of a Velvet Fashion Store in Barcelona, a prominent Spanish city, situated along the renowned Passeig de Gracia.

This new establishment will be under the capable management of Clara, a trusted friend of Anna’s, who had previously ascended the career ladder from seamstress to directorial assistant during their time at Velvet in Madrid. – Algeria TV Series

19. The Hookup Plan (TV Series 2018)

Algeria TV Series

Director: Noémie Saglio

Elsa, a resident of Paris, is struggling to overcome her attachment to her former partner. To assist her in moving forward, her closest confidant covertly engages in the services of a male escort. However, the scheme proves to be exceedingly effective, perhaps even to an excessive degree. – Algeria TV Series

20. Da Ali G Show (TV Series 2000)

Algeria TV Series

Director: James Bobin

The renowned comedian Sacha Baron Cohen portrays the character of Ali G, a rapper aspirant hailing from Staines. Ali G hosts his television program, wherein he conducts interviews on weighty topics.

Unbeknownst to his guests, Ali G is a fictional persona, and their participation is part of a comedic performance. Cohen also assumes the roles of Borat, a journalist from Kazakhstan, and Bruno, a flamboyant fashion expert from Austria. The ensuing hilarity is a testament to Cohen’s comedic prowess. – Algeria TV Series