The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time. You should check out these Belarus Movies. These Belarus Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Soldier Boy (2019)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Viktoria Fanasiutina

The story is based on a true occurrence and follows the exploits of the youngest soldier of the Great War, six-year-old Sergey Aleshkov, who is orphaned and adopted by Red Army soldiers.

The soldiers console him by playing games with him, allowing him to relive his childhood. In order to live up to this honorable title, he becomes a staunch supporter of the Fatherland.  – Belarus Movies

2. Fortress of War (2010)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Alexander Kott

The film tells the story of the brave defense of Brest Fortress which was first attacked by German fascists on June 22, 1941. It tells the story of what happened during the first few days of the battle.

The film focuses on three main resistance groups, led by the regiment leader Pyotr Mikhalnikov, the commissioner Efim Mokhievich Fomin, and the commander of the 9th border post Andrey Mokhievatov.

Years later, the actor Alexander Akimov talks about the time when he, 15-year-old Sasha Akimov, fell in love with Anya and was suddenly thrust into the midst of the bloodiest events of the war.  – Belarus Movies

3. Strannyy dom (2023)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Maks Maksimov

After the husband has treated his wife for mental illness, the couple relaxes in a rural home. The following morning, the young wife awakens to discover that the house has been relocated.

The husband attempts to placate his wife, however, her “unreasonable behavior” continues to escalate until she comprehends the cause of the situation.  – Belarus Movies

4. Ptitsy bez gnyozd (1996)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Vitaliy Dudin

The film is based on the memoir of a Belarusian poet, Larisa Janiyush. Despite the hardships of the time and the fact that she was living in exile, Janiyush continued to struggle for her country’s freedom and expressed her loyalty to the Belarusian language and culture.  – Belarus Movies

5. Crystal Swan (2018)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Darya Zhuk

In 1996, a young aspiring DJ attempted to immigrate to the United States. She does all she can to escape her homeland, however, the situation spirals out of control when she accidentally enters a misspelled word into her Visa application.

To rectify this error, she travels to the small, decaying city of Chrystal, where her life and mentality are challenged in ways she did not think possible.  – Belarus Movies

6. Snayper 2: Tungus (2012)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Oleg Fesenko

The story follows a group of raw, untrained female Soviet snipers as they make their way to the Eastern Front. To help them out, a commander chooses one of the Tungus medics, who are famous for their hunting and shooting skills, to lead them. Soon, they find themselves in a fierce battle with a top-notch German sniper. The hero is based on one of the best Soviet snipers of the time – Semiyon Nomokonov, who had a total of 367 kills.  – Belarus Movies

7. Kupala (2020)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Vladimir Yankovskiy

Yanka Kupala, the famous national poet of Belarus, is the main character in this movie. We get to see the highs and lows of his life and career as they intersect with some of the most tragic events in the 20th century.  – Belarus Movies

8. Snayper. Posledniy vystrel (2015)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Arman Gevorgyan

The situation is set in the summer of 1941. The German Army has entered the country. The Red Army is close to being defeated. The outcome of the battle is in the hands of two snipers.  – Belarus Movies

9. Spice Boyz (2020)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Vladimir Zinkevich

Vasilisa is returning to her hometown to attend the wedding of her former classmate Inna. On the day of the wedding, Inna’s groom, “Chistiy”, and his companions, “Lambada”, and “Kolkbasa”, throw a surprise bachelor party.  – Belarus Movies

10. Dobro pozhalovat v semyu (2022)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Vladimir Zinkevich

The protagonist of the film, Leonid Ivanovich, is the Godfather of the family. He has two primary obsessions: being the Godfather and having a daughter, Mira. To avoid angering the Chief, Mira is kept out of the spotlight. However, this is all changed when Sasha, who had no knowledge of the family, falls in love with Mira. Now, he faces the challenge of protecting his daughter and his heart before the wedding.  – Belarus Movies

11. Exclusion Zone (2020)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov

In 1989, 50 km outside of Chornobyl, a group of friends decided to go on a hiking trip. During a rafting trip down a river, a group of youngsters get lost and end up in an exclusion zone.

Unbeknownst to them, they are responsible for the death of someone else and the theft of someone else’s money. Now, events are taking an unexpected turn.  – Belarus Movies

12. Dneprovskiy rubezh (2009)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Denis Skvortsov

This text is partially inspired by the role of General Konstantin Rakossovsky in the early stages of the Eastern Front during World War II.  – Belarus Movies

13. The Code of Cain (2016)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Denis Sobolev

Sara Ogden, a well-known journalist, is on a mission to track down the people who are carrying the deadly “Stamp of Caine” in order to stop what seems like random things like mass murder, riots, revolutions, and chaos from happening. She doesn’t know that she’s on the brink of the abyss when she stops in Belarus to meet the one person she’s been looking for all her life.  – Belarus Movies

14. Anastasiya Slutskaya (2003)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Yuri Yelkhov

Around the turn of the 16th century, a huge force of Crimean Tartars invaded White Russia, which was part of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy. They blitzed through all the cities of Belarus, taking everything in their path. They stormed the fort, ransacked, enslaved the people, and left everything behind.

Nothing seemed to be able to stop them. But then out of the blue, a group of brave people from Slutsk stood up and defended themselves. Princess Anastasia, who had lost her husband, was the leader of the group.  – Belarus Movies

15. Quiet street (2018)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Aliaksandra Markava

This movie is about how the world is changing with the rise of big cities. It’s about a young girl who lives in a house in the countryside with her family and pets.

The house is on a street that’s about to be torn down, and the people living on the street are protesting. The girl is enjoying her childhood, but she doesn’t know what’s going on.  – Belarus Movies


16. Country of Women (2017)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Aliaksei Paluyan

The inhabitants of the Belarusian village of Lubeiki are exclusively composed of women. Not only did they outlive their husbands, but they also outlived their children. Despite this, they possess a great deal of energy and a strong will to live. As one of the protagonists states, “Life is short, but it’s also full of sweetness.” Throughout the film, they explore their memories and impart their wisdom to us.  – Belarus Movies

17. Zapretnaya gruppa (2023)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Evgeniy Lytkin

To gain his mother’s love and affection, a young man pretends to commit suicide through a secret group on a social network, entwining himself in a deadly game.  – Belarus Movies

18. I’d Prefer Your Problems Princess (2018)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Elie Al-Hajj

The protagonist is an unemployed foreigner living in Belarus, who is in need of financial assistance. He is owed a sum of 10,000 Belarusian litas, which he must return within one week in order to avoid his own death.

As he wanders aimlessly in the forest, lost in thought as to where to obtain the money, he is discovered by Tanya, a wealthy woman who has fled from her father due to her desire to marry in Madagascar, whereas her father wishes her to marry in Minsk.  – Belarus Movies

19. Defiance (2008)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Edward Zwick

The Bielski brothers are on the run and hide in the inhospitable forests of German-controlled Poland and Belarus. They assist a large group of Jewish refugees and then face the nearly impossible task of scavenging for food and weapons necessary for survival during the winter.

Under the guidance of Tuvia, the community huddles in fear of being discovered, dealing with Soviet partisans, and not knowing who to trust. People of all ages struggle to survive, constructing makeshift homes in the pitch-black, cold, and inhospitable forests.

They form relationships, overcome fear and uncertainty, as well as manage internal discord. As Zus, Bielski’s brother, joins the Soviet partisans, the brothers become involved in the larger struggle against the Nazis.  – Belarus Movies

20. From Hell to Hell (1997)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Dmitriy Astrakhan

The scumbags’ main pastime is abducting people and taking them to the woods, where they let them go and start hunting them down. They don’t know that this forest is special, and anyone killed in it can come back to life and get revenge.  – Belarus Movies

21. Me Ivan, You Abraham (1993)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Yolande Zauberman

In Poland in the 1930s, it was customary for Christian boys to stay with Jewish families for a period of time in order to acquire skills from Jewish artisans. As a result, Ivan had been living on a large farm with Abraham’s family, having acquired a command of Yiddish and had become Abraham’s closest friend.

However, anti-Semitism, rooted in poverty, ignorance and superstition, was rampant in the community, and Ivan and Abraham fled to the countryside in order to avoid an impending conflict. By journeying in a threatening environment, the two boys reveal their innocence and unity.  – Belarus Movies

22. Persian Lessons (2020)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Vadim Perelman

In the year 1942, a young Belgian national, Gilles, is apprehended by the SS along with other Jewish individuals and imprisoned in a German concentration camp. To avoid execution, Gilles feigns not being Jewish, but Persian, to the guards, which saves his life.

However, Gilles is then assigned a seemingly impossible task: teaching Persian to the SS officer responsible for the camp’s cuisine, who has aspirations of establishing a Persian restaurant in Iran after the war.

Gilles is forced to improvise a language he does not understand, one word at a time. As the relationship between Gilles and the officer grows increasingly strained, Gilles becomes aware that one misstep could reveal his deception.  – Belarus Movies

23. Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: John Herzfeld

A Hong Kong tech executive’s daughter is mysteriously abducted in what initially appears to be a straightforward ransom attempt. As the protagonist, Mr. Breslin, and his team investigate further, they discover that the perpetrator is the mentally deranged son of a former adversary, who has also abducted Breslin’s paramour and is keeping her in the expansive prison known as Devil’s Station.  – Belarus Movies

24. In the Fog (2012)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Sergei Loznitsa

On the western frontiers of the Soviet Union, in the year 1942, the area was occupied by the Germans. A man is falsely accused of collaborating with the Germans. In an effort to save his honor, he faces a morally indefensible decision.  – Belarus Movies

25. Come and See (1985)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Elem Klimov

Elem Klimov directed the feature film, which was filmed in the military drama genre. The narrative takes place in 1943 in the territory of Belarus, and the protagonist is a young Belarusian boy who witnesses the consequences of the Nazi punitive measures. During the course of two days, he changes from a youthful adolescent to a grey-haired old man.  – Belarus Movies

26. Where Are We Headed? (2021)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Ruslan Fedotov

This is a documentary film that follows the Moscow metro system over the course of a year. It’s a ‘road movie’ that looks at the cultural and social issues that are happening in Russia today.  – Belarus Movies

27. The Road Movie (2016)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov

The Road MOVIE by Dmitri Kalashnikov is a captivating collection of video footage captured exclusively through the lens of the numerous dashboard cameras that inhabit Russian highways.

Through the lens of the vehicle’s windshield, the film captures a variety of experiences and landscapes, painting a picture and conveying a commentary on contemporary Russia.  – Belarus Movies

28. Hell Hath No Fury (2021)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Jesse V. Johnson

Dismissed by her compatriots as a traitor, French citizen Marie du Jardin is saved by American troops on the condition that, in order to remain alive, she must direct them to a stash of gold that has been sought by the German military, the French Resistance, and the United States.  – Belarus Movies

29. Viva Belarus! (2013)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: Krzysztof Łukaszewicz

After 15 years of Lukashenko’s dictatorship, Miron is no longer interested in politics. But the following concert of his ‘apolitical’ rock band incites an anti-government protest. Miron is conscripted into the armed forces for 15 months as punishment for instigating political riots among young people.

And this is only the start. The film is based on the story of an activist of Belorussian opposition, named Frank Viatchorka. Top Belorussian film and rock stars.  – Belarus Movies

30. Red Dog (2016)

The 30 Best Belarus Movies of All Time

Director: William De Vital

A dad goes to the movies with his two little ones and sees Red Dog. At the end of the movie, he tells his oldest how the movie is based on a dog he used to have as a kid – Blue.

We get to see the time in his childhood when he had Blue as his dog and all the adventures they had living on a small farm in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia.  – Belarus Movies

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