Top 20 Greatest Mozambique Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Mozambique Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mozambique Movies. These Mozambique Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Redemption (2019)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Mickey Fonseca

Upon his release from prison, a gentleman discovers that his recently deceased mother had incurred a perilous debt. Despite his desire to reform, he is compelled to revert to a criminal lifestyle in order to obtain the necessary funds. – Mozambique Movies

2. Sleepwalking Land (2007)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Teresa Prata

In Mozambique, the ongoing civil war has inflicted widespread devastation upon the population. Amidst this chaotic environment, a young individual named Muidinga harbors a fervent desire to reunite with his family.

Serendipitously, he stumbles upon a diary, discovered on the lifeless body of a victim in a bus that had fallen prey to gunfire. The diary chronicles the desperate search of a woman for her long-lost son. Convinced that he may be the missing child, Muidinga resolves to locate her.

Embarking on this arduous journey, he finds an unlikely companion in an elderly man named Tuahir, who possesses an inexhaustible repertoire of captivating stories. Together, they traverse a war-ravaged nation, their quest transforming them into sleepwalkers amidst the relentless battle for survival. – Mozambique Movies

3. Virgin Margarida (2012)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Licinio Azevedo

In 1975, Mozambique experienced a significant transformation as it gained independence. This period marked a young revolution that aimed to eradicate societal vices, including prostitution, from the streets of Maputo.

The authorities decided to relocate the prostitutes to re-education camps situated in remote rural areas, with the intention of transforming them into “new women” who would wholeheartedly support the new nation. However, amidst this “clean-up” initiative, a regrettable mistake occurred when Margarida, a 16-year-old girl from the countryside, was mistakenly taken to one of these camps.

Drawing inspiration from the real-life experiences of women, the play “Virgin Margarida” delves into a lesser-known chapter of Mozambique’s history. This chapter, unfortunately, disregarded individuality and perpetuated male dominance as an entrenched ideology. – Mozambique Movies

4. Mabata Bata (2017)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Sol de Carvalho

The film portrays the life of Azarias, a young shepherd who finds himself orphaned and responsible for tending to a herd of oxen. Despite his aspirations of receiving an education, circumstances lead him to embark on a journey alongside Mabata Bata, the herd’s largest ox, as they navigate through the course of his existence. – Mozambique Movies

5. Yvone Kane (2014)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Margarida Cardoso

Following the tragic loss of her daughter, Rita ventures back to the African nation of her upbringing to delve into the circumstances surrounding the passing of Yvone Kane, a former political activist and guerrilla combatant. In doing so, she becomes entangled in a voyage through the history of a region plagued by conflict and malevolence. – Mozambique Movies

6. O Último Voo do Flamingo (2010)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Joao Ribeiro

Tizangara, Mozambique, post-peace agreement, has been gripped by a perplexing situation involving the unexpected detonation of UN soldiers. Consequently, an investigation has been initiated, with Massimo being entrusted to unravel this enigma. Joaquim’s role is crucial as he not only needs to translate the language but also decipher the underlying facts, enabling Massimo to comprehend the situation at hand. – Mozambique Movies

7. Nico: Maputo (2013)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Orlando Mabasso Jr.

NICO is a poignant account of a Mozambican child who, in the face of his mother’s death, makes a solemn vow to continue his education and care for his younger sister.

Regrettably, Nico’s life takes a turn for the worse when his stepfather subjects him to physical abuse and coerces him into homelessness, while simultaneously subjecting his sister to sexual abuse.

After a year of living on the streets, Nico returns to his hometown only to discover that his 14-year-old sister is pregnant, and the father is none other than his stepfather, who had forced him into homelessness. – Mozambique Movies

8. Pele de Luz (2018)

Mozambique Movies

Director: André Guiomar

Anifa has successfully survived a kidnapping, while Isa has grown old in a constant state of fear. These two sisters have faced the challenges of residing in the heart of Maputo, Mozambique, where the belief in black magic continues to haunt individuals with albinism. – Mozambique Movies

9. Mosquito (2020)

Mozambique Movies

Director: João Nuno Pinto

Aspiring to embark on a noble quest to safeguard his nation, a youthful Portuguese gentleman enlists in the military during the First World War and is subsequently deployed to the frontlines of Mozambique. – Mozambique Movies

10. The Train of Salt and Sugar (2016)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Licinio Azevedo

Embarking on a perilous train voyage amidst the ravages of war in Mozambique, civilian passengers find themselves under the protection and, at times, the harassment of a group of undisciplined soldiers on board, tasked with fending off a rebel army lurking in the bush. In order to overcome the challenges posed by the sabotaged track, all parties must collaborate and pool their resources to ensure a safe arrival at their destination. – Mozambique Movies


Mozambique Movies

11. Redemption (2019)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Mickey Fonseca

A recently released individual from incarceration discovers that his mother, shortly before her demise, incurred a perilous financial obligation. Despite his earnest desire to embark on a fresh start, he is compelled to revert back to a criminal lifestyle due to his urgent need for financial resources. – Mozambique Movies

12. Ali (2001)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Michael Mann

In 1964, a confident and talented professional boxer burst onto the scene following his Olympic gold medal victory. Cassius Clay, as he was then known, quickly established himself as a bold and outspoken figure, redefining the image of African Americans in sports with his unapologetic self-confidence and belief that he was the greatest boxer of all time.

He proved his worth with his highly agile and forceful style, soon becoming a formidable boxer and claiming the heavyweight championship. Ali’s personal life was equally noteworthy, with his allegiance to the Nation of Islam, his friendship with the controversial Malcolm X, and his decision to abandon his slave name in favor of Muhammad Ali, all stirring up controversy.

However, at the height of his success, both Ali’s personal and professional lives faced the ultimate test when the military draft rules were changed, making him eligible for military induction during the Vietnam War.

Despite the fact that he could have easily accepted a sweetheart deal that would have meant an easy tour of duty for himself, Ali refused to submit on principle, unwilling to cooperate in an unjust war for a racist nation that had treated his people so poorly. The cost of his stand was high, as he found himself unable to legally box in his own country while his case was contested in court. – Mozambique Movies

13. Tabu (2012)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Miguel Gomes

An energetic retired woman collaborates with the former maid of her deceased neighbor to embark on a quest to locate an individual who harbors a clandestine link to her previous existence as a farm proprietor situated at the base of Mount Tabu in Africa. – Mozambique Movies

14. The Legend of Rita (2000)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Volker Schlöndorff

Rita and her fellow urban guerrillas executed a series of armed robberies, kidnappings, and various other assaults in West Germany, as part of their armed struggle against the capitalist system. While visiting Paris, Rita encounters a local police officer who requests her identification.

In response, she flees the scene, prompting the French officer to pursue her into a parking facility, where Rita tragically takes his life. Subsequently, following a prison escape that involves the murder of a corrections officer in West Berlin, Rita and her comrades seek refuge by fleeing through the Friedrichstraße train station into East Berlin.

However, due to the German Democratic Republic’s (GDR) commitment to international conventions against terrorism, the communist East German government hesitates to provide assistance. The head of the Stasi, Erich Mielke, holds a differing opinion.

In a conversation with Stasi officer Erwin Hull, Mielke expresses empathy towards the RAF’s terrorist attacks against targets in West Germany and the United States, drawing parallels to his past involvement in similar activities during both the Weimar Republic and the Nazi regime. Consequently, he instructs Agent Hull to unofficially aid Rita and her associates. – Mozambique Movies

15. Catch a Fire (2006)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Phillip Noyce

Patrick Chamusso, a young man with no political affiliations, was accused of perpetrating a terrorist attack. The investigation into the recent bombing of the Secunda CTL synthetic fuel refinery, the largest coal liquefaction plant in the world, was led by Afrikaner police officer Nic Vos.

Patrick was inadvertently drawn into Vos’s inquiry due to his inability to provide a satisfactory account of his whereabouts at the time of the bombing, as he was engaged in an extramarital affair. Subsequently, Patrick, his wife Precious, and their family were subjected to torture by Vos and his subordinates.

In a desperate attempt to protect his loved ones, Patrick falsely confessed to a crime he did not commit. However, Vos ultimately determined that Patrick was innocent and ordered his release. – Mozambique Movies

16. Flores silvestres (2010)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Mikel Ardanaz

A child from Mozambique, who uses theater to try and save his mother’s life after she was diagnosed with AIDS. The narrative revolves around Okellele, a young Mozambican individual who endeavors to preserve the life of his mother afflicted with AIDS, employing the medium of theater. – Mozambique Movies

17. From Africa with Love (2021)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Nicolas Bedos

After his escape from Afghanistan, French Intelligence agent Hubert Bonissur de La Bath is assigned to a desk job as a computer operator by the head of the agency. But when one of the agents goes missing, Hubert is called to Africa to find his colleague who was supposed to meet with the president of the country.

Unfortunately, the previous agent didn’t show up for the meeting, so the president asked Hubert to find the source and stop any potential revolutions, especially when the French government’s interests were at risk of being threatened by Bamba’s rule.

So Hubert goes to Africa and meets Bamba, who has a few different agents close by in case someone tries to kill him. Bamba tells him about the political instability in the country, how opposition groups are trying to take over the government, and his dissatisfaction with the previous agent. – Mozambique Movies

18. Mary and Martha (2013)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Phillip Noyce

The film narrates the poignant tale of two contrasting women, Mary and Martha, who tragically lose their sons to malaria. Mary, an excessively protective American mother, makes the difficult decision to withdraw her young son and sole child, George, from school due to relentless bullying.

In her pursuit of providing him with a superior education, she embarks on an extensive journey to Africa. Tragically, George falls victim to a mosquito bite, contracting malaria and succumbing to the disease.

Amidst her profound grief, Mary resolves to return to Africa following George’s funeral, where she encounters Martha, a British woman who has recently lost her grown son, Ben, to the same illness. Ben, too, was an only child and had been working at an orphanage in Mozambique when he tragically passed away. – Mozambique Movies

19. The Dove (1974)

Mozambique Movies

Director: Charles Jarrott

The film depicts the true story of Robin Lee Graham, a 16-year-old boy who embarks on a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 23-foot sloop, to become the youngest person to achieve this feat.

The journey had been meticulously planned over several years with the assistance of his father, Lyle Graham, an experienced sailor. During one of his stops, Graham meets the vivacious and charming Patti Ratteree, with whom he falls in love.

After much deliberation, Patti decides to accompany Graham on his arduous journey, meeting him in various locations such as Fiji, Australia, South Africa, Panama, and the Galápagos Islands.

As Graham sails around the world, he encounters numerous challenges and adventures, both on land and at sea, which contribute to his personal growth and development from a teenager to a young adult.

The journey proves to be a solitary experience for Graham, particularly when he is faced with unfavorable weather conditions on the open sea.

At one point, he contemplates abandoning the voyage, but with the encouragement of his new wife, Patti, and his father, he perseveres. The film culminates with Graham’s triumphant return to Los Angeles, where he is greeted by a jubilant crowd. – Mozambique Movies

20. Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)

Mozambique Movies

Director: John Pogue

Dr. Emma Collins diligently carries on her late father’s legacy in the realm of Great White Shark conservation, focusing her efforts on an artificial island known as Little Happy, situated near the coast of South Africa.

Assisting her in this noble endeavor are her trusted team members, including the affable Spinnaker, affectionately referred to as “Spinn,” the capable Miya, and Eugene Shaw, a cherished confidant and mentor figure who was also her father’s closest friend.

Additionally, residing on Little Happy are Emma’s dear companions, Nandi and her brother Bahari. Regrettably, the notorious bull shark named Bella, who had been responsible for causing havoc in previous years, has met her demise.

Bella’s untimely demise occurred when she became entangled in fishing lines, a tragic discovery made by Dr. Richard Lowell and his dedicated crew aboard their vessel, the Thasos.

Driven by their findings, they embark on a journey to Little Happy, where they make a startling revelation – the three remaining offspring of Bella have matured into adulthood and are the sole survivors of their litter. – Mozambique Movies