Top 20 Greatest Kazakhstan TV Series of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Kazakhstan TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Kazakhstan TV Series. These Kazakhstan TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. 5:32 (TV Series 2021)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Alisher Utev

The plot follows Shalkar, a retired detective specializing in serial homicide cases, as he attempts to cope with his grief by consuming alcohol. His day-to-day life is abruptly disrupted by a young detective who seeks his help in apprehending a serial murderer whose method of killing bears a strong resemblance to a maniac he once hunted in the 1990s. – Kazakhstan TV Series

2. Sheker (TV Series 2020)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Aitore Zholdaskali

Aldiyar is a second-year student who gets expelled from his college. To get reinstated, he has to find a large sum of money within a short period. Afraid of his father’s anger, he decides to earn money alone.

He takes a job as a synthetic drug courier and gets a taste of the easy money. As he delivers the drugs, he forgets his purpose. With the money, he gets the attention of his girlfriend, but also a corrupt cop. The cop blackmails him and puts him on the police’s radar. Adlyar is torn between work, deceit, and debt. – Kazakhstan TV Series

3. Kazakh Khanate (TV Series 2017)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Prince Oak Oakleyski

This is the story of nomadic tribes in what is now Kazakhstan in the 15th century after the fall of the Golden Orda and the division of the Mongol Empire into several Khanats. – Kazakhstan TV Series

4. The Gambler (Short 2022)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Ryan Doll

The Gambler is an American black comedy film about the rivalry between an experienced gambler and two mischievous criminals who have been hired to eliminate him. – Kazakhstan TV Series

5. Sake (TV Series 2020)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Olzhas Nurbay

A crime drama about a disgraced mayor of a fictional town who is so afraid of being arrested that he begins to engage in illegal activities. A crime drama unfolds, depicting the downfall of a discredited mayor in a fictitious town, driven by an overwhelming fear of apprehension, leading him to resort to illicit pursuits. – Kazakhstan TV Series

6. Zombety (TV Series 2020)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Daniyar Bolotbekov

The story takes place in 2021, right after a pandemic. Scientists are trying to come up with a cure for the virus, and they accidentally create a new type of zombie that makes people aggressive and kills their minds.

But the good news is that there are survivors. This is the story of the brave guys who made it through the zombie apocalypse – they survived, they chilled out, they had a good time, and they made it through again. – Kazakhstan TV Series

7. Sanzhar men Qaysar (TV Series 2012)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Akhat Ibraev

Kazakhstan’s first kid’s sitcom will follow two little brothers who are always coming up with crazy ideas and lab experiments to make trouble in school and their families. We’ll get to know a bunch of crazy characters, like a doctor dad whose experiments are always a bust, a mom whose food is always bad but actually, she writes for a magazine, a crazed designer student, an elder sister, and a grandma who talks to ghosts and spirits. – Kazakhstan TV Series

8. Catherine the Great (TV Series 2019)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Igor Zaytsev

The main character of the television series, The Sniffer, possesses an extraordinary sense of smell that allows him to investigate crimes by detecting trace amounts of various substances. His colleague at work is Viktor Lebedev, an agent with the Special Bureau of Investigations and a childhood friend.

The Sniffer is a reserved individual who takes pride in his exceptional olfactory ability and possesses knowledge about individuals that they may not be aware of.

His remarkable investigative skills are beyond reproach, as he can locate even the most elusive evidence and extract the truth from individuals. However, his heightened sense of smell is both a gift and a burden. – Kazakhstan TV Series

9. Happy Together (TV series 2006)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Aleksandr Anurov

The Bukin family presently resides in a modest edifice situated on the highest level, which serves as their temporary dwelling. The Stepanovs/Polenos occupy the adjoining unit.

The living quarters of the Bukins bear a remarkable resemblance to the Bundy household, albeit with a few noteworthy distinctions. These distinctions encompass the lack of a cellar and rear entrance, a detached structure for parking vehicles, and a balcony instead of a garden.

The apartment of the Bukins is presently in a state of disarray due to ongoing renovations. The presence of a nearby construction site has presented a challenge, as it has allowed uninvited guests, including the family dog Baron, to enter and exit the premises via the balcony. – Kazakhstan TV Series

10. Omir (TV Series 2021)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Dmitriy Kyrykbayev

The narrative follows an eleven-year-old child who, despite his youth, is determined to heal his younger sister, embark on a new life, and demonstrate to the world that he is worthy of happiness. To do so, he must confront the challenges of life, both from the guardianship authorities attempting to take them away and from the school administration unwilling to accept responsibility for their lives. – Kazakhstan TV Series


Kazakhstan TV Series

11. Law of the Lawless (TV Series 2002)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Aleksey Sidorov

The preeminent gang in Moscow was founded by a quartet of childhood acquaintances, commonly known as Brigada. Initially, they collaborated on commercial enterprises, but an unforeseen homicide incident precipitated their metamorphosis into a gang. Given the precariousness of their situation, there exists no possibility of reversing their determination. – Kazakhstan TV Series

12. Sniffer (TV Series 2013)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Artyom Litvinenko

The Sniffer possesses an exceptional olfactory ability that empowers him to resolve a diverse array of criminal cases. Viktor, his colleague within the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI), frequently enlists his expertise as a specialist in investigative matters. Although the protagonist’s extraordinary talent undeniably serves as an advantage, it also hinders his advancement and maturation. – Kazakhstan TV Series

13. Qarapaiym Kairat (TV Series 2019)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Adilet Zhumabek

A comedy about three guys from a small village in Kazakhstan trying to survive in the big city. This comedy revolves around the endeavors of three individuals hailing from a modest village in Kazakhstan, as they strive to navigate and thrive within the bustling metropolis. – Kazakhstan TV Series

14. Kvartiranty (TV Series 2021)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Marat Karmanov

This narrative follows a Kazakh family who has relocated from their hometown to a major metropolis, but have yet to be able to purchase their residence and are instead confined to a rented apartment. The protagonist, Bakytzhan, has relocated to the metropolis with his family several years ago from their hometown. He is employed as a taxi driver and, although he is no longer unfamiliar with the city, he has yet to abandon his provincial ways. – Kazakhstan TV Series

15. Kuga Munu (TV Series 2023)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: J.J. Nota

Bantu Anthropologist Professor Suthu is confronted by the police, who have accused him of encouraging the abduction of albinos due to a lecture he had given on the various beliefs African people have regarding albinos’ magical abilities.

Professor Suthu realizes that the police are not equipped to investigate witchcraft and other paranormal-related matters, and thus he persuades them to become his consultants.

Utilizing his exceptional abilities, Professor Suthu solves perplexing crimes with the assistance of a police detective named Luna, a medical student named Kayana, and a witch doctor who has been barred from practicing due to her unorthodox practices. – Kazakhstan TV Series

16. Better Than Us (TV Series 2018)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Andrey

A family teetering on the brink of disintegration has procured an exceedingly advanced robot that is coveted by a corporation, homicide investigators, and terrorists alike. Robots have evolved into an indispensable facet of daily existence, assuming roles as personal chauffeurs, security personnel, and even amorous companions. – Kazakhstan TV Series

17. To the Lake (TV Series 2019)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Pavel Kostomarov

The uninfected populace is in a frenzied state, competing for scarce resources such as sustenance and fuel, as electricity is non-existent and currency has lost value. The protagonist, Sergei, resides outside the city with his cherished partner and her child with autism, where safety still prevails.

Despite the animosity between them, Sergei embarks on a mission to rescue his former spouse and their offspring from the city. The estranged family must set aside their past grievances and embark on a perilous journey up north in search of a remote hunting lodge on a barren island.

The Outbreak is a family drama set amidst a catastrophic event. It is one of Russia’s earliest post-apocalyptic television programs, based on Yana Vagner’s best-selling novel Vongozero, which has been translated into eleven languages. – Kazakhstan TV Series

18. Gold Diggers (TV Series 2019)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Konstantin Bogomolov

The tale is situated within the prosperous upper echelons of Russian society, where affluence holds sway. Marina Levkoeva, a socialite and the paramour of a prosperous entrepreneur appeared to possess everything until a dramatic turn of events.

The plot unfolds in Moscow, a city of extravagant luxury, ardor, and lavishness, where stunning women and wealthy men intermingle at social gatherings and engage in perilous intrigues. The principal social matchmaker adroitly links attractive young women with suitable partners, as they aspire to enter the world of glamour, flowing silks, and exquisite jewelry.

However, Dasha’s aspirations for a new and improved life in the city are entirely disrupted by a mysterious and tragic occurrence, following her relocation from the provinces. – Kazakhstan TV Series

19. Salem Men Nurlan Koyanbayev (TV Series 2021)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Damir Tastembekov

Nurlan is fed up with show business and decides to take a sabbatical for a year. His partner is shocked because this could hurt Nurlan’s career. One day, he meets a taxi driver who looks just like Nurlan. He hires him to be Nurlan’s double, but only on one condition – he won’t tell anyone about it. – Kazakhstan TV Series

20. Koroleva Dvora (TV Series 2022)

Kazakhstan TV Series

Director: Modiyar Abdukadyrov

Aminka is a courageous girl who goes off to compete in a kids’ tournament to see who will be crowned queen of the playground. She’s up against the leader of the area in a battle for peace and camaraderie. It’s a light-hearted comedy show for kids with a star-studded cast led by the young blogger Aminka Vitaminky. – Kazakhstan TV Series