Top 20 Greatest Morocco TV Series of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Morocco TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Morocco TV Series. These Morocco TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Farouk Omar (TV Series 2012)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Hatem Ali

The series commences with a depiction of Caliph Omar embarking on a pilgrimage, during which he delivers impactful speeches to the pilgrims. The subsequent scene delves into a poignant exploration of Mecca, wherein the caliph experiences vivid flashbacks to his formative years as a young boy toiling under the harsh tutelage of his father, Khattab ibn Nufayl.

Through Omar’s retrospective lens, the audience is privy to the multifaceted narrative of his life, encompassing his endeavors as a wrestler, a shrewd businessman, and most significantly, his role as a prominent leader of the Quraish.

The story further unfolds to chronicle his conversion to Islam, his unwavering devotion as one of Prophet Muhammad’s closest companions, and his indomitable spirit as a valiant warrior in the battles of the time.

The narrative encompasses pivotal events such as the Meccan victory, the passing of Prophet Muhammad, the enduring legacy of Abu Bakr as caliph, his subsequent demise, and ultimately, the enduring impact of Omar’s legacy.

From the perspective of the viewer, Omar’s tenure as a caliph is portrayed through a series of biographical accounts, showcasing the intricacies and advancements of his leadership, culminating tragically in his assassination by Abu Lulu. – Morocco TV Series

2. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (TV Series 2018)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Jann Turner

Jack Ryan becomes privy to a series of suspicious bank transfers that pique his interest. Driven by a desire to uncover the truth, Ryan embarks on a perilous journey across Europe and the Middle East, where he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a notorious terrorist leader who is plotting a massive attack against the United States and its allies.

As a member of the CIA’s esteemed Terror, Finance, and Arms Division (TFAD), Ryan is well-equipped to handle the challenges that lie ahead. With the support of his new boss, James Greer, Ryan sets out to investigate the transactions in Yemen, where he uncovers a web of deceit and danger that threatens to upend global security. – Morocco TV Series

3. Bnat El Assas (TV Series 2021)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Driss Roukhe

Aicha and Hanane find themselves compelled to take to the streets due to their father’s persistent gambling habit and alcohol addiction, which he never hesitated to indulge in. However, their fortunes take a turn when they encounter a prosperous woman who graciously offers their mother employment. Nevertheless, their journey does not unfold according to their initial expectations. – Morocco TV Series

4. Yakout W Anber (TV Series 2020)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Mohamed Nesrate

The narrative of the show centers on the esteemed Moulay Ahmed family, renowned merchants in the bustling city of Casablanca. As the patriarch of the family, Moulay Ahmed harbors aspirations of securing a male heir to carry forward his wealth and lineage, he finds himself blessed with six daughters. However, his wife, Anber, receives the news that their unborn child is yet another girl. – Morocco TV Series

5. Morocco: Love in Times of War (TV Series 2017)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira

Morocco was deeply affected by the devastating events of the Rif War, resulting in numerous casualties among the Spanish Army due to the resistance of the Riffian population. In response to this dire situation, Queen Victoria Eugenie took the initiative to dispatch a contingent of nurses from the Spanish Red Cross to Melilla, to establish a new hospital.

Under the leadership of the Duchess of Victoria, María del Carmen Angoloti y Mesa, this group comprised young women hailing from Spain’s upper echelons. Upon their arrival in Melilla, the nurses promptly set up a hospital within the premises of an old school building.

Their services were immediately required, as they found themselves amidst the harrowing realities of war. Nevertheless, despite the surrounding horrors, these resilient nurses managed to maintain their hope and even found solace in the relationships they formed with the soldiers and doctors in their midst.

Over time, the military high command recognized the potential to save more lives by providing medical assistance directly on the front lines, rather than waiting for wounded soldiers to be transported back to the hospital.

Although none of these nurses possessed combat training, some of them would now have to acquire the necessary skills to ensure their survival while serving in these perilous frontline conditions. – Morocco TV Series

6. Wlad El A’am (2021)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Brahim Chkiri

When Ali, a business student, encounters Mia, a wealthy and stunning individual, an instant connection is established between them. However, it becomes apparent that their families share a longstanding history. – Morocco TV Series

7. Assir Al Madfoun (TV Series 2020)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Yassine Fennane

It has been ten years since the mysterious homicide in which Omar El Ouafi’s son was the perpetrator, and with the re-emergence of his best friend Othman to the United Arab Emirates. Othman will attempt to eliminate Omar El Ouafi from his life through various means, and Detective Ismail and his partner Loubna will attempt to uncover the identity of the perpetrator. – Morocco TV Series

8. The Night Manager (TV Series 2016)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Susanne Bier

A hotel night manager in Cairo is hired to spy on an arms dealer’s inner circle. Jonathan Pine, an Englishman, is working as a night manager at a hotel in Cairo. He falls in love with a local woman, who is a friend of the local gangster.

She has information that links illegal international arms sales to Richard Roper, the English billionaire. She is found murdered, murdered because she had this information.

Pine flees, fearing for his life, and works at a hotel in Switzerland. Four years later, Roper pays a visit to the Swiss hotel. This reignites Pine’s desire for revenge. He is then recruited by British Intelligence to follow Roper. What follows is a perilous game of intrigue and deceit. – Morocco TV Series

9. Rhimou (TV Series 2007)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Ismaël Saidi

This narrative chronicles the experiences of Rhimou, an unassuming young woman who is beset by familial strife due to her father’s decision to bequeath his entire fortune to her. Rhimou yearns for genuine affection and companionship, rather than being valued solely for her financial assets. – Morocco TV Series

10. Inventing Anna (TV Series 2022)

Morocco TV Series

Director: David Frankel

A Journalist with a desire to establish their credibility delves into the case of Anna Delvey, the Instagram-famous German heiress who captivated New York’s social scene and embezzled their funds.

The question arises whether Anna is the most significant con artist in New York or a representation of the American dream. As Anna awaits trial, the journalist forms a complex, humorous love-hate relationship with her while racing against time to uncover the truth about Anna Delvey. – Morocco TV Series


Morocco TV Series

11. Al Madi La Yamout (TV Series 2019)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Hicham El Jebbari

The renowned legal practitioner, Saad El Ghali, leads a tranquil existence with his kin. However, a startling turn of events disrupts their peace, jeopardizing the family’s unity. Despite the presence of vengeance-fueled narratives and psychological turmoil, the father endeavors to maintain familial harmony. – Morocco TV Series

12. Rdat Lwalida (TV Series 2017)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Zakia Tahri

The narrative revolves around a young Moroccan individual who, despite obtaining a university degree, finds himself unemployed and facing a bleak future. This unfortunate circumstance compels him to explore unconventional avenues, having exhausted numerous job opportunities to no avail. – Morocco TV Series

13. Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (TV Series 1955)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Jean Yarbrough

A commanding officer within the esteemed French Foreign Legion stationed in North Africa endeavors to maintain tranquility amidst confrontations with marauding tribes, all the while assuming the responsibility of nurturing his offspring, who reside alongside him within the confines of the Foreign Legion stronghold. – Morocco TV Series

14. Dar El Warata (TV Series 2009)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Hicham El Jebbari

Kabour, an elderly gentleman, resides alongside his children and granddaughter in a Riyad situated within The Old Medina of Marrakesh. Despite numerous attempts by others to entice him into selling the Riyad, Kabour remains steadfast in his resolve to preserve it as a cherished inheritance from his ancestors. Furthermore, he remains indifferent to the suggestions put forth by his children, who view the sale of the Riyad as their means of escaping poverty. – Morocco TV Series

15. Wjaa Trab (TV Series 2006)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Chafik Shimi

Sidi Ahmed has decided to distribute his farmlands among his three offspring. However, his son El Mehdi has chosen to depart from the family residence as a form of objection to the division, which he perceives as unjust.

El Mehdi has entered into matrimony with his cousin, Saadia, who has received a substantial inheritance from her late father. Nevertheless, this has not deterred him from pursuing his other cousin, Tayeka, who has expressed a preference for Allal, a humble laborer employed at a nearby estate, over El Mehdi. – Morocco TV Series

16. Daba Teziane (TV Series 2019)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Hicham El Jebbari

Initially intending to pursue a career in engineering, he ultimately found himself drawn to the world of music. Abandoning his wife and child, he embarked on a journey in pursuit of fame and fortune, only to be met with disappointment and financial hardship, without even the means to return home.

After a lifetime of setbacks, he has now returned to his homeland, burdened by his failures and hopeful for a reunion with his estranged family, whom he has not seen in over three decades. His relatives mistake him for the new head of household staff they were expecting.

Despite the unusual circumstances, he seizes the opportunity to reconnect with his son and grandchildren. Upon his wife’s return from Umrah, he persuades her to keep his true identity a secret, particularly given her previous falsehoods regarding his supposed demise. – Morocco TV Series

17. Waadi (TV Series 2015)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Yassine Fennane

Mina, a young girl of seven years, was abducted by a destitute family who exploited her to beg and pickpocket. However, fortune smiled upon her as she was subsequently adopted by a wealthy woman named Fattouma. As Mina matures, she embarks on a series of adventures and encounters numerous challenges in her quest to reunite with her biological parents. – Morocco TV Series

18. Caliphate (TV Series 2020)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Goran Kapetanovic

Agent Fatima receives intelligence regarding a potential terrorist plot in Sweden. Concurrently, Sulle, an adolescent, has had her perception broadened by a student assistant who has unveiled an enthralling realm. – Morocco TV Series

19. Soil (TV Series 2021)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Mathieu Mortelmans

Widower Omar Boulasmoum, aged 65, operates a repatriation enterprise, specializing in funeral insurance and the repatriation of Moroccans to their country of origin. Before embarking on his pilgrimage to Mecca, Omar decides to transfer ownership of the business to his daughter Nadia and son Ishmael, commonly known as Smile.

This strategic move is aimed at guiding his wayward son, who has shown no interest in the company, towards a more promising path. Shortly after Omar’s departure, unforeseen complications arise. Rachid and Nadia find themselves confronted with a family torn apart by a disagreement over the final resting place of their deceased loved one: whether it should be here or in Morocco. – Morocco TV Series

20. Lalla Fatima (TV Series 2001)

Morocco TV Series

Director: Khadija Assad

The narrative revolves around Fatema, who established a prosperous enterprise specializing in the sale of artisanal confections, thereby generating a substantial revenue stream. – Morocco TV Series