The 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

The 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Burma Movies. These Burma Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Burma Movies

1. Rambo (2008)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo, a Vietnam vet, has been through a lot in his life and has settled into a pretty quiet life in Thailand. He spends his time catching snakes for the locals and driving around in his PT boat. But even though he’s trying to stay away from trouble, it’s not going to be easy.

A group of Christian missionaries, headed by Michael Burnett, Sarah Miller, and others, come to Rambo asking if they can borrow his boat to go to Myanmar. For more than half a century, Myanmar has been a place of war, and the Karen people, who are primarily farmers and peasants, have been living under the brutal rule of the Burmese army.

They’re fighting for their lives every day. Rambo takes the offer and heads up the river with the other missionaries. At the end of the day, the missionaries make it to the Karen village only to find themselves caught in the crossfire of a raid led by the cruel and capricious Ma Tint and his army. A group of villagers and missionaries get slaughtered, while the rest are held captive.

The minister is worried about their safety, so he brings in some mercenaries and asks Rambo to bring them in with his boat since he knows where they were last seen. Rambo doesn’t want to stay behind, so he joins forces with the rest of the team to rescue the survivors from Ma Tint in one of his most dangerous missions yet. – Burma Movies

2. Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country (2008)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Anders Østergaard

This documentary documents the events that took place in Burma in 2007 when thousands of monks took to the streets. It uses secret footage to tell the story. – Burma Movies

3. The Burmese Harp (1956)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Kon Ichikawa

Narrator: Mizushima is a Japanese soldier serving in the military in Burma during World War II. Mizushima is a well-liked soldier and often plays his harmonica to entertain his comrades. At the war’s end, the British requested Mizushima to travel into the mountains to persuade a Japanese unit to surrender.

Mizushima has only 30 minutes to do so, but he is unsuccessful, as the Japanese troops would rather die with honor than surrender, and the British invade. Mizushima is deeply affected by the events and becomes a Buddhist monk. He travels through the countryside, burying the bodies of Japanese soldiers. Unfortunately, Mizushima is unable to return to his unit. – Burma Movies

4. The Good Shepherd (2006)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Robert De Niro

In The Bourne Identity, Matt Damon portrays Edward Wilson, a laconic and detached individual who was in charge of the CIA’s covert operations during the invasion of Cuba. The agency suspected that Fidel Castro had been passed on to them, so Wilson searched for the source of the leak.

As Wilson searches, he relives his father’s passing, his time as a student at Yale, his recruitment into the newly established O. S.S., his brief liaisons, his shotgun marriage, his espionage training in London, his estrangement from his infant son, the beginning of the Cold War and his interactions with his agency, British and Soviet counterparts. As Wilson’s idealism fades, he begins to reveal the nature of the leak, which is at the core of the narrative. – Burma Movies

5. The Railway Man (2013)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky

The story of Eric Lomax begins during World War II when he was one of the millions of Allied prisoners forced to labor on the Thai / Burmese railway. His experiences left him scarred and cut off from the outside world until he met a beautiful woman named Patti on a train. She was determined to help him overcome his demons. But when she found out that her husband had been haunted by a young Japanese officer, she had a shocking decision to make. – Burma Movies

6. Operation Mekong (2016)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Dante Lam

Two Chinese merchant vessels were ambushed in the Mekong River, resulting in the death of 13 crew members. Upon investigation, Thai law enforcement officials discovered nine hundred thousand kilograms of crystal methamphetamine on the vessels.

This incident sent shock waves through China, prompting Narcotics Corps leader Gang Gao to lead a task force to the Golden Triangle to conduct an investigation. Gao, in collaboration with informer Fanxin Wunu, discovered that thirteen crew members had been brutally murdered and falsely accused. Together, Gao and Wunu resolved to pursue justice for the victims out of China, regardless of the cost. – Burma Movies

7. The Purple Plain (1954)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Robert Parrish

After the death of his wife in an air raid by the Luftwaffe, bomber pilot Bill Forrester becomes an unselfish killer who does not care if he is killed or not. The ruthless Canadian pilot is both esteemed and feared by the other members of his squad in Burma during World War II.

The squad physician is assigned to evaluate the embittered Forrester to determine if he is fit for duty. In order to break through the wall of silence of the nightmare-ridden Forrester, the physician arranges for him to visit an English-speaking refugee settlement, which includes a seductive young Burmese maiden. – Burma Movies

8. Yesterday’s Enemy (1959)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Val Guest

After being cut off from the Japanese push into Myanmar, Captain Langford and his exhausted British soldiers take control of a jungle village held by the enemy. Despite the objections of an old padre and war reporter Max Anderson Langford has two innocent villagers shot by Sergeant McKenzie.

This is all done to convince a Japanese informant to give up important info. When the Japanese take back the village, their leader uses Langford’s war-hardened methods to get information from the British. – Burma Movies

9. Beyond Rangoon (1995)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: John Boorman

After losing her husband and son in a tragic accident, Laura decides to take a break from her life and goes on vacation to Myanmar with her sister. Unfortunately, she loses her passport during a political rally, so she’s stuck alone for a few days.

During this time, she gets involved with some students who are fighting for democracy, and she and their leader U Aung Ko travel through Myanmar, seeing some of the country’s most brutal acts of oppression, to get to Thailand. It’s based on a true story. – Burma Movies

10. Objective, Burma! (1945)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Raoul Walsh

A group of parachutists parachutes into Japanese-controlled Myanmar to locate and destroy a radar station, which they accomplished. However, upon attempting to meet at an abandoned airfield to be transported back to base, they are met by Japanese forces, forcing them to make a long and arduous trek through enemy-controlled jungle terrain. – Burma Movies

11. Merrill’s Marauders (1962)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Samuel Fuller

General Frank D. Merrill, commander of the 3,000-strong American Provisional Force, known as Merrill’s Marauders, is leading an assault of 3,000 volunteers behind the Japanese lines across Myanmar’s Myitkyina Plain, pushing beyond the Japanese lines and engaging in pitched battles at each strong-point.– Burma Movies

12. The Only Mom (2019)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Chatchai Katenut

A family moves away from their hometown to bring up their autistic daughter in peace. The new colonial-style house is filled with old photos taken with a wet-glass technique. The girl starts to change, sleeping during the day and waking up at night.

Her emotional daughter turns into a sweet and polite little girl, and the mom feels like she’s become a perfect mother for the first time in her life. The house gets more and more strange every day, and a mystery that’s been going on for decades remains unresolved. – Burma Movies

13. Escape to Burma (1955)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Allan Dwan

The local prince has been killed in British Burma, and it looks like it was Jim Brecan’s prospecting partner who did it. The grieving dad wants Brecan to be put down without a second thought, but the colonial police want to get him first so they can do a thorough investigation. Meanwhile, Jim Brecan hides out on Gwen Moore’s teak plantation, where he falls in love with her and soon becomes indispensable to her. – Burma Movies

14. Golden Kingdom (2015)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Brian Perkins

Set in the jungles of Myanmar, the monastery is a peaceful place for four young monks to live out their lives. But one day, Sayadaw finds out he has to leave on a mission through the mountain pass, a journey that might never return.

All alone and unprotected, the four boys, led by Ko Jin Witazara, have to take care of themselves. The strange days filled with strange things and unexpected events shake the boys up, changing their way of looking at the world and the world around them. Witazara has to decide if he wants to follow his master into the past. – Burma Movies

15. The Road to Mandalay (2016)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Midi Z

The story follows two individuals who come together through the act of smuggling themselves into Thailand, where they find employment as dishwashers in a restaurant. At the same time, Guo works at a textile factory located on the outskirts of the city.

Despite their differences, Guo has a strong fondness for the latter, who is focused solely on obtaining the Thai identity card. Despite their conflicting personalities, it appears that the two are destined to be together. However, when Guo manages to acquire the identity card, their union is cut short. – Burma Movies


16. The Legend of Suriyothai (2001)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Chatrichalerm Yukol

This movie follows the story of Suriyothaya, the princess, from the time she was 15 years old. She goes through a lot of milestones in her life, like falling in love and forming an attachment, getting married, moving to the capital, living in court, dealing with politics, and making sure she has enough food to maintain her royal status. – Burma Movies

17. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: David Lean

During World War II, Japanese prisoners of war in an internment camp in Burma were ordered to construct a bridge to connect the Burmese-Siam Railway. The prisoners’ first reaction is to attempt sabotage, however, under the guidance of Colonel Nicholson, they are convinced that the bridge is necessary to improve morale and morale-building. Initially, the prisoners praise Nicholson for his courage in enduring torture rather than compromising his principles in the service of Japanese Commander Colonel Saito. However, they soon come to realize that the bridge is not only a tribute to Nicholson but also a form of cooperation with the enemy. – Burma Movies

18. The Battle for Ramree Island (2021)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Steven Lawson

The story follows a group of soldiers who are on the hunt for a Japanese ammo cache when they come face-to-face with some deadly saltwater Crocodiles in the marshes of Ramree Island. It’s based on real-life events that happened during World War II. – Burma Movies

19. Shwe Kyar (2018)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Wyne

Hatoe Theik is a documentary filmmaker who is making a film about the underground prostitution industry in Myanmar. He meets his childhood friend Shwe Kyar and both of them are so drastically changed that they don’t even realize it. Thatoe’s goal is to spread awareness about the dangers of sex work and how it can lead to social stigma.

His goal is for the government to register sex workers and protect them with official employment rights. The story follows Shwe Kyar as he struggles to understand the risks that sex workers and their families face. The movie was nominated for awards at the Myanmar Academy Awards 2019, including Best Film, Best Script, Best Actress, and Best Editing. – Burma Movies

20. From Bangkok to Mandalay (2016)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Chatchai Katenut

A man in Myanmar sends ten letters to a woman in Thailand, expressing his love and affection for her. However, the letters remain unopened for fifty years. One day, the woman’s granddaughter receives the letters and is asked to read each letter from the original location. This is the beginning of a captivating love story. – Burma Movies

21. Burma (2014)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Dharani Dharan

The movie takes place in the North Madras area, where a Settu used to hire Guna to seize cars for him. But then he gets set up by Burma, played by Michael Thangadurai. He’s got the help of Kalpana, played by Reshmi Menon, and Boomer, played by Karthik Sabesh.

Their goal is to take away 28 cars for the Settu and get the money so that he can get Kalpana to marry him. Then, a gang of thieves led by the lady killer gets involved, resulting in a chase, kidnapping, double-crossing, and even murder. – Burma Movies

22. Francis (1950)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Arthur Lubin

Stirling, the true soldier, couldn’t lie about the source of his information. Francis, the talking army mule, was the only one he could trust. Everyone treated him like a fool, and he ended up in one hilarious situation after another, where Francis was the only one who came back to his senses. In the middle of it all, Francis helped expose a spy named Maureen, who was pretending to be lost in the jungle. – Burma Movies

23. Bang Rajan (2000)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Tanit Jitnukul

Bang Rajan is set just before the fall of Ayuttaya, Thailand’s ancient capital. It’s based on the story of a village of warriors who stood their ground against the Burmese invasion. Without any help from the Royal Army, the villagers fought the Burmese off multiple times until their names became famous. As the battles got more intense, the villagers tried to make a cannon to fight the Burmese in one last battle, where everyone, including women and children, died in the end. – Burma Movies

24. Flying Tigers (1942)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: David Miller

Jim Gordon is the commanding officer of a unit of the renowned Flying Tigers, an American Volunteer Group that fought against the Japanese in China before the United States entered into the Second World War.

Gordon must lead his small force of fighter pilots against insurmountable odds while managing the individual personalities and issues of his flight crew, particularly that of Woody Jason, a reckless aviator who seeks not only to fight a single-man war but to seduce Gordon’s girlfriend. – Burma Movies

25. Hard Target 2 (2016)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Roel Reiné

In “The Prisoner”, Scott Adkins portrays a retired mixed martial artist, Wes ‘The Jailor’ Baylor, who is presented with a million-dollar purse for his final fight in Myanmar. Upon arriving for the match, he is ambushed by a group of heavily armed individuals who have paid him a large sum of money.

With only a water bottle and a money belt filled with rubies, Wes must maneuver his way through the jungle to survive. As he does so, the hunt for his life intensifies, and the hunter becomes the hunted. – Burma Movies

26. The Long and the Short and the Tall (1961)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Leslie Norman

The story follows a group of British soldiers who are sent into the jungle to capture jungle sounds and troop sounds so that other troops can play them back to draw the enemy’s attention to their location. As they advance to what they believe to be closer to base camp, they find themselves further and further away from radio contact, until they are only able to receive a Japanese broadcast channel.

By this time, they realize that they are likely only 10-15 miles away from the Japanese camp. The situation is further strained by the presence of the irascible and openly hostile Private Bamforth, who has no kind words for anyone, and Corporal Johnston, who has the same attitude towards Bamforth. When one of the Japanese soldiers is captured, the true nature of each man is revealed. – Burma Movies

27. Mudras Calling (2018)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Christina Kyi

Narrator: Jaden, an American-born and raised music student, journeys through the hustle and bustle of Yangon to conduct research on traditional Burmese music for his thesis. His journey is accompanied by his guide, a stunningly beautiful and self-possessed Burmese dance dancer, Hinn Thuzar. As Jaden seeks to locate his biological parents, his journey with Hinn takes on a whole new meaning.

As they become acquainted, their cultural differences become more evident, but it only takes a tragic incident to make Jaden realize that he is in love with Hinn. As he is captivated by her beauty, strength, and self-assurance, his life is suddenly thrown into disarray. The film, directed by Christine Kyi, is a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery, as well as a personal journey of birth roots.

As Jaden journeys through Myanmar, captivated by its ancient culture and the deep-rooted beliefs of its numerous ethnic groups, he uncovers a series of truths about himself and his surroundings. While his exploration of the country prompts him to challenge his preconceived notions of the world, Hnin struggles to survive after sustaining a devastating injury. By rescuing her, Jaden can protect himself.

Whether or not they can come to terms with their differences remains an open question. However, the title’s hand gestures, which appeal to Buddha, appear to be a sign to Jaden to return to Myanmar. As the story progresses through the lives of the medicine man and the musicians, we journey in our journey through the long-hidden history of this nation. – Burma Movies

28. Bridge of Clouds (2018)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Aw Ra Tha

Pann was a doctor working at a government-run hospital in a tiny town in Shan State. One night, an unidentified patient came to the hospital after being seriously hurt by hail and suffering from malaria. The patient had no memory of who he was, so the hospital staff decided to name him That Tant, which means “rainbow in Burmese”.

Because he had forgotten where he had come from, he stayed at the hospital to help out patients and the community. Now that time has passed, Tant has grown attached to the city he lives in. At a local traditional festival, one of the tourists snapped a photo of him dancing at the festival and posted it on social media. May, a friend of That Tant’s who lives in Australia, found the photo and decided to travel to Myanmar to look for him. – Burma Movies

29. Clinging with Hate (2018)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Soe Htut

The young couple must come to terms with their hatred or be consumed by it when the ghosts of their tormentors appear to them in the form of their newborn twins. – Burma Movies

30. The Days of Nick Drake (2002)

Top 30 Best Burma Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jeroen Berkvens

This study provides a comprehensive overview of Nick Drake’s life from birth in Burma to his death at the age of 26. Through the narrative of his older sister Gabrielle, we can gain insight into the life of Drake, his parents, his habits, and his personality. Additionally, interviews with two friends and the producers, arrangers, sound engineers, and photographers of three of Drake’s albums are included.

Early influences include his mother, who is both a musician and a poet. Despite his success, Drake’s quiet folk style proved to be a disaster, leading to his gradual withdrawal from the music industry and his untimely death. Eleven of Drake’s recordings are featured in the soundtrack, typically as images of his room, city, or rural landscape. – Burma Movies