The 50 Best Iranian Movies You Should Watch

The 50 Best Iranian Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Iranian Movies. These Iranian Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Iranian Movies

1. A Separation (2011)

Iranian Movies

Director: Asghar Farhadi

An Iranian couple must make a difficult choice: Simin wishes to move the family abroad to improve the prospects for their only daughter, Termeh. But Nader is adamant on staying in Iran to care for his father, who has Alzheimer’s. The couple’s only option after their dispute is to get divorced. But they might not have anticipated the full extent of the effect.

After Simin, his wife, leaves him, Nader employs Razieh, a young woman, to care for his ailing father Ali-Asghar Shahbazi. He is unaware that his new maid is both pregnant and working against the will of her unstable husband Hosseini. Nader soon finds himself caught up in a labyrinth of falsehoods, deception, and public disputes. – Iranian Movies

2. The Lizard (2004)

Iranian Movies

Director: Kamal Tabrizi

Although you would assume I’m biased because I’m Iranian and this was by much one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, We have been brought up in the USA. The movie was a comedy, and while it was funny, I believe that it depicted important aspects of Iranian culture, faith, and decency well.

I’ve watched this movie more than five times, and each time, the profound intricacies and poignant inspiration renew my spirit. The archaic outlook of mullahs and the worldwide spirit of being a real believer are both depicted in this film in a great way. – Iranian Movies

3. Snowman (1995)

Iranian Movies

Director: Davood Mir-Bagheri

Abbas, a middle-aged guy who longs to come to the United States from Iran, is in severe need of a visa. To lure an American male and enter the country, the man starts dressed as a woman out of desperation.

Abbas becomes Dorna by altering his clothes and donning makeup, but as things go on and the situations get trickier, Abbas starts to have second thoughts. Davood Mirbagheri’s “Snow Man,” which combines comedy, drama, and romance, has gone on to rank among the highest-grossing Iranian movies of all time. – Iranian Movies

4. Turtles Can Fly (2004)

Iranian Movies

Director: Bahman Ghobadi

The young man Satellite is in charge of the children at the Kurds refugee camp at the border between Turkey and Iraq. He instructs them to remove and gather American minefields that haven’t detonated from the fields so they may sell them in the open market, and he also installs antennae to notify the villagers.

He travels with the local chief to buy an aerial antenna to learn the latest information about the impending American invasion, but no one speaks English, so a satellite with a limited vocabulary is tasked with translating Fox News.

Satellite develops a deep affection for Egrin when the orphans Agrin, her armless brother Hengov, and the blind child Riga arrive at the colony from Halabcheh. The girl was raped and her parents were slain during a violent raid on her home, which left her scarred. Her brother Hengov disagrees with her desire to leave Riga behind to travel to a different location with him. – Iranian Movies

5. Law of Tehran (2019)

Iranian Movies

Director: Saeed Roustayi

In this suspenseful thriller, investigator Samad Payman Maadi embarks on a relentless search for drug lord Nasser in the hopes that Nasser’s capture will help stem the city’s spiraling drug addiction crisis.

Samad can’t trust anyone since his search for Nasser takes him down a path filled with deception and shifting morality. A drug kingpin named Naser Khakzad is the target of the police, yet when they eventually manage to apprehend him, he makes no effort to get away and protect his family. – Iranian Movies

6. Life and a Day (2016)

Iranian Movies

Director: Saeed Roustayi

The detailed depiction of a poor family’s life in Tehran in the days leading up to the youngest daughter’s departure to begin her marriage to an allegedly wealthy Afghan.

While everyone in the family is concerned about the stability of the marriage, she is also dealing with a host of other problems, such as a foolish mother who is seriously ill, a drug-abusing brother, an obsessive-compulsive sister, a reasonably intelligent teenage cousin who is being destroyed by his surroundings, and a cunning the oldest brother who needs money. Somayeh is lost for words.

Her main aim is to leave her family and pursue her dreams, but she is held back by her brother’s great intelligence and her ill mother’s devotion. She is one day introduced to an Afghan man by her older brother Morteza who intends to marry her to take her to Afghanistan.

She takes the offer against her better judgment but is affected by a brother’s concern and sees it mostly as a way to get away from her family. Then, just before the wedding, she finds out the marriage proposal’s secret face. – Iranian Movies

7. The Glass Agency (1998)

Iranian Movies

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

The Glass Agency tells the tale of a soldier of war who lives in post-conflict Iran. It features veterans who are dealing with societal issues following the war. They are misunderstood by society, and the accepted societal conventions clash with their unique personalities. – Iranian Movies

8. Sheeple (2018)

Iranian Movies

Director: Houman Seyyedi

The tale of a drug trafficking organization in Tehran’s south that has taken in a large number of street children and orphans. The group is being led by brothers Shahin and Shakoor, but when it falls apart, it puts their loved ones and their lives in danger.

Although two brothers are manufacturing drug crystals in a secret facility in the middle of an urban jungle, they do care about their community’s reputation. Their sister’s phone’s mobile film starts spreading all around at once, which results in some bizarre situations. – Iranian Movies

9. The Warden (2019)

Iranian Movies

Director: Nima Javidi

Because of its proximity to that city’s emerging airport, a former prison in the southeast had been evacuated in 1967. The prison’s commanding commander, Major Nemat Jahed, is escorting the inmates to the new facility with the assistance of his policemen, and the major as well as his soldiers are expected to depart the facility by sunset.

Jahed’s supervisor, Colonel Modaber, visits him in bars and informs him that Jahed is being promoted and will take over as his successor. Jahed, delighted to hear the news, learns via the phone that one of the inmates, Ahmed, also known as “the Indian,” was not with the other inmates. Jahed is assured by further investigations that the Indian is in custody and hidden somewhere.

Susan Karimi, a jail warden, visited Jahed at the same time and informed them that the Indian sentencing had suddenly changed from prison to death. Jahed explores the entire prison using his troops to discover the Indians as he fears that his promotion is in peril. Jahed, meanwhile, develops feelings for one of the females who aids the captives. – Iranian Movies

10. I’m Taraneh, 15 (2002)

Iranian Movies

Director: Rasoul Sadrameli

Young Taraneh, 15, whose bereaved father is incarcerated, rejects carpet salesman Amir’s advances until Amir’s mother persuades Taraneh to accept Amir’s marriage proposal. The pair separates after realizing they are incompatible after only four months, and Amir returns to Germany. When Taraneh learns she is pregnant, she resolves to retain the child in spite of all advice and strong social pressure. – Iranian Movies

11. About Elly (2009)

Iranian Movies

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Elly, who teaches kindergarten for Sepideh’s child, is invited together with her other friend, Ahmad, who has just returned from Germany, for a picnic with other former university friends and their families at the Caspian Seashore. Elly hesitates before saying yes, but she eventually agrees. Both a boy and Elly go missing during the picnic. Friends from the middle class went from Tehran to the coast for the weekend.

Sepideh arranges for the three families to go together so that Elly, the teacher of her daughter, can meet their recently divorced friend Ahmad, who now resides in Germany. The following morning, as the two ladies are out shopping, Elly claims she has to fly back to Tehran because her mother has just had heart surgery, but Sepideh implores her to stay and hides her baggage. One mother begs Elly to keep an eye on the kids while they play in the water. Unexpectedly, Sepideh’s daughter asks some volleyball-playing males to save one of the kids from the ocean. – Iranian Movies

12. The Third Day (2007)

Iranian Movies

Director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi

A crippled young woman is captured by Iraqi Baathist soldiers in Khuzestan Province southern Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. Together with his fellow soldiers, her brother attempts to rescue his sister out of the enemy’s grasp. – Iranian Movies

13. Low Heights (2002)

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

A married couple devises a scheme to take over a plane and divert it to Dubai in this thrilling action thriller to flee their native nation. Despite their best efforts, things on the plane do not turn out as planned, forcing the pair to improvise.

Low Heights, a no-holds-barred roller ride at three million feet that was boldly released in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, is a must-see for action movie aficionados. A war refugee with financial difficulties named Ghasem kidnaps a domestic flight in Iran. He is willing to go to any length for his loved ones and is looking for a better place to live. – Iranian Movies

14. Under the Skin of the City (2001)

Iranian Movies

Director: Rakhshan Banietemad

The movie is a priceless visual commentary on contemporary society focusing on one Iranian couple in their never-ending battle to maintain their emotional and financial stability. Touba struggles to make ends meet by working long hours at a textile factory.

She then comes home at night to deal with her family’s problems, including her pregnant granddaughter who frequently endures abuse from her violent husband, a son involved in violent politics, and a second son who wants to flee to Japan. Touba and her family have come to stand in for the plight of those who work in contemporary Tehran in their struggle for self-determination and freedom. – Iranian Movies

15. Leily Is with Me (1996)

Iranian Movies

Director: Kamal Tabrizi

A television cinematographer during the Iran-Iraq War is having financial difficulties and needs a loan from the TV to finish his half-built apartment. One of his coworkers suggests that he go to the war zone under the guise of making a program about the Iraqi captives to accompany another man who is very powerful in the TV treasury and take his loan more easily. Although he doesn’t want to enter the firing line, his sanctimonious attitude directs him to everything more valuable than the goal of his voyage. – Iranian Movies

16. Children of Heaven (1997)

Iranian Movies

Director: Majid Majidi

While shopping for groceries, Ali gets a call to fix his sister Zohra’s torn sneakers. When the garbage guy takes them, a remorseful Ali apologizes and offers to trade his shoes with the woman. So Zohra finds himself wearing shoes to school in the morning and then rushing back to get them on for afternoon class. He even hands her a pen which he won from his teacher for finishing first in the class to appease her.

With the arrival of an additional kid, the couple faces financial difficulties. Their papa, who is in arrears on his rent, helps Ali with the gardening and wants her to become a gardener. Given the deteriorating state of the economy, Ali, Zahra’s older brother, lost her shoes, which are now missing. They don’t have any shoes for Zahra because they are poor, so they decide to share Ali’s pair instead. – Iranian Movies

17. I Am a Mother (2012)

Iranian Movies

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani

In “I Am a Mother,” a young mother named Nahid confesses to killing Saeed, the perpetrator of her daughter’s rape, to protect her from the law equivalent to retribution known as visas. Nahid considers what sacrifices she has made for her kid, a choice she says any mother would make, as Saeed’s relatives call for the death penalty and close families argue in the courtroom. – Iranian Movies

18. Here Without Me (2011)

Iranian Movies

Director: Bahram Tavakoli

This modern Iranian rendition of Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” illustrates the conflict between Tehran’s aspirations and the harsh realities of everyday existence. Ehsan struggles as a writer to support himself.

With his problematic family, which includes his crippled sister Yalda and his anxious, overworked mother Farideh, surrounding him, Ehsan regularly wants to escape his cramped existence by traveling to the movies, where he may fantasize his gloom into happiness.

A thin thread of optimism about a better future holds his family together while each member pursues their own goals. – Iranian Movies

19. The Music Man (2007)

Iranian Movies

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

Ali is the son of a wealthy family who plays the santoor, an Iranian instrument similar to the dulcimer, and has established a reputation via his performances and music instruction. However, his family rejects him due to this occupation, which they loathe. He develops feelings for one of his music students, but after a brief period of happiness, life starts to treat him differently. In addition, his addiction causes him pain in the final days before his redemption. – Iranian Movies

20. The Cow (1969)

Iranian Movies

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

The narrative opens by portraying the tight bond between Masht Hassan, a middle-aged Iranian villager, and his cherished cow. Hassan got married but doesn’t have any kids. The only thing he values highly is a cow, which is the lone cow in the entire community. The expectant cow is discovered dead in the barn when Hasan must leave the hamlet for a short period.

Because they are afraid of Hassan’s response, the villagers hide the body and inform him when he returns that a cow has escaped. After having an anxiety attack and having a tough time dealing with the passing away of his prized cow and other livestock which damages his social standing in the community, Hassan progressively loses his mind and thinks he is the cause of everything. – Iranian Movies

21. Hamoun (1990)

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

Seven years have passed since the middle-class Hamid Hamoun wed the painter Mahshid. Mahshid, however, is becoming more and more irritated by their existence and believes Hamid is preventing her from being truly creative.

Along with his attempt to finish his Ph.., Hamid fights to accept her request for a divorce. Hamid attempts to reconstruct what went wrong through a series of scenes from dreams that are reminiscent of Fellini’s films. This gripping movie, hailed as Dariush, on Mehrjui’s best work since “The Cow,” employs subtle comedy to tell the tale of one man’s tragic loss. – Iranian Movies

22. The Scent of Joseph’s Shirt (1995)

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

Taxi driver Ghafoor’s son claims to have been slain in battle, but he doesn’t believe him. He continues to wait for his cherished son Yousef even though all the evidence indicates that he is killed and everyone believes this to be the case. Then, one day, Shirin, a mysterious woman, approaches Ghafoor at the airport. – Iranian Movies

23. The Past (2013)

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Iranian man Ahmad travels to Paris four years after their separation to complete the divorce process and to reunite with his ex-wife and their daughters from a previous union. He observes that his ex is seeing an Arab man by the name of Amir who also has an infant and an unconscious wife. Because the older daughter believes her mother is to blame for Samir’s wife’s vegetative state, their connection is deteriorating. The affairs become more difficult when the younger daughter admits to a terrible act she committed. – Iranian Movies

24. Mother (1990)

Director: Ali Hatami

The two independent but interconnected sequences of events drive the plot forward in the movie. In the first season, young family members congregate around their elderly mother to relive their shared early years. The second sentence describes the elderly woman’s arrangements for her last voyage and her joyful assistance in setting up the rituals that would be performed after her passing. – Iranian Movies

25. The Tenants (1987)

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

A handful of tenants in the film experience a multitude of issues with their residences, which are nearly entirely set in a condominium complex on the outer limits of Tehran. Abbas, the building’s owner, is negligent and neglects to care for the property.

As the tenants try to overcome setback after setback, what starts as a few seeps and cracks on occasion becomes a contest of life and death. A disagreement over who would inherit the building, fostered somewhat by the cunning Quolam, further complicates matters. a vivid depiction of anarchy in the home. – Iranian Movies


26. Gold and Copper (2010)

Director: Homayoon Ass’adian

In this heartfelt melodrama, a mullah-in-training strives to care for his ill wife Fatima, and their kids. The remarkable story of a guy being made to be a better husband and child humanizes Iran’s Muslim clerics. Seyed recently relocated to Tehran without his family to pursue his education, and he depends on his partner to handle everything else. When Zahra is found to have a paralyzing condition that progresses, their lives are drastically altered. – Iranian Movies

27. Desiderium (1978)

Director: Ali Hatami

Desiderium poetically depicts the misguided relationships of three brothers: Unaware that Aghdas is a prostitute whom his older brother Habib hired to entertain him, Majid, the younger disabled brother with a disfigured head, falls in a passionate relationship with her.

The middle brother, Karim, is so enamored with a quail that he hardly pays attention to his wife or her feelings. Habib is in a passionate relationship with Foroogh, a seamstress woman who resides with them, but he is unable to return her love because of his duty to Majid. – Iranian Movies

28. Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989)

Director: Bahram Beyzaie

Amid the bloody Iran-Iraq War in 1987, a young kid named Bashu lost both his home and his entire family. He snuck onto a truck that was leaving the area out of fear. In the Northern region of this nation, where the language and terrain are both different, he steps off the truck. During her husband’s absence, Naii, who strives to raise his two young kids on a farm, is introduced to him. Despite their language barrier and cultural differences, Bashu and Naii gradually forged a close relationship. – Iranian Movies

29. Midday Adventures (2017)

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian

The plot centers on the Human Mujahedin of Iran group’s terrorism in 1981. Tensions rose sharply following the Iranian parliament’s removal of President Bani-Sadr. Terrorist organizations started assassinating Iranian officials.

These terrorists were being pursued by the Iranian government and their revolutionary guards for possible arrest. A teenage member of the Democratic army and a woman associated with terrorist organizations are known to one another in the meantime. They were college classmates. – Iranian Movies

30. Midday Event: Trace of Blood (2019)

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian

Before Iran and Iraq’s battle is over, the Iranians learn that Mojahedin militants have been keeping tabs on them and planning an attack on Iran. Before the start of their mission, they discreetly dispatch two special operatives to kill Abbas Zaribaf, the head of the Mojahedin. – Iranian Movies

31. The Salesman (2016)

Director: Asghar Farhadi

As actors practicing for the film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman,” Ranaa must Emad, an Iranian couple, are forced to leave their disintegrating home and rent a new flat from one another fellow actor.

They settle in without realizing that their previous landlord had been a disreputable woman with numerous clients. The couple’s idyllic life is turned upside down when another of the clients unexpectedly visits the place one night after Ranaa is by herself in the house taking a bath. – Iranian Movies

32. Ice Age (2015)

Director: Mostafa Kiaei

The story of addiction and betrayal in the Ice Era is gripping. Babak and Manizheh are facing the most difficult situation of their lives in the tenth decade of their marriage. Babak is required to work endless hours to help them when they experience financial difficulties. This just serves to drive them apart, and a betrayal of love results in drug addiction and psychological collapse.

Will the pair be able to escape the ruinous labyrinth they are in? In this suspenseful thriller, Farhad Aslani and Mahtab Keramati are the leads. The hardest struggle of their lives awaits Babak and Manizheh in their tenth year of marriage. Babak works extremely hard as a result of his terrible financial circumstances and social situation, which causes a significant rift between him and his wife. – Iranian Movies

33. Bodyguard (2016)

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

The chief of the security detail runs into a suicide bomber while providing security for a powerful politician. The threat is ultimately neutralized, but not before forcing him to consider the consequences of the incident on both a personal and professional level. ‘Bodyguard’ by renowned director Ebrahim Hatamikia offers a gripping and captivating story. – Iranian Movies

34. When the Moon Was Full (2019)

Director: Narges Abyar

Abdolhamid meets Faezeh at the market and develops feelings for her. They get married and start a life. Faezeh eventually learns that Abdolhamid’s family is engaging in criminal activity in the region of Sistan and Baluchestan. Faezeh decides to go with their spouse to Pakistan, but there they encounter terrorist Abdolmalek Rigi, Abdolhamid’s brother. – Iranian Movies

35. A Cube of Sugar (2011)

Director: Reza Mirkarimi

An entire family is continuously making wedding preparations at a traditional ancient mansion that features a fragrant tree-shaded inner yard situated on the outskirts of contemporary Iran. The youngest member of the family, Pasandideh, the bright-eyed bride-to-be, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her elder sisters since her wedding to the grandson of a kind family is a wonderful chance for a wonderful reunion. Everything will eventually be prepared for the joyful event amid meticulous bridal preparations, an unexpected but thrilling treasure hunt, and fascinating ghost stories. – Iranian Movies

36. The Deer (1974)

Director: Masud Kimiai

A thief who has been injured by the police hunts up his old acquaintance and takes the money he stole from his heist with him. In contrast, he discovers that his pal is a drug user. He stays behind to assist his friend in breaking the habit, but they wind up getting involved in a firefight with the police.

The Lion is a classic Kimiai story about loyalty and friendship. The ultimate test of their connection comes when a good man in difficult circumstances meets his former protégé. – Iranian Movies

37. A House Built on Water (2002)

Director: Bahman Farmanara

An angel was struck by Dr. Sepidbakht’s car one night when he was driving, and when he touched the angel’s fingers, his hand was severely damaged. His life is plagued by several issues, which are revealed as the novel progresses. His previous connections with a few of his female coworkers, his elderly father, his drug-addicted son who recently returned from the West, and some unidentified individuals who are pursuing him and want to kill him. – Iranian Movies

38. Hush! Girls Don’t Scream (2013)

Director: Pouran Derakhshandeh

Shirin, a young bride-to-be, murders a guy hours before her wedding is set to take place. The crime is wholly unanticipated and contradicts everything we know about the victim. Shirin’s two failed marriage attempts and her severe psychological problems are revealed to us.

But as her past’s sinister secrets gradually come to light, exposing a neglected, abused, and tragic story of two prior divorces that failed, the characters are forced to confront their conflicts with justice, vengeance, and morality. She Tannaz Tabatabayi has attempted marriage twice without success.

She experiences a psychiatric crisis during her third engagement and attempts to overcome it by thinking back on her darkest childhood memories. When a person who her mother’s boyfriend bullied and degraded her. – Iranian Movies

39. The Last Supper (2002)

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani

The well-known university professor Mrs. Mashreghi and her spouse have separated. She initially enjoys a happy life until one of her students, who is almost her daughter’s age, falls into a relationship with her. This love is wholly disapproved of by society. – Iranian Movies

40. Bomb: A Love Story (2018)

Director: Payman Maadi

At the pinnacle of Tehran’s bombing campaign and in the course of the Iran-Iraq conflict, time passes in horror. However, in the language of the living, love is frequently ambiguous and death is an indisputable question, leaving the tangible terror of death abandoned. “Bomb: A Romance Story” presents a hopeful life rather than utter death. – Iranian Movies

41. The Painting Pool (2013)

Director: Maziar Miri

The married pair Reza and Maryam both have severe learning problems. When their son’s schoolwork begins to exceed their capabilities, he becomes irate with them and, after a contentious dispute, flees the house.

In this heartbreaking examination of familial and romantic relationships that counterbalances its most terrible parts with warmth and humor, Maryam and Reza continue to struggle with jobs, money, and heartache.

The Painting Pool is a charming, heartbreaking, and original film that manages to address a subject frequently ignored by moviegoers with compassion and sincerity. – Iranian Movies

42. From Karkheh to Rhein (1993)

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

Young veteran Saeed is transferred to Berlin for treatment and recovery because he has visual issues as a result of wounds he got during the Iran-Iraq War. Once there, he meets alongside his sister Leyla, who is now a German citizen and has a husband. While Saeed gets ready for a procedure that may alter his life, both brothers struggle to stay in touch in a strange country.

A heartbreaking investigation of the terrible effects of war. Saeed is transported to Germany for medical care because of the injuries he sustained during the Iran-Iraq War. He sees his sister with her German spouse in Germany. Saeed and his sister, who haven’t interacted in a long time, attempt to rebuild the tight bond they formerly shared. – Iranian Movies

43. No Men Allowed (2011)

Director: Rambod Javan

Ms. Darabi is compelled to break her longstanding rule of preventing men from teaching in the school and grudgingly appoints the inept Mr. Jebeli to train her finest and greatest for the next chemistry Olympiad. She has no idea, however, that all of her pupils, led by the confident Paria, have a scheme to make her fall into infatuation with him. No Men Allowed is a hysterically rollicking rom-com that will keep you going back for more due to the sharp dialogue and outrageous shenanigans. – Iranian Movies

44. Fireworks Wednesday (2006)

Director: Asghar Farhadi

A wife who suspects her husband of being unfaithful hires Roohi, a young woman hired by an agency to clean the house, the day before their vacation to Dubai. She instructs Roohi to set up an appointment at the salon of the woman she thinks is responsible and collect information there. Roohi is engaged and unaffected by marital strife.

She interacts with the couple, their little kid, the wife’s sister, her husband, the beautician, and all of them throughout the day in a succession of conversations, arguments, and deceptions. – Iranian Movies

45. Lottery (2018)

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian

While their families disagree with them, Amir Ali and Nooshin are two passionate young people who are affectionate and desire to get married. They both share the same dream: winning the lottery, obtaining a green card, and moving to the United States. – Iranian Movies

46. The White Balloon (1995)

Director: Jafar Panahi

Instead of the slim goldfish in her family’s pond within the house, Razieh prefers a big zebrafish for the Iranian year-end celebration because the latter appears to be dancing while swimming. She or her brother eventually persuaded their parent to give him her last piece of money after several failed attempts. Razieh loses cash traveling between their house and the fish market. She locates it, but it beckons her just out of reach. – Iranian Movies

47. City of Mice 2 (2014)

Director: Marzieh Boroomand

This is the traditional story of the county mouse, who is content in the basic life of the countryside until his city-dwelling cousin arrives to visit and extols the glories of the city. The visiting country mouse finds things such as elevators, lighting systems, and enormous dinners.

The rural mouse, however, realizes that although the city is bustling and full of brilliant lights, he loves his tranquil existence in the country if they are both pursued by an urban pet, in the present instance a little dog. Happily, the book finishes with a picture of a metropolitan mouse dozing off inside a pricey wheel of cheese.

This book is notable because of the graphics in it. When capturing the splendor of the landscape and country life, Ward takes great care. She transitions between the apple tree being adorned with pink petals and being robust with juicy fruit. The two mice are depicted without any anthropomorphic flourishes or little clothing. These two, though, are two svelte, lifelike animals.

The illustrations are magnificent, lavish, and opulent. They welcome you to discover the splendor of the city and the area. They invite you into the warm rural mouse’s winter nest. They linger among the numerous petals that dot the rural setting. – Iranian Movies

48. Killing Mad Dogs (2001)

Director: Bahram Beyzaie

Iranian novelist Golrokh tries to pay off the debts that her seemingly disloyal but devoted husband incurred as a result of his business partner’s actions and leaving them to deal with the consequences. She undergoes a horrific ordeal that destroys her self-respect and honor in an attempt to revive her spouse who is hiding, only to discover a tragic truth about her husband. In Iran, when the post-revolutionary fury is at its height, a woman makes an independent effort to pay off her mysterious husband’s debts to keep him out of jail. – Iranian Movies

49. Two Women (1999)

Director: Tahmineh Milani

Two Women, which became a sensation in Iran after its 1999 release, follows the lives of two bright architecture students during the volatile initial stages of the Islamic Republic.

The incorporation of frank representations of domestic assault was welcomed by many as an important development in dealing with a long-taboo subject.

Tahimine Milani paints this cruel portrait of outdated traditions – assisted by official disregard – which combine to trap women and prevent them from achieving their full potential. – Iranian Movies

50. Red (1999)

Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani

As the movie’s name implies, “Red” is a story of tension, bloodshed, crime, and desire. The events leading up to a sour marriage’s collapse are the main subject of the movie. However, the separation heralds the start of a bloody conflict between both former lovers.

Husband Nasser, a mentally unstable and dangerously careless young guy, willfully assaulted his ex-wife Hasti and anybody else who dared to stand in his way. ‘Red’ is a picture of the dreadful effects of lunacy and is accompanied by the couple’s song. – Iranian Movies