Top 10 Greatest Reunion Island Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Reunion Island Movies of All Time. You should check out these Reunion Island Movies. These Reunion Island Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Reunion Island Movies

1. Dumped (2018)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Éloïse Lang

Rose and Alice, two sisters with contrasting personalities, have embarked on a mission to uplift their mother, Françoise, who is currently grappling with the aftermath of a heart-wrenching breakup.

While Rose is known for her carefree and vivacious nature, Alice is a responsible and nurturing mother of two. Despite their differences, the sisters are united in their desire to help their mother recover from the emotional turmoil she is experiencing.

To this end, they have decided to take her on a rejuvenating vacation to an all-inclusive resort on the picturesque island of Réunion. Their ultimate goal is to boost Françoise’s spirits and encourage her to re-enter the dating scene. – Reunion Island Movies

2. The Wild Boys (2017)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Bertrand Mandico

In the early 20th century, on the island of La Réunion, five adolescent boys from respectable families, with a passion for the arts and a fascination with the occult, engage in criminal and transgressive behavior.

With the assistance of Trevor, a deity of chaos, they commit a brutal crime, resulting in their punishment of being forced to board a dilapidated sailboat with a captain determined to reform them.

Under the captain’s repressive methods, the boys become exhausted and plan to mutiny. Their destination is a supernatural island with lush vegetation and enchanting powers. – Reunion Island Movies

3. Darling Trap (2014)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Catherine Castel

The presiding judge of the family court, Clémence, cohabits with her partner Gabriel, whom she deeply adores. Despite her affection for him, she harbors feelings of jealousy and harbors suspicions of his infidelity. To verify his loyalty, she resolves to test his fidelity during their excursion to Reunion Island. – Reunion Island Movies

4. Le petit piaf (2021)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Gérard Jugnot

Nelson, a 10-year-old resident of Réunion Island, aspires to pursue a career in singing and participate in the renowned talent show, “Star Kids”. His friend, Mia, takes it upon herself to assist Nelson in finding a suitable coach for his musical journey.

After much deliberation, Mia manages to convince Pierre Leroy, a Parisian singer, to take on the role of Nelson’s coach. However, their relationship is fraught with tension and discord. Despite their shared passion for music, Pierre’s despondency and Nelson’s obstinacy prove to be a significant obstacle. – Reunion Island Movies

5. Mississippi Mermaid (1969)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: François Truffaut

Louis Mahé, the proprietor of a cigarette factory, engages in a correspondence with Julie Roussel, a woman he has never met. Upon Julie’s arrival on the island to marry Louis, he awaits her at the docks but fails to recognize her on the passenger vessel, as she appears vastly different from the picture she had sent him.

Despite this, they proceed with their nuptials, and Louis shares his bank accounts with her. However, when Julie’s sister writes to Louis requesting her sibling to correspond with her, he discovers that the woman he married is not Julie, who is missing.

Furthermore, he learns that the imposter has emptied his bank accounts and fled the island. Louis and Julie’s sister enlist the services of a proficient private detective, Comolli, and Louis embarks on a journey to France in search of the woman.

However, he suffers a nervous breakdown in Nice and is admitted to a clinic for intensive sleeping therapy. After his recovery, he discovers that the woman, Marion Vergano, is employed at the Phoenix Club Privé in Antibes and resides in the budget-friendly Monorail Hotel. – Reunion Island Movies


6. Les liaisons dangereuses (1959)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Roger Vadim

Valmont and Juliette are a married couple who engage in extramarital affairs with each other’s assistance. Juliette’s recent paramour, Court, terminates their relationship to pursue his intention of marrying the 16-year-old Cecile.

In retaliation, Juliette goads Valmont into seducing the innocent Cecile while she vacations at Megève ski resort. Despite being in love with a student named Danceny, Cecile is unable to marry him until he can provide for her.

During his holiday, Valmont encounters the charming and virtuous Marianne, a Danish national who is happily married to a young civil servant and has a young child. Valmont decides to pursue her, initially by being honest about his character and befriending her.

Valmont manages to seduce the inexperienced Cecile by blackmailing her. Cecile confesses to Juliette, who encourages her to continue seeing Valmont, which she does. Valmont then follows Marianne to Paris and successfully seduces her.

Eventually, Valmont falls in love with Marianne, and she prepares to leave her husband for him. Juliette becomes envious and sends Marianne a telegram, purportedly from Valmont, but with his reluctant consent, ending their relationship and claiming that the seduction was merely a game. – Reunion Island Movies

7. The Curse of the Volcano (2019)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Marwen Abdallah

Juliette Gentil, a police officer stationed in Dos d’Âne on Reunion Island, has been assigned to head the investigation into the mysterious death of the only inheritor to a well-known geranium plantation.

Although early evidence suggests an accidental death, Juliette discovers a complex network of family secrets and ancestral responsibilities that suggest otherwise.

To help her with the investigation, she is joined by Zaccharia “Zac” Bellême, a newly transferred police officer from mainland France who lacks experience in this area. – Reunion Island Movies

8. Objectif Lune (2017)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Jimmy Grassiant

In 1969, the French authorities facilitated the transfer of 12-year-old André from Reunion Island to France, to facilitate his adoption. He was placed with Jean, a solitary farmer residing in the rural countryside. However, it is important to note that André is not an orphan, as his mother eagerly awaits his return for the summer holidays, just beyond the moon. – Reunion Island Movies

9. Off Path (2017)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Sander Burger

This film is a compelling road movie that follows the journey of three backpacker friends in South America, who encounter a local prostitute along the way. – Reunion Island Movies

10. Kom Zot ni plus, ni moins (2017)

Reunion Island Movies

Director: Hédi Abidi

Luciano and his group, who are from Chaudron, the first housing project on Reunion Island, have arranged a concert to celebrate their 25-year journey in music. Their band, KOM ZOT, was formed during the violent riots that occurred in February 1991.

Through their music, they have persistently fought, protested, and resisted peacefully. They have also supported other artists, and the voices of Chaudron are filled with pride. As I watch them, I am struck by their unwavering determination and controlled power that highlight their strength and dignity. – Reunion Island Movies