The 10 Best Albanian TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Albanian TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Albanian TV Series. These Albanian TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Albanian TV Series

1. Gangs of London (TV Series 2020)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Corin Hardy

This narrative chronicles the disintegration of London due to the tumultuous power struggles among its global criminal factions, and the consequential power vacuum that ensues following the assassination of the leader of the city’s most influential criminal syndicate. – Albanian TV Series

2. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (TV Series 1983)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Roger Bamford

The narrative follows a group of British workmen as they embark on a series of adventures abroad, blending elements of both black and white humor with poignant moments of drama and drunkenness.

In the first season, the men journey to Germany in search of employment, bonding over their shared nationality and a dilapidated wooden hut. The plot delves into their relationships with women, Germans, and each other, as well as their efforts to pass the time, save money, and navigate the complexities of ordering food in a German curry house.

The season concludes with new employment regulations forcing some of the Brits to choose between returning home and continuing to indulge in their newfound pleasures abroad. Two years later, the gang reunites for a second season, during which they travel to Wolverhampton to rebuild both the “magnificent seven” and Barry’s home in preparation for his upcoming nuptials.

They are then offered a job at a Derbyshire stately home in need of refurbishment, where they encounter a cantankerous pub landlord, suspicious locals, an unsympathetic employer, and the Inland Revenue. Ultimately, they are dispatched to Spain as illegal workers for Tyneside criminal Ally Fraser, attracting unwanted attention from the tabloid press. – Albanian TV Series

3. Crazy, Confused, Normal (TV Series 2007)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Elmir Jukic

The premise of the show centers on comical scenarios that arise within the Fazlinovic family, spanning three generations, residing in a Sarajevo apartment. The patriarch of the family is Izet, who has a son named Faruk, and Faruk, in turn, has a son named Damir. – Albanian TV Series

4. Besa (TV Series 2018)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Dusan Lazarevic

Uros Peric is a proprietor of a small enterprise based in Belgrade. Regrettably, he was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in the demise of the daughter of an Albanian organized crime leader. To safeguard his family, he was coerced into engaging in criminal activities on behalf of the mafia. – Albanian TV Series

5. The Eagle (TV series)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Ørnen, an Icelandic inspector within the Danish police force, has been appointed as the chief constable of a newly established task force aimed at addressing international crime. Together with a team of skilled and diverse investigators, he adeptly manages intricate and high-stakes cases, utilizing all available resources to achieve successful outcomes. – Albanian TV Series


6. Prespav (TV Series 2016)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Igor Ivanov Izi

Prespav, a boardinghouse located in the Prespa region of Macedonia, serves as a symbolic representation of the genuine social progressions within the country, the inherent Balkan mindset, and the challenges faced by its characters, which they are unable to evade. – Albanian TV Series

7. Necista krv (TV Series 2021)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Goran Stankovic

This narrative chronicles the struggles of a wealthy Serbian Christian family spanning three generations during the 19th century in the northern region of the former Ottoman Empire, specifically in the city of Vranje. The family grapples with a series of moral dilemmas and confronts a decline in their fortunes.

The story delves into themes of forbidden love, intrigue, murder, arranged marriages, revenge, and the complex relationships between Serbs, Albanians, and Turks. Additionally, the precarious position of women during this era is explored. – Albanian TV Series

8. Kursadzije (TV Series 2006)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Nemanja Brajic

A situational comedy set in a classroom featuring students hailing from the various republics of the former Yugoslavia, engaging in playful banter and teasing amongst themselves. – Albanian TV Series

9. Helvetica (TV Series 2019)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Romain Graf

The newly elected President of Switzerland is currently facing challenges in securing the release of a group of hostages being held in Yemen. The President is determined to exhaust all possible means to achieve this objective.

Despite Switzerland being known for its peaceful nature, clandestine activities and political aspirations fueled by violence are not uncommon.

However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Tina, a cleaning staff at the Federal Palace, disrupts the intricate workings of the political machinery. The possibility of a mere cleaning personnel thwarting a massive state affair raises intriguing questions. – Albanian TV Series

10. $NOB (TV Series 2021)

 Albanian TV Series

Director: Redi Treni

In an endeavor to preserve her significant other’s life, a girl from a lower socioeconomic background is compelled to attend an exclusive gathering hosted by affluent youths without an invitation. This leads to the revelation of a more extensive scheme involving the privileged adolescents and their influential kin. – Albanian TV Series