The 10 Best Bangladesh Animation Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Bangladesh Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Bangladesh Animation Movies. These Bangladesh Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Bangladesh Animation Movies

1. Tomorrow (2019)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Mohammad Shihab Uddin

An elderly guy appears to Ratul in a dream with a vision. He learns about the consequences of global warming. In the first scenario, Bangladesh suffered greatly after being submerged by rising water levels. In the second scenario, Bangladesh is rich and fossil fuels have been replaced by renewable energy.

Ratul resides in Bangladesh’s southern region with his father. His father is well aware of the potential risks posed by nature. Ratul was given two visions by an elderly guy one night while he was sleeping.

One portrayed the devastation brought on by global warming in Bangladesh, while the other showed a lovely Bangladesh after employing renewable energy. He gets out of bed, works diligently to avert the catastrophe, and is successful. – Bangladesh Animation

2. My Father Mujib (2021)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Sohel Mohammad Rana

The father of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is depicted in the film as a child and at the beginning of his political career. His development as the greatest Bengali of all time is described in the plot.

The book Sheikh Mujib Amar Pita, authored by Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter and the most recent prime minister of Bangladesh, is the basis for the movie. – Bangladesh Animation

3. Moon Fairy (2009)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit

Only when she has been praised by someone’s heart is a moon fairy capable of growing wings. On a spooky Promptville night, it is hard to find people with civility of that kind. If someone is admiring her from the heart will a moon fairy be able to develop wings? Before the nightcrawlers go home, she needs to find that person. – Bangladesh Animation

4. Surviving 71 (2021)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Wahid Ibn Reza

The story is about Three captured freedom fighters of the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh, reminiscence about what brought them to the war as they prepare to face their ultimate demise, getting shot in the back and thrown out of a moving train.

Bangladesh’s 1971 Liberation War recall their motivations for joining the conflict as they get ready to meet their untimely death by being shot in the rear and thrown from a passing train. – Bangladesh Animation

5. Murgi Keno Mutant (2011)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Nayeem Mahbub

Bangladesh will soon be terrorized by deadly mutant chickens. To keep chicken on the menu, a group of kung-fu battling chefs must hunt the killer birds.

The movie appears to take place in a post-apocalyptic Bangladesh where people still love card games, Filmstar Rubel’s amazing fighting and dancing, and most importantly, chicken.

The characters were well matched to the occasion, and the actors that played them did a fantastic job. However, the screen transitions were frequently clumsy. – Bangladesh Animation


6. Chilekothar Shepai – The Smoker (2021)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Ragib Mohmud Safayet Shah

An animated silent film that discusses the risks of smoking. A young bachelor tries to light a cigarette but runs into a lot of difficulties. Surprisingly, he finally succeeded in lighting his cigarette at the end of the day after several tries, but the cigarette that had previously given him so much pleasure had killed him. Death is the end outcome of smoking. The animation of this short film was very good. – Bangladesh Animation

7. Shahana and Her Friends (2015)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Mohammad Shihab Uddin

The ‘Stop Child Marriage’ campaign in Bangladesh has been the subject of six television documentaries produced by UNFPA Bangladesh. The main character Shahana will work with a select group of her friends to attempt and prevent child marriage. – Bangladesh Animation

Bangladesh Animation Series

8. Meena (TV Series 1991)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Ram Mohan

Meena, aided occasionally by a range of characters such as her parrot companion Mithu, is trying to stamp out prejudices and superstitions within society to raise awareness of various social phenomena.

The animated series is created with UNICEF’s assistance as part of a campaign to educate youngsters and bring attention to the many social injustices that exist in South Asian nations.

Meena’s cartoons have raised awareness about issues such as abolishing child marriage, promoting the building and usage of hygienic restrooms, sending girls to school, placing a higher value on education than young girls’ marriage, banning dowries, and providing equal access to food and opportunities for boys and girls. – Bangladesh Animation

9. The Adventures of Montu Miah (2001)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Javed Mahmood

Montu Miah, an ant who walks and speaks like a rural Bangladeshi person, is the main character in the novel. He is dressed in a lungi, which is a representation of Bangladeshi farmers. In the show, insects stand in for both the heroes and the antagonists.

Every episode features a member of Montu Miah’s community who gets captured by a bad guy and needs Montu to save them. Most episodes finish with the antagonist being defeated and the protagonists having a successful outcome. He uses martial arts to combat and is a devout Bangladeshi.

The issues Montu Miah had to deal with in each episode were based on issues that rural Bangladeshis deal with on a daily basis. The goal of the program is to increase Bangladeshi citizens’ understanding of common issues. – Bangladesh Animation

10. Chacha Bahinir Ajob Kahini (2018)

Bangladesh Animation

Director: Sadman Alvi

Chacha is prepared to transport your children to a fascinating world filled with mythological animals, fantastical creatures, and spectacular adventures.

We are working to produce the first-ever 3D animated series in Bangla, which will aid in the development of children’s critical thinking, empathy, and understanding of the rich cultural history of Bengal. – Bangladesh Animation