Top 10 Greatest Cape Verde Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Cape Verde Movies of All Time. You should check out these Cape Verde Movies. These Cape Verde Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Cape Verde Movies

1. My Voice (2002)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Flora Gomes

A musical comedy centered on Vita, a young African woman who is unable to sing due to an old curse that foretells the deaths of all the women in her family if they dare to break the evil spell. The family has always held firmly to the belief that any woman who sings will pass away.

Now, a girl becomes a global celebrity while still in France. She understands that her mother in Africa will eventually find out she sings. She returns to her home village to plan her burial, even though she instantly resurrects, to get out of this pickle.

She is laying in the casket as the assembled guests queue to pass it one by one. A boy will stand in for her when she wants to use the loo. Then one of the visitors remarks on how different she appears after dying. – Cape Verde Movies

2. Os Dois Irmãos (2018)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Francisco Manso

André, a Cape Verdean immigrant living in Lisbon, is asked to go home to take care of a family issue. André must restore the family’s honor after Joo, his younger brother, started having an affair with his wife.

The film is based on a real event. An open letter from André’s father informs the Cape Verdean immigrant in Lisbon that his younger brother Joo had an affair with André’s wife and that he must return home immediately to restore the family’s honor.

His father and the entire community put pressure on him to murder his friend’s brother. That might be more potent—a tale of struggle between a written rule and an unwritten, ancient code. – Cape Verde Movies

3. Djon Africa (2018)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Filipa Reis

Djon Africa, a 25-year-old Portuguese Rastafarian, discovers his Cape Verdean heritage after a fortuitous encounter. He wants to find his unknown adventurer father. However, life is unpredictable, and this entertaining investigation into Djon’s identity is no exception.

This movie takes the audience on an epic journey, and John’s journey is self-discovery. He initially feels confused and out of place in his native country and travels to the Cape Verde Islands, where he feels his home but is perceived as a foreigner by others.

He gradually loses the influences from Portugal and adopts Cape Verdean customs as he integrates into the local community. – Cape Verde Movies

4. The Island of Contenda (1996)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Leão Lopes

A powerful volcano’s foothills are where the traditional Cape Verdean society is slowly changing. The traditional nobility of landowners is falling apart. An emerging class of mulattos poses a financial threat to the landlords due to its trade-based strength.

A new identity emerges, sensual and vibrant, a fusion of old and new, of African and Portuguese culture. Cesária Évora’s songs depict the breathtaking environment of Cape Verde as it undergoes this inevitable change. – Cape Verde Movies

5. Cabralista (2011)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Valerio Lopes

Cabralista is an ambitious documentary trilogy on Amilcar Cabral, a political activist. This is the first part of a comprehensive documentary trilogy inspired by Armilcar Cabral’s work that was filmed in Cape Verde, Portugal, Libya, Kenya, Guinea, and Luxembourg.

Young African students and intellectuals explore and analyze Cabral’s views, life, and work in this feature-length documentary as they look for alternative answers to today’s cultural and social problems.

The film’s original score by musician/director Lopes sets the stage for a gripping climax and establishes a mesmerizing ambiance. – Cape Verde Movies


6. Napomuceno’s Will (1997)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Francisco Manso

Nopumoceno, the richest businessman in the Cabo Verde archipelago, is a cunning and ambitious opportunist who was dubbed “eternity single” throughout his lifetime. His illegitimate daughter later learns that he obtained his wealth and ladies by extraordinary and unusual methods.

When wealthy Cape Verdean trader Napumoceno passes away, he unexpectedly disinherits his nephew and leaves his money to an illegitimate daughter. Additionally, he gives her several cassette recordings on which he recounts his life’s journey from abject poverty to success and prominence and the numerous women he dated along the way. – Cape Verde Movies

7. Dribbling Fate (1998)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Fernando Vendrell

Mane finds life to be moving too quickly. At the age of 50, he sees his principles slowly being sacrificed. His wife forced him to follow a regular schedule. He is exhausted from working in a small retail store and supermarket. His hopes had vanished into Mindelo’s parched, battered dirt.

He is now forgotten and only has the belated sympathy of his friends, neighbors, and café companions: “He was the keeper in Cape Verde,” and “He could have played for Benfica!” He was formerly a brilliant football player for Mindelense in St. Vincent, Cape Verde.

Mane disapproves of losing his heroic reputation. When coaching a youth squad, he recognizes himself in KALU, a disobedient but gifted young man, once more. He is driven by a tornado of ideas and opportunities, experienced. His club, Benfica, summons him to the Portuguese Cup Final as a battered leather ball shines in his hands once more. – Cape Verde Movies

8. Zenaida (2015)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Alexis Tsafas

Zenaida, who is 19 years old, has firsthand knowledge of the European dream’s ugliness. She was born in Africa as a victim of women’s trafficking and is now stranded in a city in Europe where her “owners” have forced her to work as a prostitute in a brothel.

Her life has slowly devolved into a pitiful routine devoid of purpose and a recurrent series of drug-induced hallucinations that, although they offer an escape from the here and now, also bring back nightmares from the past. Parallel depictions of her life in the anguish of a brutal European city and the poverty of an African slum. a complete standstill. – Cape Verde Movies

9. Cape Verde My Love (2007)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: Ana Lucia Ramos Lisboa

Praia’s childhood friends Laura, Flavia, and Bela are related. They occasionally get together to dance, eat, and have fun, but each has her own life.

The peaceful rivers of their lives, however, suddenly burst their banks and turn into raging torrents when Laura’s oldest daughter, Indira, 13, is raped by Ricardo, Flavia’s husband.

A movie that examines the lives of women in Cape Verde critically. Along with Olivia Garcia, Isabel Fontes, and Cleophas Kabasita playing supporting roles, the movie stars Neusa Cardoso and Eric Bridges Twahirwa in the key roles. – Cape Verde Movies

10. Pindoko (2011)

Cape Verde Movies

Director: João Pereira

A traditional fairy tale of Cape Verde. A sarcastically humorous examination of drug usage and its impact on Cabo Verdean families. – Cape Verde Movies