The 20 Best Algeria Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Algeria Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Algeria Movies. These Algeria Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Algeria Movies

1. London River (2009)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

In London River Elizabeth, a woman from a Guernsey agricultural town travels to London in the early wake of the bombings since she hasn’t heard from her daughter.

The story is set against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks on July 7th, 2005. Elizabeth is alarmed by the chaos of the city and, more importantly, by the neighborhood where her daughter used to live, which is dominated by Muslims.

As she continues to meet encounters with Ousmane, a West African who has traveled from France to search for his lost son, her dread and hatred grow when she learns that her daughter was converting to Islam.

Elizabeth and Ousmane, while coming from very different backgrounds, both hope to discover their children alive. They put aside their cultural differences and support one another in their efforts to carry on the search and hold onto their belief in mankind. – Algeria Movies

2. The Battle of Algiers (1966)

Algeria Movies

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo

A movie that depicts the Algerian revolution from all angles was produced on the government’s order. The defeated French foreign legion is out to show itself after leaving Vietnam.

Algerians are attempting to become independent. The two argue. The Algerians’ use of bombs in soda shops is compared with the French’s use of torture. a view of war as an evil activity that degrades and damages everyone involved.

In response, the Chief of Police lays a bomb in the Arab district, which kills many residents, sparking a campaign for the independence of their country by the National Liberation Front of Algiers in 1954. Three bomb-carrying women are sent by the two bars and the Air France office in the European Quarter, which results in numerous fatalities.

To topple the NLF command, the French government dispatches armed forces commanded by the harsh Colonel Mathieu, who violates human rights and employs torture. Algeria ultimately achieves its desired independence in 1962.

3. The Algerian (2014)

Algeria Movies

Director: Giovanni Zelko

A terrorist from a sleeper cell enters the country and poses as an engineering student to avoid detection. He falls in love while waiting for the other members of his terrorist group to join him on a dangerous mission, endangering both his convictions and the objective. – Algeria Movies

4. Z (1969)

Algeria Movies

Director: Costa-Gavras

A pacifist group that backs the opposition party in the government intends to stage an anti-military, nuclear disarmament protest in a 500,000-person mid-sized metropolitan in a right-wing military-led nation.

On the day of the gathering, the deputy, the organization’s charismatic leader, is expected to travel from the capital to the town. The group learns of an unsubstantiated report that there will be an attempt on the deputy’s life in addition to the difficulties organizing the event owing to the likely instigation of violence at such a rally.

The rally does go place, but then a three-wheeled kamikaze runs over the deputy, killing him instantly. According to the official report, the occurrence was a drunk-driving accident. In actuality, the secret police, whose general compares the pacifist group to mildew that destroys agricultural products, was responsible for the deputy’s murder.

The matter is given to a magistrate. Although he holds political opinions, his primary interest is in learning the truth. As a result, he must sift through political hyperbole and politically charged testimony. A photojournalist is also thrown into the mix, seeking the truth because he thinks it will make a compelling front-page story. – Algeria Movies

5. Days of Glory (2006)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

Muslims from former French colonies enroll in the military to defend their motherland France during World War II. Otmari is a submissive and illiterate private, content in serving his sergeant; Messaoud Souni is the group’s sniper and has fallen in corresponding love with the French Irène.

Yassir is fighting alongside his brother to raise some money. All of these soldiers are members of the seventh battalion, which is led by the tough Sergeant Roger Martinez.

Along the course of the fight in Italy, France, and Alsace, they come to understand that French soldiers receive promotions, have better living conditions, and have time off to visit their families, whilst Arab men are treated unfairly and are viewed as second-class soldiers. – Algeria Movies

6. Honey Cigar (2020)

Algeria Movies

Director: Kamir Aïnouz

Selma is a 17-year-old Berber woman who is raised in a wealthy, secular environment. She first understands the effect of patriarchal norms on her closeness when she meets Julien in college. – Algeria Movies

7. Houria (2022)

Algeria Movies

Director: Mounia Meddour

When a young woman who is enthusiastic about ballet dancing suffers from trauma, she meets other women who have gone through similar circumstances, and together they come up with inventive ways to follow their passion. – Algeria Movies

8. Papicha (2019)

Algeria Movies

Director: Mounia Meddour

In 1997, Algiers. Terrorist organizations control the nation and want to turn it into an old-fashioned Islamic state. Primitive diktats that attempt to seize control of women’s bodies and restrict their movement in public spaces have a particularly negative impact on and oppressive effect on women.

Young fashion student Nedjma is motivated to unite the female students in her school to plan a fashion show that challenges everything that is prohibited as a frenetic search for unveiled ladies is underway. – Algeria Movies

9. The King of Algiers (2023)

Algeria Movies

Director: Elias Belkeddar

The protagonist of the novel is Omar, also known as Omar la Fraise, a former mobster who was given a 20-year prison sentence by French authorities and is now on the run in Algiers. Together with his criminal associate Roger, Omar made Algeria his home. They try to live a normal life as they stop engaging in illicit activity. – Algeria Movies

10. DNA (2020)

Algeria Movies

Director: Maiwenn

Neige’s life feels hollow since the passing of her grandpa, an Algerian independence fighter who later settled and built a family in France. She has broken up with her boyfriend, has terrible relations with her divorced mother and father, and doesn’t spend much time with her siblings.

She begins to wonder how much their mixed lineage and the resulting conflict of allegiances between Algeria’s and France’s two very different societies is to blame for her difficulties and those of her family.

She quits eating because of depression and a useless DNA test. After being taken to the hospital, she experiences an epiphany and leaves, making her way to Algiers. – Algeria Movies


11. The Last Queen (2022)

Algeria Movies

Directors: Adila Bendimerad

The corsair Aroudj Barbarossa takes control of the kingdom in 1516 by freeing Algiers from the influence of the Spanish. He did, however, join forces with King Salim Toumi, who passes away mysteriously. Rumors that Barbarossa may have killed the monarch started to circulate over time. Queen Zaphira, the late king’s wife, decides to face and resist him. – Algeria Movies

12. The Stranger (1967)

Algeria Movies

Director: Luchino Visconti

Raymond, a friend of Arthur Mersault, assaults his girlfriend, who then sues him. Mersault gives testimony in favor of his friend in court. Although Raymond is exonerated, the male relatives of his girlfriend are now stalking Mersault. He kills one of them and is sent to jail. – Algeria Movies

13. I Still Hide to Smoke (2016)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rayhana Obermeyer

Strong-willed Fatima is the head masseuse at an Algiers hammam. In 1995, the capital is experiencing a tough scenario. The upcoming day is expected to be chaotic for everyone, but especially for Fatima. She has already seen a terrorist strike from a distance as she is on her way to work.

Fatima should feel better in the hammam, but because of how electric the environment is in her small, closed-off environment, she finds it very challenging to keep control. Even more so Meriem, a pregnant 16-year-old girl, arrives to seek refuge at the hammam. Mohamed, her enraged brother, is after her to wash away his honor in blood. – Algeria Movies

14. Matares (2020)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rachid Benhadj

Mona, an 8-year-old Ivorian refugee from the Ivory Coast, made her home with her mother in Tipasa, a coastal town in Algeria noted for its Roman ruins, or “Matares.” Mona sells flowers to visitors to pay the smuggler who will transport them to Italy with his father.

A 10-year-old Algerian who also sells flowers is the owner of the Roman remains at “Matares.” The boy who declares war on this strange girl who communicates with flowers and who is a “disbeliever who does not believe in Allah but in Jesus and who steals the living bread of a Muslim” would become filled with anger. – Algeria Movies

15. Outside the Law (2010)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

Three brothers and their mother are dispersed across the world after losing their family’s house in Algeria. Messaoud enlists in the French military and fights in Indochina, and Abdelkader becomes the head of the Algerian independence movement in France.

Sa’d relocate to Paris to pursue his career as a boxer in the seedy clubs and arenas of Pigalle. Their interconnected destinies eventually bring them together in the French capital, where the fight for independence must be waged and won. – Algeria Movies

16. Le Bal (1983)

Algeria Movies

Director: Ettore Scola

Women enter a dancing venue one at a time in 1983. Men enter, and couples dance, showcasing their individuality. The dancers’ character changes allow the movie to time travel. The Popular Front inspires the working class in 1936.

A slumming affluent couple face their comeuppance in 1940, just before the German conquest. A German officer and a collaborator are turned away as Paris is liberated in 1944, while a member of the Resistance receives a hero’s welcome.

Jazz and silk stockings are brought by US soldiers. In 1956, rock and roll replaces the samba, and law enforcement apprehends an alien. Student radicals occupy the abandoned dance hall. There is a disco. The night is over. – Algeria Movies

17. Sisters (2020)

Algeria Movies

Director: Yamina Benguigui

When one of the three sisters decides to share the story of their dying father in a play, the other two start to sever their bonds. – Algeria Movies

18. Until the Birds Return (2017)

Algeria Movies

Director: Karim Moussaoui

Three tales are set in modern-day Algeria. In Algiers, Mourad, a real estate developer, is wealthy and generally content with his lot, but he struggles to make his loved ones happy, including Lila, his bewildered ex-wife, Rash, his disgruntled second wife, and Nacim, his disgruntled son.

Aicha and his father will be transported by Djabil, Mourad’s driver, from Algiers to Biskra, where the young woman will be legally married.

Djabil is currently Aicha’s lover. A neurologist named Dahman aspires to wed Radia in Sétif. But the promotion he anticipates keeps getting postponed. When a woman accuses him of a serious crime, he finds himself in even more danger. – Algeria Movies

19. Faithful (2020)

Algeria Movies

Director: Hélier Cisterne

In 1956, Algiers. In his factory, Fernand Iveton is taken into custody on suspicion of planting a bomb. Even if his wife Hélène is now wed to a “traitor,” she won’t leave Fernand to his fate. – Algeria Movies

20. Our Brothers (2022)

Algeria Movies

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

Based on the life of Malik Oussekinean, a young man of 22 whose death is thought to have been brought on by police misconduct following several weeks of student demonstrations against a university reform law. – Algeria Movies