The 20 Best Greek Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Greek Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Greek Animation Movies. These Greek Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Greek Animation Movies

1. The Thief and the Cobbler (1993)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Richard Williams

In this adventurous and comical tale, a lonely princess and a poor cobbler find love while on a mission to recover three magical orbs stolen by a clumsy thief. They must also outsmart a powerful sorcerer along the way.

When ZigZag the Vizier becomes angry with Tack, he takes him to the royal castle where Princess YumYum develops feelings for the shy cobbler. She saves him from execution, but ZigZag still has plans to marry her and take over the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Thief is more interested in riches than romance and runs off with the protective orbs from the palace. Tack and YumYum work together to retrieve them and prevent ZigZag and the One-Eye army from taking over the city. – Greek Animation Movies

2. Hercules (1997)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Ron Clements

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece, the gods Zeus and Hera had a son named Hercules. Although the other gods were happy, Zeus’ evil brother Hades hatched a plan to overthrow Zeus and take control of Mount Olympus.

Hades discovered through the Fates that in eighteen years, a planetary alignment would occur, allowing him to release the Titans and conquer Olympus. However, the plan would only work if Hercules didn’t interfere. Hades sent his minions, Pain, and Panic, to kill Hercules.

They were given a potion that could take away a god’s immortality. The two kidnapped Hercules, took him to the valley, and fed him the potion. But before Hercules could drink the last drop, a farmer and his wife showed up and startled the demons, causing them to drop the bottle.

Hercules lost his immortality but retained his god-like strength. Pain and Panic tried to kill him by turning into snakes, but Hercules easily defeated them. The farmer and his wife adopted Hercules, and Pain and Panic decided not to tell Hades about their failure. – Greek Animation Movies

3. Windaria (1986)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

This story takes place in Windaria, a world that existed many years ago. The peaceful lives of the two kingdoms were disrupted by a brutal war, fueled by humans’ desire for power and greed. The ruler of Paro had long been planning to conquer Isa, but Isa’s wise ruler had been able to prevent aggression until recently.

However, the rulers were unaware that their heirs, Prince Jill and Princess Ahanas, were deeply in love with each other. The lovers knew that their dreams of happiness would never come true if their nations went to war. They realized that their children would become enemies and their love would end tragically.

In this crucial moment for Windaria, Jilla, and Ahanas can only rely on the help of a courageous farmer named Izu, who may be able to serve as a secret messenger between the warring factions. – Greek Animation Movies

4. From the Balcony (2021)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Pawel Lozinski

In an Athenian neighborhood, Lina, a middle-aged woman, watches the world from her balcony and intervenes in everything within her visual field. People passing by, neighbors from across the street, and anyone around her know that Lina is always watching and ready to intervene, whether it’s throwing a bandage during an accident, giving parking advice, or notifying the police of a burglary. While some may be surprised by her helpfulness, most are annoyed by her constant gaze. – Greek Animation Movies

5. The Boy and the Tree (2009)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Panagiotis Rappas

A gnarled tree requests a significant favor from a helpless young kid on a gorgeously peaceful Christmas night. But can a poor street person fulfill an unattainable but heartfelt wish? Perhaps anything is possible if one has a little faith.

An impoverished boy meets a neglected tree on a gloomy city sidewalk one Christmas Eve as the story begins. The tree envied requests that the boy decorates it after seeing other decorated trees from the windows of homes.

But how will the boy accomplish that? He only has this tree on a dreary, freezing sidewalk; he has neither money nor ornaments. However, Christmas Eve is a night of enchantment and dreams. – Greek Animation Movies

6. The Parrot Lady (2020)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Michalis Kalopaidis

“The Parrot Lady” is a film based on a true story that reflects on a woman’s life. She decides to live on the streets with her parrots because she is scared of dying alone in her home.

It is an artistic contemplation of her choices and circumstances. A mysterious stranger stalks a seaside town’s landscape. The Parrot Lady is a senior citizen who is homeless and wearing three pet parrots about her finger. – Greek Animation Movies

7. Alfa Ena (2017)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Emmanouil Markakis

In a world devastated by the loss of oxygen in its atmosphere, a brilliant scientist is determined to establish a model for society that can ensure the survival of humanity. This is a tale of innovation, technology, and the struggle for survival in a world without oxygen. – Greek Animation Movies

8. Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis (2021)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Charalambos Margaritis

Hermoupolis, the capital of Syros, is situated at the heart of the Cyclades in Greece’s Aegean Sea. Its rich history encompasses all the factors that have contributed to the modern-day Greece we know today. This documentary brings the city’s story to life through animation. – Greek Animation Movies

9. The Ox (2017)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Giorgos Nikopoulos

The senior residents of a fictitious land are facing a difficult challenge. They are compelled to turn their land into a prosperous kingdom by using a special fertilizer on their crops. Despite being helpless, a brave girl reveals that a revolution is on the horizon. – Greek Animation Movies

10. The Girl on the Wall (2011)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Gavrilos Psaltakis

This is a simple story about a busy young man who finds himself intrigued by two young people and their love for graffiti. Their passion for art and self-expression changes his life and breaks the monotony of his routine.

He starts with a cigarette and ends up staring at a beautiful but unattainable female character on a nearby wall. With the help of a mysterious voice and a wise idea from one of the young people, he can offer the key to the heart of the male character’s love interest.

The story has flavors of fairy tales from childhood, but it is a tale of real-life experiences and the power of art to inspire and transform. – Greek Animation Movies


11. Elevator Alone (2021)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Anastasia Papadopoulou

This story is about four individuals and their experiences in an elevator. It is inspired by how people behave differently when they are alone versus when they are in public spaces. It reflects everyday life and explores the contrast in behaviors. – Greek Animation Movies

12. The Noir Project (2014)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Gregory Vardarinos

The story follows a sixteen-year-old named Jacob who is determined to rescue his mother, Helen, from the clutches of his alcoholic and gambling father, Emmanuel. Despite the constant abuse she endures, Jacob has a plan in place to help them escape their home.

The night before their escape, Jacob has a powerful dream that inspires him to take action. In his dream, the characters from his comic book, “The Noir Project,” come to life and eerily predict the events that will unfold that night, reflecting the bleak reality of their situation. – Greek Animation Movies

13. Lily Girl (2019)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Dimitrios Poursanidis

Hambos has returned to his homeland of Pontos after eight years of exile. It’s now 1931 and he’s determined to retrieve something he had left behind. This animation serves as a one-of-a-kind introduction to the Pontian culture for audiences around the world. – Greek Animation Movies

Greek Animation Series

14. Drawn Together (TV Series 2004)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Peter Avanzino

The animated comedy series, “Drawn Together,” features a cast of famous cartoon characters in a parody of reality shows. Eight characters from different universes are brought together to live in a house without rules, where they experience the highs and lows of daily life.

The show presents itself as a real Primetime reality series, chronicling the adventures of the characters as they navigate their differences and tackle various challenges. With its unique blend of humor and drama, “Drawn Together” offers a hilarious glimpse into the lives of cartoon characters from various genres and styles. – Greek Animation Movies

15. Molang (TV Series 2015)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Marie-caroline Villand

Molang is a heartwarming and funny portrayal of the bond between a quirky, cheerful, and enthusiastic rabbit named Molang and a reserved, emotional little chick named Piu Piu.

The show follows their daily experiences with warmth and humor, showcasing the friendship and roommate relationship between these two best friends.

Molang is always upbeat and optimistic, while Piu Piu is a bit more timid but still outgoing. Together, they face a range of challenges from everyday issues and sitcom-style scenarios to exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures. – Greek Animation Movies

16. Old Tom (TV Series 2002)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Guy Gross

Follow the adventures of Angela Throgmorton and her cat, Old Tom, who she treats like her own son. They are both eccentric and mischievous, often getting into trouble together. The Old Tom is voiced by Keith Scott. Old Tom is a stray cat who loves to cause chaos. Can he control his behavior with the help of his owner, Angela, his best friend Lucy, and Angela’s snobbish friend Lavinia, or will his antics lead him into deeper trouble? – Greek Animation Movies

17. Mouk (TV Series 2011)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: François Narboux

Mouk and his best friend Chavapa are on their exciting global travels, where they make new friends and have unforgettable adventures. Follow the journey of Mouk, a friendly and caring bear, and his loyal companion Chavapa, a creative and curious cat, as they explore the world on their trusty bicycles. – Greek Animation Movies

18. Yakari (TV Series 2005)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Xavier Giacometti

The stories in this series follow the explorations of the vast prairie by Yakari, a young Sioux Native American, and Little Thunder, his devoted steed. Yakari was endowed with the power to converse with all animals by his totem, the Great Eagle.

Yakari, a courageous young Sioux who possesses the rare ability to talk with animals, embarks on a variety of exciting adventures while riding beside Little Thunder, his pony companion, and Great Eagle, his totem animal. – Greek Animation Movies

19. Louie (TV Series 2006)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Frédérick Chaillou

Louie and Yoko require transportation to bring their cow friend along on their trip. Louie sketches a train, which is highly functional as it allows for the addition of multiple carriages to accommodate all their friends.

A weary swallow lands in Louie’s garden, having flown from Africa and in search of a place to nest. Louie draws a tree to provide a suitable spot for the swallow to rest and build a nest. Do you have an adventurous spirit and dream of exploring distant places like an island or the moon?

Would you like to challenge yourself by racing cars or horses, or even chat with a friendly bear? Or perhaps you just need some shelter from the rain? Whatever your desires may be, Louie is here to help! With the assistance of Yoko, they will create numerous fascinating things for you to uncover, right before your eyes. And the best part is, you can also learn to become a skilled artist. – Greek Animation Movies

20. The Adventures of Puss in Boots (TV Series 2015)

Greek Animation Movies

Director: Eric Bauza

The fabled city of San Lorenzo, a place that is hidden from the outer world, is guarded by the well-known cat. When Puss discovers the fabled secret city of San Lorenzo, he quickly realizes that he must defend it from thieves. Puss mistakenly administers a magical substance to the orphans that will cause them to erupt. Contrary to his perception, Puss is not excellent at riddles. The only cure is guarded by a Sphinx who tests Puss with them. – Greek Animation Movies