Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Bahamas Movies. These Bahamas Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Bahamas Movies

1. The Bag Man (2014)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: David Grovic

An expert shooter’s supervisor offers him a new position. Bringing him a bag without opening it is an easy task. But that bag is desired by everyone in this town. Therefore, Jack must guard the bag while attempting to complete his task. He will encounter a lot of people in this metropolis and be charmed by an enigmatic woman. – Bahamas Movies

2. Dying of the Light (2014)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Paul Schrader

Evan Lake, a seasoned CIA field operative, is saved just in time and prevents Muhammad Banir, his cruel torturer and Islamic terrorist, from killing him. Now, 22 long and arduous years later, unsettling rumors and scant evidence that Banir is still alive prompt Lake and his young protege, Milton, to travel to Bucharest on a risky mission to exact revenge. The wounded operative craves closure above everything else. – Bahamas Movies

3. Dolphin Island (2021)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Mike Disa

Teenager Annabel Coleridge, who recently lost her parents, now lives with her grandfather, a fisherman, in a tropical island paradise in the Caribbean.

She also has a dolphin named Mitzy as her best friend. When her wealthy maternal grandparents and a dubious lawyer arrive to take her back to New York, everything is turned upside down.

Her grandfather, her friends, Desaray, her new social worker, her adorable son Mateo, and Mitzy must work together to find a solution that would allow Anna to remain in the island home she adores. – Bahamas Movies

4. Bad Girl Island (2007)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Stewart Raffill

The Bermuda Triangle is the setting for this seductive tale about temptation and primeval powers.A stunning unconscious woman is found by affluent film producer Michael Pace after being brought ashore by what appears to be a friendly dolphin.

Michael calls the local police and medics, who are unable to identify the beautiful visitor, as he carries the girl into his pricey seaside mansion.

The naive girl awakens that evening. She is unsure about her identity and her origins, but she enjoys chocolate, champagne, and Michael, who either seduces her or is seduced by her during a passionate blissful night. – Bahamas Movies

5. Children of God (2010)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Kareem Mortimer

An uncomfortable painting student named Jonny is “exiled” to the outlying island of Eleuthera by his teacher in order to concentrate on his work and develop his artistic vision. But first, he meets Romeo a charming and assured man who takes Jonny to some picturesque locations.

Romeo does, however, have a girlfriend and a haughty mother who intentionally ignores any signal or cue he drops to correct her.

 The wife of a pastor has likewise traveled to this remote location to mull about her future in peace. Being fed up with her husband’s pompous, anti-gay speeches at rallies while denying the harshness and hypocrisy in his personal life. – Bahamas Movies

6. Rain (2008)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Maria Govan

Rain, a young Bahamian woman, departs Ragged Island on a local mail boat for Nassau. Her grandmother’s passing has compelled her to leave home and travel on her own. Her utopian dreams are quickly dashed when she realizes how disastrous her mother’s lifestyle has actually turned out to be.

When she first comes to Nassau, the sights of the enormous metropolis overwhelm her. Rain frantically looks for her own place in the world as she is stranded in an unsettling environment and is met by a mother she has never met. – Bahamas Movies

7. Not Gay (2008)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: Michael W Ellison

Four short films that explore the complexity of gay-straight friendships are included in this compilation. The quartet contains movies from the Bahamas, France, and the United States. The lives of Brazilian gauchos are examined in “Cowboy Forever,” a closeted guy receives support from an artist in “Float,” childhood friends are forced to be open and honest about a difficult issue in “The Best Men,” and siblings face off in Katydid. – Bahamas Movies

8. Shark Whisperer (2021)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Director: George Monteiro

A young girl meets the most frightening predator in the ocean in the novel “Shark Whisperer,” but quickly learns that in order to save her buddy, she must defeat the most terrible predator of all. – Bahamas Movies

9. Artists of the Bahamas (2008)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Directors: Karen Arthur

A documentary that looks at the works and lives of Bahamas-based visual artists. – Bahamas Movies

10. My Father’s Land (2016)

Top 20 Best Bahamas Movies You Should Watch

Directors: Miquel Galofre

A modest gardener named Papa Jah has spent the last 40 years residing in the Bahamas. He goes back to Haiti to reunite with his homeland and see his 103-year-old father. – Bahamas Movies


11. Backfire (2017)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Phylicia Ferguson

An unsuccessful robbery turns deadly, forcing a north Philadelphia gun runner to flee or outsmart the south Philadelphia Italian mafia as they move in for retribution. – Bahamas Movies

12. Finding Harry (2023)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Andre Musgrove

Through 2023, Debbie cautions, “Prince Harry’s stars are aligning in a rollercoaster formation for him.” “The rebellious planet Uranus is uncomfortably positioned on his Moon and the most personal aspect of his chart, portending additional family upheavals, unexpected changes, and a break with his former existence. – Bahamas Movies

13. Crazy Love (2011)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Clarence Rolle Jr.

The beautiful romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Loving” is about kindhearted people. Consider that. No sarcasm. No roughness. It contains a lot of cynicism, but it just serves as an excuse to correct. Nobody in this room intends anyone any harm, and marriage is overwhelmingly supported in the film. The characters do commit adultery, but they quickly realize that they’ve been mistaken, much to their relief. – Bahamas Movies

14. Almost40 (2015)

Bahamas Movies

Director: N.L. Aubrey Smith

A single woman in Bahamas Paradise named “almost40” tells the tale of how she started a dating column for a neighborhood newspaper. She chooses to publish an ad in the same newspaper for 40 eligible guys to date — one for each of the 40 days — in the 40 weeks before her 40th birthday. During this time, she deals with two of the most difficult, personal challenges that both women and men deal with, particularly as they approach 40. – Bahamas Movies

15. I Am Not a Dummy (2008)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Kareem Mortimer

When caesareans were not a possibility in the Bahamas, Michael Wells was born through a breached delivery. Michael’s serious neurological injury occurred when his feet were used to extract him from the womb. He had cerebral palsy from birth.

He is unable to control his limbs. He was treated like a vegetable in his early years, barred from attending any schools, and never received a formal education. Watching Sesame Street helped Michael develop his reading and writing skills. He scrawled the words “I Am not a dummy” on a sheet of paper and astonished his family with it.

He has since published a collection of short stories, run for office in the Montagu constituency, and will soon publish his second book. This movie follows him on his quest to become a published author, the struggles he and his father, a carer who is 74 years old, endure on a daily basis, and Michael’s unwavering fight for the rights of people with disabilities. – Bahamas Movies

16. Cupidity (2014)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Vijay Subramanian

In the Bahamas, an Indian man encounters an Italian beauty. – Bahamas Movies

17. Eleutheran Adventure (2006)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Kareem Mortimer

In a documentary, Kareem Mortimer and cinematographer Kevin Taylor hitchhike from Spanish Wells to Eleuthera’s southernmost tip with just $150 in their pockets. – Bahamas Movies

18. Pigs Of Paradise (2018)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Charlie Smith

The Actual Background to the Exuma Swimming Pigs. How they arrived, who placed them there, and how they picked up swimming. – Bahamas Movies

19. Bahamian Son (2013)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Andrew Melby

The story of Bahamian Son follows Kevin as he searches for his father, who he hasn’t seen in more than thirty years. Along the way, Kevin learns about himself and what it means to be a son, a parent, and a man. – Bahamas Movies

20. Affliction (2013)

Bahamas Movies

Director: Matthew Kelly

In the film about travel ends of the Earth, childhood friends Clif Prowse and Derek Lee have chosen to circumnavigate the globe. Given that he has an AVM, which could result in his death at any time, Derek’s final request was to go on the journey.

In order to catch up with old friends Edo and Zach, who are presently on tour with their band Unalaska, Clif, and Derek stop in Barcelona. After an apparently unremarkable stay, Derek decides to pick up Audrey after informing her of his AVM. Later that evening, the three broke into Derek’s hotel room as a practical joke, only to find Derek bleeding and half-awake with Audrey nowhere to be seen.

Derek doesn’t recall anything about the attack, but they believe Audrey had a robbery in mind. Edo and Zach split up with Clif and Derek as they head to Italy. Derek collapses upon arrival and dozes off for the entire day. The two go to the restaurant the following afternoon, where Derek abruptly throws up his lunch.

Later, when touring a vineyard, Derek experiences an excessive sensitivity to the sun and is compelled to run inside while suffering from burns. Clif tries to calm Derek down in the hotel room, but Derek responds by violently punching through a stone wall’s corner with his bare hands. – Bahamas Movies