The 20 Best Danish Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Danish Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Danish Animation Movies. These Danish Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Danish Animation Movies

1. The Trouble with Terkel (2004)

Danish Animation

Director: Stefan Fjeldmark

Terkel is a typical teenager whose life spirals out of control after a girl he had a crush on kills herself and an unidentified psychopath begins pursuing him. When a girl he has a crush on commits suicide after Terkel calls her a “fat cow,” his life as a sixth-grader is profoundly altered.

He now has to cope with death threats from a stalker and his best buddy pulling away in addition to dealing with his obnoxious young sister, his one-word father, his mother’s strange outbursts, and his drunken and violent uncle Stewart.

Fortunately, he has two bullies who think he is wonderful, a new cool instructor, and he can always call his uncle Stewart for assistance—sort of. The culmination is a school excursion. – Danish Animation

2. Flee (2021)

Danish Animation

Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen

The remarkable true account of Amin, a man who is about to get married and is forced to come clean about his long-hidden background.

An animated film based on a true account of a guy who must face his past if he is to truly have a future. Amin traveled alone as a minor from Afghanistan to Denmark.

He is currently a successful scholar and engaged to his longtime partner at the age of 36. The life he has created for himself is in danger due to a secret he has been keeping for more than 20 years. He is telling his close friend his story for the first time. – Danish Animation

3. A Fish Tale (2000)

Danish Animation

Director: Greg Manwaring

Three kids accidentally transformed into fish by drinking a potion from an eccentric scientist. Now they’re stuck in the ocean and need to find an antidote within two days or remain as fish forever.

Fly, an impulsive teenager whose fishing plans were canceled, is now stuck with his little sister, Stella, and cousin Chuck at Aunt Anna’s house.

As they explore, they stumble upon Professor MacKrill’s boathouse, where Stella drinks a yellow potion by mistake. Now stranded in the sea, the kids must find the antidote within 48 hours. – Danish Animation

4. Ronal the Barbarian (2011)

Danish Animation

Director: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

In this fantasy comedy, a young man named Ronal lives in a barbarian village. Though he is weak and skinny, unlike his fellow villagers who possess typical barbarian traits, Ronal proves resourceful. When his village is attacked and his tribe is taken captive by the evil Volcazar, Ronal takes it upon himself to rescue them.

Despite the odds against him, Ronal sets out on a dangerous quest to defeat Volcazar and save his tribe. Along the way, he must navigate perilous situations and enlist the help of three allies who join him on his mission. – Danish Animation

5. Checkered Ninja (2018)

Danish Animation

Director: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

Aske is a typical seventh-grader who just wants to live peacefully without being troubled by the challenges he encounters every day. He has feelings for Jessica, a student one grade higher than him.

His nerdy best pal Oddyseus is being harassed by Glenn, a student in a special education class. Aske’s relationships with his stepfather Jrn and stepbrother Sune are tense. When Aske receives a ninja doll from Uncle Stewart for his 13th birthday while he was away on vacation in Thailand, everything in Aske’s life is turned upside down.

He soon learns that the ninja doll was possessed by the ghost of Taiko Nakamura, a Japanese warrior who committed ritual suicide to protect humanity from evil.

The doll joins forces with Aske to exact revenge on Phillip Eberfr, a Danish businessman who killed a helpless youngster in a factory in Thailand. This tests Aske and his new connection with the doll as they prepare for an adventure Aske has never experienced. – Danish Animation

6. Dreambuilders (2020)

Danish Animation

Director: Kim Hagen Jensen

A young girl named Minna misuses her newly found power to create and control other people’s dreams to teach her bothersome stepsister a lesson.

Minna was living a peaceful life with her father until her stepsister came along and turned it upside down. However, instead of standing around, Minna decides to enlist the help of the ‘dreambuilders’ to assist her. – Danish Animation

7. Checkered Ninja 2 (2021)

Danish Animation

Director: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

The tale of Alex and the Checkered Ninja, who set off on a desperate search for the scoundrel Phillip Eppermint after he escaped from a Thai prison. – Danish Animation

8. The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear (2017)

Danish Animation

Director: Jørgen Lerdam

When Mitcho and Sebastian discover a message in a bottle near the harbor one day, life in Solby is beautiful and tranquil. The note in the bottle is from the missing mayor of Solby, who claims to be on a fantastic discovery on a mystery island.

Now they must set out on a dangerous expedition to assist in saving the mayor and bringing him home, and in the course of that adventure they find something that will bring the people of Solby tremendous joy—a huge pear. – Danish Animation

9. Return to Zootopia (2017)

Danish Animation

Director: Mauricio Velazco

Nick and Judy attend Gazelle’s concert with Chief Bogo and Clawhauser. The concert raises $50,000 to fund the construction of a new homeless shelter. Bogo instructs Nick and Judy to work early the next day and they depart.

Nick and Judy discuss their interests on the way home, but Nick declines Judy’s offer to stay over, only to regret it later. He contacts an anonymous man to try and secure a room in Judy’s apartment, but he can’t afford it due to a price increase.

Judy contacts a contact of notorious drug dealer Wolfgang, who also happens to be his attorney. She demands the contact to reveal Wolfgang’s location in exchange for protecting him from threats.

After some hesitation, he reveals that Wolfgang is in Tundratown, and Judy arrests him. Meanwhile, Nick confides in his friend Fennec about his financial struggles and his desire to live closer to Judy. Fennec sympathizes with him. – Danish Animation

10. Valhalla (1986)

Danish Animation

Director: Jeffrey J. Varab

The story of two siblings named Tjalfe and Røskva are transported to the fantastical world of Norse Mythology through Loki’s deceit. Unexpectedly, they meet the gods Thor and Loke, who take them to Asgaard, the realm of the gods.

However, after disobeying Thor’s instructions, the siblings embark on their journey with the help of a peculiar creature named Quark. Their adventure leads them to King Odin, a whimsical forest, and the land of the giants. – Danish Animation


11. Jensen & Jensen: Mission – Pacific Force (2011)

Danish Animation

Director: Craig Frank

The Jensen brothers work as bounty hunters. The financial crisis is worse than anyone could have predicted in 2019. Everything had a price. The country is ruled by The Danmark Bank construction workers are less expensive than other laborers.

Unemployment, inflation, and crime are all at all-time highs. So, the bounty hunter is a new legal profession. Bjarne and Jimmy Jensen both owe life-threatening debts—one to vengeful lenders and the other to an avaricious ex-wife. They begin as bounty hunters to find Milo, one of the most wanted men in Europe! – Danish Animation

12. Ivan the Incredible (2012)

Director: Michael Hegner

The fortunes of a young boy take a turn for the better when he discovers a magical elixir that grants him unparalleled abilities for a single day. Ivan Olsen endures incessant bullying at school and is often the target of a group of delinquents who derive pleasure from humiliating him.

To make matters worse, his father is unsympathetic to his struggles. However, Ivan’s luck changes drastically when a benevolent witch concocts a potion that bestows upon him unrivaled mastery in all areas for a limited time. – Danish Animation

13. Hugo: The Movie Star (1996)

Danish Animation

Director: Stefan Fjeldmark

Hugo, the unique jungle animal, is taken from his home in an effort to make him an animal actor. He has since been reunited with Rita, the sympathetic, street-smart fox.

He gradually lessens his bond with Rita as he discovers that life in front of and behind the camera isn’t all that horrible. He also becomes more accustomed to living in the wild after escaping. – Danish Animation

14. Strings (2004)

Director: Anders Rønnow Klarlund

A prince leaves his city and sets out to get revenge on him. He quickly learns the truth about his people from a warrior woman. It is reversed from the previous summary. Out of guilt, the king kills himself and instructs his son to make peace with the foe.

To get the prince to go out and get revenge on his father, however, his evil brother burns the suicide note and makes it appear as though he was killed by the Zeriths. His strategy calls for the prince’s murder and his ascension to the throne.

The prince sets out with his advisor/vizier, but the evil brother threatens to destroy the advisor’s family if the advisor doesn’t kill the prince before the prince ever discovers the Zeriths. A copy of the suicide note is discovered by the advisor’s wife, but the malevolent brother has other ideas. – Danish Animation

15. Journey to Saturn (2008)

Director: Craig Frank

In a privately funded Danish mission to explore Saturn’s resources, the navigator is replaced at the last minute with an incompetent Per. Despite warnings from his ex, the crew of misfits embark on their journey.

However, they soon discover that there are aliens on Saturn who are interested in Earth’s water. The ruthless alien army has colonized the planet and set its sights on Earth, invading Denmark. As a result, the crew changes their mission to liberate Denmark and free it from the alien invasion. – Danish Animation

16. Up and Away (2018)

Danish Animation

Director: Karsten Kiilerich

A young kid steals a flying carpet and sets out on a mission to save the granddaughter of an elderly merchant from a wicked sultan.

Hodja, a little kid who lives in the small hamlet of Pjort, aspires to travel the globe. So, despite his father’s desires, Hodja strikes a bargain with his neighbor to borrow his flying carpet in exchange for Diamond, the neighbor’s granddaughter, being found. – Danish Animation

17. War of the Birds (1990)

Danish Animation

Director: Jannik Hastrup

There is a peaceful community of birds living in a forest. Among them are a pair of sparrows who happily await the hatching of their seven eggs in their nest. Unfortunately, during a storm, the sparrows are attacked by a sinister vulture-like bird-of-prey named Fagin, who kills every bird in his path.

The struggle causes the seven eggs to fall out of the nest, with only one surviving. It lands near a hole in a tree owned by Walter, an owl. Betty, a bluebird, comes across the egg and decides to adopt it. The egg eventually hatches, and Betty names the chick Oliver.

While Betty is away, Walter tells Oliver a story about Betty saving a dove from a cat. Betty later goes to a nearby city and meets Olivia, an orphaned sparrow whose parents were also killed by Fagin. Betty adopts Olivia and introduces her to Oliver, and the two quickly become friends. While Betty is away again, Oliver and Olivia befriend two orphaned mice named Fredrick and Ingolf. – Danish Animation

18. The Little Alien (2022)

Danish Animation

Director: Amalie Næsby Fick

It follows the tale of Allan, a boy whose parents split and who later moves with his father to an apartment tower on Amager. – Danish Animation

19. Albert (2015)

Danish Animation

Director: Karsten Kiilerich

The town of Kellyville is too small to hold notorious criminals Albert and Egon, who decide to venture out into the world. Albert resides in the provincial town of Kalleby, Denmark, and is known for his mischief and clumsiness.

One day, he accidentally topples the city’s famous balloon captain statue, causing mild displeasure among the locals. Along with his trusted friend Egon, Albert embarks on a journey to find a real hot-air balloon. On their adventure, they encounter old acquaintances, such as thieves and gypsies, and even come across the world’s largest diamond. – Danish Animation

20. The Ugly Duckling and Me! (2006)

Danish Animation

Director: Karsten Kiilerich

This contemporary adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fable is lovely. Ratso is a cunning gambler of a rat whose theatre production is having trouble. Then he discovers an egg from which a mutant swan emerges. Ratso quickly recognizes the opportunity to portray Ugly as a weirdo. But when rodent heavies show around, everything goes wrong. – Danish Animation