The 10 Best Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Cabo Verde Animation Movies. These Cabo Verde Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Regue Chicken (2015)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Dago García

The storyline of “Rogue Chicken” revolves around two young individuals, namely Gabriel, a skilled warrior and the offspring of a rooster, and Violeta, a forsaken chicken with a deep passion for reggaeton music. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey that not only teaches them the importance of embracing each other’s differences but also instills in them the values of tolerance and harmony. This captivating animated production hails from Colombia. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

2. Legend Quest (TV Series 2017)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: José Alejandro

Leo San Juan, a gifted adolescent, and the inhabitants of his Mexican village are besieged by an array of paranormal entities. In response, Leo joins forces with his spectral companions Teodora, Don Andres, and Alebrije to thwart the nefarious overlord’s plot to eradicate humanity from the annals of time. A formidable coalition of legendary creatures from diverse corners of the globe provides additional reinforcement in their quest. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

3. Jungle Shuffle (2014)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Taedong Park

In the year 1960, within the Lacedon Jungle of Mexico, a strong bond existed between two companions, Sacha and Coatis Manu. Regrettably, due to Manu’s mischievous nature, he was exiled from the kingdom after causing irreparable damage to a statue that had been specially commissioned by the king. Consequently, Sacha, his beloved girlfriend, fell victim to the clutches of hunters who abducted her. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

4. Virus tropical (2017)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Santiago Caicedo

Paola was born into a Colombian family that upholds a traditional way of life. Her mother possesses psychic abilities, while her father serves as a priest. However, her sisters deviate from the predetermined path envisioned by their parents.

As a young woman hailing from Latin America, Paola finds herself embarking on a journey toward independence within a demanding environment rife with prejudices and superficial expectations.

Through her keen observations of a succession of minor crises, she gradually shapes her own unique personality. Notably, Paola possesses a distinctly feminine perspective on the world. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

5. The Other Shape (2022)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Diego Felipe Guzmán

In the foreseeable future, humanity has successfully established a utopian settlement on the lunar surface. Access to this extraordinary realm is exclusively granted to individuals possessing a distinct cranial structure, characterized by a square shape.

A man consumed by an unwavering desire to assimilate into this geometric society finds himself confronted with a profound quandary: whether to conform and adopt a square form or to embrace his innate essence and reveal the true shape that lies within him. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies


Cabo Verde Animation Movies

6. Anina (2013)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Alfredo Soderguit

Anina Yatay Salas, a ten-year-old girl, harbors a strong aversion towards her given name. The peculiarity of her name lies in its palindrome nature, where each component reads the same both forwards and backward. Unfortunately, her classmates, particularly her bitter rival Yisel, take great pleasure in mocking her for this distinctive feature.

Anina, in turn, views Yisel as an adversary of considerable magnitude, referring to her as an “elephant”. Following a physical altercation between Anina and Yisel on the school playground, the principal intervenes and imposes a punishment upon them. Each of them is handed a sealed black envelope, strictly instructed not to open it until an entire week has passed.

Haunted by unsettling nightmares and consumed by daydreams, Anina finds herself entangled in a series of captivating escapades. These adventures involve formidable adversaries, loyal companions, and hidden affections, all while she relentlessly seeks to uncover the dreadful consequence that awaits her.

Unbeknownst to Anina, her relentless pursuit to decipher the contents of the envelope inadvertently propels her on a profound journey of self-discovery, enabling her to comprehend the intricacies of the world and her own place within it. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

7. Me Kafka Bogotá (Short 2016)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Camilo Cogua

A group of 25 animators were startled to awaken from a peculiar dream wherein they found themselves crafting a colossal insect in their beds. Subsequently, the Colombian Chapter of ASIFA, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation, has convened a team of animators to produce a remarkable exquisite corpse based on Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and influenced by the city of Bogotá. The production process entails each artist commencing their series with the final frame created by their predecessor. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

8. Bolívar: el héroe (2003)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Guillermo Rincón

This humorous portrayal centers around Simón Bolivar, a prominent Latin American military leader and elected official, renowned for his valiant efforts in combating Spanish colonial rule. Bolivar was a revolutionary leader from Latin America who was a member of the military and an elected official. He was an important figure in the struggle against Spanish colonialism. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

9. Pixi Saves Christmas (2016)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Gorka Sesma

Pixi Post is an elf girl who resides in Arbolié, a clandestine location in Antarctica where Christmas spirits from all over the world, including Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men Olentzero, and Hoteiosho, among others, congregate.

The council of Christmas Spirits appointed Pixi to locate Hoteiosho after discovering that he had gone missing. In her quest to find Hoteiosho before the next Christmas season, Pixi assumes the guise of a human and secures employment with a mail company called Messenger.

During her investigation, she uncovers that Monopolist, a former Christmas Spirit from the Roman Empire who was banished from Arbolié centuries ago, is responsible for Hoteiosho’s disappearance. Monopolist now resides among humans as the CEO of a company called Worldini Inc.

Pixi endeavors to thwart the Monopolist’s plans to regain his magical abilities by portraying his former partners on billboards and tracking down Arbolié to hold the Great Christmas Tree. With the assistance of Olentzero, Snegurochka, Santa Claus, the other spirits, and a young boy named Quepa, Pixi will strive to defeat Monopolist before it is too late. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies

10. Tundama (2020)

Top 10 Greatest Cabo Verde Animation Movies of All Time

Director: Diego Yaya

This film offers a unique perspective on colonialism as seen through the eyes of the indigenous Muisca people of Colombia. The narration of the film, which has been meticulously preserved, is delivered in the Muisca language that was once spoken in the Cundiboyacense highlands. The Yaya brothers, Edison and Diego, have skillfully directed, written, and produced this thought-provoking piece. – Cabo Verde Animation Movies