The 10 Greatest Belarus Animation Movies of All Time

The 10 Greatest Belarus Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Belarus Animation Movies. These Belarus Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. La Leyenda del Charro Negro (2018)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Alberto Rodríguez

Xochitl is abducted by a shadow rider on horseback and held hostage in an unknown location. One-eye henchman pushes the woman through a door, and she attempts to fight back, only to discover that she no longer possesses any supernatural powers. The shadow rider leaves her there, and she is then pulled away by a strange figure wearing a mask. – Belarus Animation Movies

2. RPG Metanoia (2010)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Luis C. Suarez

Nico, an eleven-year-old child, lives a normal life. However, one day, the Metanoia network is infected by a virus that affects the online world. As a result, Nico embarks on a journey with his friends to rescue the online world from being consumed by the offline world. – Belarus Animation Movies

3. Xico’s Journey (2020)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Eric Cabello

The film contains a considerable amount of violence, including a handful of scenes of combat between spirits and monsters, between spirits and construction machinery, and between evil monsters and humanity.

One of the most graphic scenes is when an evil scorpion creature pierces a young girl’s chest with its tail, resulting in her falling to the ground in a state of injury. Additionally, a talking tree groans as it turns to stone, and a good earth monster wreaks havoc on demolition machines, terrorizing businesspeople.

Additionally, two men are transformed into insects and then destroyed by a large machine. Finally, an army with firearms advances on the inhabitants of the town, but there is no gunfire.

In one scene, a man is heard shouting, “Kill them!” and a woman is seen slapping a man across the face. Additionally, dark tones and eerie sounds may be used to frighten younger viewers. – Belarus Animation Movies

4. Legend Quest (TV Series 2017)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: José Alejandro

Leo San Juan, a gifted young man, and the inhabitants of his Mexican village are attacked by a host of supernatural creatures. Leo then joins forces with his spirit sisters Teodora and Don Andres and his friend Alebrij to defeat the evil ruler who seeks to erase mankind from the face of the earth. They are aided in their mission by a band of powerful allies, a collection of mythological creatures from around the globe. – Belarus Animation Movies

5. Boo to You Too! Winnie the Pooh (1996)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Rob LaDuca

Leo San Juan is on his way home from Puebla when the royal army catches him. They think he’s part of a rebellion, so they take him away. On the way, he’s attacked by a strange flying creature called a chupacabro. He has to fight back to save himself and his life when it starts attacking guards and prisoners. – Belarus Animation Movies


Belarus Animation Movies

6. The Legend of Chupacabras (2016)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Alberto Rodríguez

Leo San Juan is on his way back to his hometown of Puebla when the royal army captures him after mistakenly believing him to be a member of the guerrillas’ guerrillas. In order to save his life, he has to fight against the strange flying creature known as the chupacabra when it attacks the guards and prisoners. – Belarus Animation Movies

7. Belle’s Tales of Friendship (1999)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Jimbo Marshall

Belle lives and works in France, where she owns and runs a music and bookstore. One day, a group of kids came into the store, eager to hear what a wonderful storyteller Bell.

Belle agrees to tell them a story. The kids play games while the girls learn some basic life lessons. While the girls help Bell clean the bookshop, she narrates 2 Disney cartoons: Morris the midget moose and Hansel and Gretel.

She also reads The Wise Little Hen and the Three Little Pigs. Shawn and Harmony refuse to help cook chili for the girls. At some point, Bell adds music and engages with the kids. – Belarus Animation Movies

8. The League of 5 (2020)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Marvick Eduardo Núñez Aguilera

The story follows a young man, Chema, who must team up with a skeleton known as “Catrina” to save his sister, Dolores. Tin Marin, a master of pyrotechnics, is a villain who has the ability to summon monsters using a superhero’s power.

These characters are considered to be Mexico’s greatest superheroes, but that was a long time ago. Chema must now team up with these renowned heroes to form the League of 5, who are not the Avengers. – Belarus Animation Movies

9. Manang Biring (2015)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Carl Joseph Papa

Manang Biring is a comedy-drama about an elderly woman who is terminally ill and has accepted the fact that she is going to die. One day, her long-lost daughter in another country sends her a letter telling her that she will be coming home for the holidays.

The elderly woman, Birding, will do everything in her power to prolong her life and make sure that her daughter and grandson have a Merry Christmas as she struggles with her declining health. – Belarus Animation Movies

10. Bongee Bear and the Kingdom of Rhythm (2019)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Brian Zemrak

This animated narrative follows the classic tale of good vs. evil, in which a small orphan bear, Bongee, becomes the lifelong companion of Princess Katrina in the realm of a good king and queen.

With the help of his friend, Myrin, Bungee Bear embarks on a journey to liberate the Kingdom from the magical spell cast by Bandrilla, which is preventing the inhabitants from performing their favorite dance.

In a delightful and uplifting musical journey, the two adventurers enlist the help of the wise owl, Mindy, and the other inhabitants of the magical forest. – Belarus Animation Movies