The 10 Greatest Belize TV Series of All Time

The 10 Greatest Belize TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Belize TV Series. These Belize TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Mad Dogs (TV Series 2015)

Director: Charles McDougall

The plot revolves around a group of overworked and underappreciated American men who embark on a “vacation from hell” to Belize, where they reunite with an old friend to celebrate his early retirement. When a bunch of underappreciated 40-year-olds meet in Belize, a wild ride of misadventures, deceit, and murder ensues. – Belize TV Series

2. Noh Matta Wat (TV Series 2005)

Director: Steve T. Berry

The Diego Family, consisting of the grandmother, Margaret, her sister, Lisani, and their son, Randy, appears to be a typical Belizean household. However, after an unexpected encounter with an unscrupulous American, their lives are transformed. The series follows their journey to reclaim the Belizean way of life. – Belize TV Series

3. The Garifuna Journey (TV Series 1998)

Director: Andrea E. Leland

The Garifuna were descendants of Africans and Carib Indians, and they fought to keep their homeland on St. Vincent, the Caribbean island. They resisted slavery because of their love of freedom. In 1797, the British forced them to leave St. Vincent and move to Roatan, Honduras.

Although they were in exile and the Diaspora followed, their culture still survives today. This is a little-known story that deserves to be remembered as part of the history of African Diasporas.

This documentary is a celebration of the history, culture, language, cuisine, music, dancing, and spirituality of Garifunas. It features engaging scenes of fishermen, cooks, dancers, cassava preparations, thatching of temples, spiritual rituals, ritual music, and dance. – Belize TV Series

4. Domino (TV Series 2015)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Sos Janibekyan

Mika and Norik wanted to start their own business, but after they got fired from their old job on bad terms, they turned to a bank for help. But the loan they got wasn’t enough, so they decided to gamble with their money and ended up losing everything.

They had to go back to their old jobs, deal with a boss who didn’t like them, and work extra hours to pay back the loan. Plus, they had their own lives to worry about – a wife who was always checking up on her husband’s money, a girlfriend whose family was counting down the days until they got married, and a new relationship. – Belize TV Series

5. Full House (TV Series 2014)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Ani Yeranyan, Mihran Tsarukyan, Marjan Avetisyan

A group of five people, consisting of three males and two females, have been tricked into renting the same apartment by a dishonest real estate agent. Each of the individuals is actively attempting to persuade the others to leave the premises, leading to a variety of humorous scenarios.

The plot follows Aom, a writer, who is duped out of her home while on vacation in Korea. Upon learning that her house has been sold to Mike, Aom enters into a contractual marriage with him for a period of one year in an effort to regain her property.

Despite the fact that she has lost all her possessions, Aom maintains a positive outlook and accepts the situation with grace. What began as a business arrangement between the two protagonists turns into a personal relationship as they develop a mutual admiration for one another. – Belize TV Series


Belize TV Series

6. Kargin Haghordum (TV Series 2002)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan

This particular comedy series is one of the best-known and most successful productions in the post-independence history of Armenia. The format of the show consisted of short, yet captivating sketches that dealt with topics such as marital infidelity, social problems in Armenia, soccer, and the Second World War.

This show was one of the biggest and most successful comedy shows in Armenia after independence. It was all about cheating on your wife, social issues in Armenia, soccer, and World War II. It was usually just a few minutes of sketches. – Belize TV Series

7. Golden School (TV Series 2017)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Vache Tovmasyan, Sergey Sargsyan, Anna Grigoryan

Upon escaping from the custody of the law enforcement authorities, a notorious burglar, Robert Tsomasyan, stored his stolen gold in a construction site. After his release from prison, he found that a new school had been constructed on the same site where the gold had been hidden.

He attempted to locate the treasure by assuming the role of an English teacher at the school, however, his plans were foiled when he developed a romantic interest in the English teacher, resulting in a major shift in the storyline. – Belize TV Series

8. Armenian soap operas (TV Series 2000)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Arthur Sarkissian, David Sargsyan

These serials have been widely criticized for allegedly encouraging violence, domestic abuse, tragedy, and a life of poverty. These elements are thought to have a negative impact on a large segment of the population in Armenia, and critics are particularly worried about the psychological impact on young people. – Belize TV Series

9. The Voice of Armenia (TV Series 2012)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Sona, Sofi Mkheyan

A team of four coaches is on a mission to find the best and brightest vocal talent in Armenia. Their goal is to nurture and train them to become successful artists. In the end, it’s Armenia’s hard work that will decide which singer is worthy of the grand prize. – Belize TV Series

10. Kargin Serial (TV Series 2010)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan

Kargin Serial is a sitcom series that aired on Armenia’s television channel. Many viewers have speculated that the show may have been inspired by the American comedy Two and a Half Men. In an interview with Mko, the creator of the show admitted that the format was inspired by a previous television program, however, he further clarified that the show was adapted to accurately reflect the reality of Armenia. – Belize TV Series