The 10 Best Equatorial Guinea Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Equatorial Guinea Movies of All Time. You should check out these Equatorial Guinea Movies. These Equatorial Guinea Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Equatorial Guinea Movies

1. Feguibox (2015)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Gabriel Amdur

The protagonist of the film “Feguibox” is Salvador, a rising star on Equatorial Guinea’s national boxing team. He is the first chance for the African squad to compete in the Olympics, but he struggles with a life of poverty, his girlfriend Luna, and his lack of self-control. Salvador is a rising talent on Equatorial Guinea’s boxing team. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

2. Anomalías eléctricas (2010)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Coke Riobóo

When the electricity unexpectedly goes out, the main character is studying at his Malabo home. He tries to find a candle, but the darkness causes him to trip and fall. He can resume studying when the light returns, although this only lasts a short while.

The character tries to solve the problem after the power goes out once more, but he suffers an electric mishap. He appears with “Rasta” hair when the light turns back on, and a short while later, the power is cut for the third time. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

3. Palm Trees in the Snow (2015)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Fernando González Molina

Kilian and Bisila making out in 1968 is the scene that starts the movie. Shortly later, Killian leaves, giving Bisila his hat and a half-torn photo as souvenirs. Time travels to 2003, and Clarence is there at her estranged father Jacobo’s funeral in Pasolobino, Spain. Clarence and her cousin Daniela have a discussion about selling the family farm after the funeral.

They also spoke about Daniela’s dementia-stricken father, Kilian. Clarence discovers a notebook, a partially torn photograph, and a torn message in Killian’s office that say money has been delivered to an unnamed woman. An old family acquaintance, Julia, is questioned by Clarence about the note. Julia acknowledges that her late husband Manuel authored the note, but she is unsure about the identity of the author.

Julia will visit Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, according to Clarence, in order to learn more about her father’s life. Additionally, Clarence makes the decision to bring whatever family she may have in Bioko back to Spain. Clarence is instructed by Julia to look for Simón, a friend and houseboy of Kilian. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

4. Where the Road Runs Out (2014)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Rudolf Buitendach

George, a well-known African scientist who now resides in Europe, is bored with academia. George leaves Europe to go back to his African origins after the death of an old friend who was in charge of a field research station in Equatorial Guinea.

Scientist George, who resides in Rotterdam, is becoming more skeptical of the academic community. He decides to go back to his African origins and take over a run-down field station in the Equatorial Guinean rainforest after learning of the tragic death of an old friend. George’s skeptical eyes are opened to this vibrant environment when he encounters an upbeat orphan youngster there.

All is well until an unexpected appearance by an old friend of George throws their lives into disarray as George learns there are many obstacles on the road to redemption and a few more where the road runs out. The boy plays a matchmaker between George and the woman who oversees the neighborhood orphanage. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

5. A Storm Was Coming (2020)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Javier Fernández Vázquez

The Spaniards in charge of Ecuadorian Guinea captured King Ebwera of the Bubi in 1904. The early official accounts paint a picture of heroism. However, further research and the oral histories of the ancestors provide a much darker story.

One of the last Bubi monarchs, Saasi Eweera, rebelled against the Spanish colonial rulers on the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea and was arrested by them in 1904; he perished in mysterious circumstances. The movie picks up the case 100 years later. Actors read aloud the Spanish government’s official findings, which are then juxtaposed with interviews with the Bubi. – Equatorial Guinea Movies


6. The Writer from a Country Without Bookstores (2019)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Marc Serena

Due to the social and economic class differences between Nadia and Nasir, their parents were not happy when they fell in love. Both of them must persuade their parents that they have a right over them for their relationship to survive.

The most widely translated author from Equatorial Guinea is Juan Tomás vila Laurel, although he was forced to leave his homeland in 2011 after engaging in the world’s longest-running hunger strike in protest of Teodoro Obiang’s rule.

He has been living in ex-colonial Spain as a refugee, where his art is mainly disregarded. Being one of the most well-known intellectuals opposed to the regime, he feels compelled to return to his home country despite the dangers. We travel to one of the most remote countries in Africa with him and his books. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

7. Subvaloradas, sin ser vistas. Voces literarias de Guinea Ecuatorial (2009)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Mischa G. Hendel

The only nation having Spanish as its official language, Equatorial Guinea is the third-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa. Within the nation, neither publishing houses nor libraries exist. The government doesn’t seem to care about culture or the arts. This documentary demonstrates how the populace, in particular the intelligentsia, maintains their seclusion and endures a challenging lifestyle. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

8. Die Spaßmacher (2019)

Equatorial Guinea Movies

Director: Klaus Peter Karger

Ferdinand, a brash clown, travels the nation with Beppo, a friendly companion. On the occasion of their anniversary, they are joined by filmmaker Klaus Peter Karger as they reflect on the early days of clown theatre and the everyday demands of the business. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

9. Teresa (2010)

Director: Juan Pablo Ebang Esono

Elena Iyanga, Dina Anguesomo, and Isabel Kote, three teenage students with very diverse lives who go by the names Teresa, Roco, and Yolanda, are connected by friendship. The primary character, Teresa, is a young woman who enjoys dating, nightlife on the streets, and having fun.

Roco, a wealthy buddy who is less interested in education because she has everything, is her best friend. Last but not least, Yolanda is a young lady from a very poor household whose parents are ailing. Yolanda takes her studies very seriously to advance in life, and she counsels her friends to do the same, even if they ignore her.

It features a story based on real events that were created by the National Library of Equatorial Guinea and were shot there by several young filmmakers using a variety of resources and producers. – Equatorial Guinea Movies

10. Aricó caliente (2015)

Director: Raimundo Bernabé Nnandong

Mother and daughter Esperanza and Sola earn a career by hawking “aricó caliente” (cooked beans) on the streets of Bata. One fine day, a wealthy man named Mr. Jorge visits Esperanza to observe how she longs for something greater. – Equatorial Guinea Movies