The 15 Best Chile Animation Movies You Should Watch

The 15 Best Chile Animation Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Chile Animation Movies. These Chile Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Chile Animation Movies

1. Condorito: The Movie (2017)

Chile Animation

Director: Alex Orrelle

Mollusk-like aliens used their hypnotic amulets to enslave planets. The amulet was stolen by an anthropomorphic condor during the pre-Columbian era, de-hypnotizing the people and forcing the mollusk-like aliens to flee to their planet with a promise to return.

The Condor and his companions concealed the amulet in a temple deep within the Mexican jungle, and over time, the Condor produced several offspring. Condorito and his teammates defeat the Buenas Peras team in Pelotillehue City football.

Yayita electrocutes Condorito for flirting with reporters during an interview after which he departs with Pepe Cortisona to purchase a hot air balloon in honour of Yayita’s mother Tremebunda’s birthday. – Chile Animation

2. The Wolf House (2018)

Chile Animation

Director: Cristóbal León

The Wolf House, which was inspired by a real-life incident, defends Colonia prisoner Maria, a little German girl who was punished for freeing her two favorite pigs. As she flees with her “children,” Maria enters a supernaturally sentient home that has the power to expose Colonia Dignidad’s horrible history.

Maria, a young woman who flees a German colony and finds safety in a home in southern Chile, tells her story. There once existed a remote and secret colony hidden within central Chile from which no one could elude, during the early 20th century.

While Colonia Dignidad was renowned for its delectable honey, the surrounding settlements were abuzz with rumors of several alleged atrocities carried out within the commune’s fortified limits. Paul Schäfer, a former Nazi, founded and ruled Colonia in a totalitarian manner.

Colonia’s covert activities included Schäfer personally organizing atrocities against Colonia’s children as well as politically authorized torture on behalf of Augusto Pinochet’s military government. – Chile Animation

3. Los Huesos (2021)

Chile Animation

Director: Cristóbal León

The movie depicts a young woman executing a ritual exorcism to rid Chile of its feudal past. The ghosts of two cursed Secretaries of State are summoned amid a dance of bones, organs, and body parts. A girl performs a ritual to rid the kingdom of Chile of its feudal past using human corpses and the spirits of two damned Secretaries of State. – Chile Animation

4. 31 Minutos: La Película (2008)

Chile Animation

Director: Pedro Peirano

A unique creature known as the Blonde Buffalo makes an escape raft attempt on a distant island but is halted by Cachirula, the island’s owner, and Wool Star, her helper. Cachirula laments the fact that the exotic animals she keeps on the island dislike her and that Juann, the most priceless of all the animals, is still missing. A smuggler shows up to comfort Cachirula. He assures her that he will bring her the last Juann that is still alive. – Chile Animation

5. Beast (2021)

Chile Animation

Director: Hugo Covarrubias

In 1975, Ingrid is employed by the Chilean Intelligence Directorate (DINA). Her interactions with her body, her dog, her worries, and her frustrations indicate a dreadful mental breakdown in both her and the entire nation.

We delve into the depressing life of a cold, inscrutable woman and her monotonous routine against the backdrop of Augusto Pinochet’s authoritarian military government. The impassive woman commutes to work, visits a mysterious house, plays with her German Shepherd, and frets about her weight.

But as her story develops via routines, a hideous portrait begins to emerge, illuminating the horrifying picture of the long-lasting harm done to a nation torn apart by unpunished crimes and horrible tragedies. – Chile Animation

6. Nahuel and the Magic Book (2020)

Chile Animation

Director: Germán Acuña

The inquisitive Nahuel is terrified of the ocean. He eventually came across a strange book that appears to hold the key to solving his problem. He is unaware that the book is magical and that Kalku, an aspirant warlock, is pursuing it. – Chile Animation

7. Mirageman (2006)

Chile Animation

Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza

A club bouncer with a troubled history who is also a skilled fighter decides to become a superhero. Three years prior, a horrible attack took place on Maco’s family. The father and mother were killed in the attack, the youngest brother was beaten and sodomized, and Maco was nearly killed. Maco has been exercising, training, and obsessively practicing martial arts. Due to the serious trauma of the murder and rape, Maco’s brother is a patient in a mental health facility. – Chile Animation


8. Castores. La invasión del fin del mundo (2015)

Chile Animation

Director: Nicolas Iacouzzi

Canadian beavers were introduced to Patagonia in the 1950s and have since spread alarmingly into the Andean region, decimating historic forests and endangering the delicate environment. A critique of Patagonia’s terrible legacy of invasive species.

Beaver invaders from Canada have taken over the island of Tierra del Fuego. In what turned out to be one of the most disastrous attempts to alter the environment for human benefit, the species was introduced in 1946. The population of beavers has increased from the original twenty to over 150,000 and poses a serious threat to the island’s native animals as well as possibly to the rest of South America’s continent. – Chile Animation

9. Papelucho y el marciano (2007)

Chile Animation

Director: Alejandro Rojas

It all starts when Papelucho, a restless young man with a vivid imagination, encounters a Martian and quickly befriends him. This companion enters Papelucho, which results in an ongoing internal struggle between the two characters.

Papelucho is compelled to make an effort to bring the Martian home after his new friend miraculously unites with him and starts acting strangely around other people. Papelucho makes the decision to build a ship to go to Mars and return Det. – Chile Animation

10. Nae Pasaran (2018)

Chile Animation

Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra

In 1974, industrial workers in a Scottish town protested the bloody military takeover in Chile by refusing to service warplane engines. The engines are left to rust in the plant yard for four years until they inexplicably vanish in the middle of the night. – Chile Animation

11. Bear Story (2014)

Chile Animation

Director: Gabriel Osorio Vargas

A mechanical diorama depicts the life of an elderly, lonely bear. An elderly bear who is alone and dejected works on his life’s greatest creation in his dusty workshop: a magnificent mechanical diorama telling a captivating tale. The elderly craftsman meticulously works on his machine alone, but a family portrait of his wife and son shows that he wasn’t always alone himself. – Chile Animation

12. Seven Seas Pirates (2012)

Chile Animation

Director: Walter Tournier

Selkirk and Pupi are captured and marooned on a deserted island after the crew takes their treasure map and learns their true identities, turning a daring voyage onboard a pirate ship into a fight for survival. The English galleon Esperanza sailed the southern seas in search of riches by the rebellious and arrogant pirate Selkirk. He wins his friends’ current and future savings by gambling, earning the crew’s hatred, and Captain Bullock chooses to abandon him on a desolate island. – Chile Animation

13. Here’s the Plan (2017)

Chile Animation

Director: Fernanda Frick H.

Doug and Kat, a dog and a cat, are newlyweds who reside in a modest and somewhat outdated home. Doug and Kat introduce their “plan” at the outset, which includes plans to start their own bakery and “to keep on loving each other a lot, forever.”

Doug agrees to the concept despite having some reservations about the bakery. The oven suddenly cracks and bursts as they are baking cupcakes in their tiny kitchen. Doug and Kat decide to look for work as coffee baristas and assistants at advertising agencies, respectively, to help pay for the damages. They both pledge to stop working once they have enough money.

They purchase a new oven, but it is too large for their tiny kitchen and doesn’t seem to fit. They destroy two clay dolls of themselves from their wedding while fiddling with them. Doug is promoted to manager, Kat joins the board of the advertising agency, and the two decide to put in extra hours so they can rebuild their kitchen. Although they are always working to expand their modest home, they are both too exhausted to bake. – Chile Animation

14. Cesante (2003)

Chile Animation

Director: Fernanda Frick

Carlos Melendez, a man who has experienced poor luck in his life, broke up with his fiancée and now needs to go out and look for a job despite running out of gas, water, and electricity. He will have to contend with obnoxious secretaries, punk robbers, the police, a topless cafe, nasty hot dogs, and a religious zealot in just 12 hours at the speed of his frenetic clock. – Chile Animation

15. Who Are You? (2019)

Chile Animation

Director: Julio Pot

Jihad and Nassim, who for a long time believed they were brothers and sisters, begin to fall in love. Many obstacles stand in the way of their continued love. – Chile Animation