The 30 Best Brazil Animation Movies of All Time

The 30 Best Brazil Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Brazil Animation Movies. These Brazil Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Brazil Animation

1. Tito and the Birds (2018)

Brazil Animation

Director: Gustavo Steinberg

The movie is an odd yet passionate allegory about dread in Brazil that concerns a little kid named Tito who enjoys helping his scientist father Rufus with his inventions, the most recent of which involved a machine that can understand bird melodies that break down and cause separation.

A few years later, the fear epidemic is increasing, and Tito must stave it off by enlisting the help of Sarah and Bui, two of his closest friends, to cure his father and further the development of his machine before it’s too late. – Brazil Animation

2. Boo, Zino & the Snurks (2004)

Brazil Animation

Director: Lenard Fritz Krawinkel,

A group of creatures that are considerably smaller than people but bear an amazing likeness to them live in the lovely land of Gaya. But there is an immediate danger for the Gayans. The magical Dalamite stone, without which this world is doomed, has been stolen. Boo and Zino, two Gayans, set out on a perilous journey to locate and retrieve the stone. They venture into a foreign, unsettling, and dangerous world as they search for the stone. – Brazil Animation

3. The Return of Tiny Toon (2018)

Brazil Animation

Director: João Pereira

After the series was canceled, more than 20 years have passed, and the characters have grown apart. It’s time to go back now. However, for this to occur, you must somehow assemble the gang. – Brazil Animation

4. Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury (2013)

Brazil Animation

Director: Luiz Bolognesi

The Tupinambá warrior Abeguar and Janana fall in love in Guanabara in 1566. He jumps over a cliff with her and soars when a jaguar attacks Abeguar and Janana. The shaman tells Abeguar that the god Munh had selected him to lead his people and battle the evil Anhangá.

The whole Tupinambá tribe is massacred when the tribe’s chief Piat sides with the French in their conflict with the Portuguese, and Abeguar transforms into a bird and travels for more than 200 years to find Janaina.

The warrior in 1825 is Manuel Balaio, who resides in Maranho with Janana and their two daughters. Balaio leads the oppressed locals against the police after the violent police commander violates one of his daughters, and they overthrow the Caxias city.

Balaio transforms back into a bird and spends more than 140 years flying to find Janana after the government sends Duque de Caxias and his forces to defeat the rebels. Cau is the warrior in Rio in 1968, but Janana is a revolutionary student who cohabitates with another rebel.

To save Janana from being tortured during their imprisonment by the oppressive police, Cau informs on the rebels, and as a result, he is shunned by his erstwhile friends. He only communicates with the jailer Feijo, and Cau teaches him politics. Following the amnesty, Cau relocates to the slums with Feijo and joins the criminal organization Falange Vermelha while also working as a teacher.

When the police enter the slum, Cau transforms back into a bird and searches for Janana for more than a century. Few individuals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2096 can afford the water that the government-owned business Aquabrás mostly uses in the ethanol farms.

Janana is now a call girl, and the warrior is a journalist. The warrior sees Janana on television and travels to Aquabrás to save her after the president of Aquabrás is abducted by some rebels. – Brazil Animation

5. Perlimps (2022)

Brazil Animation

Director: Alê Abreu

Two secret agents sent to the Enchanted Forest are Claé and Bruó, who work for rival kingdoms. They eventually realized they were working toward the same goal: rescuing the Perlimps from the terrifying Giants that had encircled the Forest. – Brazil Animation

6. Little Bee (2009)

Brazil Animation

Director: Michelle Gabriel

When a beehive is threatened by violence, unexpected sources of peace may emerge. A soldier wants to make honey, while a honey maker wants to fight. What occurs when these bees choose to abide by their hearts rather than the rules? – Brazil Animation

7. Nahuel and the Magic Book (2020)

Brazil Animation

Director: German Acuña

The inquisitive Nahuel is terrified of the ocean. He eventually came across a strange book that appears to hold the key to solving his problem. He is unaware that the book is actually magical and that Kalku, an aspirant warlock, is pursuing it. – Brazil Animation

8. The Christmas Tree(1991)

Brazil Animation

Director: Flamarion Ferreira

Heartless Because Mrs. Mavilda retains all the donations for herself, the children at her orphanage live in abject poverty. She appoints a new helper, who works with Santa to give the kids a happy Christmas. – Brazil Animation

9. Napo (2020)

Brazil Animation

Director: Gustavo Ribeiro

John finds an old photo album full of pictures while trying to understand the disease that is causing his grandfather to alternate between the past and the present. His imagination is stimulated by the visuals, which turn his grandfather’s recollections into artwork that defines their relationship as a history of memory-making and remembrance. – Brazil Animation

10. 31 Minutos: La Película (2008)

Brazil Animation

Director: Pedro Peirano

The motley team of the renowned television news program 31 Minutes sails out to a mysterious island to save their beloved producer Juanin Juan Harry. – Brazil Animation

11. Journey with Tarsilinha (2021)

Brazil Animation

Director: Kiko Mistrorigo

An 8-year-old girl named Tarsilinha embarks on a quest to preserve the memories of her mother. To accomplish this, she must locate the mementos that her mother cherishes in her memory box and that a caterpillar stole from a fantastical realm. – Brazil Animation

12. Xuxinha e Guto Contra os Monstros do Espaço (2005)

Brazil Animation

Director: Clewerson Saremba

The seven-year-old child, Guto, will battle dangerous garbage-eating creatures from XYZ, a planet in a far-off Galaxy, with the assistance of his guardian angel, Xuxinha. Along with Guto and Xuxinha, their companions Txutxuco, a detective dog, their awkward partners Jonas and his guardian angel Biel, as well as a very wise homeless man named Euclides Arquimedes, will also be present. Together, they will aid Guto in looking into several odd occurrences near the Big Fart River, where the garbage-eating monsters are getting ready to assault the city. – Brazil Animation

13. Lino (2017)

Brazil Animation

Director: Rafael Ribas

Lino performs at kid’s parties as an entertainer, but he detests how kids treat him and make fun of him because he wears a cat costume to work. He approaches a wizard in an attempt to transform his life, but the magic doesn’t work as intended, and he awakens as a large cat. – Brazil Animation

14. Monica and Friends (TV Series 1976)

Brazil Animation

Director: Mauricio de Sousa

A little girl with a strong personality who serves as the crew’s commander and “ruler of the street,” Monica, is not one to tolerate insults. She carries Samson, her pet bunny, about everywhere since she adores him so much. One of her closest friends, Jimmy Five, is intelligent yet he always makes her feel uncomfortable. Maggy, Monica’s best friend and one of the cutest girls around, is constantly munching on watermelons. Smudge, a talented child who is scared of water, joins the core quartet of the program to round things out. – Brazil Animation

15. Worms (2013)

Brazil Animation

Director: Arthur Nunes

Junior is a preteen worm who fails to fit in with his peers and is then teased because his mother is overly careful since he is spoilt. He is mistakenly raised to the surface by a shovel one day while trying to impress his buddies, which sets off a voyage with amazing adventures and extremely high stakes – not just for the young hero, but also for the entire worm society. Junior must first learn the virtues of self-respect, trust, and true friendship in order to return home and preserve his own species. – Brazil Animation


16. Caroline and the Magic Potion (2015)

Brazil Animation

Director: Tomás Cond

Caroline envisions living an exciting life. Then Caroline gets her chance while residing with her healer Granny and unruly cat Mus. Caroline discovers a mystical recipe that will allow her to fly while searching through her grandmother’s medical concoctions. Caroline transforms a regular umbrella into her own personal flying broomstick as she jumps with delight.

\ But magic isn’t always used for good, as the villainous boss of a manufacturing firm learns about the magic brew and kidnaps Caroline’s grandmother in order to acquire the recipe. When Caroline learns, she immediately springs into action and embarks on the journey of a lifetime to save her Grann. – Brazil Animation

17. The Frog Prince (2009 Video)

Brazil Animation

Director: John Musker

A contemporary adaptation of the old tale The Frog Prince. In the movie The Princess and the Frog, the lives of the haughty, careless Prince Naveen and the diligent waitress Tiana cross. A cunning voodoo sorcerer turns Prince Naveen into a frog, and Tiana follows suit after kissing the amphibian king. Naveen and Tiana must work quickly to break the enchantment and achieve their goals with the aid of an old blind woman who lives in a boat in a tree, a trumpet-playing alligator, a Cajun firefly, and other allies. – Brazil Animation

18. The Other Shape (2022)

Brazil Animation

Director: Diego Felipe Guzmán

An interesting journey through a hallucinatory environment in a futuristic movie without language. In the not-too-distant future, humans have created a paradise on the moon’s surface. You need to have a square head to enter this location.

The choice of turning into a square or releasing the genuine shape that lives within of him will be presented to a man who is obsessed with fitting into this geometric world. – Brazil Animation

19. Mystery Lab (TV Series 2020)

Brazil Animation

Director: Bruno Miranda

With the aid of his lab colleagues, host Felipe Castanhari investigates science, history, riddles, and miracles, learning mind-blowing discoveries. – Brazil Animation

20. Trunk Train: The Movie (2022)

Brazil Animation

Director: Zé Brandão

Gajah, an elephant with no memory, suddenly becomes well-known. Stardom is fleeting since it often turns out to be the prime suspect in enigmatic kidnappings. – Brazil Animation

21. The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs (2009)

Brazil Animation

Director: Rafael Ribas

Happy Cricket plans to release a CD and start a music school for underprivileged kids. To better his life, Big T, the toad leader of a rap group, also plans to release a CD. However, Petal, a stunning cricket singer, enters the scene and quickly wins the heart of Happy Cricket, catalyzing a musical argument between Happy Cricket and Big T. They also have to fight the villain Trambika, who wants to steal their songs and sell them illegally, in fantastic adventures. – Brazil Animation

22. Gladiformers: Robos Gladiadores (2007)

Brazil Animation

Director: Marco Alemar

Robots in disguise are made to fight one another in a colosseum where the stakes are constantly high. There is only one chance for survival. – Brazil Animation

23. GadgetGang in Outer Space (2017)

Brazil Animation

Director: Ale McHaddo

The “GadgetGang” kids—Gus, Phoebe, Francesco, Mitsue, Mary Ann, Banana, and Tank—quirkily learn this won’t be the boring weekend they had expected when a spaceship crashes to Earth and uncovers a group of miniature space aliens running for their life. They discover that all of the worlds, including Earth, are now in peril after an evil warlord by the name of Gana Goldberg took control of the Confederation of Worlds in a remote region of the galaxy. – Brazil Animation

24. Historietas Assombradas: O Filme (2017)

Brazil Animation

Director: Victor Hugo Borges

Pepe, a 12-year-old child, lives with his witch-businesswoman grandma. He makes the decision to seek out his parents after learning they are still alive and that he was adopted. – Brazil Animation

25. Little Big Panda (2011)

Brazil Animation

Director: Michael Schoemann

Somewhere in the present-day beautiful Chinese highlands: Because bamboo is getting scarcer and because humans are constantly encroaching into their habitat, the survival of the pandas is at grave risk. The community now needs someone to rouse them because lethargy is one of the Pandas’ most notable character qualities. Manchu overcomes all the difficulties with the aid of his buddies. When the humans abruptly unleash the floods of their recently constructed dam, they target them at the valley of the pandas as the group is almost there. – Brazil Animation

26. Chef Jack – O Cozinheiro Aventureiro (2023)

Brazil Animation

Director: Guilherme Fiuza Zenha

Chef Jack and his helper Leonard will journey through the Culinary Islands to compete in the largest culinary competition in the world and, in doing so, attempt to outwit their rivals. – Brazil Animation

27. Peixonauta: O Filme (2018)

Brazil Animation

Director: Célia Catunda

Prepare yourself for a fantastic journey! In the huge city, Fishtronaut and his friends are asked to investigate a mystery: the population is declining! The gang must now devise a plan to save them before they vanish entirely. – Brazil Animation

28. Os Under Undergrounds, o Começo (2018)

Brazil Animation

Director: Nelson Botter Jr.

This is the tale of Hector, a young man who is expelled from his band for failing to be cool enough. He stumbles into a hole on the way home, unhappy about what happened, and finds himself in a weird underground realm full of bizarre creatures. But he will find everything he was looking for in this strange place, including true friends and a rock ‘n’ roll band that doesn’t worry about stereotypes but simply the love of music. Together, the Under-Undergrounds will embark on several entertaining adventures to assist Hector in returning home. – Brazil Animation

29. Osmar, the First Slice of the Loaf: The Movie (2019)

Brazil Animation

Director: Ale McHaddo

A first slice of a loaf of bread arrives in the big city trying to get fame and overcome the fact that it was left on the packaging. Between fermented egos artists and audience disputes, the insecure Osmar emerges as an unexpected celebrity in the television world. – Brazil Animation

30. Branimals: The Forest Is Ours (2012)

Brazil Animation

Director: Paulo Munhoz

Brichos’ residents are forced to make decisions about the future of their community because they risk losing their forest to speculators and foreign terrorists. The animals must take on this enormous challenge with courage, wisdom, and humor. – Brazil Animation