The 20 Best Colombia Animation Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Colombia Animation Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Colombia Animation Movies. These Colombia Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Colombia Animation

1. Regue Chicken (2015)

Colombia Animation

Director: Dago García

The narrative of “Rogue Chicken” centers on two youngsters. Gabriel, the great fighter son of a rooster, and Violeta, an abandoned chicken who adores reggaeton. They both embark on an odyssey during which they learn not only about accepting one another but also about tolerance and peace. – Colombia Animation

2. Legend Quest (TV Series 2017)

Colombia Animation

Director: José Alejandro

A talented teen named Leo San Juan and the people in his Mexican hamlet are assaulted by a variety of supernatural beings. Leo then teams up with his ghostly pals Teodora, Don Andres, and Alebrije to stop the evil overlord who wants to wipe out humanity from history. A group of strong allies—an assortment of mythical creatures from all around the world—support them in their goal. – Colombia Animation

3. Jungle Shuffle (2014)

Colombia Animation

Director: Taedong Park

Mexico’s Lacedon Jungle in 1960. Sacha and Coatis Manu are close buddies. However, naughty Manu is banished from the empire for destroying a statue that the king had commissioned, and his girlfriend Sacha is subsequently kidnapped by hunters. – Colombia Animation

4. Virus tropical (2017)

Colombia Animation

Director: Santiago Caicedo

Paola was born into a Colombian family that tries to live a traditional lifestyle. Her mother is a “psychic,” her father is a priest, and her sisters don’t fit the mold that their parents had in mind. She is a young woman from Latin America who is fighting for her independence in a challenging environment that is full of prejudices and expectations based just on appearance. This girl learns to live as she lives as she observes a series of minor crises that mold her personality. She has a very feminine perspective on the world. – Colombia Animation

5. The Other Shape (2022)

Colombia Animation

Director: Diego Felipe Guzmán

An interesting journey through a hallucinatory environment in a futuristic movie without language. In the not-too-distant future, humans have created a paradise on the moon’s surface. You need to have a square head to enter this location. The choice of turning into a square or releasing the genuine shape that lives within of him will be presented to a man who is obsessed with fitting into this geometric world. – Colombia Animation

6. Anina (2013)

Colombia Animation

Director: Alfredo Soderguit

A ten-year-old girl named Anina Yatay Salas dislikes her name. Each component reads the same both forward and backward since it is a palindrome. This is something that her classmates constantly make fun of, especially Anina’s bitter rival Yisel, whom Anina considers to be an “elephant”.

The school’s principal punishes Anina and Yisel after they get into a fight on the playground by giving them each a sealed black envelope that they are not permitted to open for a full week.

Anina, who has been plagued by nightmares and daydreams, will become embroiled in a series of adventures involving dangerous foes, close friends, and secret loves as she searches for the terrible punishment that awaits her. Anina’s attempts to comprehend the contents of the envelope unknowingly lead her on a journey to comprehend the nature of the world and her place within it. – Colombia Animation

7. Me Kafka Bogotá (Short 2016)

Colombia Animation

Director: Camilo Cogua

One morning, 25 animators awoke from a strange dream to find themselves creating a massive insect in their beds. A team of animators has been assembled by the Colombian Chapter of ASIFA, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation, to produce an exquisite corpse based on Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and inspired by the city of Bogotá. Each series starts with the final frame created by the previous artist. – Colombia Animation

8. Bolívar: el héroe (2003)

Colombia Animation

Director: Guillermo Rincón

Simón Bolivar, a Latin American military and elected official who fought against Spanish colonial rule, is the subject of this humorous portrayal. – Colombia Animation

9. Pixi Saves Christmas (2016)

Colombia Animation

Director: Gorka Sesma

Pixi Post is an elf girl that resides in Arbolié, a hidden location in Antarctica where all of the Christmas spirits from throughout the world, including Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men Olentzero, and Hoteiosho, among others, all reside. The forum of the Christmas Spirits picked Pixi to locate him after learning that the last one had been missed.

Trying to find Hoteiosho before the arrival of the following Christmas while posing as a human and working for a mail company called Mezzenger, Pixi discovers that the culprit is Monopolist, a former Christmas Spirit from the Roman Empire who was exiled from Arbolié centuries ago and who now resides among humans as the CEO of a company called Worldini Inc.

Attempting to portray his former partners in billboards and track down Arbolié to hold the Great Christmas Tree so he can regain his magical abilities. Pixi will attempt to fight Monopolish before it’s too late with aid from Olentzero, Snegurochka, Santa Claus, the other spirits, and a young boy named Quepa. – Colombia Animation

10. Tundama (2020)

Colombia Animation

Director: Diego Yaya

It represents colonialism from the viewpoint of the indigenous Muisca people of Colombia. The Muisca language, which was once spoken in the area now known as the Cundiboyacense highlands, has been preserved in the narration of this film, which was directed, written, and produced by the Yaya brothers, Edison and Diego. – Colombia Animation


11. Little Voices (2010)

Colombia Animation

Director: Oscar Andrade

This animated film uses the children’s own drawings and testimonials to depict how the Colombian War appeared to them as refugees. – Colombia Animation

12. Lila’s Book (2017)

Colombia Animation

Director: Marcela Rincón González

A child’s storybook figure named Lila unexpectedly slips out of her paper world and becomes stuck somewhere she doesn’t belong – It is at this point that Lila learns that Ramon, the owner of the book who hasn’t read it in years, is the only one who can save her. However, it won’t be simple because Ramon is no longer the young boy he once was; he has grown up and has stopped not only reading but also believing in fantasy.

To persuade him of what is happening, Lila and her new companion Manuela set out on a perilous trek to the Desert of Lost Memories in search of Lila’s misplaced book. Children will explore and learn the true worth of friendship and the power of fantasy in this voyage across enchanted lands. – Colombia Animation

13. Tonya (Almost) Saves the Earth! (2018)

Colombia Animation

Director: Jonathan Kitzen

An unassuming 14-year-old girl is kidnapped from Earth by aliens who threaten to end the world unless she explains Donald Trump and Hollywood movies. – Colombia Animation

14. Sabogal (2015)

Colombia Animation

Director: Sergio Mejia

A legal thriller that immerses us in an intriguing visual world as a lawyer and human rights advocate Sabogal looks into several crimes against humanity in contemporary Colombia. The protagonist, whose country is in peril, battles tirelessly, perhaps obsessively, for justice while always in danger. – Colombia Animation

15. Cayiyo el Niño pescador (2018)

Colombia Animation

Director: Ernesto Díaz-Ruiz

Unwillingly learning of the issue that engulfs his people in the remote community of “La Barra” on the Colombian Pacific coast, the young fisherman may not live to tell the tale. – Colombia Animation

16. I Hate You Red Light (2012)

Colombia Animation

Director: Juan M. Urbina

Fred’s beautiful morning is spoiled when he is forced to stop at every red light on the way to work. – Colombia Animation

17. Cristóbal Colón (1983)

Colombia Animation

Director: Fernando Laverde

Christopher Columbus’ journey to discover America is depicted in animated form, right up until his landing in the “New World” and his search for financial support. – Colombia Animation

18. La Ballena Escarlata (2018)

Colombia Animation

Director: Cho Jim San

This is the tale of a hunter that comes from a family who has dedicated themselves to killing this enormous and noble animal for decades. His wife and son are the most important things he would lose due to a string of tragic incidents.

He is given a second chance at the same time and undergoes a change that turns him into a whale. As a result, he has a new perspective on the world and starts to comprehend why he was punished.

He has a cause to live in their new situation as a cetacean thanks to the final glimpses of memories that are still present. Daily life takes away some of his humanity, and as a last wish, he sets out to sea in search of his fate. – Colombia Animation

19. Pinchaque, le tapir colombien (2011)

Colombia Animation

Director: Caroline Attia

An animated tale about the Pinchaque, a kind of tapir that is endemic to Latin America and was found by two French zoologists in the 19th century while on an expedition in Colombia. – Colombia Animation

20. The Cubicbird (2019)

Colombia Animation

Director: Jorge Alberto Vega

At Don Jaime’s home, a songbird named Pedro is born and nurtured in captivity. He had a dream on his first birthday of an owl telling him to get stronger so he can be free. Pedro consumes as much food as he can until he outgrows his cubic cage, at which point he takes on the shape of the cage and becomes the first cubic bird in history.

In front of other birds, a hamster, and a cactus, Pedro takes off from Don Jaime’s house and instructs all the birds he can locate to emulate him to escape. Many birds quickly adopt his escape plan and develop into a brand-new species of cubic birds, making Pedro the hero of their country. – Colombia Animation