The 20 Best Croatian Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Croatian Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Croatian Animation Movies. These Croatian Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Croatian Animation Movies

1. Brother Bear (2003)

Croatian Animation

Director: Robert Walker

Kenai, a guy who hates bears since one of them killed his older brother in a fight, gets transformed into a bear so he can view things differently. The ghost of his older brother appears to him and informs him that he must go to the Northern Lights or the location where the lights contact the Earth if he wants to be transformed back into a human.

Hope-filled, Kenai embarks on his arduous trek. Along the way, he meets Koda, a younger bear who is chatty and full of joy. Koda is attempting to return to the Salmon Run, which, ironically, is close to the location where the lights touch the Earth. When Koda and Kenai band together, Denahi, Kenai’s other brother, hunts them because he thinks the bear has also killed Kenai.

The two bears make new acquaintances along the trip, including two moose, a few rams, and a few mammoths, with whom they share a ride. While Koda sees humans as monsters with their long spears, Kenai learns that he enjoys being a bear and understands that humans are generally terrified of all animals. Kenai decides to take a course of action that will forever alter his worldview. – Croatian Animation

2. Aladin (1993)

Croatian Animation

Director: Roswitha Haas

When a homeless kid discovers a lamp with a genie inside, he uses the lamp to transform himself into a prince to capture the heart of a lovely princess. A malevolent vizier, though, also wants the lamp. – Croatian Animation

3. Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon (1996)

Croatian Animation

Director: Roswitha Haas

During his forays into the forest, the small cheeky raccoon Wabuu sings, “Most of the animals are so stupid…”. Wabuu’s thoughts are entirely made up of absurdity and comedy. There is nothing more enjoyable than tricking the clumsy bear or farmer Alfred’s vicious watchdogs.

When Wabuu goes too far is Wuschel missing, the little squirrel? Wabuu did not mean for things to happen, but this time the other animals are extremely irate. Wabuu apologizes profusely. He starts seeking Wuschel, a friend. – Croatian Animation

4. Lapitch the Little Shoemaker (1997)

Croatian Animation

Director: Milan Blažeković

Lapitch, an abandoned mouse, serves as the Scowlers’ apprentice in a little town. The Scowlers are a cruel shoemaker and his sympathetic wife, who lives there with their dog, Brewster. The mayor and his son of the pigs are scheduled to visit Mr. Scowler, so Lapitch needs to make sure their boots fit them properly.

When the mayor’s kid tries on his boot, things do not go well. They consequently depart. Lapitch tries to convince his master that it was not his fault, but the latter continues to hold him responsible. Mrs. Scowler expresses regret for her husband’s improper conduct. She tells the Lapitch that she and her husband used to be happier years ago while he cleans up. – Croatian Animation

5. Astronaut of Featherweight (2017)

Croatian Animation

Director: Dalibor Barić

The hypercapitalist transhuman civilization in which the body is a commodity and money is immortality is depicted in the dystopian novel Astronaut of Featherweight. Everyone is compelled to take care of their bodies, whether they live on earthly plantations or spa colonies in space. – Croatian Animation

6. All Those Sensations in My Belly (2020)

Croatian Animation

Director: Marko Dješka

A brief animated documentary based on the real life of transgender woman Matia, who shares her account of the transition process with a particular emphasis on the difficulty of finding true love with a heterosexual man. Matia strives to establish an authentic, personal relationship with a heterosexual male while transitioning from male to female. – Croatian Animation

7. Plavi Medo (2023)

Croatian Animation

Director: Marina Andree Skop

A boy turned five and received a blue teddy bear. His mother forbade him from doing so because plush toys frequently harbor dust and bacteria, despite his sincere desire to do so. The boy imagined playing with the teddy bear and want to unwrap it.

But when his younger cousin visited him, they took his teddy with them. The young man felt a disappointment that he will never forget. He decided to do everything in his power to fulfill his son’s ambitions once he grew up and became a father. – Croatian Animation

8. Imbued Life (2019)

Croatian Animation

Director: Thomas Johnson

The movie Imbued Life is about a young woman’s encounter with the vitality of the natural world. To return the creatures to their native habitat, she employs her knack for taxidermy. But when she starts discovering a roll of undeveloped film in each of the animals she cares about, the real investigation into the mysteries starts. She is haunted by her preoccupation, which compels her to look for the cause of the connection she perceives. – Croatian Animation

9. Letters from the Edge of the Forest (2022)

Croatian Animation

Director: Jelena Oroz

A group of forest creatures embarked on the challenge of mastering writing. The significance of working together, tenacity, and knowledge is something that a squirrel, a tiger, a hedgehog, and an elephant will eventually understand after writing numerous incorrect letters and jumbled words. – Croatian Animation

10. Duga (2010)

Croatian Animation

Director: Josko Marusic

A conflict between generations that is fought in secret and in which children are always the losers. Two legends are revealed to be intertwined through a dramatic and scenic story: one is about a father and a son, and the other is about a young girl named Srna who, after being deeply impacted by the harshness of the world, decides to take a walk beneath the rainbow to change into a guy. The film’s message is for all parents: Have a conversation with your kids before it’s too late! – Croatian Animation


11. Guliver (2009)

Croatian Animation

Director: Zdenko Basic

Gulliver’s stillness in the center of the universe serves as a source of awe for the Lilliputians, who slowly approach him to begin using his bound body as a foundation for their civilization. While bearing the weight of the Lilliputians’ neglect, he remains motionless and silent. Until the ties finally fail one day. – Croatian Animation

12. John Vardar vs the Galaxy

Croatian Animation

Director: Goce Cvetanovski

John is an unfortunate mall Santa who endures daily hardship at the hands of overeager holiday shoppers. He is rather young and very unremarkable. He quits his work out of frustration, and while he sits in the snow contemplating life’s meaning, his future best buddy, the narcissistic megalomaniac robot Z’ark, kidnaps him.

Being future pals, of course, doesn’t mean much, and John winds up in jail alongside the galaxy’s two worst criminals. As a result of a series of events, John is left with the universe’s most potent weapon lodged in his head. Now, everything he imagines comes true.

This causes him to experience the adventure of a lifetime, one that may result in the extinction of all life on Earth as well as romance, interplanetary ZOOs full of hostile aliens, sewer monsters, space whales, black holes, and wicked hackers. – Croatian Animation

13. Conversation (2015)

Croatian Animation

Director: Ana Horvat

Etta has a boring and exhausting evening at home. She watches a story on TV that will alter the way she perceives the world. – Croatian Animation

14. Inspektor Martin i banda puzeva (2012)

Croatian Animation

Director: Igor Lepcin

An unexpected plane crash over a tranquil meadow results in Inspector Martin losing his mysterious item. He runs into some crazy snails, a lovely mayor, and an old acquaintance that he has hated since elementary school while on his search. Inspector and the snails gradually end themselves in the hands of Wicked Stanko, the most notorious criminal in the meadow, who is eager to get his hands on the enigmatic parcel. – Croatian Animation

15. The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar (2019)

Croatian Animation

Director: Niko Radas

A guy is called before the courts in a dystopian society for failing to wash his body with bleach, is judged guilty, and is then forcibly sent to a mental institution. – Croatian Animation

16. A Cat Is Always Female (2019)

Croatian Animation

Director: Tanja Vujasinovic

The filmmakers honor their professor Marija Ujevic Galetovic, one of Croatia’s most significant sculptors, through a feminist prism. Through a combination of video footage and animation of her feminine sculptures, Marija’s life story and viewpoints are shown. – Croatian Animation

17. Kukuljica (2014)

Croatian Animation

Director: Ivana Juric

A story of that bravery is Pupa. Journey out of a protective cocoon, the transformation required to discover one’s own path and one’s own self, and re-entry into the world as the rejuvenated self. The daily journey we make where we travel alone and solely rely on our own resources. Perhaps being full in your own skin, wherever you are, is what heaven is all about. – Croatian Animation

18. Lemon Acid: Limunska Kiselina (2018)

Croatian Animation

Director: Bruno Rodak

The story takes an unexpected turn when Toma decides to tell the Ant and Grasshopper in his own unique way. – Croatian Animation

19. Let’s Play a Story: The Ant and the Grasshopper (2015)

Croatian Animation

Director: Marina Andree Skop

Mirko is a common Zagreb resident who goes by the alias of the magnificent Lemon, The Fighting Funk Robot. Mirko is forced into an adventure on a day that started as just another dull one by developments in his universe. He battles for what is right and finds a musical conclusion fit for a fighting funk robot through an imaginative, hallucinogenic, and action-packed view of his universe. – Croatian Animation

20. Fire Is No Joke (2016)

Croatian Animation

Director: Ivan Djuricic

The primary character, Matko, the dormouse, walks the kids through the causes and terrible effects of forest fires in detail. Human negligence is the cause of a wood fire. The creatures are in peril. With superhuman efforts, the firefighters battle the fire.

The tragedy is exacerbated by the sun, wind, and rain, leaving a desolate area in its wake. The kids preserve the scenery by planting trees. “Don’t play with flames and smoke, fire is no joke!” is the cartoon’s concluding message. – Croatian Animation