The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Haiti Movies. These Haiti Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Haiti Movies

1. Freda (2021)

Haiti Movies

Director: Gessica Geneus

Freda resides with her family in a well-liked area. With the help of their small food stand, they can subsist. They try all in their power to get out of their dangerous condition due to the brutality and precariousness of their daily lives. – Haiti Movies

2. We Love You Anne (2013)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Richard Sénécal

The Story follows Anne, who is now an adult. She is now permitted to see Kato, her ex-boyfriend who rose to fame as a singer and musician. Despite being released from prison, Jude has not forgotten his true love. Despite the fact that Deme’s daughter Sofia wants to participate in the new dating game, Deme is still Anne’s father’s devoted buddy. Soon, Bicha is unable to maintain control. – Haiti Movies

3. Strange Things (2010)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Alex Hammond

When Heartbroken Oona offers a mystery homeless guy an area to reside in her garden shed, a strange and heartwarming connection is created. – Haiti Movies

4. Baseball in the Time of Cholera (2012)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Directors: David Darg, Bryn Mooser

Despite obvious evidence that suggests Nepalese peacekeepers are to blame, the United Nations continues to deny that it introduced the disease into Haiti, where a cholera epidemic is raging.

A little Haitian child who plays for the country’s first little league baseball team and the Haitian lawyer who is suing the UN are the subjects of the book Baseball in the Time of Cholera. In the fight for survival and justice, as the pandemic spreads, the two stories collide. – Haiti Movies

5. Cristo Rey (2013)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Leticia Tonos

Living together in the Santo Domingo slums, Haitians and Dominicans are violently at odds with one another in a chaotic political and social environment. Half-brothers Janvier and Rudy are competing for the affection of the same woman.

Janvier gets enlisted by the drug trafficking group that controls the Cristo Rey neighborhood because of his Haitian heritage. He is tasked with taking care of Jocelyn, the sister of the gang leader.

Rudy, a Dominican who had dated Jocelyn, finds it intolerable that Janvier would be spending time with her. He vows to pay whatever it takes to win her back. In the end, Janvier and Jocelyn fall in love. – Haiti Movies

6. I Love You Anne (2003)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Richard Sénécal

Don Kato, a dreadlocked reggae artist, captures Anne’s heart. Her eccentric father, Tonton Bicha, is opposed. While he favors Jude, the attractive but unknown entrepreneur, he will do anything to end the connection. – Haiti Movies

7. Kafou (2017)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Bruno Mourral

Port-au-Prince after dark. To deliver an undisclosed package, Doc and Zoe have recently been hired. Never stopping the car, never rolling down the windows, and never opening the trunk are the three cardinal laws of their employment. At a fork in the road, they come across a dog. Every fork in the path demands a price. Their choice will permanently alter their course. – Haiti Movies

8. Barikad (2001)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Richard Sénécal

What transpires when a boy from a rich middle-class household in Port-au-Prince meets a maid from the impoverished Haitian countryside? Unexpected and unsettling love in a society that is quite traditional. A tale of compassion and grief. – Haiti Movies

9. Murder in Pacot (2014)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Raoul Peck

In the ruins of their villa in Port-au-Prince’s affluent Pacot district, a wealthy couple strives to rebuild their lives following Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake in January 2010. The couple decides to rent the last portion of the villa that is habitable to Alex, a high-level foreign humanitarian worker, who brings Jennifer, nicknamed Andrémise, his Haitian fiancée, a sassy and smart young woman. The couple is poor and in severe need of money to renovate their home. – Haiti Movies

10. Sweet Micky for President (2015)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ben Patterson

When international music icon Pras Michel of the Fugees returns to his native Haiti after the tragic earthquake of 2010, he mobilizes a presidential campaign for Haiti’s most divisive singer, Michel Martelly nicknamed Sweet Micky, bringing music and politics together. The couple set out to fight a corrupt administration, civil upheaval, and a rigged election.

They had no political experience. Pras’ chances look even worse when superstar Wyclef Jean, a former bandmate, also decides to run for president. However, with a few friends’ support, including actor Ben Stiller and former president Bill Clinton, they never give up on their sincere aim of radically altering the future of Haiti.

In his native Haiti, Fugees member Pras Michel has successfully organized a presidential campaign for controversial Haitian pop artist Michele Martelly, aka Sweet Mickey, despite having no resources or prior political experience. – Haiti Movies


11. The Land of High Mountains (2019)

The 20 Best Haiti Movies You Should Watch

Director: Will Agee

A Land of Great Mountains is the inspirational true story of the one and only pediatric hospital in Haiti, as well as the extraordinary Haitian and foreign volunteers who, while facing every challenge imaginable, are working together to treat the island’s children and fulfill the aspirations of an entire country. – Haiti Movies

12. Haiti Cherie: Wind of Hope (2010)

Haiti Movies

Director: Richard J. Arens

A villager in a third-world nation named Roger is haunted by his past and tormented with regret for the terrible actions he committed while being manipulated by politicians to maintain the status quo.

After some time, Roger escapes capture but puts his three daughters and his own life in jeopardy because the people still remember him and his crimes. Captain Charles develops concerns and launches an inquiry into a potential serial killing, particularly in light of the recent strange killings that have outraged the populace.

The residents of this town, however, are sure that the victims were struck by some sort of supernatural force because they are so paralyzed by fear and superstition. Roger is currently being investigated for crime and magic. – Haiti Movies

13. Agwe (2021)

Haiti Movies

Director: Samuel Frantz Suffren

While sailing from Haiti to the United States, Francois leaves his six-month pregnant wife Mirlande behind. Ten years later, with no fresh information, the woman who is still waiting and hoping makes an offering to Agwe, the ocean god. – Haiti Movies

14. Ayiti Mon Amour (2016)

Haiti Movies

Director: Guetty Felin

A young child who is grieving learns he has a superpower. An elderly fisherman discovers that the sea contains the remedy for his wife’s illness. A muse tries to leave the narrative that her author is writing.

These three tales come together in Guetty Felin’s enchanting neorealist tale to paint a beautiful vision of the island nation of Haiti. Felin’s movie avoids the pictures that overflowed screens in the aftermath of the horrific 2010 earthquake since it takes place five years later.

Felin declines to paint a picture of victimhood even though the anguish of the devastation is still palpable, as seen in young Orphée’s sorrow over the death of his father, in the wreckage of destroyed structures, and in phantom images that float beneath the ocean’s surface. Instead, she gives control of the island’s story back to the Haitians whose lives cannot be reduced to news headlines. Felin adds that the island will recover just as her characters do.

Felin draws on her prior work as a documentary filmmaker to add a lyrical touch to the gritty reality of contemporary Haiti. The film’s seamless tone transitions are made at a lulling, rhythmic pace, from its verité-style sequences of Jaures the fisherman toiling by the beach to the theatrical scenes between muse Ama and her creator. – Haiti Movies

15. N Ap Boule (2022)

Haiti Movies

Director: Alexandrine Benjamin

A humble couple must contend with blocked highways and homicidal gangs in the midst of the perilous social protests that have crippled Haiti for months in order to locate a place to give birth safely. – Haiti Movies

16. Ruthless Gang (Rezo San Pitye) (1991)

Haiti Movies

Director: Patrick Jerome

This movie tells the story of a militia member whose family was set ablaze during the insurrection against Duvalier’s rule. During the early 1986 rebellion in Haiti against the dictatorship of Jean Claude Duvalier, a militiaman was set afire to death.

In the end, Badof Dorelas, the son of the militiaman, turned to the Ruthless Gang to exact revenge on the populace. For history to judge the murders and killers, the gang left behind broken families who lost their relatives as a result of their violent crimes. – Haiti Movies

17. Can a Zombie Be President? (2010)

Haiti Movies

Director: Arnold Antonin

A ghost who fell in love with a girl and a few government officials nominated him for president. – Haiti Movies

18. Pawol Gran Moun (2002)

Haiti Movies

Director: David Belle

The first of a series of documentaries capturing the lives, recollections, and customs of Haiti’s older generations is “Pawol Gran Moun,” or “Words of the Elders.” During the first hour, three elders—a Vodou priest, a sailor, and a tailor—are profiled. Haiti of today and yesterday are brought together via the tale of each man’s life, and the culture’s timeless beauty is preserved. – Haiti Movies

19. Le Missionaire (2016)

Haiti Movies

Director: Kristian Snow

On a missionary trip to the US, Sister Marie-Rose will have the chance to share the gospel. Sister Abigail, a good friend, shows up during her long period of prayer. Sister Abigail worries about her appearance and gets frustrated by her focus on spiritual issues despite the pressing need to arrive on time for the last team meeting before the outreach flight.

They both arrive late to the meeting, where we find a judgmental and stiff-upper-lip group of evangelists who appear to be more haughty than humble. Information is transferred. The bus that was supposed to pick up the team the next day is late. When it does, everyone scrambles to get on the bus as panic sets in.

A blind man walks along and is struck. Only Sister Marie-Rose can hear his calls for assistance. She gets off the bus as it drives away, focusing more on God’s compassion than the practicalities, to tend to the trampled blind guy. – Haiti Movies

20. Pluie d’espoir (2005)

Haiti Movies

Director: Jacques Roc

The narrative of the young peasant named Tristan from the Haitian Provinces is the basis for the film Pluie d’Espoir. He has a keen sense of survival. In addition to surviving, he has come to Port-au-Prince to work hard and find a place for himself, his family, and the coworkers he left behind.

He faces several challenges along the way to his destiny. He gains knowledge of urban life, contemporary inventions, and technology. He forms partnerships that both offer him happiness and suffering. A beautiful story that will touch your heart and move you beyond words is Pluie d’Espoir. – Haiti Movies