The 20 Best Moldova Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Moldova Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Moldova Movies. These Moldova Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Moldova Movies

1. Spectral (2016)

Moldova Movies

Director: Nic Mathieu

Civil unrest in the European nation of Moldova has prompted the involvement of US forces in combatting the insurgents. However, a new adversary has emerged, targeting both the insurgents and the US forces.

This new threat operates within an alternative spectrum, rendering them invisible to the unaided eye and capable of causing instantaneous death to those who confront them.

While some locals attribute their presence to the Spirits of War, others speculate that they are advanced weapons technology developed by the Moldovan government. – Moldova Movies

2. Red (2010)

Moldova Movies

Director: Robert Schwentke

Frank, a retired individual, currently resides in an unremarkable suburban area in an equally unremarkable abode. He leads a monotonous and solitary life, subsisting on his government pension.

The sole source of contentment in Frank’s existence is his correspondence with his case worker, Sarah, at the government pension processing center. Sarah, who shares Frank’s ennui and isolation, finds solace in her conversations with Frank and her penchant for espionage novels.

However, when a past event compels Frank to return to his former profession, Sarah unwittingly becomes embroiled in the intrigue. Together, Frank and Sarah embark on a journey into his past and the individuals with whom he once worked, all of whom share Frank’s predicament. – Moldova Movies

3. The Unsaved (2013)

Moldova Movies

Director: Igor Cobileanski

The Unsaved is a dramatic work that centers around Sancho Panza rather than Don Quijote. It explores the challenges of everyday life rather than heroic adventures, focusing on the experiences of Viorel, a 25-year-old novice drug dealer from a small, rural town in contemporary Moldova.

Viorel resides with his mother, and his nervousness is often betrayed by the reddening of his ears. He lives his life in a laissez-faire Moldavian style, becoming involved in small-time drug dealing through his best friend, Goose, who is also an unsuccessful hang-glider pilot.

Viorel falls in love with Maria, the woman who cuts his hair. This easy-going existentialism leads to several possibilities, but Viorel finds himself trapped in indecisiveness. He ultimately decides to grow up and act like an adult, beginning by taking a job peeling potatoes in the police canteen to make his mother proud. – Moldova Movies

4. Carbon (2022)

Moldova Movies

Director: Ion Bors

In the early 1990s in Moldova, Dima, a tractor driver, expressed his desire to enlist in the military troops to participate in the local conflict on the Transnistrian border.

Vasea, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, accompanied him on this endeavor. During their journey to the front, they stumbled upon a carbonized body. Despite seeking assistance from the authorities to identify the deceased, their pleas were disregarded.

In adherence to Christian customs, Dima and Vasea decided to inter the body properly. However, their actions led them on a surreal expedition to uncover the identity of the deceased. – Moldova Movies

5. The Soviet Garden (2019)

Moldova Movies

Director: Dragos Turea

During his inquiry into the enigmatic demise of his grandmother, Dragos, a filmmaker hailing from the diminutive, erstwhile Soviet nation of Moldova, unearths a clandestine scientific endeavor. Dragos exposes the covert scheme of Nikita Khrushchev to metamorphose Moldova into the Soviet Garden. – Moldova Movies

6. Wedding in Bessarabia (2009)

Moldova Movies

Director: Napoleon Helmis

The tale of a youthful couple who recently tied the knot in Romania. The groom is a budding conductor hailing from Bucharest, while the bride is a talented pianist from the Republic of Moldova. One fine day, they opt to celebrate another wedding ceremony in Moldova, with the aspiration of accumulating funds to settle the dues for their new apartment. The film delves into the contrast of customs and practices between Romania and Bessarabia, and the emergence of a competitive spirit among the families involved. – Moldova Movies

7. Hellboy (2004)

Moldova Movies

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Hellboy is not your typical hero or typical superhero. The Nazis accidentally called him during a religious ritual near the conclusion of the Second World War. Grigori Rasputin, the notoriously malevolent monk from Russian mythology and history, was interfering with the events that ultimately led to his downfall. When American soldiers bravely intervened, the demonic beast had been imprisoned for sixty years. – Moldova Movies

8. The Fountain (2006)

Moldova Movies

Director: Darren Aronofsky

This collection of stories follows the journeys of three men in pursuit of eternal love across different periods. The first story features a conquistador in Mayan territory who embarks on a quest to locate the Tree of Life to rescue his captive queen.

The second story centers around a medical researcher who works with various trees in search of a cure to save his dying wife. The third story follows a space traveler who travels with an aged tree enclosed in a bubble, as he journeys towards a dying star wrapped in a nebula, in search of eternal love.

The stories intersect and parallel each other, with the characters experiencing both success and failure in their quests. In the present day, surgeon Tom Creo becomes consumed by a medical research project that offers a slim chance of saving his wife’s life.

This project is based on the codes researched by conquistador Tomas, who faced opposition from both Mayan defenders and grand inquisitor Silecio in his search for the tree of life for the Spanish crown. In the future, the tree itself may be dying, and space traveler Tommy is on a mission to explore this possibility. – Moldova Movies

9. Siberia din Oase (2020)

Moldova Movies

Director: Leontina Vatamanu

The film is an adaptation of the confessions of four individuals who were forcefully apprehended and exiled to Siberia during the second wave of deportations on the night of July 6-7, 1949. Each segment of the film presents a distinct narrative, collectively highlighting the atrocities and tragedies endured by tens of thousands of Bessarabians during the Stalinist era. – Moldova Movies

10. Eastern Business (2016)

Moldova Movies

Director: Igor Cobileanski

The story of Afacerea Est follows the journey of two Moldavian friends, Marian, a provincial intellectual, and Petro, an opportunist full of ideas. Together, they embark on a wild adventure in search of the funds necessary to achieve their dreams: Marian wishes to marry Veronica, while Petro desires to rent a crane. They decide to become business partners and begin working on a plan to sell a train car, encountering various adventures and suspense along the way. – Moldova Movies


11. Queen of the Gypsies (1976)

Moldova Movies

Director: Emil Loteanu

The narrative centers around Rada, a stunning and self-assured Romani woman who has a penchant for captivating men and ensnaring them in her web. Zobar, a notorious horse thief, falls under Rada’s spell and becomes infatuated with her.

Despite his willingness to relinquish his freedom, Zobar remains steadfast in his pride. This vibrant and evocative melodrama, inspired by the early works of Maxim Gorky, chronicles the ill-fated romance between Rada and Zobar. Set in the early 20th century in Bessarabia, which is now a part of Moldova, the story is imbued with music, sensuality, and vivid imagery. – Moldova Movies

12. They’re Watching (2016)

Moldova Movies

Director: Micah Wright

When a team from an American home improvement TV show travels to a remote Eastern European village, they anticipate that the absence of mocha lattés and free wifi will be their biggest challenge. However, their filming inadvertently disrupts a private religious ritual of the superstitious villagers, leading to a dangerous turn of events. As blood is shed, the situation becomes increasingly bizarre. They’re watching, a fresh and humorous take on the horror genre, is the brainchild of renowned graphic novelists and animators Micah Wright and Jay Lender. – Moldova Movies

13. Fratii Jderi (1974)

Moldova Movies

Director: Mircea Drăgan

This article pertains to the 1974 Romanian film, Frații Jderi. For the novel, please refer to Frații Jderi. Frații Jderi is a two-part Romanian historical film from 1974, directed by Mircea Drăgan. The film’s screenplay was based on Ucenicia lui Ionuț (1935), the first volume of the historical trilogy Frații Jderi by Mihail Sadoveanu. The lead roles were played by actors Gheorghe Cozorici, Sebastian Papaiani, George Calboreanu, Toma Dimitriu, Geo Barton, Sandina Stan, Iurie Darie, Emanoil Petruț, and Florin Piersic. It ranks 20th in the list of the most viewed Romanian films of all time, as stated in a 2006 press release by the Union of Film Authors and Producers in Romania. – Moldova Movies

14. The Soimaresti Clan (1965)

Moldova Movies

Director: Mircea Drăgan

Following the passing of Prince Stephen the Great, the throne of the Principality of Moldavia has become a contested matter. In 1612, a violent civil war of succession erupted between two legitimate descendants of Prince Stephen, namely Stefan Tomsa and Elisabeta Movila.

Elisabeta Movila, the widow of former ruler Ieremia Movila and mother of Constantin Movila, who briefly held the throne of Moldavia before being ousted and replaced by Prince Stefan Tomsa, both have legitimate claims to the throne of Moldavia, making this particular succession war inevitable.

The Stefan Tomsa faction is receiving military support from the Ottoman Turks and the Tatar Khan Temir Bey, while the Movila faction is backed by loyal boyars of the Movila clan and a few Polish nobles, aided by an army of mercenaries. As a result, the Principality of Moldavia is currently embroiled in a devastating war. – Moldova Movies

15. Pod livnem pul (2006)

Moldova Movies

Director: Tatyana Arntgolts

The story begins with the squad returning from a routine mission behind the German lines, believing that their comrade Fedotov had been killed. However, Fedotov returns on his own, claiming to have escaped after being captured by the Germans.

He tells them about a secret military factory on a remote coast where the fascists were making incredible weapons. When they report this information to their commanding officers, Fedotov becomes a victim of Stalin’s policy of condemning all captured soldiers as traitors.

The interrogating officer refuses to believe Fedotov’s story, and he faces certain conviction for treason. The squad’s only hope is to prove the existence of the secret military factory. They set out to find what the fascists have hidden on the quiet, deserted, rocky shore. – Moldova Movies

16. Michael the Brave (1971)

Moldova Movies

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu

This cinematic masterpiece portrays the reign of Mihai Pätrascu, the renowned prince who successfully united the three provinces of Transalpine Vallachia, Transylvania, and Moldavia, thereby establishing the country of Romania in the late 16th century.

Despite facing formidable opposition from the Ottoman and Austrian Empires, the film showcases epic battle sequences intertwined with political machinations, treacherous acts of violence, and familial conflicts. – Moldova Movies

17. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (2011)

Moldova Movies

Director: Benjamin Nolot

From the opening scene, Nefarious immerses the viewer in the harrowing reality of sex trafficking. Witnessing a woman being forcibly taken to the “breaking grounds” evokes a profound sense of despair. The audience is compelled to follow her as she endures physical abuse, forced nudity, and ultimately, being sold to the highest bidder.

This unflinching portrayal of modern-day slavery serves to shed light on the disturbing truth that individuals are being bought and sold in sex markets even in some of the world’s most “developed” nations. Nefarious features a diverse range of experts from across the globe, each offering their unique insights in a collective effort to address this urgent crisis. – Moldova Movies

18. The Price of Sex (2011)

Moldova Movies

Director: Mimi Chakarova

This documentary delves into the harrowing experiences of young Eastern European women who have fallen victim to the insidious world of sex trafficking and abuse. Through the voices of survivors, the film sheds light on the plight of women who have been silenced by shame, fear, and intimidation.

Mimi Chakarova, a Bulgarian photojournalist, takes us on a personal and investigative journey into the dark underworld of sex trafficking, spanning from Eastern Europe to Turkey, Dubai, and Greece.

The documentary features personal accounts of trafficked women, undercover footage, and still photography, revealing the root causes of this heinous crime and exploring potential solutions to end it. – Moldova Movies

19. Please Hold the Line (2020)

Moldova Movies

Director: Pavel Cuzuioc

This audiovisual production presents an allegory on the topic of communication. The film follows cable technicians across various countries as they visit their clients. Each encounter offers a unique insight into the individual universe of the customer. Despite the abundance of communication tools available, the modern world still resembles the Tower of Babel. – Moldova Movies

20. 6 Bullets (2012)

Moldova Movies

Director: Ernie Barbarash

Experienced mercenary Samson Gaul understands the criticality of every bullet during a battle. He withdrew from combat after his actions led to the demise of vulnerable individuals. However, he is now the sole savior for a distressed father.

Andrew Fayden, a Mixed Martial Artist, possesses fighting skills, but he is ill-equipped to navigate the corrupt streets of an unfamiliar metropolis to locate his abducted daughter.

These warriors will collaborate to dismantle a heinous network of criminals who exploit the defenseless, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice. – Moldova Movies