The 20 Best Thailand Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Thailand Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Thailand Movies. These Thailand Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Thailand Animation Movies

1. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (2005)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Elliot M. Bour

This animated story of friendship, bravery, and teamwork pairs tiny Roo and Lumpy for a Halloween adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood. Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood is humorously spooky, and Lumpy, Roo’s closest new friend, is eager to go trick-or-treating for the first time. That is until Tigger tells them about the evil Gobloon, who, if he catches you, will transform you into a jagged lantern.

However, they get to make a wish if they manage to outrun the Gobloon. Lumpy and Roo decide to be “brave together, brave forever, and catch the Gobloon” when Pooh consumes all the Halloween goodies. In their first Halloween-themed movie in eight years, Pooh and his companions help you celebrate the bumptious and spooktacular Halloween season. – Thailand Animation

2. The Blue Elephant (2006)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Tod Polson

A baby elephant embarks on a remarkable journey and gains valuable knowledge about friendship, love, and bravery along the way. A young elephant named Khankluay has a happy life in the bush, but he is constantly thinking about his missing father, whom he has never met.

Khankluay leaves the forest and embarks on a voyage to the outside world to look for his father. His excursion offers him such a remarkable adventure.

He has learned a great deal from his experiences and makes genuine friends. Finally, Khankluay matures into a strong, courageous, and kind elephant. He battles for the monarch and his country until his valor is legendary. – Thailand Animation

3. The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra (2018)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Pongsa Kornsri

The evil Yaksas are encircling Ramthep City, a mysterious country. The innocent residents of Ramthep struggle under the tyranny of Yaksa’s rule, with the darkness of the Yaksas spreading to every part of the kingdom, led by their ruthless Lord Dehayaksa.

A guy with the ability to employ Ramthep’s most legendary weapon, a mystical stone that embodies the spirit of Muay Thai, is predicted to be born under the fortunate Leo star, the ninth Satra. General Paan and the 9th Satra used the covert passage under the Throne Room to flee Dehayaksa’s army.

A baby Paan saved from the Yaksas that devastated his community is also under his care. To protect the 9th Satra and Baby Ott from Ramthep’s adversaries, Paan narrowly escapes into a terrible storm while being pursued by Dehayaksa’s ruthless tracker.

Years pass, and Ott continues to live on the isolated island of Nok Ann where he is trained in the Muay Thai fighting style to complete the task that Paan started so long ago: delivering this holy weapon to the Prince of Ramthep to satisfy the prophecy. – Thailand Animation

4. Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur (2020)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Kazuaki Imai

When Nobita returned to the dinosaur fossil exhibition site he had previously visited, he unintentionally discovered a fossil dinosaur egg buried behind rocks. He used the “Time blanket” to restore it to its original state.

Kyu and Myu are the names given to the new dinosaur species that emerges from the egg and is not listed in the Cosmic Encyclopaedia.

Nobita and his friends were obliged to transport the dinosaurs back to the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago, despite their desire to care for them covertly. Residents have continued to find dinosaurs in the city. precisely when dinosaurs became extinct. – Thailand Animation

5. The Giant King (2012)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Prapas Cholsaranont

Sworn adversaries Pinky and Zork awaken tied to one another without memory. They travel the desolate wasteland in quest of the source of all robots, RAM, seeking answers. Sworn foes Zork and Pinky awaken a thousand years after a titanic robot fight with no recollection of who they are or how they ended up tied together. They start exploring the desolate wasteland in quest of RAM, the inventor of all robots, seeking answers, and making some allies and some foes along the way. – Thailand Animation

6. Kleines Arschloch (1997)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Veit Vollmer

A boy is delivered successfully by a doctor. The baby sticks its tongue out at the doctor when the mother asks what it is. Twelve years later, the tiny a$$ is still making everyone’s life miserable.

He surprises his sister, who is currently undressed, by telling her that he recently sold her new pants to a classmate, torments his neighbor’s dog and drugs him, falls in love with her 76-year-old Inge Koschmidder, and drives her to cardiac arrest through his persistent advances.

In his diary, he notes that all he wants to do is improve the world. He is a little, dim-witted youngster who terrorizes his surroundings in an outmoded, disrespectful, and occasionally obscene way. – Thailand Animation

7. Elephant Kingdom (2009)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Taweelap Srivuthivong

The king’s battle elephant Jumbo wants to relax after the recent victory. However, he is unaware that only the battle, not the war, has been won. King Naresuan the Great’s elephant is named Khan Kluay. His lover Shaba Kaew keeps her pregnancy a secret from him. To overcome challenges, he must confront three qualities that are uniquely his own: sacrifice, courage, and steadfast love from the bottom of his heart. – Thailand Animation

8. Max Adventures: Atlantos (2015)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Veit Vollmer

Max now has to deal with some new experiences that place him between a mining business that wants to conquer Atlantis and Kain, the cruel general Secretariat of sharks, after defeating the evildoer Shadow and making peace on Earth. – Thailand Animation

9. Lego Friends: New Girl in Town (2012)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Lee Croudy

Five feisty ladies band together, despite their differences, and use their imagination to save the day when the World Petacular arrives in Heartlake City and is all but destroyed before it even gets going. – Thailand Animation

10. Adventure Planet (2012)

Thailand Animation Movies

Director: Kompin Kemgumnird

The experiences of three young men from New State Trinity Capital and a Karen village in northern Thailand, two of the world’s largest cities, as they work to prevent disaster recovery caused to global warming.

Sam, who became disoriented in the bush, is found and saved by Jorpe and his older sister Norva. They must figure out a method to save both people and all of nature after learning the truth about a government program that is certain to destroy the ozone layer. – Thailand Animation


11. Khun Tong Daeng: The Inspirations (2015)

Thailand Animation

Director: Phanlop Sincharoen

The Thai cartoon movie is about Temple Dog, Little Copper, and Tonglor. Like Khun Thong Daeng, the dogs in the movie are trustworthy and obedient. Tonglor the dog always provides excellent protection for his owners, a blind girl, and her grandmother, since he dreams of becoming a superb bodyguard and guarding his boss like Khun Thong Daeng.

The homeless dog Jon is appreciative of the monk who feeds and cares for him. Jon puts his life in danger to defend the temple as a group of thieves break in. The tale of Khun Thong Daeng, a street dog that His Majesty the King adopted, served as the basis for Little Copper.

Copper is a metal robot dog created by a girl named Sanim in a futuristic setting. Copper is a little odd and doesn’t function correctly because it was made from rubbish. Sanim still thinks he’s cute. – Thailand Animation

12. Nine (2014)

Thailand Animation

Director: Wanichaya Phraejunya

A vivacious little cat who, unaware that his life would be eternally altered by the transaction, sold his spirit to a demon in exchange for immortality. A little cat unknowingly changed his life for the worst when he traded his spirit to a demon for immortality. – Thailand Animation

13. Once with the Greatest Memory (TV Series 2014)

Thailand Animation

Director: Roger Kumble

The movie follows the young Thai Boy in the narrative as he goes about his everyday life much like any other young man. After attending a party with his best friend “Jenny,” Boy runs into another guy named “Ohm,” who approaches Boy under the pretense of being attracted to Jenny. However, as Boy gets to know Ohm better, Boy starts to form a relationship with Ohm that goes beyond friendship. – Thailand Animation

14. Opened (2022)

Thailand Animation

Director: Nathanich Chantharojwong

Parents must be receptive to change if they want their children to eat with an open mind. An animated short film called Opened is about finicky eaters. The narrative demonstrates how a child’s eating habits are influenced by parenting and environmental influences. – Thailand Animation

15. Friends of the Jungle (2014)

Thailand Animation

Director: Phillip Berg

The girls go out to the forest covertly to try to find the groom in time for the wedding when Olivia’s Aunt Sophie is getting married and he has gone missing in the jungle. – Thailand Animation

16. The Eagle Feather (2019)

Thailand Animation

Director: Pasquale Encell

A young American Indian girl named Elizabeth and her solitary father set out into the bush early one morning in search of Elizabeth’s first ceremonial eagle feather in the animated, kid-friendly tale The Eagle Feather.

A father and daughter are on their way home when they come across a wounded eagle. To save the enormous bird, they take it to a family friend who is a game warden in the area. He alerts our heroes to the fact that there have been several Eagle shootings.

The game warden also asks Elizabeth’s father if he could know of a way to assist after learning that Elizabeth’s family’s spirit animal is the eagle and that they still follow many of the traditional practices. Her dad is aware of a route, but it won’t be simple.

The father and daughter start a race against time that leads them deep into the wilderness of the northwest of the United States using all but forgotten Native American tradition and shamanism. Along the voyage, Elizabeth learns about the customs and cultures of her people from her father and other elders. – Thailand Animation

17. 4 Angies: The Movie (2010)

Thailand Animation

Director: Visit Ontanalai

When brave Kalamare, gorgeous Kai-Chan, shy Nina, and domineering Aunty Pui become close friends and join the Four Angies girl gang, tranquil Angel Town receives a much-needed dose of excitement. The severe restrictions of their headmaster, the troublesome X4 gang, and high-class jet-setter Paris keep the four girls, who are all 10 years old, occupied at school. – Thailand Animation

18. Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!! (2011)

Thailand Animation

Director: Tod Polson

In a tavern on the west coast of Ireland, a youthful storyteller confronts the old master. when events change unexpectedly. With original music performed by the traditional Irish band “Rattle the Boards,” it was created by seasoned Irish comedian Jon Kenny. The film “Escape of the Gingerbread Man” is a wild frolic across the Irish countryside and a subtly critical examination of the cultural and societal changes taking place on the Emerald Isle. – Thailand Animation

19. Fantastic Friends (2018)

Thailand Animation

Director: Steve Encell

When a group of lifelong geeks eats radioactive chili, they develop strange superpowers. When someone acquires the ability to travel across time, they encounter Nazis from World War II who are attempting to rule for all of eternity. Our heroes must unite to fight them. – Thailand Animation

20. Lego Friends: Stephanie’s Surprise Party (2013)

Thailand Animation

Director: Trylle Vilstrup

When Emma, Olivia, Andrea, and Mia decide to throw Stephanie a surprise birthday party, they quickly learn that keeping their plans a secret from Stephanie is difficult since she grows suspicious when none of the girls have free time to hang out together. – Thailand Animation