The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Czech Movies. These Czech Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Czech Movies

1. Protector (2009)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Marek Najbrt

In order to defend his Jewish wife, a Czech journalist joins the Nazi propaganda-spreading Prague radio station. However, as more and more cooperation is required under Nazi rule in Czechoslovakia, his marriage to his wife deteriorates. – Czech Movies

2. Marian (1996)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Petr Vaclav

He had terrible Czech. He arrived silent, restrained, and solitary. Later, he began to gradually adjust and initiate contact. He is unfamiliar with fundamental ideas and is unable to simply listen to a fairy tale or identify colors. He has poor hygiene practices. Very loving at times.

He is impetuous and lacking in restraint. He frequently acts alone and acts violently at the other kids. These episodes are frequently followed by large, uncomfortable displays of overwhelming devotion and pampering. The rules of games are beyond his comprehension. yet still gets in the way and ruins them for the others.

He clamors for attention, and when he doesn’t receive it, he imposes himself and acts erratically. He is too comfortable. He has a sly, yet apathetic, expression on his face. He persisted in sharing his experience on June 11th. He didn’t have the right to talk, but he tried to finish it. repeatedly warned. He kept talking after that. to complete his story.

Adults were seized by his grasp and made to listen. He shouted louder. He uses derogatory language in his response to being harshly punished. He will not take retribution. He is obstinate and conceited. a stranger. a nomad. – Czech Movies

3. The Country Teacher (2008)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Bohdan Slama

Young, reserved, and sensitive Petr relocates from Prague to a small hamlet in the countryside to teach natural science. The stern principal inquires as to what he is fleeing and predicts that he will be gone in six months. Petr becomes friends with Marie, a widow with a teenage son named Lada.

She is alone. At her farm, Petr works a few errands while watching Lada with Bara, his weekend girlfriend. We learn a little of Petr’s reasons for leaving Prague when we meet his parents, and we learn even more when Petr’s friend Mihi comes for a visit. When Mihi causes trouble, Lada asks Petr for assistance. – Czech Movies

4. Lunacy (2005)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jan Svankmajer

In the framework of a universe that brings together the worst aspects of both, a horror film tests two methods for managing a mental institution: complete freedom vs control and punishment. A marquis makes friends with Louis Berlot, a young man who has nightmares about being put in a harness by two orderlies.

Jean is asked to undertake preventive therapy at the marquis’s land, where she also sees a black Mass, buries a person alive, and witnesses a black Mass. He is prepared to enter a sanitarium in the hopes of rescuing a young woman who has informed him that the clinic’s genuine director and employees are imprisoned in the basement. The horrors have only begun, so Jean joins forces with her to set them free. – Czech Movies

5. Autumn Spring (2001)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Vladimir Michalek

Frantisek Hána, a dying prankster, refuses to mature and accept some responsibilities despite his wife Emilie’s persistent nagging. Frantisek, who is fighting to survive till he dies, maintains his humor despite his impending death and an unappreciative son who wants to send his parents to an old people’s home. – Czech Movies

6. Greedy Guts (2000)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jan Svankmajer

A childless couple experiences severe distress when they realize they are unable to produce children. The man finds a stump in the backyard, slices it into the shape of a child, and paints it to soothe his wife’s suffering.

The lady begins to act as though the root is her own child and takes it as her own. They appear to have a child when the root takes life, but it has a far larger appetite than a typical child. – Czech Movies

7. Dark Blue World (2001)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jan Sverák

Germany invades Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939. Slovak and Czech pilots flee to England and enlist in the RAF. They are interned in work camps after the war because they are thought to harbor anti-Communist views at home. This movie alternates between Franta’s imprisonment in a post-war camp and her relationship with teenage aviator Karel in wartime England.

Karel crashes lands during maneuvers close to Susan, an English woman whose husband is missing in action. Karel thinks he has found the love of his life after she spends one night with him. The attraction Susan has for Frant makes things difficult. – Czech Movies

8. Zelary (2003)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ondrej Trojan

In Czechoslovakia in the 1940s, a nurse joined the resistance. She gets found and is forced to find somewhere to hide. She saves the life of a patient from a far-off mountain community where time has stood still for 150 years, and he agrees to pass her off as his wife. – Czech Movies

9. I Served the King of England (2006)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jirí Menzel

1963 in Czechoslovakia. After spending 15 years in prison, Jan Dte is freed. He settles in a lonely area close to the German border and goes into semi-exile. He relates his experience in flashbacks. He was a young vendor at a train station, a little, cunning, and quick-witted young man who was stubbornly naive.

He gains employment as a server at high-end hotels and eateries thanks to a customer. He learns how to win over ladies and how the wealthy function. He aspires to buy his own hotel and be a millionaire. He meets Lza, a German woman, in Prague prior to the war. Jan is currently planning his life after prison. – Czech Movies

10. Kolya (1996)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jan Sverák

Concert cellist Franta Louka is a confirmed bachelor and a lady’s man in Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. He can no longer play in the state orchestra, so he must perform at funerals and decorate gravestones to make ends meet. However, he has accumulated a sizable debt, so he grudgingly accepts when his friend, the grave digger Mr.

Broz, recommends a scheme for making a lot of money by marrying a Russian woman in order for her to obtain her Czech documents. She uses the opportunity to move to West Germany with her lover, leaving her five-year-old son behind. When the grandmother passes away, Kolya must move in with his stepfather. – Czech Movies

11. Men in Hope (2011)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jirí Vejdelek

The marriage of timid and introverted Ondrej and Alice is monotonous. Contrarily, his errant father-in-law Rudolf, who lives next door, has a successful 35-year marriage to Marta. Rudolf urges him to imitate him in order to salvage his marriage as his marriage becomes more and more monotonous. He declines it, but after meeting Sarlota, Rudolf’s new date, he reconsiders. – Czech Movies

12. Daisies (1966)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Vera Chytilová

Blonde and brunette Marie are determined to be treated themselves after learning how spoilt everyone else is. Nothing is bad as long as you are having fun, is their guiding principle. They take advantage of older men, feast on opulent feasts, and do all kinds of mischief. – Czech Movies

13. The Painted Bird (2019)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Václav Marhoul

A Jewish pre-teen child sets out on a perilous trip to find his parents as World War II is coming to a conclusion, someplace in a tiny town of battle-scarred Eastern Europe. The youngster wanders through the dangerous unexplored regions of the impoverished, prejudice-ridden, and superstitious countryside, where evil is pervasive and the lambs dwell with the wolves, all by himself and on his own.

However, while both Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and Iosif Stalin’s Red Army soldiers patrol the area, the war child must muster the bravery to escape enslavement, torture, abuse, and a seemingly unending series of more horrific ordeals. Both youngsters and adults will find the boy’s surroundings to be desolate and terrifying. – Czech Movies

14. 4Some (2012)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Jan Hrebejk

Two couples that have been wed for more than 20 years each. They have been close friends for a very long time and have connected front lawns because they live next door. The two sons of Ondra and Dita and the two daughters of Vitek and Marie are all infants who are going to have their first sexual encounters. The two married couples, on the other hand, both have incredibly dull sexual lives.

When the two coworkers at the same energy firm are requested to travel to a Caribbean island to restore power following a hurricane, their spouses offer to go along, turning the journey into an exotic getaway. Under the sun, the couples begin to discuss the possibility of switching up their sexual partners in order to spice things up. – Czech Movies

15.  The Bohemian (2022)

The 30 Best Czech Movies You Should Watch

Director: Petr Václav

Josef, a violinist seeking employment, enters the circle of a wealthy young woman. Diana introduces him to a luxurious lifestyle free of discrimination based on religion. A remarkable commission for Josef to create a musical for the city of San Carlo is given. – Czech Movies


16. Borders of Love (2022)

 Czech Movies

Director: Tomasz Winski

Hana is starting to sense stagnation in her relationship with Petr. She then makes the decision to spice things up by beginning to confide in him about her erotic dreams and hidden wants. The distance between words and deeds is really short.

Soon they will be testing their own intimacy, having sex with other people, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of love and sex. However, experimenting with freedom in this way can quickly spiral out of control. – Czech Movies

17. The Cremator (1969)

 Czech Movies

Director: Juraj Herz

In the late 1930s, Czech Karel Kopfrkingl takes pleasure in his work at a cremation. He believes that cremation alleviates earthly sorrow and enjoys reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead. He meets Reineke at a reception; the two of them fought for Austria in the First World War.

Kopfrkingl is persuaded by Reineke to stress his ostensibly German heritage, including enrolling his shy kid in a German school. Reineke goes on to say that Kopfrkingl’s half-Jewish wife is preventing him from moving up in his company. – Czech Movies

18. A Blonde in Love (1965)

 Czech Movies

Director: Milos Forman

To enhance the mood of his young female employees, who are without male companionship because the local boys have been drafted, a manufacturing director located in rural Czechoslovakia bargains with the military to send men to the area.

The military sends reservists, most of whom are married middle-aged men; however, the local beauty Andula spurns the advances of the jazz pianist who has just arrived from Prague in favor of the local jazz musician.

She is impressed by him as he tells her, “Most women are round, like guitars, but you are a Picasso guitar.” After receiving a lecture at her hostel about a young woman’s honor for spending the night with him, she dumps her other suitors and heads to the Czech to find the young man. – Czech Movies

19. When the Cat Comes (1963)

 Czech Movies

Director: Vojtech Jasný

With the advent of a magician, an acrobat, and their mystical, sunglasses-wearing cat Mogol, a little Czech town is flipped upside down. The true nature and emotions of humans are revealed when the cat’s glasses are taken off. Traitors turn yellow, thieves turn gray, and lovers turn crimson. – Czech Movies

20. Marketa Lazarová (1967)

 Czech Movies

Director: Frantisek Vlácil

For their oppressive father Kozlk, Mikolas and their brother Adam rob people on the road. They end up holding a young German hostage during one of their “jobs” after the boy’s father manages to flee in order to inform the King of the kidnapping and robbery. Kozlik sends Mikolás to persuade the nearby Lazar to side with him in battle while he braces himself for the King’s fury.

When attempts at persuasion fail, Mikolás kidnaps Marketa, the daughter of Lazar, as she prepares to enter a convent, as a form of retaliation. The pious Lazar will be asked to join forces with the King’s army in the meanwhile to fight Kozlik. A bare-bones, fantastical, and unrelentingly filthy narrative of the conversion from paganism to Christianity. – Czech Movies

21.  A Journey to the Beginning of Time (1955)

 Czech Movies

Director: Karel Zeman

The New York City the Museum of Biology hosts a dinosaur display that is visited by four young boys. Then they paddle into a marvelous prehistoric world that contains the very dinosaurs they had just seen after rowing out onto Central Park Lake, where they discover a hidden cave. – Czech Movies

22. Repulse (2021)

 Czech Movies

Director: Emil Krizka

Catherine was originally determined to escape her marriage to the heartless Robert. When Robert returns from an occupational trip and discovers her cheating, the situation approaches a breaking point. This is, for Catherine, the first stage of the end, but Robert won’t let her go. When Robert gets into a vehicle accident and both he and their child Sarah suffer serious injuries, everything changes.

He has no idea that Viktor, a mentally challenged youngster whose abusive mother died in the same automobile accident, will become a part of his story at this point. Viktor had long desired to escape her dominance and follow his own path, but he was powerless in the face of her.

When Viktor discovers a picture of Catherine in Robert’s wallet, his sick mind comes up with the crazy idea that Catherine should be held responsible for his mother’s demise. Dark drama with Pavla Gajdosková as the unstable heroine and an unexpectedly insane Stepán Kozub as the villain. Although Katerina and Robert are raising their newborn daughter in an opulent property, it is difficult to describe their home as harmonious. – Czech Movies

23. Ostrov (2023)

 Czech Movies

Director: Rudolf Havlik

On a lavish trip, Richard and Alice fight because he wants a divorce from Alice. Richard and Alice decide to fly return early, but their small airplane goes down on a barren island, leaving them to wait for help together. – Czech Movies

24. Raluca (2014)

 Czech Movies

Director: Zdenek Viktora

When Karen, 40, falls in love with Alex, a much younger guy, she embarks on an adventurous voyage of sexual liberty and self-discovery. – Czech Movies

25. Restore Point (2023)

 Czech Movies

Director: Robert Hloz

Humanity has advanced to the point that we can avoid death in the year 2041. Anyone who passes away unexpectedly has the ability to be revived. All you have to do is make a restore point, or backup of your personality, at least once every 48 hours. However, there is a group of individuals working to undermine this idea.

Agent Em becomes involved in a case that is not as straightforward as it originally appeared and has political repercussions at the highest levels. The first-ever feature film from director Robert Hloz is a compelling narrative, a wildly imaginative spectacle, and a polemic about whether or not technological advancement is always positive. – Czech Movies

26. The Fabulous Baron Munchausen (1962)

 Czech Movies

Director: Karel Zeman

Karel Zeman included a character named Tommy, a modern astronaut, in Baron Münchhausen’s stories in order to contrast two very different worlds: that of a rococo cavalier, whose fantasies know no bounds, and that of a contemporary young man.

The legendary dreamer Baron Münchhausen, who the astronaut meets on the moon, takes him back to Earth and on a number of exaggerated adventures. A funny retelling of the classic tales utilizing live action and artfully created settings. – Czech Movies

27. Charlatan (2020)

 Czech Movies

Director: Agnieszka Holland

Despite the enormous challenges he experienced in both his personal and professional life, herbalist Jan Mikolase devoted his life to helping the sick. Mikolasek, who was born around the start of the twentieth century, becomes famous and wealthy by adopting unconventional plant-based therapeutic techniques to treat a variety of maladies.

The healer in Czechoslovakia, who was already a well-known local figure before World War II, grows in fame and fortune both under the Nazi occupation and under Communist authority. Each government follows suit, wanting to put his abilities to use in exchange for his safety. – Czech Movies

28. The Chambermaid (2022)

 Czech Movies

Director: Mariana Cengel-Solcanská

Anka, an impoverished 15-year-old from a small Slovak town, travels to Prague just before World War I to work as a maid for a wealthy family. She meets Resi, a noble family’s daughter who was groomed to be a showpiece and trophy for the home, her family, and Austria-Hungary.

Two girls named Anka and Resi who were born in a single year but on different socioeconomic rungs discover they are soul mates. They develop into the world’s best friends, lovers, and the lone source of light in a society dominated by men. – Czech Movies

29. Princess Cursed in Time (2020)

 Czech Movies

Director: Petr Kubik

Princess Ellen wakes up to parties for her 20th birthday every day and knows that either she will have to murder the witch who cursed her or discover true love. The kingdom would be destroyed by a dark storm if she didn’t make it, as it had already occurred numerous times. Fortunately, the princess is guarded by a mystical mark that the royal alchemist bestowed upon her.

The witch accidentally reveals and destroys the mark as it begins to deteriorate. Princess still has a chance to save both the kingdom and herself. Although her friends are eager to give anything to help her, they shouldn’t already be prosperous. – Czech Movies

30. Emma in Love (2021)

 Czech Movies

Director: Jan Prusinovský

A vivacious 25-year-old store worker named Emma lives in a tiny town. A 30-year-old roofer named Tomas lives in a town close to the city. With no plans in mind, they spend the night together. However, it develops into the beginning of romance, love, and cohabitation.

Emma makes the decision to release her burdens, and she is prepared to disclose to Tomas her tarnished past. Tomas like to live in the “here and now” and does not want to hear it. A seemingly unrelated episode reveals Emma’s past and sets off a string of events that completely upend their life. – Czech Movies