Top 10 Greatest Andorra Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Andorra Movies of All Time. You should check out these Andorra Movies. These Andorra Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Andorra Movies

1. Devil’s Kiss (1976)

Andorra Movies

Director: Jordi Gigó

Upon arriving at Haussemont Castle in France, the former Countess Moncorn assumes the guise of medium Claire Grandier for a séance with her telepathic friend and esteemed scientist, Professor Gruber.

The Duke de Haussemont greets them upon their arrival and recognizes the Countess. During the séance, an interruption occurs, prompting the Duke to extend an invitation for Claire and Gruber to stay in his castle and utilize his basement for the professor’s experiments.

However, Claire harbors a grudge against the Haussemont family, whom she holds responsible for the suicide of her beloved husband, Phillippe, to acquire his properties.

Utilizing the Book of Astarov and Professor Gruber’s expertise, Claire seeks to reanimate a corpse to exact revenge against those responsible for Phillippe’s death. Unfortunately, her plan spirals out of control. – Andorra Movies

2. The Competition (2013)

Andorra Movies

Director: Angel Borrego Cubero

This is a candid portrayal of the challenges faced by some of the most renowned architects in the world, including Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, and Zaha Hadid, as they vie for the opportunity to design the National Museum of Art in Andorra.

Although architectural competitions have been a longstanding tradition, they have recently emerged as a social, political, and cultural phenomenon in the wake of the post-Guggenheim Bilbao building boom.

Against the backdrop of the global real estate crisis, this competition marks the first documented instance of its kind, resulting in a work of art that defies classification, blending elements of a gripping thriller, an ethnographic report, and a cult classic centered around the icons of contemporary architecture. – Andorra Movies

3. The Burning Cold (2022)

Andorra Movies

Director: Santi Trullenque

During the severe winter of 1943, Sara and Antoni provided shelter to a Jewish family within their home. As the Nazis relentlessly pursued their prey, Sara was compelled to confront her inner conflicts and determine whether to heed rationality or follow the dictates of her heart. – Andorra Movies

4. Idiot Love (2004)

Andorra Movies

Director: Ventura Pons

Pere-Lluc exhibits a proclivity for introspection, often employing irony and skepticism, occasionally with a dark sense of humor. His behavior is erratic, excessive, and unmanageable, a manifestation of the crisis he is currently experiencing.

One evening, while inebriated, he collides with an aluminum ladder being used by a young woman to hang banners from streetlights, resulting in a fall and a state of mild confusion.

The woman captivates him, and his fixation on her intensifies with each passing day. She becomes a source of torment, and we observe Pere-Lluc’s agonizing pursuit of her affection. – Andorra Movies

5. Le paria (1969)

Andorra Movies

Director: Claude Carliez

Manu, who had been deeply affected by the War of Algeria and the tragic loss of his wife and son, strayed from the path of righteousness. His most recent transgression involved the assault of the Antwerp-Tangiers Express, which was transporting a valuable shipment of industrial diamonds.

Unfortunately, the operation was botched and all of his associates were fatally wounded. As the sole survivor of this catastrophe, Manu sought sanctuary in the mountain abode of Lucia, a widow of a smuggler who resides there with her young son. – Andorra Movies


6. Mr. Hand Solo (2020)

Andorra Movies

Director: Héctor Romance

David Aguilar is a young individual who has overcome a physical disability by constructing a functional arm using Lego pieces. Through his story, we gain insight into his emotions regarding his arm, as well as his familial and creative pursuits involving Lego.

This narrative serves as a compelling and organic promotion of the Lego brand. As a result of his ingenuity, David is granted the opportunity to visit the Lego headquarters, where he is interviewed alongside corporate executives who extol the virtues of the Lego product line. – Andorra Movies

7. Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess (2011)

Andorra Movies

Director: Hiroshi Nishitani

A Japanese investor has been tragically killed in the Principality of Andorra, located in the northern region of Spain. Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda, played by Yuji Oda, is currently in the area preparing for an upcoming international conference.

Following the incident, Kuroda is tasked with investigating the murder of the Japanese investor. During his investigation, Kuroda encounters two individuals who are connected to the case. The first is Yuka Shindo, a clerk from Victor Bank, portrayed by Meisa Kuroki.

Shindo expresses her fear of being pursued by an unknown entity. The second individual is Interpol investigator Makoto Kotari, played by Hideaki Ito, who is leading the investigation. Kotari attempts to prevent Kuroda from becoming involved in the case.

Additionally, both Shindo and Kotari harbor dark secrets from their past. To ensure Shindo’s safety, the trio travels to the Japanese consulate in Barcelona, where diplomat Kanae Adachi, portrayed by Erika Toda, is stationed.

However, during their journey, they are ambushed by an unidentified armed group. Shindo becomes increasingly concerned that the group may be affiliated with an international terrorist organization. – Andorra Movies

8. The Night Clerk (2011)

Andorra Movies

Director: Raphaël Jacoulot

Frédéric, a mid-20s individual who has recently been granted parole, is currently employed in a nocturnal capacity at a luxurious hotel nestled in the stunning Pyrenees mountain range.

During one of his shifts, he observes the hotel proprietor, Jacques Couvreur, and his offspring surreptitiously concealing a damaged vehicle. As a young man undergoing social rehabilitation, Frédéric has secured a night internship at an isolated hotel in the mountains.

However, his discovery of Jacques and his son’s actions raises concerns. The following day, Frédéric discovers that one of the hotel’s guests has departed without providing notice. – Andorra Movies

9. Black Snow (2017)

Andorra Movies

Director: Martín Hodara

Alleged of fratricide during his adolescence, Salvador now resides in solitude in the heart of Patagonia. Decades later, his brother Marcos and sister-in-law Laura make an appearance, seeking to persuade him to sell the inherited lands they share. The journey through the remote and desolate terrain rekindles the long-standing conflict, where the roles of perpetrator and victim are constantly shifting. – Andorra Movies

10. Nick (2016)

Andorra Movies

Director: Jose Pozo

A young individual with an abundance of creativity endeavors to unravel a homicide that they had the misfortune of witnessing. Margret, a law enforcement official stationed in a tranquil locality, is accustomed to a mundane existence, content with addressing the minor predicaments of the scant populace.

However, her contentment is disrupted when she is contacted by Social Services. Her fifteen-year-old stepbrother, Nick, has been dismissed from his boarding school, and as the sole recorded next of kin, she is obligated to assume responsibility for him. – Andorra Movies