Top 10 Greatest Armenian Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Armenian Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Armenian Animation Movies. These Armenian Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Armenian Animation Movies

1. Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Armenian Animation

Director: Eric Darnell

The most entertainingly enigmatic birds in the international espionage game are revealed in The Penguins of Madagascar to audiences. The film begins with a backstory that takes place about ten years before the first film.

Skipper, the oldest penguin, Kowalski, the smartest penguin, and Rico, the craziest penguin, are three young Adelie penguin chick brothers living in Antarctica who think there is more to life than cuteness and the natural world.

In order to protect the orphaned penguin egg from leopard seals, they blow up the shipwreck, which also kills all the seals. They witness an orphaned penguin egg rolling into a shipwreck.

The egg hatches into a young penguin chick, whom they adopt as their new brother and name Private, while they sail across the Pacific Ocean on an iceberg in search of adventure. they finally travel to the American city of New York, where they are kept in the Central Park Zoo. – Armenian Animation

2. Aurora’s Sunrise (2022)

Armenian Animation

Director: Inna Sahakyan

Aurora Mardiganian was born in Eastern Anatolia into a big family. Her family was forced to participate in death marches after her father was killed, during which many of her relatives perished.

After being purchased, she was put into a Turkish harem, from which she eventually managed to escape, first traveling to St. Petersburg in Russia and then to New York.

There, her life story gained some traction, inspiring the writing of a book and the production of a movie about the Armenian Genocide, in which Mardiganian played the lead. – Armenian Animation

3. Anahit (2014)

Armenian Animation

Director: Lyulya Sahakyants

This movie features bold choices and creative ideas. It is an Armenian epic that got power from a combination of an old tale and some contemporary ideas. Vachagan, the king of ancient Armenia, had a modest girl named Anahit as his love interest.

And he must transcend the role of a monarch to win her love. He must travel a distance in the company of his friends to establish his worthiness to wear the royal crown. While the King is occupied, his uncle Azar will use every means possible to seize the throne. – Armenian Animation

4. Olympicos (2020)

Armenian Animation

Director: Hayk Sahakyants

The Greek government once sent an invitation to King Varazdat of Armenia requesting him to send his nation’s top boxer to compete in the Olympic Games in Greece. The King chooses to personally travel to Greece to compete in the Olympics after being inspired by his history as an athlete.

The royal family participates. The action takes place in Greece, where the breathtaking landscape, rich history, and precious cultural sights inspire amusing visuals. Additionally, it serves to reaffirm the close ties between the Greek and Armenian peoples.

The entire movie is scored with Greek and Armenian influences. As they make their way to Greece, their voyage is full of adventures. They encounter Molator, a competitor of King Varazdat who hopes to seize the opportunity to invade Armenian territory, along the journey.

The royal family faces many hardships as a result of Molator, but the King’s tenacity and his devoted family enable him to overcome these problems and triumph brilliantly in the Olympics. The Olympic Museum in Olympia, Greece, has a restored ancient marble board with the names of the Olympians who have claimed gold over the years, including King Varazdat. – Armenian Animation

5. Turbozavry, vperyod! (2022)

Armenian Animation

Director: Aleksey Kotyonochkin

The latest exploits of Katie, Peter, and Florian, together with the Turbozaurs. The crew anticipates exhilarating occasions filled with amazing ideas and activities, such as the creation of a rope park and a skating rink in the summer. – Armenian Animation


6. Turbozavry. Zimniye priklyucheniya (2023)

Armenian Animation

Director: Aleksey Kotyonochkin

The turbozaurs eagerly anticipated the winter so they could embark on the most exciting adventures with Peter, Katie, and Sirena, a new team member. Our amiable group of Turbozaurs and kids can easily build a skating rink or find a lost baby penguin. – Armenian Animation

7. Nazar the Brave (1980)

Armenian Animation

Director: Robert Sahakyants

Because of the populace’s ignorance and the priest’s cunning, Nazar, a slacker who used to merely count the flies he had killed, unexpectedly assumes the throne. – Armenian Animation

8. Mushurba (2021)

Armenian Animation

Director: Petya Sargsyan

The Gyumri market scene opens the animated movie. Poloz Mukuch is a retailer of produce. People arrive to shop. Poloz cracks-wise. When Ones approaches him and knocks on his ear with a watermelon, he laughs. Poloz makes jokes as though an orchestra is there.

Additionally, he desires for his glass to sing. Then Poloz extends a pub invitation to Ones to Tsitro Alec’s. Laughter is shared at the gathering. Poloz’s desire to make his cup sing is discussed among friends.

After the celebration, Master Suro decides to grant Poloz’s wish. He creates a singing cup muhurta in his workshop. The following day, they reassemble at the bar, where Master Suro entertains Poloz with the singing cup. – Armenian Animation

9. Mi katil meghr (1968)

Armenian Animation

Director: Valentin Podpomogov

The story of two villages eventually leads to a war between two kingdoms. A small amount of honey sparks a fierce conflict between two villages, which leads to a war between the two kingdoms. – Armenian Animation

10. I Am Armenian Too (2000)

Armenian Animation

Director: Robert Sahakyants

Discusses Armenia’s miserable status in the 1990s while mocking the ludicrous political government. – Armenian Animation