Top 10 Greatest Belarus TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Belarus TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Belarus TV Series. These Belarus TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Vasiliy Stalin (TV Series 2013)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Sergey Ginzburg

This narrative follows the life of Vasily, the son of Iosif Stalin, one of the most notorious tyrants of the twentieth century. Vasily, a young general at the time of his father’s death, was a debauched and promiscuous individual, yet he was unable to escape the influence of his larger-than-life father. Upon his father’s untimely demise, Vasily was left with a mountain of burdens and trials to bear. – Belarus TV Series

2. Chernobyl (TV Series 2019)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Johan Renck

Chernobyl is a miniseries that tells the story of the events that took place at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, located in Ukraine’s Pripyat region, on April 26th, 1986. The series follows the efforts of the chief scientist working to contain the disaster, the Soviet politician, and the nuclear physicist, who are all trying to find out what happened. The series explores the consequences of ignoring the truth and hiding the truth from the world, and asks the question: what is the price of lies? – Belarus TV Series

3. Vangeliya (TV Series 2013)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Sergei Borchukov

A government-sponsored delegation embarks on a journey to Bulgaria to confront the prophet and modern-day miracle-maker, Vanga. A television crew joins the delegation, hoping to interview the remarkable woman.

As the group gathers, Vanga chooses one of the internees, Alisa, to witness her heartbreaking testimony. As the narrative progresses, we are introduced to the story of a love lost during the war, the hardships of the post-war era, and the mystery of Vanga’s past.

The events of the story will be connected to key figures in human history, such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Yuri Gagarin, and Vanga will weave the story into a complex web of interconnected events that culminates in a fixed past, yet a future that is open to those who are willing to view it. – Belarus TV Series

4. The Theorists (TV Series 2009)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Syarhey Talybaw

The Theorists is a television series that follows the lives of four characters: Sheldon, Leo, and Hovard, as well as Raj and Natasha. Each episode is structured around a rapid-fire sequence of images, which transports viewers from the past to the present.

This sequence is often accompanied by a soundtrack that is arguably the worst pop music recorded since the beginning of time. Additionally, each episode serves as a Russian translation of an episode of The Big Bang Theory. – Belarus TV Series

5. Omerta 6/12 (TV Series 2022)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Aku Louhimies

The President’s Palace has been stormed and the leaders of Finland have been taken hostage during the celebrations of the country’s Independence Day. Max Tanner has been brought in to help handle the situation. – Belarus TV Series


Belarus TV Series

6. Snayper Ofitser Smersh (TV Series 2017)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Aleksey Muradov

This is the story of how two professional snipers, Senior Lieutenant Egorov from the special department and Private von Diebitz, come to an irreconcilable disagreement. It all starts back in 1943 during the Stalingrad siege and then goes all the way to the Belarusian forests in 1944. – Belarus TV Series

7. Pokushenie (TV Series 2010)

Belarus TV Series

Director: Aleksandr Efremov

Captain Kostin, commander of the Soviet Army, and the ambitious singer Jeanne Berger have been in a romantic relationship for a long time, dreaming of a future together.

The story begins shortly before the onset of World War II, with Jan and Captain Kostin still in love, even though General Danilov has a romantic interest in the same woman. However, in June 1941, Kostin departed for his new assignment.

The following month, the war begins, with the Nazis taking Jan’s hometown. Despite his injuries, Kostin travels hundreds of kilometers to locate the woman he has loved, only to find her grave. – Belarus TV Series

Belarus Animation Movies

8. The League of 5 (2020)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Marvick Eduardo Núñez Aguilera

The narrative follows the protagonist, Chema, as he embarks on a journey to rescue his sister Dolores from harm. Along the way, he must join forces with a skeleton named “Catrina” and Tin Marin, a renowned pyrotechnic master who is capable of conjuring monsters with the power of a superhero. These characters are widely regarded as Mexico’s finest superheroes, but Chema must now join forces with them to form a League of Five, which is not the Avengers. – Belarus Animation Movies

9. Manang Biring (2015)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Carl Joseph Papa

The plot of Manang Biring follows an elderly woman who has accepted the reality that she is nearing the end of her life. Her long-lost daughter, who lives in another country, sends her a letter informing her that she is returning home for the festive season. Birding, the elderly woman, is determined to make the most of her remaining time to extend her life and ensure a Merry Christmas for her daughter and grandson, even as her health deteriorates. – Belarus Animation Movies

10. Bongee Bear and the Kingdom of Rhythm (2019)

Belarus Animation Movies

Director: Brian Zemrak

This animated series is a retelling of the classic story of good versus evil, in which Bongee, an orphan bear, becomes the devoted friend of Princess Katrina in a kingdom ruled by a benevolent king and queen.

With the assistance of his friend Myrin, the two adventurers embark on a mission to free the Kingdom from the enchantment of Bandrilla, who is preventing the people from performing their beloved dance.

Along the way, they enlist the assistance of the wise owl Mindy and the inhabitants of the enchanting forest, embarking on a captivating musical journey. – Belarus Animation Movies