Top 10 Greatest Botswana TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Botswana TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Botswana TV Series. These Botswana TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Rival Survival (TV Series 2014)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Martin Heinrich

Senators Jeff Flake and Martin Heinrich, despite their political differences as representatives of opposing parties, are required to put aside their disagreements and work towards a common goal through the art of compromise to survive. With limited resources at their disposal, the duo will rely on their ingenuity to collaborate on spearfishing, constructing shelter, and locating sufficient water to subsist for a week on an uninhabited island. – Botswana TV Series

2. My Pacific Quest (TV Series 2017)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Ira Levy

Ellis Emmett, a renowned Kiwi adventurer, embarks on a remarkable journey across the vast South Pacific Ocean. His goal is to traverse the treacherous waters and harness the power of the wind to access some of the most isolated islands and atolls in the world, accessible only by sailboat.

On his journey, Ellis interacts with the inhabitants of these remote places, gaining insight into their unique yet endangered cultures.

He will embark on a journey that will take him to the coasts of Tonga and Fiji, as well as Wallis, Futuna, and the Marshall Islands, as well as Kiribati, and will be welcomed by the remote communities who call these places home. – Botswana TV Series

3. The Silent Wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll (TV Series 2007)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Art Cohen

The US military has given the green light for an outside film crew to film footage of the ruins of the tiny island of Kwaiin. It’s the first time they’ve been allowed to do so. In 1944, a daring military operation took place in Kwaiin, which is a relatively unknown place in the Marshall Islands. It’s where the Americans finally beat the Japanese at the end of the war. – Botswana TV Series

4. Expedition to the Edge (TV Series 2020)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Lucas Hyman

A group of friends and family, even if they are not all the same, quickly understand the value of going on an adventure, especially when a trip with friends quickly turns into a crisis that requires everyone to be involved.

The story follows a family as they embark on an epic 11-month journey through the legendary Northwest Passage. Explore their motivations, fears, and triumphs as they embark on a life-changing journey to fulfill their dreams and live out their dreams. – Botswana TV Series

4. Besa (TV Series 2018)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Dusan Lazarevic

Uros Peric owns a small business located in Belgrade. Unfortunately, he was implicated in a car crash that claimed the life of the daughter of a prominent Albanian organized crime figure. To protect his family, Peric was forced to commit crimes on behalf of the mob.

A Belgrade-based family man and businessman is compelled to become an Albanian mob hitman to atone for the death of his daughter in a car accident caused by Dardan, a drug lord. The story is based on a true story and the original concept of Srđan Zajac. – Botswana TV Series

5. The Eagle (TV series)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

An Icelandic Inspector within the Danish Police Force, Gunnar Ørnen has been appointed the Chief Constable of a newly created task force dedicated to combating international crime. Working alongside a team of highly qualified and varied investigators, he is well-equipped to handle complex and high-profile cases, utilizing the full range of resources available to achieve successful results. – Botswana TV Series


Botswana TV Series

6. Prespav (TV Series 2016)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Igor Ivanov Izi

Prespav boarding house is situated in the region of Prespa, Macedonia. This boarding house is a symbol of the real social development in Macedonia, of the traditional Balkan mentality, and of the difficulties that its characters face that they cannot avoid. – Botswana TV Series

7. Necista krv (TV Series 2021)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Goran Stankovic

The story follows a rich Serbian Christian family throughout three generations in the northern part of the Ottoman Empire, in the town of Vranje, in the 19th century. The family faces a series of moral issues and a decrease in their wealth.

The story deals with forbidden love, intrigues, murder, arranged marriage, revenge, and complicated relations between the Serbs, the Albanians, and the Turks. It also deals with the position of women in this period. – Botswana TV Series

8. Kursadzije (TV Series 2006)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Nemanja Brajic

A situational comedy that takes place in a classroom, where students from different former Yugoslav republics engage in humorous banter and ribbing among each other. – Botswana TV Series

9. Helvetica (TV Series 2019)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Romain Graf

The President-elect of Switzerland is having difficulty in obtaining the release of the hostages held in Yemen and is determined to use all means to accomplish this goal.

Despite Switzerland’s reputation for being a peaceful nation, clandestine activity and political aspirations that involve violence are not unusual.

However, the situation is suddenly thrown into disarray when a cleaning staff member, Tina, infiltrates the Federal Palace and disrupts the political process.

The potential for a mere cleaning staff member to interfere with a major state event raises interesting questions. – Botswana TV Series

10. $NOB (TV Series 2021)

Botswana TV Series

Director: Redi Treni

To protect her partner, a young woman from a disadvantaged background is forced to participate in an exclusive event attended by affluent youth without invitation. Subsequently, this leads to the uncovering of a larger conspiracy involving the privileged youth and their associated relatives. – Botswana TV Series