Top 10 Greatest Brunei Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Brunei Movies of All Time. You should check out these Brunei Movies. These Brunei Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. What’s So Special About Rina (2013)

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Director: Farid Azlan Ghani

The story follows Hakim, a tall, attractive man with a well-paying job, who is still searching for his one true love. Faisal, his housemate, provides him with a theory on how to find the ideal companion, which suggests that the ideal companion should be a woman by the name of Rina.

This leads to Hakim’s meeting with Rina, a smart and attractive marketing manager who has won the hearts of his colleagues, including himself. As they work together on a major project, their relationship becomes closer and closer, and Hakim’s mother and best friend begin to press him to marry her.

Meanwhile, Elvis, a young widow, has fallen in love with Tini and is attempting to capture her attention. Consequently, they enter a reality television singing competition. As the days pass, Hakim’s family and friends continue to pressure him, and, after observing Rina’s reaction to him, his decision to propose to her is made. – Brunei Movies

2. Echoes from the Minaret (1968)

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Director: Mohasbi Ahmad

Haji Md Zain, now the Minister of Religious Affairs of Malaysia, composed the script. The story follows a young man who indulges in a variety of sinful activities, such as drinking and partying, before repenting following a car accident.

However, the acting abilities of certain actors and actresses were not as professional as they could have been. It was noted that some of the actors were visibly reading their lines from the script, which was written on their hands and palms. Some Bruneians expressed their disapproval of the movie, while others expressed their pleasure with the scenes. – Brunei Movies

3. Yasmine (2014)

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Director: Siti Kamaluddin

Yasmine is a high-school student from Brunei who has had enough of her rigid school environment and strict father. After encountering a boy at school who has demonstrated his own Silat proficiency to impress her, she decides to pursue Silat as a martial art form native to Southeast Asia. Initially, she is enthusiastic about learning the necessary skills to become a master.

However, her enthusiasm fades when the Silat club at her school is found to be inadequate, with a teacher who has no knowledge of Silat and only a few students participating. Fortunately, she is introduced to Nadia and Ali who join the club and help her reach her goals. – Brunei Movies

4. Ada Apa Dengan Rina 2 (2017)

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Director: Harlif Hj Mohamad

The event was graced by the guest of honor, the minister of culture, youth, and sports, PENHIN Datu lailaraja major general (Rtd), Datu Paduka seri haji awang haldi bin haji Mohd Yussof, who opened the proceedings with a recitation of surah al-fatihah and doa selamat, followed by a brief speech by Nurain bin Abdullah, producer of ada apa dengan rina 2 and bin haji mohamad, director of the film. – Brunei Movies

5. Wheely: Fast & Hilarious (2018)

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Director: Yusry A. Halim

Wheely, a three-time rookie racer who has been demoted to a downtown taxi driver with a mountain of debts and a bruised ego, is involved in a car accident caused by his philosophical/feng shui practitioner fan turned-best friend, Putt Putt.

Things appear to be going well until Wheely begins to fall in love with Bella, a high-class supermodel. To make matters worse, Bella has a boyfriend. Fortunately, Wheely finds his street-smart, ghetto-style, humorous-guy character attractive.

However, before he can get to know Bella, her obstinate friend, Ben, interferes with their relationship. Furthermore, Wheely is faced with an even more serious issue when his dream girl is “car-snapped” by a multinational syndicate, which is powered by an oversized 18-wheeler, Kaiser. – Brunei Movies


Brunei Movies

6. Teluki (2013)

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Director: Abdul Zainidi

This short film is based on a traditional Tutong tale of a creature known as Teluki, who devours children. Teluki, a monster that devours children, is the main character of this short film based on the popular Tutong story. – Brunei Movies

7. Hilang (2021)

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Director: Harlif Haji Mohamad

Midun is an artist who does a unique blend of poetry, dancing, and music that’s known as mukun. Keep an eye on him as he attempts to get his friends to join him for one last performance. – Brunei Movies

8. Warped (2018)

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Director: Drablo Max

The protagonist of the story is a writer who has developed an interest in the concept of parallel universe jumping and time travel. However, they soon realize that they are not in the correct location at the appropriate time. – Brunei Movies

9. Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat (2018)

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Director: Siti Kamaluddin

This is certainly the case when Amin encounters his former neighbor, the retired fire chief, Bakar. Despite their differences, the two men come together to form an unlikely friendship.

Set in modern-day Brunei, the story follows Amin as he returns to his hometown to take care of the legal matters of his deceased parents, only to be met with unexpected tragedy.

With the help of Bruneian talent, the story serves as a reminder of the strength of community, the challenges of change, and the significance of family, particularly during the Puasa four Sundays. – Brunei Movies

10. Forbidden Womanhood (2022)

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Director: Maryam Zahirimehr

Maha grows older, she changes physically and emotionally. But her mother’s response to her question about ‘how a woman can get pregnant’ ruins her childhood. Even though her parents deny it, Maha’s physical and emotional changes persist.

She mistakenly thinks she is pregnant and tells her friend Sara. Sara tells the village about the secret, and the villagers attack Maha for bringing shame to the village.

Maha is accused of sleeping with two boys, including an autistic boy who doesn’t speak, and a woman who has come from a nearby city and is accused of sexually assaulting Mahi. – Brunei Movies