Top 10 Greatest Burundi Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Burundi Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Burundi Animation Movies. These Burundi Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Condorito: The Movie (2017)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

In ancient times, extraterrestrial beings resembling mollusks utilized their mesmerizing amulets to subjugate entire planets. However, during the pre-Columbian era, an anthropomorphic condor managed to pilfer the amulet, liberating the enslaved populace and compelling the mollusk-like aliens to retreat to their planet, vowing to return someday.

The Condor, accompanied by his comrades, carefully concealed the amulet within a temple nestled deep within the Mexican jungle. As time passed, the Condor went on to father numerous offspring, ensuring the legacy of his noble mission.

In a remarkable turn of events, Condorito and his team emerged victorious in a football match against the formidable Buenas Peras team in the city of Pelotillehue. However, during an interview with reporters, Condorito’s flirtatious behavior prompted Yayita to administer an electric shock as a reprimand. – Burundi Animation Movies

2. Underdogs (2013)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Juan José Campanella

Amadeo resides within a small, close-knit community where he finds himself unrivaled in the realm of table football. While his expertise in this particular game is undeniable, his personal life paints a different picture, as he struggles to muster the courage to confess his affection for Lara, a childhood friend.

Amidst the tranquil ambiance of his timeless and captivating village, a significant turning point occurs when Amadeo triumphs over Flash, the local bully, in a heated table football match. This victory sets the stage for an epic clash, as Flash, consumed by fury, vows to seek retribution.

A decade later, having ascended to the status of an international superstar, a football legend, and a Galatico, Flash resurfaces, driven by a burning desire for vengeance. In his quest for retaliation, Flash devastates the community, clearing the way for the establishment of a football academy.

He obliterates the table football set and absconds with Amadeo’s stunning girlfriend, Lara, aboard his helicopter. It is at this moment, when a solitary tear from Amadeo falls upon Skip, the leader of the Table Football Players, that the figurine springs to life. – Burundi Animation Movies

3. Back Home Again (2021)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Michael Mankowski

The animated film, The Beast: Wildfire at Fort McMurray, portrays a recreation of one of the largest wildfire evacuations in Canadian history. The narrative is presented from the perspective of the local wildlife, providing a unique and compelling viewpoint of the event. – Burundi Animation Movies

4. Top Cat (2011)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Alberto Mar

A newly appointed police chief, harboring dissatisfaction towards Officer Dibble’s endeavors to thwart Top Cat’s illicit activities, finds himself confronted with the task of handling Top Cat and his associates. Chief Strickland, determined to prove his mettle, emerges as the most formidable adversary Top Cat has ever encountered. – Burundi Animation Movies

5. Boogie (2009)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Gustavo Cova

Marcia, the girlfriend of Sonny Calabria, a notorious mob boss, approaches Boogie at a bar seeking his opinion on her attractiveness. Regrettably, Boogie responds rudely by commenting on her weight before she departs. Later, Calabria finds himself facing a trial due to the existence of a potential witness who could implicate him.

The people associated with Calabria attempt to bribe Boogie into eliminating this witness. However, when Boogie demands an exorbitant amount of money, they opt to hire Blackburn, a rival assassin, instead. In response to the unfortunate circumstances, Boogie decides to kidnap the witness in order to force Calabria to compensate him.

To his surprise, the witness turns out to be Marcia, who had lost weight as a result of Boogie’s criticism. This led Calabria to end their relationship and pursue another woman who was overweight, as he had a preference for such individuals.

Despite Boogie’s consistent brutality and emotional detachment, Marcia finds herself falling in love with this seemingly heroic figure. However, her perception changes drastically when she discovers his true intentions. Attempting to escape from him, Boogie recaptures her and proposes negotiating Calabria’s control over her fate. – Burundi Animation Movies


Burundi Animation Movies

6. Paper Birds (2020)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Federico Carlini

The central character in Paper Birds is a young child with impaired vision, who possesses an extraordinary talent for music. In order to rescue his abducted sister, who has fallen victim to the clutches of the shadows, he must skillfully navigate through a realm consumed by darkness. – Burundi Animation Movies

7. Gaturro (2010)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Gustavo Cova

Gaturro consistently finds himself engaging in mischievous behavior, leaving his owner perplexed as to how to effectively manage him. Agatha, the most disagreeable feline in town, holds a special place in Gaturro’s heart.

However, his numerous attempts to win her affection are thwarted when she becomes infatuated with Max, a young and exceptionally attractive cat from a privileged background.

As Gaturro unintentionally gains fame and prosperity, he soon realizes that these newfound circumstances bring forth their own set of challenges. Determined to prevent Agatha from marrying Max, the esteemed and highly regarded feline in town, Gaturro devises a plan with the assistance of a small mouse named Rat Pitt. – Burundi Animation Movies

8. Giants of la Mancha

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Gonzalo Gutierrez

The entire family is set to embark on a remarkable and thrilling journey alongside 11-year-old Alfonso, the successor of Don Quixote, and his three imaginary rabbit companions, accompanied by Pancho and Victoria.

Together, they confront a formidable storm in their cherished birthplace of La Mancha, relying on the power of their friendship to overcome it. Employing their imagination, courage, and unattainable dreams, they strive to uncover the root cause of the tempest. – Burundi Animation Movies

9. Ian: A Moving Story (2018)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Abel Goldfarb

The poignant animated short film narrates the story of IAN, a young individual living with a disability. In response to the prevalent issues of bullying and social exclusion faced by individuals with disabilities, Ian’s mother established the IAN Foundation.

This organization aims to combat ignorance and promote understanding, with a particular focus on fostering inclusivity within society. Driven by the foundation’s imperative mission, the creation of the short film Ian was conceived.

Sheila, the visionary behind Ian’s Foundation, endeavors to persuade society that the discussion surrounding inclusion is of utmost urgency and should not be delayed. The foundation’s ultimate goal is to disseminate an inclusive message to every family, fostering a society that embraces diversity and eliminates barriers. – Burundi Animation Movies

10. Birds of Paradise (2010)

Burundi Animation Movies

Director: Daniel De Felippo

Jack, a common sparrow, yearns for a more vibrant and exotic appearance like many of his avian companions. His wish is granted when a fortuitous incident involving colorful paint alters his appearance, much to his delight.

However, Jack is unaware that his new appearance will soon lead him down a path of identity confusion, adventure, and danger. Aurora, a stunning golden canary, has spent her entire life in captivity. After finally managing to escape the clutches of a cruel network tycoon, she struggles to adapt to her newfound freedom.

When Jack and Aurora unintentionally cross paths, their case of mistaken identity sets them on an exciting adventure. Along the way, they rely on each other and their eccentric friends. Through their journey, they discover that true identity lies within, rather than external appearances. – Burundi Animation Movies